Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita and Raman getting shocked seeing Ruhi. Ishita sees Ruhi’s mole and recalls child Ruhi. Dil se dil ka rishta jo hai………..plays………. She holds Ruhi’s hand and cups her face. Raman and Ishita happily cry and smile. They both hug Ruhi and smile. Ruhi cries. Ishita says finally, Ruhi is here, I m so happy to see her. She hugs Ruhi and says we found you a lot, you are still like a fairy, I m stupid, you stayed with me and did not tell me, you were playing hide and seek. Raman hugs Ruhi and Ishita, and cries.

Pizza guy opens the door. Ashok asks where is the girl, and runs out. He sees Raman and Ishita with Ruhi. Ruhi gets tensed and hides behind Raman. Raman realizes Ruhi’s fear and says you will harm my daughter, I will kill you. He beats Ashok.

They have a fight. Raman angrily beats up Ashok and kicks him. Ishita holds Ruhi. Police comes there. Inspector asks Raman to stop. Raman says he is Niddhi’s friend, he was harming my daughter. They leave Ashok. Ashok falls down. Ishita says now Niddhi will answer every question, as we have our Ruhi now.

Mani tells Iyers that Ruhi is alive, Aaliya called me and told me. Adi tells Bhallas about Ruhi. They get glad and ask him to get Ruhi. Mr. Bhalla asks what, Ruhaan is our Ruhi. Mani says yes, Ruhaan is Ruhi, the girl who was staying with Ishita. Amma says that’s our Ruhi, she was with us, I applied oil to her hair, she felt good. Mani says we will meet her soon. Amma says I will make her fav sweets, Niddhi would have given her lots of sorrow, we will give her much love that she will forget everything. Vandu says yes, come we will make sweets. Appa says will Ruhi be fine. Bala says Ruhi is coming after many years, everything will be fine. Appa says she was infront of us, why did she hide she is Ruhi. Raman and Ishita get Ruhi to the hotel.

Adi smiles seeing her and gets teary eyed. He hugs Ruhi and cries. He asks Ruhi are you mad, you did not tell me anything. He says Ishi Maa, Ruhi was with us. Inspector says we have to verity everything, come with us. Mr. Bhalla informs Mrs. Bhalla everything and asks her to come back from London soon, I will welcome Ruhi well. Simmi says don’t worry, I will sing and dance and welcome Ruhi grand way. He wishes Ruhi comes home soon. Niddhi gets shocked seeing Ruhi. She says Ruhaan….. Romi and Mihika look on. Ishita says stop your drama Niddhi, she is my daughter Ruhi. Romi and Mihika happily cry. Ishita says you kidnapped a small girl and exploited her identity, you made her work and earned money. Niddhi says what did I do wrong, I made her a star, I raised her. Ishita says you kidnapped her, not raised, inspector arrest her.

Raman blames Niddhi for all that happened in past and tells her identity Niddhi Chopra, a run away criminal. Niddhi denies that she is Niddhi, and says I m Nimrit, and this is Ruhaan, what wrong did I do, I made Ruhi a guy, everyone does so for image, whats the big deal. She asks Raman to prove she is Niddhi. She asks inspector to take Ruhaan’s statement, Ruhaan is mine. Inspector asks Ishita did they not know about their daughter.

Ishita says how would we know, Ruhaan is a pop sensation, we thought Ruhi is dead, Aaliya told me Niddhi used to beat Ruhaan. Aaliya says yes, I have seen it myself, Niddhi used to beat Ruhi a lot. Raman gets angry. Adi says let us take Ruhi home. Raman says we have waited a long, I want to take my daughter home. Niddhi worries.

Amma and Simmi do welcome arrangements and argue that Ruhi will come to their respective homes. Vandu comes and argues with Simmi. Simmi says Ruhi is our blood, she will come to us. Vandu says Ishu is getting Ruhi, she will come to our house. Mr. Bhalla and Appa ask them to stop arguments. Shagun comes with Pihu and asks will you guys decide by arguing. Vandu asks her not to react concerned, we know how you went to hotel. Shagun says my marriage broke, I was upset, I m human, not any Devi, I have emotions too, I m glad Ruhi is coming, I will welcome her.

Niddhi says you can’t take Ruhaan, ask Ruhaan what she wants. Ishita says Ruhi is in trauma, what will she say. Raman says I will take Ruhi home. Ruhi shouts stop it and goes to Niddhi. She says I don’t want to go with you all. Raman and Ishita get shocked. She says I m Ruhi, but I won’t go. Ishita asks what happened. Ruhi says don’t come close, I have no relation with you, where were you when you gave me away instead your daughter. Ishita cries and says Niddhi kidnapped me. Ruhi says shut up, I was not kidnapped, you all got careless, Niddhi asked you to take Ruhi and give your daughter, what did you do, you left my hand, why did you take me there, do you have any answer now. Ruhi says no one cared after I left, everyone got normal, you both had families, and children too, Raman stayed with ex wife and Ishita with family, maybe you cried for few days. Raman says our life was worse than hell, this woman has filled poison in your heart. Ruhi says this woman, she made me a star, I did not wish to become Ruhi, Ruhi was given in deal, she made me Ruhaan the popstar, everyone loves Ruhaan, Niddhi never forced me, she used to scold me, every parent scolds children, Ruhi is dead for you all. They all cry.

Romi asks Raman why is Ruhi acting to be dead, all this is because of you. Raman and Ishita cry.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Meghana

    WOW………..What an episode…..superb……its sad to see ruhi hating their parents and not willing to go back…… her anger is justified all the dialogues in today’s episode are very worthy correct at each frame, its good to see that she is blaming both raman and ishita and not only ishita……. In precap romi’s dialogue and anger is correct and true.. its all happened because of raman, that surrogacy, that exchange, its all because of raman, today for the first time i felt ruhi’s pain.. now all the family should try hardly to get her back….. today aditi’s acting was superb

  2. It seems like happiness is not ready to stay back in Raman and Ishita’s life in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein. Bhalla and Iyyer family decorate the house welcome Ruhi and they fight over Ruhi will come in to their house. Raman and Ishita enter along with Adi and Aaliya. Ishita gets broken down by telling that Ruhi refuses to come back to home as she refuses to accept her as Ishima. Ishita is completely broken down seeing Ruhi who is her world and identity now she breaks daughter and mother relationship. Ishita cries badly while Raman is also sad seeing Ishita’s condition. Ishita blames herself for Ruhi’s bitterness and gets unconscious. Ishita goes in trauma thinking only about Ruhi. Stay tuned for further exciting updates

  3. When Raman comes to know that Niddhi is alive, he comes to her place with Ishita and Police. Raman asks where is my daughter. Ruhi in Ruhaan’s avatar peeps in the room hidingly. There is a heated argument between Raman and Niddhi. The family gets happy knowing Ruhi is alive and Ruhaan is actually their daughter. Adi hugs Ruhi happily. Raman gets teary eyes. Ishita is happy. Ishita and Raman’s nafratein have ended as they got Ruhi back home. Ruhi knows that Bhalla family is hers, but Niddhi has filled hatred in her heart. Ishita cries knowing her daughter Ruhi hates her. She feels like a failure. She feels pain and cries. Ishita gets very hurt when Ruhi says bitter words to her. Ruhi hates Ishita. Ishita says I m a bad mother, I left my baby Pihu, and Ruhi has left me. Raman cries seeing Ishita. Ishita faints and her family takes her. Doctor checks Ishita and tells the family that Ishita has to meet Ruhi, else Ishita can’t recover. Raman rushes and gets Ruhi. He asks Ruhi to talk to Ishita and makes Ruhi call out Ishi Maa. Ishita gets conscious and holds Ruhi’s hand.

  4. Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman ( Karan Patel ) and Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi) life. Raman and Ishitha will find out Nidhi and will get her arrested in the upcoming episode. Raman and Ishita will learn about Ruhi and hug her cheerfully. Major confrontation will take place amid Ruhi and Adi where they will hug each other and flashback will be shown where Adi was against Ishita and Raman’s relation and Ruhi wanted to unite Raman and Ishita. Moreover now it will be other way round where Ruhi want to separate Raman and Ishita and Adi wants to see his parents united. Let’s wait and watch what twist this confrontation will bring in Raman and Ishita’s life.

  5. hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sindhu priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna natasha sowmy naaz meghana darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya sachie mino and all yhm friends.

    • Naina

      Hi rithu i am glad tht u still remembr me…. Btw i was very bsy with my studies sory i dint comment so long…
      Hw r u ? And abt yhm wat is this yar….
      But according to me shagun’s change is natural and evn ruhi’s behaviour is natural coz anyone would react so… Poor ruhi….
      Wil this ashok not b thrown out at all?
      Wat hapnd btween raman & romi?
      Y mihika chnged frm leap itself she is chnged y??

      • raman scolded and beat romi for helping ishitha and bringing acp when all those incidents happened .and mihika is changed because old mihika is married to an nri I think and left working in tv industry also.and naina how are you? I am fine.

    • Naina

      Hi rithu i am glad tht u still remembr me…. Btw i was very bsy with my studies sory i dint comment so long…
      Hw r u ? And abt yhm wat is this yar….
      But according to me shagun’s change is natural and evn ruhi’s behaviour is natural coz anyone would react so… Poor ruhi…
      Wil this ashok not b thrown out at all?
      Wat hapnd btween raman & romi?
      Y mihika chnged frm leap itself she is chnged y??

  6. Anju

    Disgusting ……
    How can she say those words to her loving parents?
    Did she forget all the love which she got only by ishitha?
    She gave her d love of mom & dad?
    Nidhi poisoned her mind very badly
    There r many -ve characters in d show like ashok ruhi shagun niddhi…..
    They r nt justifying d show name
    I hope ishitha & raman also wont unite now & when will they tell truth for pihu?
    I hope with this leap of 7 yrs ektha can drag the show for 7 yrs..
    Plz guys atleast make ishra united otherwise we r unable to watch it…

    • vp

      No Anju 7 years Ruhi suffered in the hands of Nidhi .. the pain … anger … hurt .. frustration all came out when she saw her pappa and Ishima chances of unting Ishra is more as they want their Ruhi back

  7. devi

    actually ruhi was right she loved iahitha a lot ishitha haveto choose ruhi not new born baby especially in front of ruhi that’s why ruhi heart broken

    • Tara

      I agree but wen pithy was born she was premature and her life was in danger ishita took dicisions correctly but mid his evil game took over their plan I feel bad fr ishita as ruhi is nt accepting them

    • Hema

      Actually everything was bcos of miscommunication. They were to explain ruhi everything before they went ahead with the plan. This happened before when adi was given in exchange for ruhi to shagun. Even then ishita shd have convinced ruhi telling abt adi. Ruhi is a very understanding kid , she wud hv understood.

  8. Anju

    Hey guys
    I have a doubt
    What is gold plus awards???
    In which channel r they gng to telecast it?
    Can u plz tell me????

    • it is an awards function with all the serials of all channels and it will be aired on zee tv very soon and in that divyanka is also performing .

  9. Meghana

    Hlo rithu.i was jst busy vth my studies so i m nt able to open web i really accept ruhis pain nd 1thing she said was right is she not only blamed ishu bt also raman thank goddd my it would be good if ruhi understands that ishu left her own child when ruhi left her. Bt ishitha is rocking with het expressions i think she is becoming more fame than karan bt ishra are d best best best couple.good chemistry

  10. Hi everyone shagun is the biggest dramabaz I think ruhis angry is justified niddhi has poisoned her mind a lot n also in the childhood she trusts n loves her ishimaa the most she saw ishus care for pihu she only heard half of ishra conversation so I think ruhis anger is justified it will take some time for ruhi to realize ishimaas love

  11. Nayana

    Mujhe yeh samajme nahi aaraha; ruhi is upset with her parents bcoz usse itne saal nidhi ka tortur sehana pada. Gussa jayaz hey, magar nidhi ka saath dene ka kya matlab hua. Ruhi pls open u r eyes dea. Aur dekho kon apna hey aur kon paraya. Paagal ladki.

  12. kaviya

    u r right devi. ruhi has a lot of love and affection for ishita. instead of choosing her ishu choosed pihu so only ruhi makes her mind in favour of niddhi. i hope ishu and raman prove their love and care for ruhi once again. such an interesting episode.

  13. Sindhu

    HI Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Siddhi and many more YHM fans, the episode was ok but I don’t know what to say about Ruhi. Yes I understand her anger is justified and she hates her parents and that is fair enough. When she behaved in this manner, she was very young but now she is older she should be able to understand why there was an exchange. First of all, Pihu was an immature baby and that she was in the incubator. A one day old baby was taken to the high mountain top and Niddhi threatening to throw the baby, of course Ishita has to save the baby. The baby is innocent and does not know how to run. What Ishita did is right. Ruhi is now matured so if she stops and think why Ishita has to save Pihu instead of her, she would be more on the acceptance of Ishita. She just refuses and filled her heart with so much hatred. We see Ruhi likes all the negative characters like Niddhi and Shagun when they are the breaking the families apart.

    • Khyati

      I also felt the same. The one day old baby could not run or save herself but ruhi could run and she had the hope when she was sitting in the car that ishita would save her but ishu could not save her that is why she has that hatred….

      • Yes I agree with u khyati I remember when simmi was making ruhi ready to go with ishu for exchanging ruhi say she said when ishimaa is with me I know jab wo meray sath hain to wo mujhay kuch honay nii den gi when niddhi took her in car ruhi was also saying I want to go to ishimaa ruhi can run but at that time ishu was hugging pihu with great love so ruhi was shocked to see that coz she thought seeing this that ishu cares for baby more then her

    • vp

      7 years her anger just blasted Sindhu thats all … children can show their anger to their parents whom they love …we all know no mistake of Ishitha .. she had arranged Acp and Romi save her children .. very helpless situation she had … slowly Ruhi will realize

  14. Sindhu

    When you watch the episode, it shows the whole family is so happy that she is alive and wants to do a lot for Ruhi. Adi hugging his sister and very happy but there is no reaction from Ruhi at all. I understand if she does not want to react at Raman and Ishita but what did Adi do. He was young then and does not know anything. He is a gem of a person as he did not blame Ishra for Ruhi’s death then. Even with Adi, Ruhi does not even want to return the hug and be happy.

  15. ammu

    dose anybody see the remake of ye hai mohabatheen in tamil and malayalam named as kalyanam mudal kadhal vare and pranayam?? . this is a show that i like in starplus and i like the remaked versions also. happy to seee raman and ishu back

  16. Episode was okk…but precap is bad…how can ruhi talk in this way with her parents….she shuld atleast listen to them first that what had actually happened 7 years back…if u guys remember then it was raman who had forced ishita to give ruhi… plz stop ol these nd unite our ishra nd there children’s….plz don’t drag the track. ..

  17. raman scolded and beat romi for helping ishitha and bringing acp when all those incidents happened .and mihika is changed because old mihika is married to an nri I think and left working in tv industry also.and naina how are you? I am fine.

  18. vp

    I dont have words to express seeing such an episode today … Cvs … really great episode in the history of any serial in any language And the Director … salute you for giving us an episode … where Aditi performed brilliantly … her eyes dead … hands did not move … our Ruhi took out whatever she suffered … very maturedly … edicted the words …cant find sny wrong anywhere … true she is not kidnapped .. they exchanged … now I too feel How could Ishitha … starting the hug the realization oh my God all three did well … Ramans happiness as tears … Ishitha merely laughing and crying …and hugging … what a mindblowing sight seeing it was .. just for sometime …Raman handked perfectly … Mr Iyer was little upset about Ruhaan the Ruhi … Adi .. adorable … very sweet … Ishitha did not even look at Alia … she was little sad but happy for her mother …the way Ruhi questioned papa with ex wife and Ishitha eyer with her friend … Pihu for Papa and Alia for Ishitha .. oh two times I watched … here in Dubai .. Dish tv at 6 pm and local at 7.30 pm …Raman is on full shock hearing his Ruhi where as Ishitha is shattered ..and when Romi angered at Raman … completel shattered Raman … seeing that the pain what Ishitha feels was well expressed by DT …Karan and DT all through the episode both of you were amazing … but Aditi powered more today … loved the episode .. if any awards to give to a particular episode … todays yhm episode will win it … Romy i was not at all angry … infact all acted well .. want to write more and more ….. now to bring their Ruhi back I am sure Ishra will hold hands together … shaghun … the blouse looks very indecent … for a matured lady .. Ishitha looks fat but both Raman and Ishitha looks v matured .. Thank you Cvs ..Directors …

  19. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans. So so sad.i really can’t say anything just plz unite ishra with their children.

  20. Ishraru hug was magical ishus expression her expressions were like as if now has soul in her body she deserves all the awards really she just killed ruhi too acted very well n karan was also good n I don’t like ruhi talking to ishita tum tum tum very bad OK she hates her but atleast respect age my heart just breaks when ruhi says to ishu tum tumhara pyar kab gaya tha jab tum be apni beti Kay liye mujhay de diya tha n ishu was trying to explain her but ruhi says shut up but ruhis emotions r also justified n in the last part when ruhi says agar itna hi dil ka rishta tha to ap ko meray ronay ki awaz kyo niii iii the way she says it it was completely pain I got teary eyes I feel so bad when ishu was crying that evil niddhi when ruhi was saying bad to ishra the way she was touching rihi as if she really cares for her I am waiting for the episode when ishita will beat her with hunter tomorrow’s episode will also be very emotional

  21. Vaidehi

    hello every1 i’m new here. i’m from 8th standard. yhm is good enough. i mostly like ruhi and ishita. they r just too good.

  22. Fan

    Ruhi was a precocious little girl, outspoken, telling it like it is. Often coming to Ishita’s defence (against Bala’s mom for eg.). Her antics were deemed cute and indeed they were.
    Now, after she’s been through so much pain and suffering and is angry and speaking her mind she is labled rude and ill mannered.
    Isn’t it unfair to expect her to forget the past 7 years of torture, the anger that built up inside of her. Its gonna take a lot of love, patience, understanding and some psychological help too for her to trust again.

    • shivani

      Hi Ruhanika…we all knw that its just a show…we are just sharing our views and suggestions….

  23. vishu

    kya koi muze bata sakta hai ki ishita’s sister vandu nd ashok’s brother ki story kya hai?plzzzzzz

  24. yhm fan

    Episode was OK but ruhi shouldnt do like this… How can she forgot ishita’s sacrifices for her..

  25. Fam

    Vishu, Ashoks brothers name is Suraj.
    Suraj needed a degree because his degree was fake so he became a student of vandu. Later he fell in love with her so he proposed to her and then vandu slapped him. He wanted revenge so there was a lot of chaos, which effected vandu a lot, she became an alcoholic.suraj then felt very bad so he apologised and is still in guilt, but Suraj and vandus chapter in now finished.

  26. shivani

    Hi VP Rithu Sindhu Mino and everyone….gud morning to all….
    Whatever ruhi said is absolutely right….There is no answer for her questions….Raman ishu and nidhi…They played with her emotion….atleast ishu should have told her everything before she took her to nidhi…romi well said…that was needed…now Raman and ishita will together try to win ruhis heart…this may bring ishra close…don’t knw wat will happen with pihu..i think we can neither support ishu nor shagun in her case…if pihu supports shagun it will be an insult to ishus motherhood….but if she supports ishu it will be an injustice to shagun because she raised pihu wen ishita left her….poor ishu…everyone blames her and hates her….firstly it was raman, then pihu, now ruhi…

  27. Rianaa

    Its unbelievable how ruhi act infront of ishita n raman….ruhi is so bittery….but soon she will get to know that who loves her….and i was surprised after all dis drama niddhi was shouting….why ishita didnt slapped her twice or thrice….Hope ruhi will forgive ishita soon????????

  28. lisa

    Hey guys…
    Don’t u think that in both sides ishita would have tobleave India I mean that if ishita would have not given ruhi and would have given pihu then also Raman would have scolded

  29. Devga

    Divyanka-Vivek Dahiya to marry on July 8

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actors Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya’s wedding date is out! Divyanka and Vivek will marry on 08th July 2016!

    The much-in-love couple met on the sets of Balaji Telefilms serial ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ on Star Plus and since then had a strong relationship. Divyanka and Vivek became good friends and soon decided to take their relationship to the next level.

    Divyanka and Vivek shocked their fans by getting engaged in a hush-hush manner on 15th January, 2016. Only close family members were present at the event. Divyanka even said that her and Vivek’s parents are in the process of finalising the date.
    It is said reported that both families are planning to divide the wedding rituals in three states – Bhopal, Chandigardh and Mumbai.

    The source was further quoted by the website as saying, “Since, most of the family members of Divyanka Tripathi belong to the police department; Bhopal is their first priority. So, the wedding might happen in Bhopal followed by reception in Chandigardh and finally a small get together in Mumbai. Divyanka’s family members have also started searching for the best dj

  30. fefe

    Feel so sad for Ishita, i agree she should have explained to ruhi before taking her to nidhi then ruhi wouldnt feel so bitter. i don’t blame ruhi cos anyone would feel the same way without prior information. Ruhi trusted ishita and raman blindly and she felt betrayed. Just hope everything works out in the end, its painful when ur child thinks the worst of you and wants nothing to do with you.

  31. reshma

    Upcoming Scene…
    Ishita massages Raman
    Mani and Shagun Jealous with IshRa…

    Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) beats Nidhi (Pavitra Punia) badly for beating Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein
    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Nidhi beats Ruhi for going to Bhalla house meeting to Ishita.
    Nidhi is about to hit Ruhi with hunter but Raman and Ishita reach there on time.
    Ishita snatches hunter from Nidhi and tells her that now she will tell how to feel when someone beat her.
    Ishita beats Nidhi badly by hunter and Ruhi holds Ishita’s hand.
    Ruhi shouts at Ishita for beating Nidhi who take care of since 7 years.
    Ishita challenges Ruhi to get her back
    Ruhi tells Ishita she has no relationship with her which makes Ishita angry.
    Ishita holds Ruhi tightly and tells her that if she believes or not but truth is that she and Raman are her parents.
    Ishita tells Ruhi that she will get her back at any cost.
    Ruhi helplessly watches Ishita’s anger while Raman sees all the drama silently.
    Will Ishita get Ruhi back from Nidhi?
    Ruhi should know that IshiMaa has full right on her……

  32. shivani

    Ishita (Divynaka Tripathi) massagaes Raman’s (Karan Patel) shoulder seeing him pain in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Ishita is restless thinking about Ruhi’s hate for her.

    Raman is also worried about his daughter Ruhi and sits near to Ishita seeing her alone in park.

    Raman and Ishita talk about Ruhi and he feels some pain in his back.

    Ishita asks Raman to sit and she massage at his back and he feels relax with her touch.

    Both Mani and Shagun get angry and jealous seeing Raman and Ishita comfortable with each other.

  33. lisa

    Hey guys do u know that ishita will stay in bhalla house with Raman and in SBS they showed that Raman ishita and shagun were in the same room and then ishita – shagun had some conversation and Raman was going to sleep on sofa and then massage seen was shown and at last Mani came and then Raman and ishita were getting up and then they saw mani

  34. Ruhi is really working on my last nerves.She has been so manipulated by Nidhi but really how can she think her Ishima will purposely give her away?

  35. nsb

    ruhan/ruhi behaviour towards ishra is not at all acceptable..pls leave her alone with nidhi n let them both go to australia..only then she will realize her mistake..or else there will be too much melodrama n serial will be dragged..thou ruhan/ruhi return to bhalla house will be very imp for all but her negativity towards her ishra is putting bad impression..

  36. raven

    ruhanika we the viewers here are not trying to aggrivate anyone we are just commenting on the serial we are not hurting anyones feelings its what these serials are about i am sure even if you saw a movie where the hero or heroine did something in the movie that you dont like when you meet with someone you know you will say to them you know what i dont like her at all in that movie that will be your views like wise here we are doing the same things you also can feel free to comment and if i have offended you in any way i am sorry its not real its just some things that we watch after a hard days work good luck

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