Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a guy holding Aaliya’s hand. The guy does shayari. Aaliya sees her friend and smiles. Adi says you…. Aaliya says you, oh my God…. and hugs the guy. Adi asks do you know him. Aaliya says yes, he is Nikhil, he was my senior in collage. She introduces Adi. She says I have to ask you many things, come. Ishita calls out Ruhi. Ruhi asks did Pihu sleep. Ishita says she is with Papa, did you find anything in school. Ruhi says no, I will find out, Pihu looked normal today. Ishita says I did not see her so scared before. Ruhi says I will go school everyday, you manage Raman, that’s big work, how is Adi. Ishita says Adi and Aaliya are enjoying night life in pub.

Aaliya and Nikhil talk. Adi looks on. Nikhil tells about some girl. They laugh. Adi says did he

had to come here. Nikhil says Aaliya became Parvati. Aaliya says I love my Patidev. Adi says we shall go hotel. Nikhil says no one is waiting for a bachelor like me, I m alone. Aaliya asks are you okay. Nikhil says of course. Adi says we will drop you to your hotel. Aaliya says how can we drop, he is not able to stand, we will take him along. Adi says you got social service habit by staying with Ishita.

Its morning, Raman asks Ishita to think about Shagun again. Ishita says we should appreciate Shagun’s work, it will be good for your company. He says there are other people who do this. She says yes, but we know Shagun, its a win win situation, you will have goodwill. Mrs. Bhalla asks will you patchup this way. Raman says decide how to do this and let me know. He goes. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita why is she making Shagun great. Ishita says Shagun really did good work, I promised Aaliya I will patchup.

Mrs. Bhalla asks does Aaliya not see what Shagun does, you know this. She goes. Ishita feels sorry and thinks you will understand this is right. Bala greets Raman. He asks about launch work. Raman tells about Ishita’s idea. Kiran comes. Bala says it will be interesting. Kiran greets them. Kiran says we had to go to packaging unit. Raman says we will drop Bala. Bala says no, I have to go other way, you guys are doing in wrong direction, I mean opposite way. Kiran asks sure, we can change direction if you say. Bala says yes, I m afraid you will lose your way. Raman and Kiran go. Bala says why does she not understand me.

Adi looks for Aaliya. Aaliya and Nikhil come from walk. Aaliya says we went for walk and had cutting chai, you were sleeping. Adi asks why did you not wake me up. Nikhil says its good you did not come, tea vendor thought we both are married. Adi asks what’s funny. Aaliya says when I was in Australia, he wanted PG, he used his brilliant mind and took me as his wife. Nikhil asks her to tell complete drama. He acts like pregnant. Aaliya says you are doing it so bad, I became Nikhil’s pregnant wife, it was his idea. They laugh. Adi gets silent. Aaliya says Nikhil has put out pics and convinced to get the flat. Adi says I have to take Aaliya out. Aaliya asks Nikhil to sleep, let me know if you want anything. Adi gets upset.

Pihu is in class. Teacher asks students to give the mobiles if they got. Peon checks and gives phone from Pihu’s bag. Teacher scolds Pihu. Pihu says this is not my phone. Teacher punishes her and sends out of class. A girl smiles. Ishita calls Mani and asks for help. Ishita says I will tell Shagun once this is ready.

Adi compliments Aaliya. He says I m going for meeting. She says you told Nikhil we are going out, you lied. Adi says no, Nikhil was not leaving, he is spoiling our honeymoon. She says he is such self obsessed, but good at heart, he is hot and talented, he sings so well, girls are mad about him, he is good friend of mine, I want to help him. He says yes, Ishita has sent us to help people.

Mani likes the idea. Ishita says we should convince Shagun for this. Shagun comes home. Ishita greets her. Shagun says I did not answer your calls, I thought you got hint, I don’t want to talk. Mani says she has a good proposal for you. Ishita says we want to felicitate you in Raman’s launch, you did great work. Shagun says I do work for satisfaction, I don’t need awards, don’t you guys get it. Mani says press will come and your NGO will get publicity. Ishita says you should get appreciation. Mani says you deserve this. Shagun says fine, I will come. Ishita thanks Mani. He says you are a peacemaker, you manage everyone’s happiness and relations. She says I m doing this for Aaliya, she is my daughter, and Shagun is her mumma, so I have to manage this relation, I will work on this proposal. He wishes her all the best.

Pihu cries. Kids laugh seeing her. Ruhi sees her and asks what happened, why are you crying. Pihu says that was not my phone, even the teacher punished me. Ruhi says stop crying, I will talk to your teacher. She asks teacher what happened to Pihu. Teacher says we got mobile from her bag. Ruhi asks can I see that phone. Teacher gives her the phone. Ruhi checks the girl’s pic wallpaper and says there is some misunderstanding, its not Pihu’s phone. Teacher says yes, its Riya. She goes. Ruhi says it means Riya is the one who is troubling Pihu.

Ishita says I came to tell you, I spoke to Shagun, she agreed. Raman says like she will refuse to become guest of honor. Riya locks Pihu in bathroom. Pihu shouts for help.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh god! Poor pihu… That stupid girl riya should be taught good manners. And why is that nikhil around aliaa? And the pregnant wife matter!? No way! I feel bad for adhi. Like raman misunderstood mani and ishta’s relation before, adhi will misunderstand nikhil and aliaa’s relation now! Damn CVS! Copy cats!! why should ishta opt shagun now?

  2. Ishita has proved that she is a drama queen bcoz to solve issues with shagun why all this drama.some one said that her business ideas are she proved is a big launch for Raman she s forcing ramn to accept whatever she is saying.everytime she wants others to do what she says.if anything happens every blame will come to Alia and shagun.aliya simply said one thing and she is doing all this drama.some people are saying v don’t know the beginning.v started watching this serial only because the way she take care of ruhi when ruhi feels was so cute.all blame went to shagun at that time.she was not understanding.she was busy and lots of things .whatever happens with pihu now ishita is not aware.if pihu stays with shagun everyone will start blaming.adi s part was cute.

  3. Lovely episode????

  4. If launch become success only ishita will get credit.but f others will get the blame

  5. If am not wrong in d upcoming episodes aliya leaves adi and vil fall for nikhil character. Adi vil marry roshni in d fmly pressure just like Raman to ishita. And d same track “history repeats”……. And now just to pass d serial tym pihu track is running (torture track) as she is a drama Queen…….

    1. Dheera… Yap.. It’s “history repeating.”.

      1. I mean I agree with you..

  6. azuka nkwonta

    Parichary and shreya shetty your insult to Africa does not bother me but it might bother some people who are reading this. You never know who will stumble upon this page and sees what you are writing about African and gets offended. Know that some Indians are married to Africans, you might get your country man or woman offended. As for azuka nkwonta I don’t get offended by what that don’t concern me.

  7. azuka nkwonta

    Some of you ishita fans thinks that this site is meant for you only, therefore you have to intimidate others to quietness, I feel sorry for you. If you have made others quiet and some to stop commenting how are you going to make me to stop commenting.

    1. Dia

      No….no one thinks the site belongs to them……most of us are offended when u insult our country…….please don’t misunderstand but please read my comments in a few days….i have spoken my heart out in them and i have supporeted shagun when i felt right…..

      1. I know dia you supported shagun when ever she is right.

    2. You have full freedom to express your veiws about your views and support any character in the it’s your wish and I think no one has problems with that .But I don’t think you should talk about someone’s country like that . If you want to support Shagun .Then support her .And I am really sorry about what some told about Africa and it’s too a great country. And I think this site should have some healthy comments about the show not about any country.

  8. You guys didn’t answer my question which I asked yesterday

  9. Hi friends… Passing episode… Ishita trying to solve… But Shagun showed her attitude…. Some huge drama is going to happen in the launch party… Good news is there will be no fight between ishra… But someone is going to misunderstand Shagun and creates drama…. Coming to pihu track is only to maintain TRP as dt gone for holiday… Only story around Raman and pihu will be interested… finally Ruhi came to know what is happening with pihu… Tomorrow s episode is interesting… Till dt return s show will be dragged… Also I can’t understand this Kiran, I think she has come for Bala and she won’t be problem for ishra…now ADI starts feeling insecure about Aliya and misunderstanding s grow and Mumma will instigate Aliya and ADI Aliya breakup… I wish to see ADI with roshni than Aliya… It’s too far… So let’s enjoy current track…

  10. A small request to everyone shall v discuss only about serial.not about country.dont have any judgemental attiude that person is wrong only because they are from a paritucalr country.even though v have difference of opinion Kindly stop talking about countries.

    1. I agree with you Anjana – it has been a messy two days on this page.

    2. Very true Anjana ! Agree with you

    3. Thank you missy and vp

  11. azuka nkwonta

    Ishita have succeeded in her manipulations and this time using mani. For how long will she keep doing this. She and shagun have never settled their enmity or have real friendship and new friendships are being built upon old scores. There was never a time ishita have built real relationship or friendship between her and shagun, she has always used manipulations and everything shatters after a while because new friendship was built on top of old enmity. No scores was settled no wound was healed. The actual friendship was never form everything is still a make believe.

  12. azuka nkwonta

    Shagun is the good person here, she accepted ishita’s offer. Why am I saying she did good; first ishita will leave her alone and secondly nobody will call her a wicked witch. The bad side of this is that if the launch did not succeed they will blame shagun and have more reason to hate her.

  13. azuka nkwonta

    This pihu track is nonsense. They don’t have any good story to tell about pihu and ishita. Pihu’s track was more fun and interesting when she was with shagun. Shagun deserves pihu not ishita.

  14. why cant CV write a good story abt Pihu and Ishita bond. Raman and Ishita fought hard to get her buy its like they now don’t have any interest in her.
    remember when Ruhi was in a fight with Nirvan, Raman went to school.
    But here its like they don’t have any interest in their own child.
    Really nonsense storyline by Cv

  15. Hey fans of YHM
    Nice to see Adi’s jealousy
    The bhalla men are all the same they will ignore their wives for business but will not tolerate someone else paying them attention.
    As for Pihu’s situation – I am surprised at the teacher, she needs more training as she dealt with the situation badly. Should have investigated whether the phone belongs to Pihu or not.
    PArichay and Shreya I don’t think you are right to insult the continent of Africa – that is so wrong because of one person’s stupidity and ignorance you insulted a whole continent. Your behaviour has shown that you are no better than that ignoramus. Just to clarify my points – India is a country in the continent of Asia. Africa is the second largest continent in the world of five continents. That person might not even be an African and may just be using an African name. We have to be careful when we address trolls on website and not become like them.
    Like me you see my name is Missy but I could be Indian, Chinese, white, black or even pink or even mixed race but you don’t know. Many a times tit for tat is not the best way to resolve a bad situation. I know loads of Africans as I live in London and what you said about them 1) was not true 2) my heart got broken for them. Like in India you have loads that are educated and loads uneducated – same as Africa. And they do talk with respect and respect all. In fact Africans are quite accommodating to the point that they allow anyone to settle in their land and even own lands. Move around Africa you will find loads of Indians living and making a fortune there. (I know this because I have travelled a bit). Please do your research before insulting others. My African friends are some of the most beautiful, kind, generous and open hearted people I have come across. There is a couple whose vlogg I follow on YouTube: India meets Ghana. Check them out – shows how we should be accommodating of each other and show love despite our differences. Brent and Anoushka impressed me a lot during Bach Baliye
    Any yes I did addressed Azuka yesterday on her negative comments about India.

    1. Well said Missy . Totally agree with you . Even I have lot of Africancustomers . Very decent indeed ! Humble too !

  16. This will be my last comment on this issue. Azuka could be white, black or even Asian despite carrying such a name.
    But I needed to address this as hate is not a good thing in the world.
    Let love shines through?????

    1. Agree with you..

  17. Hi Parichary n Shreya shetty
    I know you dnt like Azuka’s comments even myself i’m surprised why she is supporting shagun’s character but anyway its good we people won’t love or like the same thingz….i’m hurt about what you say about Africanz i am an African as well n i love indian serials bcoz i learn few things about your tradition n culture…i even hav a wish to come to India n see DT,KP & SM n i believ that God wil fulfill my wish…plz dnt insult Africanz bcoz of Azuka’s comments

    1. Understand Lunghile ! Stared from Azuka … against Indians … As I mentioned before like yhm lost its initial charm … this site too ….

    2. Shreya shetty

      Lunghile dear I am extremely so sorry on behalf of me and parichary to spit harsh words against Ur nation
      I didn’t know u would be reading this be coz out of anger I said that out so
      Accept my apology but to be frank this all started from that Missy Azuka who is blaming against indians for their values and customs
      It’s not my mistake at first but it’s all because of Azuka we r stuck under this problem.Azuka is too an African right??so why don’t u tell her not to open the topic related to one s country nation just like how that Azuka abused our beloved motherland India
      And yes if Azuka Madam hates india then who told her to watch indian serials then?? Only those who respect india and wishes to adore the nation can see the serials but not to those who insult our motherland that too calling us harshly as backward indians!! My foot
      I got really angry for what she told about india.then how we indians feel if some foriegners like azuka talks I’ll about the nation the same way u too felt bad when I spoke rudely about Africa
      My apologies Lunghile, but let’s not talk about the countries anymore shall we
      What’s say

  18. I’m deeply hurt by your comments…evn if it was one of your own commenting the way Azuka is doing i wouldn’t hav insulted indianz so plz guyz comment on the serial n leave other staff…as for you Azuka dnt insult ppl comment on the serial(yhm)…its obvious you dnt like ishu’s character n its not a problem as we ppl prefer or favour different staff continue to comment on what you think n see is appropriate

  19. Ishitha is making a big mistake by inviting Shaghun . Be ready for the blames . Mrs Bhalla and Raman are not at all happy with that .We can make out as much as Ishitha wants to make friendly with Shaghun … Shaghun is going to make ptoblems there . I till tell Ishitha is the cause for Ramans launch if it fails . Ishra and Pihu bond is very poor . Just a time pass … episode … silly issues .. Cvs cud have given enough time to Adi and Alia before introducing Nikhil .Kiran Nikhil Pihus issues Shaghuns felicitation … all these together infact messing up the story line . Cvs , please concentrate on solving the issues one by one ..
    Happy Anniversry to Divek ! Wish Divek many many more of the same .

    1. Hey are you?

      1. Hi Rithu I am fine dear .All good … Trust all well and fine with you too.

    2. Don’t worry there won’t be any fight between ishra… In launch party… Some drama happens because of Shagun but it gets solved…so no blame in ishu…

  20. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  21. The upcoming episode of popular love drama Yeh Hai Mohabbatein on Star Plus will witness a lot of twist and turns.

    Ishita talks to Raman and asks him to call Shagun in his product launch party for felicitating her as she works for NGO and it will help in doing his product’s publicity.

    Raman refuses to invite Shagun as he thinks that she will ruin his product launch party.

    Ishita convinces Raman to invite Shagun in product launch party

    But Ishita convinces him saying that nothing like this will happen later she goes to meet Shagun and invites her in Raman’s product launch party at first she refuses but then Ishita convinces her.

    Shagun comes in Raman’s product launch party but she spoils his party by creating drama.

    Raman gets angry seeing all this and he lashes out at Ishita for inviting Shagun.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

  22. The upcoming episodes of Star Plus’ daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some major twist and turns.

    It seems that Adi (Abhishek Verma) and Aaliya’s (Krishna Mukherjee) marriage has already seen too many obstacles

    Now the show will witness a new entry in the form of Nikhil who will be seen as Aaliya’s best friend.

    This character will be played by Ribbhu Mehra who has been a part of episodic shows such as Savdhaan India and weekend series, 24 season 2 featuring the ace Bollywood actor, Anil Kapoor.

    Ribbhu’s stint in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will be his first full-fledged role.

    We contacted Ribbhu who confirmed the news, “Yes, I am entering the show. It’s an interesting character and the audience will enjoy watching me.”

  23. Hey guys a very good afternoon to all.

  24. The upcoming episode of love drama Yeh Hai Mohabbatein on Star Plus will witness a lot of twist and turns.

    Pihu gets upset as Riya troubles her a lot and she is not able to tell this to anyone.

    Ruhi and Ishita get to knows that there is something that is disturbing Pihu so then they decide to find out what it is.

    Later Pihu goes to school and Riya once again puts Pihu in trouble by keeping her phone in her bag.

    Ruhi finds Riya’s hand behind troubling Pihu

    Teacher scolds Pihu for bringing the phone but then she gets to know that it’s Riya’s phone.

    Ruhi also gets to know that it is Riya who is troubling Pihu that is why she is so tensed these days.

    Later Riya locks Pihu in bathroom and goes from there, Ishita-Raman get worried when Pihu does not returns from school and she goes missing.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

  25. Good Day All viewers of YHM .
    I always read the comments about this serial although i very seldom make comments myself.
    I was very disturbed by the spat about cultures,values and nations.This is not done,it creates racial tension and hatred.
    I entered this fray because i was insulted by Azuka’s insults and would have expected her/him to have apologized to us,the Indian nation
    Since it is not forth-coming ,I have come to the conclusion that she or he has GLISUPS
    (the sudden rush of shit to the brain) Azuka when you have a cold,eat ice cream,when you have GLISUPS eat shit

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