Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Toshi asks Mihir to join them for breakfast. Raman says he needs to go to meet a girl. Mihir says so much happening here, he doesn’t want to. All say they will accompany him. Mihir says no, and then Ruhi comes and he says he will go with Ruhi only. Ruhi is saying no. Adi says he will also go with them. Ruhi agrees in end. Mihir says he will go and finish work in office in the mean time. Ladies say he won’t go saying he is meeting a girl after long time, he needs to go for shopping, rehearse how to talk, etc. Ruhi says he will go as he is. Adi and Ruhi argue. Raman calms everyone down and sends Ruhi and Adi inside. He then thanks Mihir for involving Ruhi in this. Mihir says she’s like her daughter too. He’s happy that she’s happy.

Amma teaches Aliya how to fry

snacks. Aliya eats and she loves it. She receives a call from Vandu who thanks her for telling her about yoga. Aliya shares her making snacks today. Vandu goes to her class. Amma tells Aliya to give snacks to Mani. Aliya comes to Adi and gives to him. Adi praises her. Aliya says she’s excited to give that to Mani. Adi is lost. She asks what happened. He asks is she going home. She says yes and then she is going to meet her friend. Adi is relived after knowing it’s a girl. She says her friend is nervous as someone is coming to see her and asks how a guy and a girl in India decide whether they are okay for each other. Adi says sometimes you know in first meeting. Aliya says, maybe, but it has never happened to her. It’s complicated for her. Adi then tells her about him and Ruhi going with Mihir to see a girl for him. Aliya wishes the girl sees good inner side of Mihir.

Ruhi is annoyed and complains that no one leaves her alone in the house. Adi figures she’s bored and challenges Romi for a monopoly game. Ishita makes Ruhi’s favoriate pakore. They are set to play monopoly game. Ruhi is very happy. Ishita brings pakore. Ruhi eats in excitement. She gets quiet seeing Ishita and then tells Ishita it’s very good. Ruhi says she had a very good time after a long time. She missed all this in Australia a lot and she will miss this after leaving. She tells Romi they will play like this when he visits her in Australia. Bhalls get sad… Ruhi tells Adi to get ready as they have to leave now.

Mihir, Adi, Ruhi come to see the girl (Priyanka). Mihir is nervous. Adi tells him they practiced in car and tells him not to be nervous. Priyanka comes. Soon Aliya comes with juice. Adi and Aliya are surprised to see each other. Mihir and Priyanka go for a private chat. In the mean time, Adi finds out information about Priyanka from her family member. Suddenly Mihir comes outside and says he can’t do this marriage. He is not ready for it. He apologises and leaves taking Ruhi and Mihir with him. Ruhi says how he decided in 10 mins? Mihir says not there, and leaves. Aliya thinks why he came when he didn’t want to marry.

Bala returns home from work, all tired. He’s stunned to see fresh flowers, candles. Vandu says she brought as he likes them. Bala says, wah kya baat hai. What’s the occasion. She says nothing. She was coming back from yoga class, she saw in a store and bought it. He asks since when she started yoga class? She asks what class? and changes the topic. He says he loved the surprise and goes to get fresh. Vandu says thank god he didn’t understand. She has to follow what Aliya told her and surprise Bala.

Ruhi, Adi are back home. Ruhi says Mihir didn’t want to marry. He went there and refused for rude. He shouldn’t have done it. Adi opposes Ruhi saying there must be a reason behind it. Ruhi and Adi argue. Adi says she can’t judge everyone. Be it Mihir or Ishita. Ruhi says it’s his issue, he takes side without thinking anything..whether it is Mihir or his Ishimaa. Toshi tells Ruhi that Adi didn’t mean that. Ruhi says please..stop supporting Ishita all the time. Argument gets heated up between Adi and Ruhi. Adi tells Ruhi to say shut if she doesn’t know what Mihir did. First know Mihir well before judging him. Ishita comes and tells both enough. She tells Ruhi she shouldn’t judge anyone’s character, and that too Mihir. She knows him very well. He must have had some reason. He wouldn’t behave like this for no reason. They should trust their own. Ruhi tells Ishita that Ishita is right, she is bad at judging people. That is why she always believes on wrong people. Ishita says, enough please. She can’t take her tantrums all the time. Pihu comes in and says, stop all this!

Everyone’s attention goes to Pihu. They welcome her back. Pihu says she missed everyone. She had fever and her teacher called Raman and she came here now. Toshi says they all were missing her. Pihu hugs Ruhi and then tells Shagun, mamma, I missed you a lot. Ishita asks Pihu how is her, but Pihu ignores her. Pihu tells Shagun that she doesn’t want to play any game now. Ishita came for a game, right? so tell her to go back to her home. Why is she still there? Everyone is quiet. Pihu asks further, why was she shouting at Ruhi? She doesn’t like when someone scolds Ruhi. Ruhi hugs Pihu and says not to worry, they both will leave from there in few days. Ishita is hurt. Pihu tells Ruhi not to go anywhere. Ruhi reminds Pihu that she shouldn’t behave like this with elders and asks her to say sorry. Pihu says sorry to Ishita. Ruhi takes Pihu inside to rest. Ishita has tears in her eyes. Raman feels helpless.

Precap: Ishita tells Raman when she can’t give mother’s love to her both daughters, then she should listen to them and go away from their lives. That way they will be happy.

Update Credit to: Simmy


  1. Veera

    Guess Adi falls for Aliya and Aliya will start falling for Mihir.. After all this is Ektha show… πŸ˜›

    • Kv

      Ya…Completely I agree with u…But there is lot of age difference between Aliya and Mihir…I hope that it won’t happen…It should not happen??

    • Rehana

      I agree to You veera
      i too have same intuitions like you
      as we all know ekta very well ??

    • Starbucks

      What that is not possible mihir is a lot more older than Aliya it will be so weird if it happens

      • Veera

        Bajaj Prerna, Jai walia Bani etc… Ekta has record on such.. I strongly sense such stupid triangle in yhm..

  2. Kv

    Very worst episode….why Ruhi and Pihu are hurting Ishu this much…Stupids,Really she is hurt a lot…Its very emotional… Atlesat Raman should stopped this…He would have answered pihus question…Its Irritating…???

  3. Honey

    Wow adi n aliya r toooo goooood???

    N maybe shagun said pihu to do all these dramas
    Y the crap r d writers doing this.
    Again evil shagun,already d show has sooo many vamps
    And they can focus on diff subject right.
    Again they r coming to their old plot that is two women back of a man.
    God plz don’t make the script worse

  4. anjali

    For the first time ishita said something worth to ruhi. Every one are overacting I did not like pihu part today

  5. nish singh

    Yes I also think that add will fall in love with aailya and she will fall for.Mihir. Pihu has been raised by Shagun therefore manners. Shagun does not even correct her for being rude. All the adults in that house just accept children rude behaviour except Ishita tries to correct them.
    Terrible terrible terrible blo*dy show
    Giving India such a bad name..

    • vp

      True Ninsh …. the adults never correct their children except Ishitha … hyesterday I had commented Ishitha has to be strong and slapRuhi … atleast today she reacted … but Pihu took it wrongky .. Why cvs are showing Ishitha so hurt … as if Ruhi is teaching good manners to Pihu … ? Totally annoyed with the episode . Raman is upset seeing Ishithas pain .. I dont think Ishitha should stay there but the precap seems something what she saw in kids room made her happy … I feel its the album of Raman Ishitha abd Ruhi which Ruhi must be showing to Pihu …

      • Mino

        Vp I too Agree with u they are just disgusting this CV”S have they got no brains for little ones to be rude to older ones. how can they hurt IShu so Much??? she is like a sponge getting battered by Rhuhi, Pihu & Raman. When IShu i in the ICU Ardi Should not allow Pihu or Ruhi to go.. HE should give a real talk to both of them & must Ban them from going near Ishu. So that they will also feel the pain they have given IShu . IF they Make Aliya & Mihir a Couple the writers Are really sick in their heads. she is so young & he is sooo old. the same thing that happened to Mihir will happen to Ardi. Poor guy he is so cute & Caring from what he was. actually he is really Ishu’s son though she did not give birth to him. hope u guys will agree with me thx

    • Sharadiya Banerjee

      ?????????I can’t believe pihu’s re-entry would be so bad. Uffffff when will Ishita get shot!!!!! I want her to be shot fast!!!!!!!!!ufffffffff I want her to get shot!!!!!!! Then Ruhi will understand!!!!!!!! Because she will get shot for saving Ruhi.??????please get shot Ishita!

  6. Sindhu

    HI Rithu, VP, Shivani, MIno, Shona, Az, Jaz, Prisha, Sarita, Aditya, Raisa, Monique and all YHM fans. Today’s episode is ok. It is nice to see Aliya and Adi part. What a hypocrite is Ruhi? She tells Pihu to respect elders when she herself does not respect her parents. She is always shouting at Ishita and she advices Pihu. Since Pihu is Shagun’s brought up, one can see how Pihu also speaks disrespectfully to the elders. That is why she can simply ignore Ishita and not reply to her. How rude!! Shegun did not even correct Pihu. Fair enough Pihu is very young to understand all these but Shagun should immediately correct Pihu. If Pihu was Ishita’s brought up, Pihu would never have spoken rudely to anyone. Poor Ishita!!! I almost felt very sad for her when she said when both her daughters do not want her, she has to leave for their happiness. I feel for Ishita. No one understands how much she loves Ruhi and Pihu even though she did not spend enough time with Pihu.

    I hope Pihu understands that Ishita is her mother and draws towards her.

  7. Ro

    Finally the serial makers are focusing on other characters… Now Vandu. Ruhi is more dramebaaz than she claims the Bhallas to be. However, still following this serial in hopes of a twist!!!!??????

  8. Megha

    Hi guys…. today’s episode was vry vry bad…. ruhi’s character is shown vry aggressive nowadays nd also they r showing her as a negative character always shouting on every one….today pihu’s part was also vry bad….how can she be so rude with ishita…
    nd I hope writers will be pairing Adi nd Aliya together….
    Nd plz stop this horrible track nd unite our ishra family….

  9. Ro

    wait wait wait… My predictions on final pairings!!!


    Last one is too much I know? but I don’t think any more characters will b introduced for pairings…???

  10. abhishek

    Guys ypu are telling that ruhi is spoiled brat yes i agree but u didnt notice one thing when pihu said ishitha harsh words ruhi told pihu to asl sorry so this proves now also if anyone tries to hurt ishita ruhi doesnt spare them ruhi anger is justified she belived ishitha has her world when she came to know that ishitha left her for pihu her world got shattered so its take some time to rebuild that world ao ishitha need to put love,affection,care to rebuild that world and remember when ruhi was exchanged for adi that time also she was angry at ishitha for leaving her and she loved her when she knew that how much ishita loved her so relax guys and more thing i dont like ishitha and pihu bond i just like ishru bond and i cvs should not turn shagun negative better than that they can should make pihu settle with shagun and guys who are telling that ishitha should have right but its not right whatever reason may be ishitha left pihu when she was young and shagun brought up pihu for seven years and her insecurence is justified just imagine yourself in shagun if you adopt a child and bring them up for seven years and sudenly their real come and tell that we love our child now then what will your reaction be i agree shagun have no right to seprate ishra and if shagun is using pihu as trumph for her selfish deeds or to make her place secure in bhalla family then she should not have any rights on pihu

    • vp

      Abhishek … I too felt the same when Ruhi corrected Pihu and made her say sorry to Ishitha . Ruhis hatred all justified … we cant think of her torture in Nidhis hand … but now in Bhallas house all are showering with love … she can insult elders ? how much she is insulting ? Cvs are spoiling this serial … We all know how and what was Shaghun … with her own children … only for Raman she is faking her love to Pihu … one cant find that bond with them … I just hate Shaghun , her hairstyle sarees and all … but when she was with Ashok her dressing style and sarees amazing .. positive acting v poor … my opinion .. not to hurt .. Ishitha should go away … not to be kidnapped or in ICU inorder to Ramans and Ruhis realization … handover Ruhi to Raman … say bi bi … not to marry Mani … And its going to be worse than Saathiya if Mihir and Alia is paired up … cvs please dont do that … where is Rithu ? Shivani ? AZ, JAZ and all



    • jaz

      Hey Adu gd morn dear how are you I’m also taking break for 10 days jab tak DT waapas nahi aahathi muje ye show nahi dekhna bcuz mein srif DT ke wahe se hi ye show dekhthi hoon meri purane wali ruhi nahi hain.shagun,ruhi,raman, pihu,mere liye un wanted character hain

  12. Akiatta

    It’s getting more painful to watch the show everyday. Especially seeing all the early episodes. They shouldn’t have gone for the leap! Worst Idea Ever! And even if Ishita and Raman are back together, Pihu will start having problems. And the worst part is, Shagun has changed. If she was still evil, it would have been more easier!!!

    • Fefe

      Shagun has not changed, she’s still as selfish and evil as she formerly was always manipulating children to do her work. Does that seem like someone who has changed.

  13. molu

    Average episode ..oh ruhi is teaching manners to pihu how to behave with elders. She have no right to say that ..she also deos the same ..pls dont make aliya mihir pair.. like dharam meera’s jodi saathiya ( i know dharam and mihir are not same age ) pihu dont be rude to ur ishima..

  14. Mino

    O..Hi VP, Sindhu, Shivani, Rithu Jaz , Az Monique & All The YHM Fans… Hurrah I got a few more names correct i hope.. Anyway Hi To Each & Everyone her my Family OF YHM’s
    Oh Gosh This is far too much Small Brats talking to the elders so disrespectfully. Pihu such a smallie haw dare she talks to Ishu like that. & Who The hell is Ruhi to correct Pihu. Pot calling the kettle black that is. IShu should give two thundering salps to both of them.. If i was Ishu i will tell them where to get off. As they are not over eighteen to talk to elders like that. even an eighteen year has respect for the parents. & What is wrong with Raman .??? Spineless idiot. He shouts at all the wrong things but he can’t correct his own two daughters. Anyway what can u expect from him he is no better. why are the writers making Raman a spineless person. He is the head of the family surely he has a say. just cos he loves his daughters he can’t allow them to talk like fools.
    Hi Guys, you saw the look Shagun gave IShu when Pihu was rude to her .. How disgusting she is for a mother . enjoying a little girl being rude.. Most probably she must be behind it too. Ruhi is just like Sahgun. can’t even believe IShu brought her up. what good manners were taught to her. If she is not happy in the Bhalla house why is she staying . she is old enough to be rude etc. she is old enough to leave the house too.. she deserves Niddi. Why are they trying to bribe & Pamper her so much they must stick to reverse tactics now. If she want to go ask her to go. she knows she doesn’t want to go but she is playing with their emotions. this is emotional blackmail. she is enjoying all spoiling her. & why this sudden love for Pihu??? she hates IShu & She used to say she hates Pihu too.. from where is this long lost love she has found. I am waiting for the day Ruhi has to go begging IShu’s forgiveness. PLs Cv”S u have to do this as all the young ones who are watching will learn a lesson. that they can’t have their own way insulting the elders. Hey Do u guys agree with me?? I hate to watch Ruhi’s part & i hate the sight of her. & now Pihu too. can’t always make excuses saying they are small.. this is a seriel i know & Fiction too but the examples are all wrong as 100% of the people are watching this show. so negative & bad vibes are not good. Sorry dears i got a little carried away.. hope u all agree with me too. Ishu should dump them all & take Aliya & Go to Auz…

    • vp

      Mino true 100% agree with your comments .. We fans are waiting to see the episode and totally disappointing … I cant tolerate children not respecting parents … .. vanditas just boring … fillers only … As you sais … shaghuns smile when Pihu said was not tolerable at all … if Shaghun is thrown out from Bhallas only little peace we will get ..

    • Fefe

      I completely agree with you, felt like slapping that smirk off shaguns face she’s so disgusting

  15. Riddhi Raichandni

    Why are some of you people using inappropriate language? This is a commentary section not a cussing zone,however Ruhi is really ruining the show’s reputation with her obnoxious behaviour and spoilt attitude.She thinks she can become like an adult like her brother but really,she’s just a teen! She could at least think before doing something.Adi-Aaliya are really becoming like a pair right now as if they were meant to be together and Ro,Shagun and Mani cannot be a couple as she would be a step-aunt to Aaliya and their relationship won’t show development. I’m so sure Shagun has been using Pihu to discourage IShita and hurt her feelings,and why should get involved in everything and why shall she teach Pihu manners when she doesn’t have any herself? She deserves to be isolated and so far of my statement today- Ruhi,Shagun and NIddhi are very alike with their black-hearted characteristics!

  16. Riddhi Raichandni

    I’ve been watching this show ever since it started and I miss Rinki! I think they should take Ruhi to boarding school and leave her there until she is 30!!!!!(sorry for the negativity!)

  17. JoAn


    |Registered Member

    How Ruhi still doesn’t understand Pihu was grown with shagun and not ishitha how stupid yar

  18. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    pihu has no right to insult ishu..ruhi u r giving advices to puhi very funny .i felt very bad for ishu .ishu loves everyone with out any expectations but shagun’s love is always fake .precap is very heart touching when wil ruhi understands her ishimaas love. ruhi is ishus world when wil she understand that

  19. Susan

    O my word. How much abuse should one person take. When will Ishita be allowed to be happy.

  20. Krishna

    Ruhi’s attitude is getting tougher day by day’ ; no one make any attempt to convince her about the past incident. As a viewer cant take Ishitha is taunted on each and every step; I think its enough dragging between Ishitaha and Ruhi. They should patch up now; Ruhi should come to her Ishima.

  21. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans.sad episode. I feel so sad for ishu.shaggy is definitely behind it.but u know the truth will cum out

  22. Susan

    Have you seen Divyanka’s haldi ceremony pictures? Awesome! My goodness. She is a beautiful lady.

  23. Divya

    In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Shagun will realize the depth of their love for each other and will ask Raman and Ishita to get married with a very positive approach. I could randomly guess that she is playing game here by becoming nice in front of the family and will secretly use Pihu to keep them away. Well, that’s just a guess work!

  24. sewwandi

    I also fed up with this unpleasant incident.shima is helpless although she is very kind and lovely mother.such thinks can not be happened again and lovely and very strong relationships are fallen down easily.there is one good thing remain. Raman forever love to Ishitha. How little Ruhi began to cruel is not any condition Ruhi shouLd love to Ishima is the theme of this.

  25. Susan

    By arranging a meeting between Mihir and Aliya’s friend the cv’s have shown that they have no problem with big age gaps of characters. So prepare yourself for the inevitable. Adi to fall in love with Aliya. Aliya to fall in love with Mihir. This will ring in new twist where Adi will start hating his beloved uncle. I don’t like it but lets see what transpires. Lol

  26. ria

    its too much now. how can ruhi and pihu hurt ishu. I really wish ishu should not marry raman at any cost whether its 4 ruhi or 4 raman if she has lil self respect and dignity.infact i wish she should become a role model 4 the other women who all r prone to ramans type of husband and his children type..he and his daughter has to pay 4 wt they r dng.
    earlier I was thinking that rihu is raman and shagun daughter thus its natural at least once in her life time she will be rude to ishu as adi was also against ishu.but now even pihu also as same as her step siblings.some times I feel who ever is connected to shagun is manhuss.
    and wt kind of man is raman ?can’t even stand 4 ishu . just felling if he say anything to his children they will leave him. he is nowadays very selfish.and arrogant just thinking abt himself.
    I really really wish ishu should get shot infront of her so called children and so called pati. while saving ruhi. and doctors should tell them that her condition is quite critical.can’t say anything. and y she commited suicide.

  27. meera

    Thats right ishita should leave and make them feel her .they should regret for making her leave.specially ruhi. And this evil shagun should get away from the story as she is using pihu.raman just become a man and stand erect for ur lovely wife or else just stop this drama .

  28. Az

    Hi VP jaz shivani Sindhu mino n all yhm fans.

    VP I was busy yesterday missed the episode. But after reading the update I feel it’s good that I didn’t see. Now pihu also joined anti ishita brigade… Great. And elders of the family just stand tight lipped and show remorse. Brats ruling the family. Dose of negativity is surpassing. Cvs have lost their brains.

    Even I agree ishita should immediately leave if she doesn’t want to look like a doormat. Enough nonsense already.

  29. Arushi

    Ishita shouls leave the house… that is when these Raman and Ruhi will know her value.. they both have to beg Ishita for her forgiveness… Hope Ekta kapoor show it

  30. jaz

    Hello everyone Adu vp monique rithu anjali mino shivani shona super girl summi sindhu siddhi naaz meghna diya akaansha bhgi bhagya meera divya molu disha fefe fathi roshni az and all members yhm fans group gd morn Guys and have a pleasant morning and thank you guys for muje.eid ki.Mubarak bath dene ke liye

  31. Monique_D


    |Registered Member

    Morning guys
    sachie mino jaz shona aditya Rithushree darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya riya rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya jeni super girl bhagya sara prisha
    saritha simran unique angel shreya and all yhm friends.

  32. nish singh

    Hoping for a better episode today…two days same pre cap..what is going on???
    Lol my BP is going up with all this negativity with the spoiled children.
    Being a school teacher does not help me,cos even in a drama I can’t stand poor behaviour and I seriously don’t think it should be encouraged.

    • vp

      Exactly …. even I cant stand poor behaviour …. cvs please focus on the story line what it started .,,, totally made a mess … Anyways … Hearty congrstulations to Divyanka and Vivek …. wish you a veru happy , long , peaceful , prosperous, married life . God bless you both ..,,


    Good Afternoon JAZ Rithu VP Shona Sindhu Shreyadiya Megha Naaz AZ Fathi Ramchin Monique Shivani And All The Members of The YHM GROUP.
    GUYS I Hope You ALL Have Had A GREAT TIME These DAYS.

    JAZ Please Even You Convey My REGARDS to FARAH JASMINE.

  34. VIDHYA


  35. nish singh

    Hey Vidhya,
    I also noticed that and was so amused. He show has become so careless.
    Really looking it class post leap.

  36. shreya shetty

    this ruhi needs to be kicked and tightly brutualised by all of the dare she even scold ishita while herself teaching pihu to respect elders wheras even this stupid mouse pihu!!!she too is really disgusting and also disrespects ishita!!!!!who the hell has brought up ishitas daughters like that!!!!!THAT SHAGUN UGLY B**** couldn’t even correct her own child from doing so and feeling happy on seeing ishita crying!!!!!please ekta maam remove shagun from this immediately and also along with these two spoilt daughters ruhi and pihu.atleast all I can say is that adi who s the eldest child in the family is very mature enough to understand his parents and also gives nice respect towards everybody especially to his favourite mother ishita.I just want this ruhi to go back to nidhi if she ever dares to badmouth raman and ishita also their familes.CURSE U RUHI AND PIHU FOR WANTING ISHITA TO GET OUT OF THE BHALLAS.THESE CVS NOWDAYS ARE COMPLETELY BRAINLESS.HOW CAN THEY TWIST THE NEW TURNS LIKE THIS THAT TOO SOOO WORST.EVEN THIS EKTA MAAM HAS NO SENSE IN CREATING SUCH AN EPISODE TO THE FANS.WHATS WRONG WITH THAT SERIAL PANDIT AND EKTA MAAM???????all of us r getting very disturbed on seeing such scenes.please END THIS AT INSTANT

  37. shreya shetty


  38. shivani

    Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi ) decides to go away from Ruhi and Pihu’s life in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabtein will show that Ishita is shattered seeing her both daughter Ruhi and Pihu hate her.

    Ihsita tells Raman that it will be good as if she will go from here which makes Raman shocked.

    Raman did not tell pihu about Ishita is her real mother that is why pihu thinks that Ishita is with them for a game only.

    Apart from this, Ruhi also decide to go back to Australia feeling Ishita is just selfish and never think about family.

    Furthermore, Ishitaβ€˜s kidnapping drama bring tough time for Raman where he missed Ishita a lot.

    Raman (Karan Patel) reveals Pihu of Ishita being her mother

    Pihu is surprised seeing Raman is worried for Ishita and asks him the reason behind it.

    Raman then reveals to Pihu as Ishita is not her aunty but her real mother.

    Pihu is shocked to know and is not ready to believe on it but Raman tries to make her understand that Shagun is not her real mother and she is taking care of her in Ishita’s absence.

  39. shreya shetty

    thanks for the future updates of todays upcoming episode shivani.I am quite sure that these two nasty spoilt daughters ruhi and pihu will understand the love given to them by ishita and not from that stupid shagun.shagun must and really must leave this show at instant then only ruhi and pihu would respect ishita just like how adi does presently.ruhi and pihu its a hightime for u two brats to realize a real mothers love

    • shivani

      But shreya we cannot blame pihu…she doesn’t knw ishu is her real mom..she believes shagun as her real mom…and nobody corrected her even after ishitas re entry..but ruhi,she has crossed all the limits…

      • shreya shetty

        ohhhh I c.but I didn’t like the way she spoke rudely to ishita so I blamed pihu although we all know shes too small to understand all this.i am sorry to say such things ruhi as a teen hasn’t even changed a bit after coming to the bhallas finally.yes u r right shes totally out of control and still is disrespecting ishita and raman that makes me want to slap right on her cheeks as a taste of her own medicine!!!!

  40. Avanthi

    Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) gets kidnapped, goons calls Raman (Karan Patel) for money.
    The upcoming episode of yeh hai mohabbatein will show that Ashok and Nidhi are irked seeing Raman-Ishita’s efforts winning Ruhi’s heart.

    Nidhi is afraid that if Raman and Ishita manage to win back Ruhi that she will be left with nothing.

    Nidhi thus takes Ashok’s help and decides to kidnap Ruhi to keep her away from Raman-Ishita.

    Ashok sends his goons to kidnap Ruhi but they mistakenly kidnaps Ishita instead of Ruhi and takes her away.

    Ishita’s kidnapping drama:

    Ishita is shocked seeing herself kidnapped, goons calls Raman to get ransom money from Raman Bhalla.

    Raman is shocked to know that Ishita is kidnapped and is ready to do anything to save her from goons.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

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