Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with family asking Ishita to go and surprise Raman. Mihir says he will arrange the flight. Ishita thinks I m coming, Ravan Kumar get ready. Bansal asks Raman whats his connection with that lady, why is he getting in this escort scandal. Raman asks the inspector about the ladies they arrested. The inspector says a NGO rescued them, the NGO owner helped us in rescuing the girls. Raman asks the name, and wants to find about Shagun Arora. The inspector says you are reputed businessman, don’t get into this matter. Raman insists. The inspector says sorry, its not in list and Raman checks it.

Bansal says I think we should leave now. Raman thanks inspector and leaves. Ishita is packing her stuff with Ruhi’s help. Mrs. Bhalla sends Ruhi to Romi and check the online ticket.

Ishita says she will do shopping in Mumbai, I will get gifts for everyone. Mrs. Bhalla asks is she going to do shopping. Mrs. Bhalla gifts her sarees and says you both will be getting privacy, it will be mini honeymoon, forget everything going there, just remember Raman and take care of him, love each other and enjoy. Ishita says I don’t think I need this. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman will be happy seeing you, get ready well and meet him, and gives her tips to impress Raman, even she has worn short skirt for Mr. Bhalla. Ishita asks was he so romantic. Mrs. Bhalla says he used to get mad after me. They laugh. She says good luck and leaves Ishita smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein………..plays…………

Abhishek shows Sarika’s pic and asks his staff to find her, he has seen her and failed to note auto number. He gets his senior’s call and says they have to arrange security for some minister. He sees the staff keeping back the pic and scolds him, saying I don’t care about minister, this is your priority right now. They wonder who is this girl. Abhishek says please come back Sarika, no one will get peace till you come.

Raman says why did Shagun do this, if she needed money, she could tell me, what shall I tell Mihir, I can’t leave Shagun, she is mum of my children, why does she do this, where to find her in this big city, she is not even answering calls, I will talk to Ishita. Ishita, Mihir and Ruhi are on the way. Ruhi says she will take care of Adi and do her homework too. Raman calls her and Ruhi asks her not to receive the call. Mihir says let it be a surprise. Romi’s work is liked and he thanks the doctor. The doctor asks him to get his nursing home IT management contract. He gives him Rs 20000 advance and asks him to sign contract tomorrow. Romi thanks him and comes out.

Few goons see him thanking Lord and holding the money. Romi says my 40000rs will compete soon, I will get Sarika home. The goons start fighting and they take the money till Romi ends their fight. Raman says I should have taken NGO details from inspector and calls police station. The constable says inspector is not available now and ends call. Raman thinks to find the truth about Shagun.

Hari ankhiyon ka sapna bhi hara hara…………. Plays……… Raman worries recalling Shagun. He gets the NGO details and goes there. He asks driver to drive faster and gets anxious. He does not get the NGO and asks driver to take him ahead. He says he has to find out Shagun, just call me once, I will come. Raman comes back to his hotel and asks for his keys. The reception lady says his wife has come here, they confirmed from office and gave her the keys. He says Madrasan, but she is in Delhi, so did Shagun took hotel address from office. He rushes to the room and asks why did she come after switching off mobile, and whats this, if he calls herself his wife, why did she come here. He gets stunned seeing Ishita. He asks you here.

Ishita asks is he cheating on her, mummy ji told me to come here and surprise you, I got a shock. She says you were shouting and I knew someone was coming here. She cries and misunderstands him. She says she will call mummy ji. Mrs. Bhalla puts it on speaker and Mr. Bhalla and she hear Raman and Ishita arguing. Raman says Lord cheated me makin you my wife. She says you said it now that you did not want me as your wife, call anyone else, I will not listen to you.

Ishita says she is mad to marry him and trust him. He argues and asks her to get lost. She cries and says she will not see his face now.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Kuch nahin kuch bhi nahin hosakta ……..hamare. ..ISHRA. .ka. …..hamesha romantic scene. .comedy mein badal jaata hai. ..

  2. Ishra ko surprises. ..suit nahin karte. .hamesha jo sonch te hai uss ka opposite hota hai. …….

    aur ye sirf ishra k sath hi hota hai…

  3. oh ho mera episode miss hogaya.phir bhi watched the last scene.a kya hai yaar raman ishu surprise raman per he shout at her.arey yaar again their fight.this nt fair

  4. good episode.lekin ramqn ko kya pada shagun ka maala japne ka aur pagalon ki tarah usse dhoond raha tha.ishra scene accha tha .jhagda accha tha.

  5. nimrit

    raman kya jarurat hai shagun ko dhundne ki……& uss mr bansal ke samne to kahne hi wala tha wo meri wife hai…that’s nt fair raman…tumhe kya padi hai uss aurat ki..

  6. unique Angel

    Vry nice epi mene socha aaj ishra kaa romance dekhne ko mile ga but ladai dekhne ko mili n raman shagun ke pheeche kyu pada hai mujhe itna gussa aaya jab raman aur shagun par woh ganna lagaya background par

    • how dum can u b by saying nice episode…. its not gud at all plz if this show iz taking the leap path……then for god’s sake stop it plzz….n can any plz tell mw wat will happen next….will ishita and raman b together foreverplz am scared

  7. marry

    lovly…… !!!!!!!!!!! episode…… precape….. looks……. funky…..!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 :p :*

  8. Lo dekho……aise to ho gaya…IshRa ka Honeymoon…..
    Raman ko bhi aisa nahi ki Ishita ko manaye..wo to uss se hi fight karne laga….
    Aisa laga Ishita natak kar rahi hai……par Raman ko Receptionist ne kaha ki office se confirm kiya hai…tab to Raman ko samjna chahiye ….ki Ishita hogi …..

  9. Yaar….Mizun….tum ne 8 baje comment kiya…..mainene 8:30 baje tak try kiya…but 7th July ka ep update hi nahi hua tha…….

  10. Raman ko yeh to sochna chahiye … paas Raman ke hotel ka address kaha se aayega….face dekha nahi…bas aise hi shuru ho gaya……

  11. gree

    Oh tanx cv’s its really a big surprise to me. I tot its shagun but happy its ishu @hotel ?

  12. gree

    But last part and precap is really funny. Lubbbbbbb u ishra. Aise hi achhi achhi twists dena ?.

  13. gree

    But I hate y Raman feeling too much for shagun. Its not good. Itna kuch kiya shagun ne phir bi Raman gav soft corner on her. But he ll shout on ishu always its really bad yaar. And that song for Raman and shagun is unnecessary. Let her live her life Raman don’t interfere and don’t try to find that lady. Be happy with ishu and Ruhi and ur own baby. Hope we will get few romantic scenes b/w ishta now?

  14. hiiii guys……yar ye ishra ka na kabhi surprise hi nahi hona chahiye anyway i just hope ki ishra ka ye mini honeymoon successful ho jaye atleast e tho fulfill karo yar makers

  15. Kp

    Guys seriously dont waste time for this crap serial here after.. Go & enjoy some other things.

    • sanu

      I sed this to Mizun ……bcz her fasting prayng etc evrythng will b not accepted…if she saw TV…i see her evry cmmts nd i knw she sees TV …so is ma duty to guide her ….nd srry…

      • sanu

        Shaitan makes us to see serials….movies etc….but we should not watch so i sed….to her..

  16. Gufe

    All of your donkeys here…Thinking this serial is like real…get over it Donkeys and do some good work

  17. Roselyn Dada

    Very nice episode Ishita you look so pretty today appreciate Mrs Balla and our lovely baby Ruhi keep rocking from Nigeria

  18. I heat raman feeling too mach for shagun it’s not good bed raman ishita ka sara surprise kharab kar diya i just hope key ishita ka mini honeymoon success hojaey i hate shagun very very mach & i love ishita very very much i love yhm serial very much

  19. Shital Patel

    Hi everyone,

    aaj to raman ko jis road par dikhaya hai wo humara routine road he….

  20. nimrit

    UPCOMING:::-As we have seen that ishita came to mumbai to surprise
    raman,but her surprise turns into an argument between the
    couple.After some time,Raman explains ishita about shagun
    getting arrested by the police in a raid.
    Ishita and Raman come to police station to findout more
    details about shagun.There they will receive a letter from
    On the other hand,Romi’s money will be stolen which he
    doesnot know.Abhishek beats Romi as he finds some odd
    things in his pocket.
    What has shagun written in that letter?Who will win the arm
    wrestling Raman or Bhaijaan ?To know more keep reading
    this space for more updates.

  21. nimrit

    Shocking news for fans who are happy that Shagun is now a
    changed person.
    In the upcoming episodes of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Shagun
    will fake to show a positive change in her.
    Shagun will try to act innocent and positive in front of
    everyone but actually she will be once again plotting against
    Ishita and Raman.
    Will Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi)
    understand Shagun’s new strategy or is Shagun really a
    changed person now?
    To know keep watching Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.
    Stay connected to this site for More updates.

  22. Shanaya sindh.

    Shagun aur sudharne ka naam wo hargeez nahi sudhege..shagun z a such a selfish girl.she want nly money nd hgh positn…

  23. gree

    I know that shagun never change. She’s really nagin and always remain bad. Hateeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuu damn it. Get last shagun cheapoooo. But i like her costumes. ?. Tanq god ishu is back @saree. ❤ u ishraru ?

  24. 123

    yeh ek baigan ka show hai. ismein bilkul bhi logic nahi hai. newz mili thi ke raman and ishita ki suhaagraat hogi jo ki ab tak nahi nazar ayee. Raman IShita ko maa banana chahta hai lekin aaj to usne uss direction mein kuch kiya hi nahi. shayad bachcha factory mein manufacture ho raha hai. raman ishita ke beech mein bilkul bhi pyaar nahi hai bas humein ye maan ke chalna hai ki pyaar hai. boycott this show

  25. nimrit

    soo sad aaj hamara star plus channel dikh hi nahi raha hai…..NO signal……..rona aa raha hai muze…

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