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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashok telling Ishita and Mihika, that Raman is protecting Shagun, as she did Amma’s accident. He says you know everything Ishita, how could be so naïve, did you not see Raman and Shagun together since 5days, how did they have love in between them, as they have always insulted each other. He says its because Raman realized that Shagun is mum of his children and she can go to jail, he has broken your trust, its all about priorities. Ishita does not believe him and taunts him thinking he is lying about Raman. She says you expected me to be shocked, as I was, as this is nonsense, what did you think I will believe this. He says fine, call him and ask to prove me wrong, if you trust him so much.

He says I did not come to ignite fire. She says you mean I should ask

Raman. He asks why, don’t you have guts to hear the truth. They argue. He says the man who is still in love with his ex wife since 6 years, will he not help her, you came in his life now, I know him since years. She says you said Shagun did the accident and you came here to tell me, great love. Mihika asks Ishita to ask Raman. Ishita says are you mad. Mihika says we know Raman can’t do this, but just go once and end this matter. Ishita agrees and says Ashok to know that Raman did a lot for her family, she trusts him completely, he will have to stay away from her family from now on. He says fine, if I m proved wrong. She says I will prove you wrong, lets go.

Ishita leaves with Ashok. Ashok thinks no carat diamond Shagun, bringing this 10 carat gift for you. Shagun is managing her kids and is preparing to go to the swimming pool. Ruhi thinks about Adi and Shagun talking about Ishita. Raman comes and asks ready. Shagun says 2mins. Adi says I m going and leaves. Ruhi starts acting saying she is getting stomach ache and screams. Shagun says she was fine, how did this happen suddenly. She says Adi went, don’t you want to go and enjoy. She says Raman, I will inform reception to send a doctor. Raman says have you lost it.

Ruhi does some drama. Shagun says we will call attender. Raman says I won’t go leaving you here. Ruhi says no, you go. Shagun says she will be fine, lets go. Raman asks Shagun to take care of Ruhi as Ishita does. She gets annoyed and says I m their mum, don’t give me any lecture. He says action speaks more than words. She says you go, I will see Ruhi. Ruhi asks Raman to go to Adi, as Shagun will be with her. Raman says fine and says call me if you need me. He leaves. Ruhi laughs and thinks she said mean things to my Ishi Maa, now I will trouble her. Shagun says some stories to Ruhi and Ruhi does not like it.

Shagun asks Ruhi to sleep and she has to go to Adi, she did not come on picnic to be in room. Ruhi plays with her hair and pulls it. Shagun says ouch, what are you doing. Ruhi says sorry, I play with Ishita’s hair, your hair is rough, her hair is so silky. Shagun says then leave my hair, sleep now. Shagun lies by her side. Ruhi smiles. She messages Ishita and Ishita laughs being on the way with Ashok. Ashok thinks this smile will go when you know Raman’s truth. Adi spend some time with Raman and is very happy. They share some good talk about Raman’s childhood and swimming. Adi genuinely laughs. Raman says he remembers everything about him. Adi says Bala swims with his son. Raman says you can come to me every weekend.

Raman shows his childhood pic to him. Adi says its my pic, I look like mum. Raman says you look like me, as this is my childhood pic. Adi says I m going to mum, as I don’t look like you. Raman says stop, fine, go and change. Adi leaves. Raman cries and says you look like your Papa Adi. Mihika tells everything to Mihir and he says Ishita is strong, Raman was broken when he was divorced, I saw him, I m noticing he is being rude and worried again, I hope Ashok and Shagun are not playing any game. Raman and Adi come back to the room. Adi asks why did she not come. Raman says Ruhi was unwell.

Shagun says shall we stay here tonight. Adi asks for his icecream. Adi leaves. Raman says whats wrong with you. She says we can go tomorrow, lets just stay back, you book another room and keep talking to your wife all night, like last time, when Adi was ill. Please lets be here for Adi’s happiness. Shagun opens the door and Ashok pops in. He says you asked for 5 carat ring, so I thought to give you a bigger surprise. Ishita comes there with Ashok. This shocks Raman and Shagun.

Raman asks Ishita what is she doing here. Ishita says I m very sorry. She says Ashok is telling me you lied to me, you are hiding that you are protecting Shagun as she did Amma’s accident. Shagun is shocked. She says he came to my clinic since three days and told about you so many bad things, so I came with him here to shut his mouth, I want you to prove him wrong, tell him please, we don’t have time for this nonsense. She says if Shagun was really the culprit, would Raman be here on picnic with her, he wants me to take back my trust on you, he is clueless about emotions, tell him I m not just Ruhi’s mum but your wife too. Raman is quiet. Shagun looks on.

Ishita says we have a relation of trust, you cared for Amma as she is your mum, I want you to shout on Ashok, I can’t hear this. She asks him to tell Ashok he is wrong. Raman shouts on her and says what should I say, I m not Lord. Ishita is shocked. Raman says I m human and helpless, I m worried, I can’t bear this now, I can’t take this anymore. Shagun smiles. Ishita cries and says you mean Shagun did Amma’s accident. Raman says just shut up. Ashok says great, every fairy tale does not have happy ending, Ishita ji now you know Raman is not a Lord, he too lies. Adi comes and calls Ashok dad and asks you here. Shagun packs her bag and leaves with him. Adi asks what happened here. Ashok too leaves smiling. Aansun ka rishta……………plays……………… Ishita’s trust gets shaken up.

Ishita and Raman have an argument. Ruhi wakes up and asks Ishita why is she shouting.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hope they get rid of Shaun and adi

  2. Amena great update…u r so fast

    1. Story going out of line. Bad episode today.. Bt thanks amena so much for the fastest update

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    But Raman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Adi should start loving his dad, and Raman start loving Ishita and get shagun and ashok out of their way. So the happy family at the end will be Ishida, Raman, Ruhi, and Adi

  6. Adi should start loving his dad, and Raman start loving Ishita and get shagun and ashok out of their way. So the happy family at the end will be Ishida, Raman, Ruhi, and Aid. Shaun get out of their lif

  7. ruhi your acting was very cute 🙂 but today’s episode was a not soo good 🙁

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