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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Romi coming in the taxi. He pays fare. The driver asks for waiting charges. Romi is drunk and gets into a heated argument with the driver. Mihika comes and pays the money. She sends the taxi driver. She asks Romi to manage, what happened to him, can she help. Romi says what help, I don’t want anyone, leave me. He goes. She worries for him.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to serve dinner, Romi will be coming. Romi comes home drunk. Mrs. Bhalla worries and holds him. She says you came on right time, I made your fav food. Romi says leave me, I don’t want to have food, and goes to his room. She worries and cries.

Ishita is on terrace, she talks to Shagun about Sarika and Romi. She says Manoj came here, and it all looked like before, take care. Raman comes to Ishita

and says I have a gift for you. He shows a black jacket. She likes it. He makes her wear it. He says I love you a lot, when she did all this for him, there is another surprise for her. She asks what. He makes her stand and asks her to close her eyes. She closes her eyes and says tell me fast. He says it will be fun, wait for the miracle. He calls Prateek and asks him to pull her. She is pulled up in air and asks whats happening. He asks her to have fresh air.

Prateek tells Raman that Ishita is brave, she will not be scared, we will get her down, she will beat me. Raman says she is scared, let her be there. He asks Ishita how does she feel. Ishita says this is nonsense coat, bring me down. Raman reminds when she got him lifted against the wall. She says you are taking revenge, I had reason to do this. He says even I have reason, tell me I m best husband of the world. She says yes, you are the best. He says tell me you love me. She says obviously I love you. He says tell I m most handsome. She asks will you make me lie, fine you are handsome. He says you look beautiful, how is the weather. He asks Prateek to get her down. She says I will not leave Prateek. Raman thanks him and ends call.

She gets annoyed. Raman says listen to me, you are world’s best wife, I love you a lot, you are most beautiful. She says Prateek was seeing us by that camera, off it. Raman goes. She says I love you Raman, you world’s best husband and handsome guy, I m very happy with you, thank God, all problems ended. She smiles.

Its morning, Neelu serves tea to Mrs. Bhalla and says Romi did not have food at night. Ishita talks to Rohit and says its polio day, who will take you. She asks Mrs. Bhalla about Romi. Romi comes and sees Rohit. He asks Neelu to make tea. Ishita asks Romi to help, take Rohit for polio, I m busy. He says please, don’t try to get me related to Rohit, I have go for some work. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to have breakfast. Romi leaves. Ishita says polio is imp, everyone knows this, Rohit and I will go.

Bala takes the class. He gets some envelope. He requests the students to come at his home if they have any problem, he asks them to give 100% result. Romi goes to meet Sarika. He asks her why did she call him. She says I wanted to meet you. He says I came to ask, does Rohit have any family. She says I don’t know. He asks why did you do this, I changed for you. She says I did this for you. He says enough now, you could have told me the truth, I would have accepted you. She says I was afraid, I lost our child when you left me, I love you and want to stay with you, trust me. He says you want to put all this on my head. She says no, try to understand, I did this to get you. He shouts shut up, you ruined us to make your life better, stay away from me and my family, we are not related now. He leaves. She shouts Romi and cries.

Ishita tries getting info from orphanage and tells Sarika’s story. She says I want to know baby’s real mother, its about his life, tell me, whose child is it. The lady drops water on the table. The man scolds her and sends her. Ishita says Sarika lied to me, I have to legally adopt the baby, will you help me. The man says you have the baby, raise him, you said its your family’s child, please go. She leaves. He says I gave that baby to Sarika, if that baby’s mother and family name comes out, it will be big issue.

The lady stops Ishita to talk to her. She says I know that baby, he is an orphan, Sarika did not adopt her, I know everything, I helped Sarika, someone left that baby here, manager knows everything and hiding it, don’t know why. The lady says go and ask Sarika, tell her Kasturi told everything. Ishita says Sarika lied even in jail, if he is not adopted, then who is his parents, its complicated.

Ishita asks Raman why did he take case back and free Ashok, I got him caught by difficulty, why did you not ask me. He says we have our own reasons. She argues.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Guys ….I dnt know bout trp of other’s show…
    But YHM is on 1st…..I find out it on Aly’s twitter ac…..his tweet..
    ” what a come back , YHM on top.. “

    1. Found

  2. so fast update thanks Amena

  3. episode was ok.precap was bad .ashok phir se chut gaya jail se aur sarika ki toh jhoot ki toh ginthi hi nahi hai.

  4. hey guys diya ( both the diyas) jhanvi darshika ude faya fathi riya sabrin misty vp nivedha naaz anakha parvathi zaara siddhi ramchin nimrit naina priya and all yhm friends.

  5. The high-voltage drama on the
    show never seems to end
    After the crocodile episode, Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein will see some adoption
    drama. We have seen how Sarika’s
    (Sarika Dhillon) truth has come out in
    front of the entire family. The Bhallas
    are devastated to know that Rohit is
    not Romi (Aly Goni) and Sarika’s child
    and that he is from an adoption centre.
    Mrs Bhalla says they will send him to
    an orphanage but Raman ( Karan Patel )
    takes objection. He says that Rohit is
    a child of the family and will stay
    there. However, Romi is shattered and
    refuses to acknowledge Rohit as his
    child. Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) tries
    to pacify him. The couple decides to
    adopt Rohit by completing the
    procedures straight away.
    In the mean time, Romi leaves the
    house and goes to a pub to drown his
    sorrows. There a group of goons tease
    him about being impotent. He gets
    angry and a scuffle follows. Mihika
    (Mihika Varma) reaches there and
    tries to stop Romi. However, the
    fracas intensifies and Romi breaks a
    bottle on her head thinking her to be a
    goon. A lot of blood flows and she
    gets unconscious. Romi is shocked to
    see this.
    We will also see Ashok (Sangram
    Singh) plotting against Romi in the
    coming episodes. Will Ishita and
    Raman be able to convince Mrs Bhalla
    to let Rohit stay in the house? What
    will happen to Mihika? Will it spoil
    relations between Ishita and Romi?
    There is a lot in store in the family
    drama. Stay tuned for more updates…

  6. sarika kameeni khudgarz ke saath saath dokhebaaz farebi bhi nikli .kaise woh rohit ko bina adopt kiye bhalla house mein laa sakthi hai .pagal aurath .insaan hi nahi hai woh .

  7. Shagun gets Rohit back from the
    orphanage without informing anyone in
    the family. Romi gets angry and

    1. Shagun ne rohit ko wapas orphanage se liya but wo to already ishra k sath hi hai Na…

  8. I think Raman have freed ashok for ball’s sake &respect…..Sometimes Bala doesn’t want the issue to be public and he may doesn’t want it to reach to the ears of vandu……I think Raman may be doing all these for bala

    1. Sorry it’s not “ball’s”,it is bala’s

  9. Today’s ishra scenes were superbbb lovely???

  10. Nice epi….
    Ishra part was soo funny Nd cute too.., poor ishu..,
    Y is that manager hiding d truth…?

    Now onether question who is d mother of rohit??…. Life is full of questions….!!!!

  11. Nice episode..if they are pairing mihika opposite romi,i felt it because she is behind him always..thankyou rithu for the upcoming track it’s interesting

  12. I thinks its Ashok’s.. Maybe, he knew the baby was his and that’s why he wanted to adopt him in the first place.

  13. Agree with you jhanvi..they are hiding something,let’s hope ishu wil find it soon

  14. You peoples conversation are so good to read… and ofcourse funny. more then the telly updates i love to read your comments.. good going…
    Todays episode wad not dat good… kuch khaas nahi ho raha hai…

  15. Nice episode and all the precarious seems really curious ?????

  16. sirf itnee hi comments hai ? kaha ho sab .guys comment nahi karna hai ?

  17. Naagin 5.8
    Sasural Simar Ka 3.7
    Ye Hai Mohabbatein 3.7
    Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 3.7
    Kumkum Bhagya 3.2
    Swaragini 3.1
    Thapki Pyar Ki 3
    Diya Aur Baati Hum 3
    Balika Vadhu 2.5
    Jamai Raja 2.5
    Gear up for more saas-bahu drama…

  18. aly goni posted that- What a comeback 😍😍..
    Yhm no.1 this week. wow ! great but nagin is always on top .

  19. uss manager ne yeh kyu kaha ki agar kisi ko rohit ke maa baap ka sach pathaa chalega toh bahuth bada kaand ho jaayega .aisa kya hua hoga ki woh manager aisa bola .patha nahi ki kya hai .ab yeh ek bada mystery hai .lekin accha hai aur interesting bhi ki woh raaz kya hai.

  20. rohit could be Isita;s baby

  21. bala bahuth hi bewakoof aadmi hai .ek toh woh business karne jaa raha tha bhi kis se suraj ke right hand khosla se . woh dono suraj aur khosla itnee fraud hai ki bala ko phusaaya aur bala ek toh business badhaane ke liye itnaa jald baazi kar raha tha aur uupar se apna ghar bhi girwi rakhwaa diya. kya bada fool hai yeh aadmi . insaan ko pehchaan ne ki parak hi nahi hai uss mein.

  22. It seems like the high-
    voltage drama on Ekta Kapoor’s Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein is not going to end
    soon. After the ghost and crocodile
    episode makers are all set with
    another drama which is ADOPTION.
    Yes, you read it right. In the last
    episode we saw Mrs Santoshi Bhalla
    and Romi (Aly Goni) were shattered to
    know that Rohit is not their own blood
    and consequently they decided to sent
    him in an orphanage.
    But Raman (Karan Patel) and Ideal
    wife Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) takes
    objection and decided to adopt the
    child Rohit by completing the
    In the upcoming episode we will see
    heartbroken Romi will leave the house
    and goes to a pub. A group of
    miscreants there taunt him about
    being impotent. Then he will lose his
    cool and get into a scuffle. Mihika
    (Mihika Varma) comes there and tries
    to stop Romi.
    However, the fight intensifies and
    Romi picks up the bottle to hit the
    goons, but Mihika comes in between
    and Romi mistakenly breaks the bottle
    on her head.Mihika falls on the floor,
    unconscious. Ashok tries to take
    advantage of the situation and plots
    against Romi.
    Will Mihika be able to survive or die?
    Only makers can answer!

  23. So yhm all the best for rest of the year .

  24. plz stop this moderation . its a request .it is very difficult to comment here and read others comments also here .plz make it conveinient if possible.

  25. missing ruhi in the show .even adi and simmi also .patha nahi woh sab show mein kab aayenge . bahuth din hue ishruhadi scenes hue .i think ruhi or ruhanika has still not yet returned from her london trip so she is not been seen in yhm .

  26. episode was good . precape was ok ( sorry rithu .. i wrote the same words . but i felt the same only )
    that ishra scene was cute and hilarious… lovd it .
    nd as romi said sarika if she had tld him the truth he wld hv accptd her . but he is telling this in this situations, i really dont think he wld hv done thng like this .. nd mrs bhalla was always against sarika. so she wld hv never acceptd . bth son nd mother r acting insensitive towards the child nowadays . i love the ishu bonds wih rohit . hope they dont get seperated . nd whose kid rohit is actually?? i am really eager to know . lets c ..

    nd congo yhm .. for leading the trp charts this week . loads of love <3

    1. no yaar diya you dont need to be sorry .

  27. I think rohit might be Bala’s baby . I feel so .. cause earlier that Bala and some other girls affair track was shown .. but it wasn’t closed right ..
    And also this Ashok trying to get baby is also somewhat confusing .. Some twists are gonna happen ..I guess

    1. Hahaha so funny..

  28. I think rohit could be ishita or

  29. in the coming episodes. ..

    fb is shown as how sarika killed rinki because she came to know the truth..
    romi will be caught in attempt to murder for mihika (though he was drunk)..

    In court sarika n romi will fight case for divorce n many truths to be unfold
    some high voltage drama…

  30. May be rohit is shaguns and ashoks baby

  31. rohit’s adoption was already done with fullly legal procedures ryt… raman did all those arrangements for adopting that child and he askd pathak to do all the paper work…

    guys remembered???? raman,mihir went to orphanage to see the baby. there they saw ashok talking abt adopting a baby… remember??? I think this episode was in june last days.. I dont remember the date but may be aroung 28-30th.. how many times will they adopt the same baby???
    no logic and no truth… 🙁

    1. I really agree with u reshma..

    2. ya i really agree with you reshma.

  32. Now rohit’s real parents drama……but luving ishra moments…..missing ruhii

  33. hey guys good morning.

  34. may be rohit is romi’s son only bcos romi is not so much good in past he had a relation ship with many girls and spoil many girls self-respect even he played with mihika’s life also so the child should be romi bcos of his past relations with so many girls
    now also he did not changed he is the same selfish romi only Mrs.Bhall and Romi never change
    they want they only live happily they dont give respect to other’s feelings and whatever Reshma said is correct

  35. arey riya ramchin nimrit parvathi zaara naaz nivedha sab kaha ho .

  36. Yeah rithu.. Hi everyone

  37. Actually Sarika adopted the baby right!! Bala saw Sarika and informed Ishra.. So they went there and noted Sarika there with the baby.. Ashok tried to adopt that baby… Then they found it was Romi’s son

    Then Sarika accepted for marriage.. So n so…

    Now ishra want to adopt the baby as their legal child..

    I guess this adoption will reveal some more.. Like Ashok can be behind this baby drama

  38. Do u recognize me?

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