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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun asking Ishita to give a chance to Raman. Ishita says he always adapts wrong ways. Ruhi comes and asks her to come fast, Mrs. Bhalla is getting unwell. Ishita asks what happened and rushes to see. Everyone worry for Mrs. Bhalla. Raman takes her to room. Mihika tries calling doctor. Ishita asks her to rest. Mihika says doctor is not in city. Ishita says I will call other doctor. Mrs. Bhalla says my bp got high, I don’t need doctor. Ishita calls doctor and asks for medicine.

She thanks him and asks Romi to get medicine fast. Raman says we will take mummy to hospital. Mrs. Bhalla says why don’t you understand, I don’t need doctor. Ishita says you have to get fine. Mrs. Bhalla says fine, then do one thing, come home, see this house is not complete without you all, come back Ishita. She cries and says I don’t need any medicines, I need you all.

Simmi says I can’t believe this Gaurav, you know how my mum got unwell, I told you to wait. He says sorry, I did not know this would happen. Simmi says just one thing got fine that Ishita came back home, but dad does not forgive anyone soon, I don’t think he will take decision soon, I also need time to think, you can leave now. She goes.

Gaurav calls pandit and asks is it necessary that I marry soon, yes I have to convince her dad. He ends call and thinks to convince Mr. Bhalla soon. Mr. Bhalla feels guilty. Appa says its not your mistake, Ishita will manage. Raman hears them and says its my mistake, if I did not behave such, this would have not happened, explain Ishita to come back. Mani comes and says don’t worry, I will talk to Ishita, she is sensible and will understand. Ruhi comes and says Papa, Ishi Maa asked us to get our bags from Iyer house. Raman asks really. Ruhi says yes and hugs him. Ishita packs her bag and says Mrs. Bhalla’s health is more imp than our fight, what happened. Shagun says actually, I wanted a favor. Adi comes and hears them. Shagun says I m nervous about pregnancy, I can spend time with Pihu only if you are comfortable. Adi says no need, we are here, Mani came, you leave with him.

Ishita asks how are you talking with your mum. Shagun says its fine, I think I should leave. Ishita says you can stay here and spend time with Pihu, our children did not grow up to decide. Adi tales Ishita’s bag and leaves. Shagun asks are you sure. Ishita says yes, I will take care of you.

Ishita and Mihika take care of Mrs. Bhalla. Mihika asks Ishita to take rest now. Ishita says no, I will be here. Mr. Bhalla says go and rest, I will take care of Mrs. Bhalla. Ishita thinks I don’t want to go to Raman. Raman tells Romi that Ishita did not come till now. Romi says use your charm. Raman says there is no romance here. Romi says it happens, now your age is much. Raman says leave now, she will come now. Ishita comes to room. Raman greets her.

He helps her and puts her bag on bed. He removes his clothes from cupboard, and makes space for her. He says I had to give my clothes for dry cleaning, you can keep your clothes. He says there was a cockroach, you are scared, its not there inside now, you can go to washroom, call me if there is cockroach. She goes to washroom. He arranges her clothes in the cupboard. Ishita comes and asks about her clothes. He says I kept it and made your work easy. She thanks him. He takes the towel. She says there is cockroach on towel. He jumps on the sofa. Romi, Ruhi, Mihika and Adi come and ask what happened. Raman says cockroach. Adi says its not there. Raman says ask Ishita, she said. Ishita says someone was going to save my life from cockroach, and he is scared just by name. Raman says no, I was going to save cockroach’s life from her. Romi says there is cockroach on your shoulder. Raman jumps over him. They all laugh. Ishita laughs and scares Raman again.

She says we will not talk and complicate things, I need some time to thing. He says fine, sleep now, I will manage cockroach and towel. She rests to sleep. He thinks atleast she came back, I will make everything ine.

Its morning, Mr. Bhalla asks Appa why is he worried. Appa says my pension did not get credited. Gaurav hears the problem. Mr. Bhalla says we will go pension office and ask, don’t worry, you will get it, come we will have tea. Gaurav thinks to use this chance to impress Mr. Bhalla. Mr. Bhalla comes home. Raman checks newpaper for flyer and tells Mr. Bhalla about it. Mr. Bhalla says its good, don’t hurt her. Raman promises.

Aaliya asks Adi what is he doing. Adi reminds she is in his room. She says yes, but I came to take Shagun, its so good that Ishita came home, our problems got sorted, its good we did not tell anyone about our breakup, we handled it maturely, its good when one person takes a step to end fight, what are you finding. He says its new building project, I finalized this flat. She asks what. He says I m investing in our new flat, this is that step from my side. She says even this house is ours. He says yes, but this one will be just ours, many things happen here, we have to adjust here to situation and people.

She says you are talking about Shagun. He says I don’t want her to study here, so I m leaving. She says we should talk to elders. He says I arranged money for down payment, I promise to tell everyone after booking flat, I will show a virtual tour of flat, sit.

Mihika tells Mrs. Bhalla that Ishita is with Shagun, I got your medicines. Mrs.Bhalla says good, I had to do this to get Ishita here, I act well right. Raman hears them and asks what’s happening, was this a drama. Mrs. Bhalla says yes. Raman asks if Ishita knows this, she will think I made you do this, she is not less than Devi, she will leave home again. Ishita comes there. Raman hides the medicine packet in his mouth. Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla did she take medicines. Mrs. Bhalla says yes. Ishita says Raman, this one is good idea, drawing patients to clinic is imp, how many flyers did you order. Raman can’t talk. She asks him to say. He asks Mihika to say. Mihika says he means many, actually he has moun vrath today. Ishita asks what, Raman can’t keep quiet ever, maybe he has tooth pain, he never brushes teeth, show me. Mrs. Bhalla says no, he is fine. Ishita says no. Mihika signs no. Ishita makes him open mouth. The medicine packet falls down. She gets shocked seeing it.

Mrs. Bhalla says for a wife, husband and family are either sides, even if she left you, it means her heart is much hurt, she wants to see a change in you, you have to get her back. Everyone tell same to Raman.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dramasvideo

    god drama

  2. Kya yeh yaar drama par drama. So many misunderstandings.
    So sad how CV’s have completely ruined a good story and also the characters.
    Feel so bad for DT and KP they have to waste their talent on this nonsense. But still they pull it off. Well done to them.

    1. True Jay … totally disgusting … exwife and current wife discussing about Raman and Shaghun is telling Ishitha to give Raman one more chance . What is cvs upto showing Ishitha too friendly withShaghun …I felt like laughing … Adi is right on his views … Very sensible he is

  3. So Ishita leaves the house again…. Oh man….. what is wrong with the cvs? Raman is trying very hard so Ishita should just come back. At least for Pihu and Ruhi’s sake. They love their father very much so it will be wrong to separate the girls from their father’s love. I just hope she did not seriously leave the house again. Though Raman has ego problem I think Ishita too equally has ego problem.

    I am not sure whether Shagun is good or bad. I don’t seem to trust her very much. Why is she asking for Pihu suddenly? He expression changed when Ishita was trying to explain to Raman. The expression showed something like her son listens to Ishimaa more than Shagun. I don’t know what Shagun has up on her sleeve for asking for Pihu for a few days. She already is pregnant so she needs to take care of herself and she has time to take care of Pihu? Why is Ishita the matadevi who still needs to help Shagun when Mani and Aliya are there. She should resolve her marital life. Why bother about Shagun? She does good for these people and then they play her out. The cvs will not make Shagun good that easily. She plays the villian role very well

    1. Shaghun can be never trusted Sindhu … cvs wants Ishitha to be shameless in front of Shaghunnand Shaghun will take advantage of Ishitha .Ishitha and Adis bondness too is very thin now … as much as Afi likes his Ishimaa … Ishima doesnt have that to him .Cvs are confusing the characters … but Kp was too good in funny role also .. Dt was stunning as always

    2. Agree with you Sindhu…
      And Good morning to all…
      How are you my friends???

  4. True Jay. I agree with you. The talent of both great stars are going down the drain. No substance in the story and no concrete acting for both KP and DT. Separation is not only the story cvs have. They can develop other angles.

  5. Shagun is a mother of 3. Why o why the need for Ishita to take care of her. Just hate Sagun’s goody goody behavior these days. Precap: Liked the “deep thinking” look on Raman’s face when everybody told him to get Ishita back. Just hope it actually means he is planning something meaningful. I actually want them to move out of that house. Ishra and children should just live on their own. Too much of interference by everyone.

  6. Y is she helping shagun n she should not go home for a while n see how long Raman will continue to behave the way he is

  7. Shenaaz kader

    This story and actors were good its a total disaster. Can the producers show some real life drama instead of copying days of our lives. They spoilt a damn good story

  8. Mrs.bhalla & Raman always work selfishly..
    Mrs.bhalla ruins her chilrens life by her
    Nonsense thoughts…
    Once… She ask mihika to go ashok for rinki & mihir’s happiness,
    And she is the reason to start problems between romi & sarika…
    Now ishita will leave raman again…

  9. very bad story, but as always KP was superb….

  10. nice episode

  11. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  12. The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some major twist and turn.

    It seems that Mrs Bhalla will act as if she is not well and force Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) to come back to Bhalla hose.

    Ishita will come back due to Mrs Bhalla, however soon she will realise that Mrs Bhalla is absolutely fit and was doing drama all this time.

    Apparently furious Ishita will hold Raman (Karan Patel) responsible for the entire incident and walk out of the house.

    It is heard that this time she will go to Mani and stay with him instead of her parents.

    Keep watching this space for more exciting news and updates on your favourite show.

  13. Shagun is never punished once. She s had the best in her life children money and men. Whereas ishu has all sufferings, not becoz of her and her family, it is raman and his family.Now that she has learnt how to deal with family, show something good happening. Anything is possible in this show. For example the judiciary system was completely fake and bogus. Let ishu have her own child, inspite of being banch. Anything is possible. Adi was right.

    1. Shaghun is royally trated in YHM … she has delivered three kids … why she wants Ishitha to take care of her … her face changed when Ishitha said mummiji is not well so she has to go back home .How silly and rubbish these cvs .. what are they trying to teach viewers? In what all ways Shaghun has tortured Ishitha .. no shame at all … Shaghun clearly says … its not to be friendly with her whatever she does is for her children .How sensible and strong Ishitha was before leap .. after leap her character is fully spoiled …Raman was so cute yesterday .. MP u said it right … Mrs Bhalla with her cheap emotions spoil her childrens life .. atleast Adi is sensible here .Ishra never got privacy … if at all some one will interrupt it ..

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