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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amma talking about Vandu’s baby shower function, and Bala asks about Shagun, will it be fine to do in her presence. Amma says yes, she is just a guest. Romi talks to Puri and talks about the surgery. The doctor explains about the surgery, and says about the cost of treatment. Romi says he can’t arrange. The doctor says you can get your manhood back by 5 lakhs, whats there to think. Romi thinks to do something to get money else he won’t be able to show his face to anyone. He comes home and asks Mrs. Bhalla for money to send Bunty on honeymoon. Mrs. Bhalla scolds him. Simmi asks her to give dinner set to him. She asks him not to ask Raman for money and leaves.

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Romi worries. Amma tells Appa about cost for Vandu’s baby shower. Appa asks did she tell Ishu about Raman’s expenses, I told you not to tell her, it was confidential file, no on pointed on me, today you know what Raman told me. Ishita comes and asks what did he say, you did not tell me, why did he listen to him. Appa says no, your Amma did this, I don’t have any right to discuss this at home. Ishita says relax, I will talk to Raman. He stops her and says I told Raman I should not work in close relations, it spoils everything. Ishita says I m sure Shagun did this. Appa takes her promise she won’t tell Raman. She says but I will answer Shagun for this.

Shagun comes and sees Romi upset. She says she will help him being his Bhabhi, and offers him help. He says you were Bhabhi before, not anymore. She asks did he arrange money, and tells about Adi’s FDs, she can break it, but it will take some time and Raman will know. Romi says I don’t want your money. Shagun says its Raman’s money, you can take it, but you can take petty cash from office, no one will know it. She says take loan and when FD money comes, keep it back, no one will know. Romi says no, I can’t steal Raman’s money.

She says Raman is in big position and won’t see small things, your problem will be solved, you stay depressed, if mummy ji and Raman know then, no one helps in such cases, Bhabhi is like mother, so I m advising you, do as you feel like. She leaves. Romi says where am I stuck. Shagun says lets see Ishita, how your Appa get saved now. Ishita is angry on Raman for pointing on Appa. Ruhi comes to show her work sheet and asks why is she sad. Ishita says I m not sad. Ruhi says don’t lie, you say lying is bad. Ishita says do your eyes have x ray machine, I m sad as Appa is sad.

Ruhi says she has an idea. Romi goes office at night and the CCTV camera is shown. Ruhi shows trophy she gave to Raman, and asks her to give such to Appa, she will teach her to make. Ishita hugs her and thinks to try to make Appa smile always. Romi switches off the cameras. He recalls petty cash safe key kept in drawer, and gets it. Romi says sorry Raman forgive me for stealing money, Lord save me this time. Ruhi gives the trophy to Appa. Ishita says sorry Appa. Appa says I m not hurt and apologizes to Amma. Ishita says romance in apology and smiles. Amma asks who taught you this. Ruhi says crafts teacher. Ishita says I love you Ruhi, thanks for coming in my life.

Shagun sees Romi coming back and says I m sure he did the work, I will wait for him to tell me. Raman asks Neelu for coffee and sees girls pics. Ishita sees him and starts her melodrama. She says he is not ashamed to see girls after having two children. Their nok jhok starts. Raman says he is seeing them for Mihir and this one is cute. Romi comes and silently tries to go to his room. Raman says stop, and asks him where was he. Romi says Bunty’s marriage is going to happen, so I went there. Raman asks why is he sweating. Romi lies and leaves. Raman teases Ishita saying he is finding a girl for himself. She says third…. He says first beautiful one. She says you think you are SRK.

Romi comes to his room and takes the money out. A bundle falls on the floor. He calls doctor and says he arranged money. The doctor asks him to meet tomorrow. Shagun talks to Puri and asks him to be careful. She says she will make some south Indian drama in baby shower function.

Raman and Ishita talk to family about Mihir profile on matrimonial site. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to find someone for Rinki too. Rinki refuses for marriage and goes to Romi. He packs his bag and tells her that he is going for two days to attend Bunty’s marriage. He asks her to leave. She gets the money bundle and looks at him.

Raman and Ishita have a sweet moment. She holds her saree pallu and he gets the pin. He asks her not to go as Vandu’s mum in law will taunt her and he will feel bad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Prachi uss me likha hai…..Aapa & Raman ko pata hai ki office me chori hui hai par wo function hai iss liye chup rehte hai…..phir police aati hai & Appa ko le jati hai…..but Raman ko bharosaa hai ki Appa inocent hai…. Ishita ko Romi par saq hota hai…wo Raman ko batati hai….& Raman Romi ko dhundh lata hai…….

  2. Thanks prayosha

  3. IshRa’s fan always welcom …..Prachi…

  4. Hey Priyaroli aapne padhi kal ki comments hum baat kar rahe the wo……ki Subbu wapas aayega & Raman ka accident hoga & wo apne last 7 years bhul jayega….ab yeh news sirf ek FB par thi to hume lagta hai rumour hai….aap ko kya lagta hai??

  5. Humare chocolate jaise sweet sweet IshRa fans ko……..Happy Chocolate Day…..

  6. ha prayosha even i heard about it.puraka pura bakwas hai.i really really wish ki it doest nt happen.we want superb scene of ishra nt that pagal subbu and shagun at all.i hope its all just a rumour.

  7. happy chocolate day to prayosha and all ishra fans.

  8. Oh my god ….what a coincedance……….
    Me pichale 2 din se yeh gana IshRa ke liye gaa rahi thi…….jab koi baat bigad jaye …jab koi mushkil pad jaaye……maine socha tha ki IshRa ka iss song par dance hona chahiye…. & dekh lo aaj SBS me same song background me play hua……..I sware …..
    me aaj hi yeh song IshRa ke liye post karnewali thi….& aaj hi yeh IshRa par play hua…….

  9. Aur kya dikha sbs mai.?

  10. Raman ro raha hota hai….Ishita uske aansu pochati hai….Raman ke MD naaraj hai us se & uski job bhi dangour zone me hai……Mrs. Bhalla bhi ro rahi thi..bass itana hi dikhaya…

  11. yeh pagal shagun ki vaje se koi bhi kush nahi reh payega……… bakwaas aab bandh karo na yeh drama….hame tho iss v- day par ishra ka poora romance dhekhna hai….bt nt this sad songs…. ….. raman ki job ka bhi problem…….no esa nahi hona chahiye…………yeh sab kuch uss pagal shagun our iss badhimak romi ki vaje se ho rahe hai……..

  12. Ooh wow sbs bohut achaa tha ishita kitnaa smoothly handle karti hai pure ghar koo raman , toshi, ruhi etc

  13. Awww. ..raman ruraha hai. ..yaar …..mujhe bilkul bhi achcha nahin laga. ……..par ishita ne kitne achche se sabhala raman ko. … dekh kar achcha laga. …………….
    Par…….ye sab uss kamini shagun. ….aur uss. ..akkhal ke andhe romi ki wajhe se. ……hamara raman ruraha hai. ……… drama. …..kal tak khatam hojae. ………………

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