Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th February 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shagun talking to her friend. Shagun says why do I care whom is Raman marrying. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman where is Ishita. He says I called her, she was on the way that time. Shagun sees Raman in the shop and thinks that girl might be coming too. Raman sees Shagun and thinks what will she see Ishita here. Shagun’s friend leaves. Shagun sees Ishita and says the collectuon here is good, by the way Raman and his mum are here, to buy the bridal dress for their to be bahu. Raman tells Mrs. Bhalla lets go now, I have a meeting. Mrs. Bhalla says we have to wait for Ishita, else you tell me which colors to buy.

Raman shows Ishita to the guy and gives his credit card to him. Raman leaves with Mrs. Bhalla. Shagun says my shopping is over, can I help you.

Ishita says no thanks, it will take much time, I will manage. Shagun is leaving. She hears that Raman left his credit card for her. Shagun thinks why is Raman paying for Ishita’s shopping, its like he is trying to bribe Ishita. Shagun tells Ishita that they are wrong to bring you on their side. Ishita says I do what my heart says. Shagun says bye and leaves.

Ruhi breaks the mud piggy bank with a hammer and gets the money. She says its Ishita’s marriage, I want to buy a gift for her. She asks the maid to take her to any shop. The maid brings Ruhi to the gift shop. Ruhi sees a trophy of world’s best mom. Tannu sees Ruhi at the shop and calls Shagun to give her the news. She says congrats, you have won your daughter’s heart, its paying, your daughter bought best mom’s trophy for you. Shagun is happy hearing this. Shagun thinks about Ruhi’s words and smiles. She gets the photo and says now I will show it to Ashok, he should know how I have taken care of Ruhi. The case is in as Ruhi and Ishita are on my side.

Ishita gets ready for the Sangeet. Mihika hugs her and helps her in getting ready. Ruhi comes to meet Ishita with the trophy. Ishita hugs her. Ruhi says you are looking so pretty. Ishita says thanks. Ruhi says this is my secret. Ishita closes Ishita’s eyes and gives her a gift. Ishita is much happy. The maid says she broke her piggy bank to buy the gift. Ishita opens the gift and looks at the trophy. She is touched and cries. She thinks about Subbu’s words. Dil se dil ka rishta jo hai…………… plays……………

Ishita says I liked it a lot. Tere dil ka mere dil ka …………………. plays………..Ishita says its world’s best gift, no one gave me such gift, only my Ruhi gave, I love you so much. Ruhi says I love you too, I will leave now. The maid says congrats to Ishita for best mom award. Ruhi leaves. Ishita shows the trophy to Mihika. Mihika says remember I asked you not to marry Raman, I was wrong, you are getting much happiness with this marriage. Ishita and Mihika smile.

Everyone are busy in the Sangeet arrangements. Rinki tells Mrs. Bhalla that everything will be in south indian style. Mrs. Bhalla says no way, you see what I do. She asks Rinki to go and keep an eye on the Iyers. Simmi whistles. Rumi brings water buckets and says everything is ready. She mix juice and wine together. Mrs. Bhalla says we will do south indian dance in punjabi style.

Appa welcomes the Bhallas. Mrs. Bhalla brings that juice and asks them to distribute to the guests. Appa drinks it. Rumi gives it to everyone. Appa likes it. Rumi gives him more. Rmi gives it to the guests. Simmi asks Amma to try it too. Amma drinks it. Amma says its like bitter fruit juice. Mrs. Bhalla fools her. Ishita comes. Amma asks them to start the function. Raman comes with Mihir. Raman looks at the juice and asks what is it. Rumi makes Raman drink. Raman comes to know its wine and says did Papa knows, make them drink so much that they can’t control over. Mrs. Bhalla says you see what we do with them. Raman smiles.

The Sangeet function starts. Simmi and the Bhallas dances. Raman and Ishita looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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