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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nisha’s parents accusing Ishita in the police station. Her dad says you met Nisha two days back. Ishita says I did not meet Nisha, I was in Australia, I just came back. He says don’t lie, she met you and requested you not to come between her and Vidyut, you did not agree. Raman calms down Ishita. The man asks do you think I m lying, what is this, see this, this is entry record of Ishita’s clinic, it means she came to meet you at clinic. Ishita says I don’t remember meeting her, how is this done. Raman says entry can be fake, there are many ways to do this. The man asks did you think other families as your family, we know your family, most uncultured family. Raman gets angry. Abhishek stops Raman and asks the constable to take Ishita. Raman says Adi and Romi

will get bail papers, I will take you with me, don’t worry Ishita.

Mihika asks Mrs. Bhalla not to take tension, Ishita is innocent, Adi and Romi went to get bail, they will get Ishita. Pihu comes back. Neelu says Pihu got late and bus got missed. Mr. Bhalla says no need to send kids to school today, Pihu and Ananya change clothes and go and play. Aaliya asks will you guys come for movie. Pihu agrees. They go to change. Mr. Bhalla says if any kid tells Pihu about Ishita in school, it won’t be good. Mrs. Bhalla asks Aaliya not to let Pihu know anything, what will we do if Ishita does not come till evening. Aaliya says I will take them for movie, then shopping and games, they will not know.

Adi and Romi wait to meet judge and get bail papers. Lawyer comes and says there are many cases, it will take much time for our hearing. Adi worries. Romi gets Raman’s call and asks lawyer to just hurry up. Raman asks Romi whats happening. Romi says we will get bail papers soon. Raman says don’t come without bail papers. Abhishek calls Raman. He asks Vidyut to go home, media is putting pressure on us. Vidyut says I won’t go till bail papers come. Raman says I want to meet Ishita, she needs me, please. Abhishek says fine 10mins. Raman goes to meet Ishita. He hugs her.

She says I m not in tension, I know you will get me released from here. He says its all because of me, I always do something and you get hurt, I did Vidyut’s drama. She says it was our decision, I m so sure I did not do anything wrong, nothing will happen, they will leave me. He says we told Pihu we will come home till evening, she will get questions in heart if we don’t reach home, don’t know what to do, we got her by difficulty. Abhishek comes and says there is a bad news Raman. Raman asks what. Abhishek says come with me.

Raman asks how is it possible. Ishita asks Abhishek how can you believe this, you know me. Raman says Nisha was a stalker, how can Ishita be responsible. Abhishek says I know, but the new eye witness changed the case’s direction, he said he has seen Ishita and Vidyut’s affair. Ishita asks who is it. Shagun comes there. They get shocked. Shagun says I have come to give statement here, but not to Abhishek, I don’t trust him, he is Bhalla house cop, I doubt on his intentions. Abhishek says my work is most imp to me, I will not support any criminal, I m senior officer here and handling this case. Inspector asks Abhishek why are you giving her explanation. He scolds Shagun and defends Abhishek. Shagun agrees to give statement. Abhishek says good, tell me. Shagun says I have seen Ishita and Vidyut in Adelaide, they were like a romantic couple, I m pretty sure that they have an affair. Raman says stop nonsense. Abhishek says relax Raman, be quiet, else I have to send you out. Shagun says I heard Vidyut telling Ishita about Nisha, how they both cheated Nisha, they were laughing. Vidyut comes and says Raman, Romi called me. He sees Shagun.

She asks Vidyut did he identify her. She says he acted of romance and affair with me also, am I saying true Vidyut, tell the truth. Abhishek asks Vidyut is she saying true. Vidyut says yes, but there were reasons. Shagun says he uses his celebrity status and plays games with girls, Ishita knows everything, she knew he is playing game with me and supported him, Vidyut and Ishita did this with Nisha too. Nisha’s dad asks Abhishek do you think Ishita is innocent. Abhishek says please wait outside. Shagun says wait, why are you sending him outside, I have come for them. She says I regret whatever happened with your daughter, sorry to hear that, you can contact me if you need help, this is my number. She thinks you love putting me down Raman, you are forgetting you can’t mess with me, I m Shagun Arora. She sees Raman and leaves.

Nisha’s dad asks what proof do you need now, put Ishita in lockup, she killed my daughter. Abhishek asks him to go out and not teach him his work. He sends Ishita to waiting room. Raman worries. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays…….

Romi tells Raman that we got bail, but demand draft is…. Raman says Shagun spoiled our case, arrange the DD. Romi says relax, you know the rush in banks, I will manage, don’t worry, we will get bail today. Raman says call anyone but do this work. He says DD should be arranged some way.

Ruhi lands in Delhi and calls home. She worries. The guy looks on and greets her. She thanks him for ticket. He says its okay, I can sense you have to go somewhere early, I can give you lift. She says thanks, but my mom is in problem, so I have to go police station. He says you should have told me before, come I will drop you. Mrs. Bhalla asks Romi to hurry up and make DD. She ends call. Aaliya gets kids home. Pihu says we had much fun, where is Ishita Maa, I got something for her. Mrs. Bhalla lies to her. She asks them to do homework and sends them. Aaliya says don’t worry, Adi and Mani are trying to make DD. Mrs. Bhalla hopes the same.

The guy drops Ruhi to police station. She thanks him. She goes and asks about Ishita. Raman sees her and asks how did you come here. Ruhi says when I knew of her, I took next flight and came here. Raman says she is inside, I have to make DD, don’t worry, be strong. Ruhi goes and hugs Ishita. She cries and says I can’t see you like this. Ishita consoles her. She asks Ruhi about her work. Ruhi says it did not happen, after knowing about you, I just left work and came here. Ishita feels bad. Ruhi says everything will be fine, Papa went to get bail for you. Ishita says I m tensed about Pihu. Ruhi says I will manage her. Ishita says we are lying to her again, she chose me, and now we are lying, if she knows, she will be hurt, she is not too young, she is capable to handle all truths, even if she feels bad, she has right to know all this, how do we do this, can you tell her from my side and explain truth. Ruhi says don’t worry I will explain her and she will understand, can I stay with you for some time. Ishita hugs her and hopes Pihu understands her.

Ishita comes home and sees Pihu packing her bags. She asks why are you packing bag. Pihu says I m leaving.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi everyone. Idont know if you remember me or not becuz iam commenting here after a long time.I was buzy in my how r u all?magic tithing and all family members hope you are all fine

    1. devakhi&swasan

      helloooooooooooooooo how were ur exams

  2. pihu not leaving the home but she moving in raman and ishita’s room ???

  3. It was not tithing it is rithu printing mistake

  4. ruhi love interest is coming

  5. pihu is not leaving home but moving in raman and ishita’s room

  6. I only read.still didn’t watch.Ruhi and Ishima’s affection is great I admire it deeply.

  7. Thank you for the fast .the episode was so sad.dont worry guys in the precap the pihu will not go anywhere. She was just shifting her room.

  8. What is the prcape bad why pihu leaving the house hi shivani magic rithu vp sindhu marin shreya bhagya priya ridika and all

    shivani and rithu pls being a girl pls forgive a girl i am asking a sorry for 10th time pls forgive me pls reply me otherwise i wont comment here again bcz if my best friend is not with me than leaving is better

    1. Please don’t do that madhu. I like to read your comments . And don’t be sad . I’m here for you.

    2. Hey madhu.i have forgiven you.infact I don’t have that in my mind .so don’t leave the site . how are you?

      1. Thanks rithushree and priya you both and shivani and magic are my best friends thats why i played a prank with rithu shivani and magic and i miss you very much rithushree and shivani also

  9. What an episode??? I hate this whenever they said it is so difficult to get bail papers. What I hate the most is Shagun does not get into any trouble? A downright liar!!! I am waiting for the day when Shagun is sent to prison. When will she ever go to prison? How can she lie very cheaply? Abhishek I know as an officer is doing his job but whoever comes as a material witness for Nisha’s parents Abhishek just accepts them. He knows Shagun very well. Shagun has not even got arrested for Ishita’s kidnapping. That has already been hidden under the carpet.

    Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Magic Marin, Madhu, Priya, Priyamadhev, Ridika, Bhagya, Siddhi, Monique, Khushi, Kiran, Jaz, Parichary and many YHM fans.

    1. Sindhu, just noticed I am Priyamvadha not priyamadhev, yeah many of them use to spell my name incorrectly…. It’s okay, I am fine. You are studying??
      I totally agree with you. Cvs does not focus on incomplete cases…. Just they leave as it is…. Shagun deserves to be alone forever. No phone, not having enough money to bribe others, no friends, no supporters, no planning, no people on her side… If she has this, she can be alone. Of course, I blabber everytime, ask ananthi. Can we be friends?

    2. Hi sindhu, i know u havent included my name though i am saying hi☺

    3. Hi yhm fans,Rithu,Prya,siddhi,Bhagya,Parichary,Monique,Sindhu,vp,magic,Marin,khushi,shimmy,Tia,sewwandi and all yhm fans,today episode is ok,I tink Shagun be positive after.

  10. Spoilers say that ishra will pair up Mani and Shagun…why should they do that?? Of they pair Mani again with Shagun, she will instigate Mani again and again turning him to a bad person. Let him be what he wants to. Ishra are doing the same mistake… Cvs should bring another girl,like simmi for Mani. They make a good pair. Why does Ishita always land in trouble? Why not Shagun? Ishita went to jail for more than 5 times for no reason but all blames fall on her. Cvs are always in favour of Shagun. Shagun did not go to Jail for kidnapping Ishita and a trial to kill her…. This is a stupid storyline… Even Shagun and Vidyut were together for a long time in a DATE! Why don’t they publish that in the newspaper?? Who might be Nisha? I am sure that Suhail will use Ruhi against ishra… Somebody says that Suhail is brother of Nisha…it might be true. If that happens, there is no use of introducing the character Nisha.

    Adi and Aliya will come up with a fight…. Almost cvs have shown a major faceoff between all the couples of yhm… So they want to show it to the young cute couple also… If cvs introduces the man who came yesterday with Aliya, he was the one who might be stalking simmi. I hope this sorts out soon. Cvs should show more scenes of peace in ishra without any problems…

    1. Ananthi, same story repeated….what to do????? Anyways I hope that ishra be peaceful. Agree with you.

  11. Hi rithushree , vp, mino, marin, ridika, magic, saba, shreya, madhu, bhagya,sindhu, shivani, and all yhm fans.. Today’s episode was worst. Shagun is really evil. How can she lie saying that ishu and vidyuth talked about fooling nisha. She has fallen so low. May be she has driven crazy. Poor Ishitha. What will she tell Pihu. Ruhi came for her Ishi maa but no use.. All problems come after Ishitha . Even they couldn’t get the bail paper quickly.

    1. And hi to priyamvadha, ananthi, Tia

    2. hey priya, konow u haven’t included my name but i am hi to u i am a yhm fan☺

      1. *saying hi to u

      2. I am soooo sorry riya. Hii to you tooo

  12. Hey I’m new here.can I join you all?twists and turns in the??

    1. Of course Anu. Welcome to this site.

    2. you are very welcome here keep commenting?

  13. Super fast update
    I’m the first to comment.hurrayyyyyyy

  14. Worst episode of all… So cheap is Shagun…how can she fall so low to tell a dirty lie? Innocent Ishita always gets trapped…. Sindhu and Ananthi, I agree with you. Abhishek is a stupid. He knows Shagun very well that she can talk so dirty. Why is he allowing her to lie?? Abhishek should have atleast make Shagun say the truth… The kidnapping case is not yet solved!! Should have focused on that also…

    1. I totally agree with you priyamvadha, shagun has fallen so low to tell such a lie.

  15. Hi Anu, welcome to our family.

    Ruhi and Ishimaa’s bond is fabulous. I just loved it. Why can’t cvs do the same with Pihu and Ishimaa? Always showing at a distance. No attachment at all. I also wanted to say of all the persons, Abhishek must be a crazy nut to listen to Shagun. In fact Abhishek should not even use Shagun as a witness at all.

    I have a feeling that since they are waiting for demand draft and it is difficult to get money now because of the banks, I think Adi may use the cash that he collected from the client and gave to the accountant. I hope that money is not black money if not again the bhallas will get into trouble.

    1. agree with you ruhi ishita bond is the best in this

  16. Starplus plz get a better choice for 7.30 slot. RIP yhm

  17. Hey everyone…I’m new here but watched this serial since ages…commenting for the first time though…today’s episode was good.

    1. hey aamchal you are welcome here

  18. Hi all yhm fans.honestly guys yhm going now where. Please end the serial.

    1. agee with u super girl. the series should end, the concept was good at first then whoaa… everything became very dumbo.

  19. Hi all, i’ve been watching YHM for a long time now and as much as I respect all of your views, I personally have a slightly different view. I used to be really annoyed with Shagun when she was with Ashok as she would just come up with different BS all the time to create problems.

    But now however, I am on her side. WTH is with the Bhalla’s that the “threw” her away after Ishita showed up out of nowhere. Shagun, after giving birth to Pihu broke off her relationship with the doctor guy and sacrificed 7 years of her life for the sake of Pihu Its annoying to see how ishita is the “always right, always true, always good” bullshit. The family has been so ungrateful to Shagun and if you put yourselves in her shoes for a bit you’ll understand how hurt she must be. The Bhallas & Ishita are the ones to provoke Shagun, even in Vidyut’s case, they have to create this whole drama of Vidyut being in love with Shagun to get the kid. Ishita started it and she deserves to be in trouble.

    And Super Girl, you’re absolutely right. this series is going to the dungeons. I hope to see an episode of major earthquake where everyone dies and the serial ends there. 😉

    1. agee bella

    2. I agree with you Bella. The stupid bhalla family ran after that ishita and Shagun became insecure only because of ishitha. Shagun took care of bhallas for 7 years and when ishita came back, bhallas threw her away and thought shagun was use and throw. I also hated Shaun in the beginning, but so much sacrifices she done for bhalla and ishita family. Selfish ishita. She used vidyut to get pihu. So cheap act to fool shagun. Senseless families! She is partial to the core to her children.

  20. I just do not know how they can hold anybody responsible if somebody commits suicide. How does that work? No logic! Then even Shagun should be in prison because she is also responsible for somebody’s suicide (don’t remember that guy’s name). But as usual the great Abishek could not prove it. I am sorry but cv’s realy making Abishek look stupid. He has not Baan able to solve any case so far.

    1. His name is Anil Nagpal. I know Shagun did a mistake by threatening him and forcing him to commit suicide, but she had a reason to do . Because of ishita.

    2. So the reason justifies the action. Then Ishita should have killed Shagun seeing that she has one million and one reasons do so. But she has not !

  21. Hi all dont know of ur names so not saying hello name, name.

    Hate the character of Shagun. I wish she dies in an accident. Nisha is such an weirdo dumbo b**ch why did she commit suicide, only stupid people sacrifice their lives, so dragging.
    Cant wait until suhail enters as ruhis love interest.

    Hey Rithushree where are you?


    1. Actually suhail entered the show as the guy who helped ruhi…

  22. Hi all
    WOW Shagun is at it again – that woman has no shame, no scruples & no integrity.
    Bella, your point of view is good but i just want to show another side to Shagun. Shagun left her two biological children in a burning building whilst she ran to safety – Ishita, a woman connected to those children by marriage & has never given birth to a child put her life at risk to save them & brought them to safety. Ishita got those same children again to safety from a bombed bus, which resulted in her miscarriage to the only pregnancy she ever had. Shagun was never interested in Raman until Raman & Ishita fell in love – when she saw how they were she wanted Raman. Ishita has always treated Shagun kindly even to the point of rescuing her from the dumpster drunken & brought her to Bhalla house (at that time, even mummy Ji told Ishita that she has made a mistake by bringing her husband ex wife into her home & put her in her bed. (I wouldn’t do that; I would have paid for a hotel for her).
    The only good thing that Shagun has done for Ishita to date is saving her from being raped by Ashok. She was turning good at that time.
    Now Ishita bridged the gap between Shagun & her brother Mihir, who despised Shagun because of her stupid ways. She also made sure her children Adi & Ruhi give her respect despite knowing how awful she can be.
    Shagun has never made a sacrifice in her life – the surrogacy, she did it for selfish reasons to keep Ishra indebted to her forever (she herself admitted this a few episodes ago)
    And when opportunity presents itself she decided to take Ishita’s place in the family she rushed for it ignoring a man who stood up to his parents for her. Dr Manoj was in love with her & she broke his heart to go & live with the Bhallas using Pihu as an excuse. She should have hand over the baby & started her life with Dr Manoj, whilst checking on the children regularly. She acted as a surrogate. What else did she do she put her name on the birth certificate – is that someone who is self less – NO – if she was being selfless she should have put the right mothers name in the cert – that means if in deed Ishita had died, then Ishra’s love legacy would have gone. Shagun is so selfless but all she goes on about is Pihu Pihu Pihu – what about Ruhi & Adi. Recently also she was ready to walk out on her Pihu & her loving & Kind husband to go with another man. I agree they set her up but she made it easy for them to do so. What about all the mind games she played with Adi, Ruhi & now Pihu.
    I agree Ishita should never have tried to commit suicide & walked away from her family – no matter what Raman had said to her – she should have stayed & fight for her family.
    Raman should never have taken Shagun to live in that house, it was wrong – there are many people to take care of Baby Pihu & he could have got a nanny.
    The Bhallas are equally wrong – they should never have taken Shagun into their home to live, because they know exactly what she was like.
    Raman & his family were equally wrong to sideline Ishita’s family the Iyers during the seven years separation.
    Now, the way they treated Shagun, when Ishita showed up could have been handled delicately. Also, if Shagun’s heart is true to that family (not using them), she should have spoken up & tell them that they were being unfair to her, now that Ishita has come.
    Ishra were blinded at the time, trying hard to get Ruhi from Nidhi & could not see Shagun’s pain & when it became obvious that they can’t be apart, they tried to sort Shagun out; hence Mani
    Even in this, Shagun, again acted selfishly, she knows she was not interested in Mani & instead of telling the family off; she resorted to go ahead with the marriage & used Mani.
    She is impatient & not strong enough to ride any storm. She makes impulsive decisions. And these always backfires on her & she end up loosing. I do feel sorry for her because her mindset is weak & she is not very clever.
    On a happier note very cute scene with Ishita & Ruhi

    1. 100% correct

  23. Just a short note
    I am not going against anyone’s POVs because we all see things & situations differently. Shagun is one character that I constantly think of.
    The CVs have made her character intriguing.

  24. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Raman gets time seeing Ishita in washroom and he tries to check Ruhi’s mobile under blanket.

    Ishita catches him and scolds him for checking Ruhi’s mobile and then clue as it will be Ishita’s birthday date.

    Raman tries to put password and then Ruhi comes there and snatched her phone from Raman and accuses him for spying at her.

    Ruhi tells Raman that he said as he trusts at her but now his action proves s he does not believe at her.

    Rqman tells Ruhi that it is not matter of trust but he cares of her and wants to save her from problems.
    Ruhi accuses Raman for not trusting at her

    Ruhi gets angry and shows pictures of her mobile when Raman gets upset seeing Sohail’s picture.

    Ruhi explains Raman that she works with Sohail so they clicked photo together.

    Ishita gets tensed seeing Raman’s insecurity for their daughter Ruhi.

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  25. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  26. Actually from shagun’s point of view whatever she did is fair. Because she had to leave the bhalla family because of ishitha. But she had to leave because she was with them. So it is raman and the other bhalla family members fault to get Shagun closer. If they didn’t take shagun to them and leave her alone to start a new life with manoj things like this won’t happen. And shagun also won’t turn negative.So i think it’s completely bhalla family who did the mistake. Why did they ruin shagun and manoj’s relationship.? they would have made shagun’s life complete by leaving her to marry manoj. So shagun will get a lovable family so she is complete. But they just completed their family and it’s not fair. All the problems rise up because of it. For an example Shagun wanted pihu because of that. And she wanted raman because of that. And she turned negative because of that. And she tried to kill ishitha because of that. And shagun lost her love because of that. And she again hates ishitha because of that. If she married manoj she would not have wanted raman . And she won’t have hated ishita and she won’t try to kill ishitha. She would be so happy about the return of ishitha if she was with manoj. And also now shagun won’t tell such a big lie and she would have save ishitha saying that ishitha didn’t have an affair with vidyuth. So all this is because shagun was with bhalla family when ishitha was not here.

  27. YHM: Raman caught red handed checking Ruhi phone, drama ahead

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some interesting twist and turns.

    It seems that Raman (Karan Patel) will doubt that Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) is dating Suhail and hence will turn into an over possessive father and will start monitoring his daughter’s move.

    He will get Ruhi’s mobile phone to check her picture and messages.

    However Ruhi will catch him red handed spying over her and will vent out her anger on Raman.

    Apparently Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) will come on time and solve the misunderstanding between the father and daughter.

    It would be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.

    Keep watching this space for more exciting news and updates.

  28. Hi Sindhu , Ridika , Rithu , Riya , Priya , Magic , Super girl , Madhu , Shivani , pinku and yhm fans….Hope everyone is fine…..

    The episode was worst..Abhishek is a dumb inspector..Doesn’t he know that shagun is evil..she can do anything.Abhishek.She also did ishita’s kidnapping.but he easily beleived her…

  29. Hi all yhm fans..Priya ,Riya ,Magic Marin, Rithu ,Sindhu vp, super girl, Shivani….

    Very bad’s better to end the show..

  30. Y r dey stretching dis wit soo long materials
    Now again shagun starts her fighting mentality
    At adleiade n bangok she want raman to take cr of pihu since she need excitmnt now she acts like ma ki mamta
    Now she again patch up iwit ashok starts usualy hungama nidhi wil get bail
    Ruhi n suhail starts der love story
    Pihu wil say ishimaaa s dis is too much

  31. You are so right Priya, Bhalla family should have never taken Shagun into their home after Ishita’s disappearance, it was selfish of them. They should have insisted that she marries Dr Manoj. After the seven year leap, when I saw that Shagun was at Bhalla house, I screamed at the TV – NO you should have married Manoj.
    The thing I like about Ishra is that they have a big heart, if Shagun do a turnaround & becomes positive, they will embrace her wholeheartedly like they did before.
    She has to stop fighting them, so she can have better relations with her 3 children – that’s the only area I feel sorry for her as no mother should be separated from her child/ren.
    Someone wrote in an earlier post that the CVs make Shagun very bad so Ishita will continue to be good or “mata rani”
    Can’t wait for today’s episode

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