Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita meeting Ashok. She fools him that she is ready to kill Raman for the sake of her kids. He asks did she agree then. She says I will kill myself along Raman. He asks what. She says I will die if Raman dies, so if I have to kill him, I will also give up my life. She says she has thought well, she will take Raman to a hilly area and she will push Raman, and she will give up her life too, but we have to make a deal, promise me that you will be away from my kids. He says you feel I will believe you, what is the proof you are saying truth.

She asks will you doubt on me, how should I believe you. He says I want to see Raman’s death, I promise I won’t do anything to your family, but what proof you have. She says I have proof, I did hotel booking for me and

Raman, you can confirm it. Ashok calls the hotel and confirms the booking. He asks will she double cross him. She says her kids are everything for her. He asks who will inform me. She says your informer will tell you. She asks him to be away from her kids and leaves. He says great, she got trapped in my plan, I know its her plan to safe Raman, my plan will start where her plan starts, I will make this fake plan real, Raman will really die and blame will go on you Ishita.

Mrs. Bhalla, Amma and others are enjoying the kitty party. Ishita calls Mrs. Bhalla and says she made plan to go out with Raman. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to enjoy. Ishita says I will call you in morning. Mrs. Bhalla says I will manage kids. Ishita asks her to take care of everyone. Ishita ends call and feels sorry, but she is doing this for Raman. Mrs. Bhalla tells this to everyone. She asks Sarika to inform Romi to pick them. Simmi wonders whats Ishita’s plan. Ashok asks his informer to tell anything else. Ashok says it means Ishita lied, and what Ishita planned surprise for Raman when he returns, tell me if there is anything else.

End of Ashok’s track in YHM

Ashok smiles and says Ishita, this is my plan, you feel Raman will go Kolkata and get safe, no, I will not let him board the flight, I will make your kiddish plan real. He checks Kolkata flight details. He changes the sim and calls airlines, telling about the flight. The inspector tells staff that they got information that the plane has bomb. The man asks everyone to go back as flight is cancelled for technical reasons. Raman asks for any info, he has to go for urgent work. The man asks Raman to go to info desk and find out. Ashok calls again and gets to know the flight status, that it got cancelled. He smiles and thinks to do something.

Raman tells Mukherjee that there is no flight now, and asks him to manage work. He thinks to call Ishita. The lady calls Raman about Ishita and Raman’s booking in their hotel. Raman smiles and thinks this is Ishita’s surprise. He says no, we are coming tomorrow, I will see all arrangements, and thinks to surprise Ishita. Ashok thanks the lady and asks her to block that number. He says this is my smart plan, Ishita I m sending Raman to the cliff, I know you won’t push him, my informer will do this work, now Raman will die.

He calls his informer and asks him to go to that hotel to kill Raman, if any mistake happens, then he will expose him infront of Bhalla family. He ends call and says Ishita wanted to surprise Raman, now she will get surprise by Raman’s death, its not easy to double cross Ashok. He gets ready to see this scene live.

Vandu likes the necklace a lot and thinks to keep it in Amma’s locker. Mihika is angry and tells Vandu that Ashok is not giving me divorce. Mihika says I m going to lawyer’s office. Vandu says I will come along. Mihika wants Ashok to just leave her.

Ishita gets Ashok’s call. Abhishek asks her to pretend as if she is with Raman. She attends call and acts like she is with Raman. Ashok thinks she is acting well and asks is she ready to kill Raman. She acts and says she will kill Raman, if they go near cliff, she will push Raman and fall with him. She asks him to promise he will not come close to her family. He says fine.

Abhishek asks Ishita not to worry, Ashok and his informer will see what we want, this body double will pretend as Raman, act like you also slipped and hide in the cave, I will keep an eye that no one sees you. Ashok is also on the way and says he is 10 times smarter than Ishita and asks his informer to come there.

Abhishek drops Ishita to that place. He keeps an eye on her and is connected to her. He says main road is away and there is a cave beneath this cliff, I m sure Ashok will follow you, I will keep an eye on Ashok and his informer, you be confident. Ashok sees Raman leaving and smiles. He says now it will be fun, final countdown has begun, Raman is going towards his death, lets see what happens now. A person with black mask and clothes is in truck to hit Raman. Ashok tells him that we are reaching there. Ishita worries and prays everything goes well, she is doing this for Raman.

Ishita sees Raman coming and is shocked. Ashok says Raman has come towards his death. The truck goes to hit Raman. Ishita cries seeing this.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Rianaa

    I had read the sources…raman n ishita will not die…and ashok will get arrested…but i wish if ashok falls from the cliff accidentaly…..that will be best….na rahega ashok aur na rahegi dushmani????

  2. Misty

    Nyc episode…

    Hello everyone….
    Tomorrow that Ashok will be trapped but hope informer will be caught too by ishu. Who is that member yar..??? Waiting for tomorrow.may be ishu will tell Raman the truth too…

    • Ishra4lyf

      Why did you read it then? No one forced you. And for you kind information, like other people have said, this episode is “breathtaking” and “exciting”.

  3. zaraa ali khan

    Nice episode..!
    I am writting comment for the first time. But i use to read all comments… very nice comments.
    Nothing will happen to ishita & Raman. Because they are the main reason & main part important part of yhm…. ofter all abhishek is ther he will save them….. nice going on…..

  4. randunu

    What next!!!!So much excited to see the next episode…How will Ishita react?Will she actually surprise Raman by saving him from death?

  5. omg!guys you know according to sbs ishita will jump along with raman from the cliff but both would be saved by our hero acp and ashok will be caught..nd the culprit will be revealed…i want mihika and abhishek to get married…guys what you all think about this…

  6. The Informant is Mihir ,Romi or Tandon.. who knows he must be angry with Raman as he did not give his sister to Mihir…that is possible he has gone bankrupt etc.. Hope Ashok goes down to nothing & comes begging to Ishu & Raman for money & a job… but for that too his bro should go down as well.. now he is trying to take over his dirty ways to destroy this family.. Vandu should not allow Bala to get caught to Suraj’s trap. she should show like Ishu that she is smarter than Suraj. This show is getting very exciting again .All who have written to this page will be very happy. Now Girls Relax Without stressing about the plot.. Love to all

    • Ishra4lyf

      I get what you mean but the informe is in the Bhalla family and Tandon isnt part of the Bhalla family so hes out of the list.

  7. Cindy

    Ooh exiting can’t wait till tomorrow’s episode hope nothing happens to raman cos if something happen to him the yhm will of course end

  8. Nothing is going to happen to Ravan Kumar. Its the end of Ashok. ACP will rescue them both. And Is hit a will get to know the real Culprit (ghar ka bhedi)

  9. diya

    episode was very interesting .. hvnt seen it yet . but the update says it all . wt evr will hppn . ashk will lose at the end . nd evrytng will b fine . after seeing todays sbs segmnt .am damn sure.

  10. agar ashok apna dimaag paisa aur waqt business mein lagaatha toh bada aadmi bantha .pagal kameena. fraud aur crime karke baar baar jail jaatha hai .kabhi bhi sudhrega nahi .

  11. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is not
    leaving a single stone unturned to
    attract the audience with it’s never
    ending twists and turns.
    Recently,We have seen soe Romantic
    moments between Raman (Karan
    Patel) and Ishita(Divyanka Tripathi).
    Ashok finds the Bhoot Drama of ishita
    and shagun.He threatens her Ishita to
    kill Raman else he will harm
    Shagun,Adi and Ruhi.
    Ishita will make a plan which will
    leave the viewers shocked.
    In order to save Shagun’s life, Ishita
    will make a plan to throw Raman’s
    fake idol from the cliff.But end up put
    her life in danger and just when
    Raman will try to rescue her,and they
    both will fall from the cliff.
    Somehow Raman manages to hold a
    branch along with ishita.Ashok who
    reaches there to see Raman’s dead
    body.He finds the couple hanging and
    tries to throw a big rock on them so
    that they fall from the cliff.
    However,Abhishek reaches the place
    with his team and stops Ashok and
    rescues Raman and Ishita.
    On the other hand,Suraj is on fire to
    destroy Vandu. He traps Bala in his
    Soon the informer will be revealed as
    Sarika and her hidden truth will be
    known to Bhalla family.
    Will Bhalla Family forgive ishita? Will
    Raman understand that ishita did
    everything to save his life?
    Keep reading for more updates of Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein.

  12. Tv_rani

    Abhishekh, Poilce officer could have simply tapped ashok’s phone and found out whom is he taking to.
    We would have been saved from so much stupid drama. Common sense guys !

  13. Parul

    Hey guys..hws everyone. I think that creep informer is mihika…coz during the whole track she was kept away..n now at the suspense tym..she was seen getting angry.. i think ashok is blackmailing her that after killing raman he will give divorce to her.. that may be a logic

  14. Resh

    The upcoming episode of yhm shows ishita reciting the entire truth to Raman. Raman listens to it silently.Ishita falls and rolls down to the cliff and Raman tries to save her.Ishita and Raman rolls down the cliff and hang on a tree.Ishita is fooling ashok and wants to show him raman’s dummy.But the plan has gone wrong
    Ashok has come there with a big boulder to throw on them.Ishita and Raman gets shocked and shout for help.Abhishek and police came there for their rescue.Raman tells ishita that he ‘ll be always there to protect her.So all is that ishra has to safe of other enemies as well

  15. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Ashok
    blackmails Ishita that if
    she will not kill Raman
    then he will kill Shagun.
    IShita finally decides to
    do whatever Ashok’s
    Ishita uses a fake Raman
    to complete Ashok’s wish
    but Raman reaches there
    where both falls on a
    Raman and Ishita hang
    with a tree and shout for
    Ashok is happy to see
    both Raman and Ishita
    are in danger and he lifts
    a stome to end their life
    Ashk’s plan gets spoiled
    by ACP Abhisheck who
    reaches there on time
    and saves Raman and
    Ishita’s life.
    Ashok finally gets
    exposed and Raman and
    Ishita hug together after
    getting saved from the
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  16. Neha

    Hopefully Raman dose not die?? Hopefully acp and ishita will save him if he dies then yeh hai mohabbatien is over Coz it’s basically based on ishita and Raman and ruhi and adi and the rest

  17. yeh suraj aur bala ka track boring hai .actually yhm mein hamesha new characters ko introduce karthe hai aur abruptly end karthe hai aur uss character ka athaa pathaa hi nahi hai .jaise mani manoj raina etc.yeh sab aaye aur phir show se ab gaayab .

  18. i am dam sure bhallas and iyyers will forgive ishitha because whatever she did is to save raman and her children and family .she risked her life and did soo much so i think all will forgive ishitha and some new unexpected track will take place .i dont think leap and seperatiom will happen and i even dont want it always in yhm.

  19. I think the informer will b any male from the house.may b he is romi,mihir or bala.coz whn ashok was calling to informer then he use such words which shows he is calling to any male of the house.really exicted for tommrow’s episode.finally track comes to an end

  20. if it is some male member informer from bhalla house then either it should be romi or mihir but they both cant be like that .but i feel it is sarika and in many websites it is as sarika and when rinki’s murder happened it was a female who told kumar to plan to kill rinki and i think its sarika but in today’s update it is written as ashok mentioning the informer as him (male).its a total supense . anyhoe it will be revealed soon.

  21. if it is some male member informer from bhalla house then either it should be romi or mihir but they both cant be like that .but i feel it is sarika and in many websites it is as sarika and when rinki’s murder happened it was a female who told kumar to plan to kill rinki and i think its sarika but in today’s update it is written as ashok mentioning the informer as him (male).its a total supense . anyhow it will be revealed soon.

  22. diya

    supprb epi. breath taking precape . this ashok is too smrt hv to say …. now raman will not die ..yaay !! ashok tumhara khel khatam . i m really xcited to know abt the khbri . i alzo thnk he is a guy .mihir or romi …maybe . …
    i hope raman nd family forgives ishta …nd sab kuch thk ho jay … i feel thry will forgv ishu …nd will b happy to get thr unborn ishra child back …

    i hope they inyroduce dm good track ahead … interstngv nd happy one 🙂

  23. Please Mihir &mihika me se koi na ho isse achha sarika hi nikal jaye or romi k liye koi or aye ye her samay ladai hi kiya karti h .please sarika hi nikle nhi to show bekar jayega kyunki sabhi role apne apne me fit baidhte hain

  24. Jhanvi

    Hi guys….. Diya, diya. Rithu, sidhhi, Darshika, nimrit, cham, parul, misty….. Nd pls forgive me if I missed anyone.. So long list……
    I m fine……how r u all….????

    Really nice epi… Now m stressfree…tmr’s epi will be rocking… Really waiting for that…but how can ishu think that Ashok will blv her that she will kill Raman..???? But anyways d best thing is that d track will be ended soon.. So m damn happyyyyy…… Now ishu will tell Raman everything I m eager to see Raman’s reaction when he will learn that his child is safe Nd breathing in shagun’s womb…yeah guys dfntly now Ashok is trapped so they will forgive ishu…but I hope it will not take much time… Nd yeah hope informer will be trapped also..

  25. Jhanvi

    Yeah abhishek is nice but MiMi love story is really sweet Nd incomplete so I want to see them together again…I want their love story to be completed… They always did so much for each other ..writers have done really bad by separating them in d past… I was crying when I saw mihika got married to Ashok for Mihir… …….. I don’t want to see mihir as a culprit….. May be it’s only sarika…

  26. Sunita

    Nice episode…but dont know wat twist EKTA will bring…dont know who the resl culprit is…kuch bhi ho sakta hai…ghuma phira ke shaayad shagun ko hi informer na bana de???

  27. diya

    hello all yhmians …rithushree , jhanvi , darshika , diya , sunita , resh , misty , siddhi , cham , cindy , prince . did i miss nyone …
    eagrly waitng fr 2mrw

  28. diya

    sm ppl in facebook .. still thnks seperation will hppn .. after all thse also .finally ishra is together but still they r not hppy .. nd they r doubting who?? shagun mean reallyy ??

    i reay hate this kind of negetive mnded ppl.. a show like yhm is not made fr thn ….

    its irritatuing how how much nwgetivety cn prevail… in ones mind . brothers nd siaters of ashk khanna i will cll thm

  29. Sunita

    The culprit might be sarika ir neelu..can’t guess…lets wait n watch…very eager for tmrw’s episode…we need a happy ending for this track…ishita ha taken so much of tisk for the life of raman…it should getch her a positive result!!!! Raman n ishu can never separate…bestest couple of all the shows???….hope we get to see the happy bhalla family together again very soon

  30. Sunita

    The culprit might be sarika or neelu..can’t guess…lets wait n watch…very eager for tmrw’s episode…we need a happy ending for this track…ishita ha taken so much of risk for the life of raman…it should fetch her a positive result!!!! Nothing will happen to Raman….Raman n ishu can never separate…bestest couple of all the shows???

  31. Misty

    Hi everyone … mrng rithu and all YHM friends…..

    Princess nice name….and where is Darshika and other Diya….??? And Prince How can you love someone without seeing her…???

  32. diya

    hey ppl .. many of r u in facebook rt? will u ppl gimme ur fb id .. rithushree , diya , jhanvi , darshika , siddhi ,misty . want to cnct with as much as yhmian i cn

  33. V P

    If the story line goes with out Ishra separation , well and good . The makes dragged on to three months to find out the truth . Whatever happened after surrogacy is unbearable ….just to bring Shaghun positive ….quite obvious . Whatever said the beauty of the theme is lost . If they are able to bring it back , very happy …. One Ashok ….. Throwing money to gain anything …. Good characters always suffer …. I don’t know how this is acceptable by audience and the TRP is high . Please bring back the old Yhm

  34. Dee

    Nice episode and like a lot of you I’m looking forward to tomorrows episode especially now that we know Raman will be safe.
    Hopefully Ashok gets some decent time behind bars so he doesn’t trouble Ishra and their family for a while. I hope that the producer/director/writer put as positive spin and shows a happy Bhalla/Iyer family instead of showing more negativity i.e hope they show Raman & Bhalla’s understanding Ishita’s situation rather than showing a separation (with Ekta/Sonali Jaffer anything is possible).

    From today’s episode I don’t understand why Ashok won’t give Mihika a divorce.What’s the motive for this? I’m a Mihir/Mihika fan and would love to see them complete their incomplete love story.

    Vandu is being shown to be very materialistic. She was telling Bala to be careful and not overstretch himself, yet when he puts jewellery in front of her, she goes gaga over it!! (Money and the source of it suddenly became irrelevant to her!!!). Bala is a sweety and wouldn’t hurt a fly, hope Sooraj doesn’t harm him. The Khanna brothers are so evil but I suppose they keep things interesting in YHM.

  35. diya

    gys i saw in sbs that hvnt tld nythg to raman yet. they went to hospitl to treat thr wounds. nd thn it is shown that they r in hotel. raman is a lil upset wid ishu fr not clearng his doubts. But tries to lightn up his mood with romance. Raman finly smls.

  36. I think simmi is the informer……
    Because no one else ishita shagun abhishek Prateek and simmi knows that Raman is going for Kolkata n that informer told ashok everything..then it might be simmi

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