Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun going to Pihu. Pihu says I won’t let this happen, why are you doing this. Shagun says your Ishi Maa is doing this, she wants to separate us, I can’t live without you, I will get married and go with Mani. Pihu says I want to be with you. She says no one will send you with me, everyone wants to separate us, Raman also listens to Ishita. Pihu says I want to be with you. Shagun says then you need to do something, just run away from here and come to my home, you can stay with me. She gives her money and asks her to take taxi and come to this address, don’t say this to anyone, promise. Pihu says promise. Shagun says when I go with Mani to court, you don’t come there. She hugs Pihu. Pihu says I love you and goes to pack her bag. Shagun says its because of you

Ishita, I had to play with my daughter’s emotions, but I won’t let you come in between me and Pihu, Pihu is mine and will be mine always, I won’t let Ishita ruin my life, Ruhi left me, Pihu is my daughter.

Raman comes home and asks Neelu for water. He is angry and shouts. Mrs. Bhalla laughs seeing his hair style. Mihika asks where did your hair go. He says I went for trim, the guy has cut more, my face is good, I look better than you all. He goes to room and recalls Pihu’s words. Ishita comes to him. She says sorry, I gave you tension, I know my decision will hurt Shagun and Pihu, shall I let Pihu go, Shagun has right on Pihu, Ruhi is right, if Pihu goes without knowing truth, it will be big problem, we have to tell her any day, I thought this is the right time, maybe you think my decision is wrong, but…. He apologizes to her and says I felt weak, maybe that’s why I asked Shagun to take Pihu, Shagun has given 7 years of her life for Pihu, I did not wish to separate them, I m sorry, you are right. She says I understand, don’t feet guilty, no one is at fault, I took decision, but I m scared. He says I m sure Pihu will understand, nothing will happen.

Its morning, Ishita wakes up Shagun and gives her bed tea. She apologizes to Shagun and says I thought this is right to avoid complications. Shagun says I should be sorry, I was selfish, Ruhi said right, Pihu should accept you as her real mum, its better for everyone. Ishita says but you will always be Pihu’s mum, no more sadness, you are the bride, you are pretty, get ready soon, its your marriage and you have to look most beautiful, I will wake up everyone and ask them to get ready. Shagun thanks her for all this. Ishita says I wish I could do more for you, get ready. She goes. Shagun smiles and says you enjoy as its time to have fun now, you don’t know what will happen after marriage.

Aaliya is sad as Rangoli does not look good. She says who will help me. Adi and Amma come. Amma says I will help you, I will teach you. Aaliya thanks her. Amma says thank Adi, he got me here. Aaliya thanks Adi and asks Mani to see who came. Mani asks Amma not to do all this. Amma says its marriage house and should look good. She asks Mani is he angry with Ishu, she refused to send Pihu with Shagun. Mani asks how can I get angry with Ishu, both Ishu and Shagun are right, I just hope Pihu does not get affected badly. Aaliya tells Adi that she is trying hard to welcome Shagun, but she is nervous. He says don’t worry, mumma is very cool. She says marriage links family, I m sure Shagun is also thinking how to adjust in new house. He says Shagun will easily adjust with Mani, but you are snobbish, how will she adjust with you. She beats him. He says some color is there on your face. She asks him to clean it. He cleans the color and smiles seeing her.

Raman and Mr. Bhalla are busy in arrangements. Ishita calls for sweets. Shagun comes there and sees everyone busy. Pihu comes and looks on sadly. Shagun smiles seeing her. Shagun tells Ishita to give breakfast to Pihu. Ishita serves breakfast to Pihu. Pihu gets angry. Shagun asks her does she not have manners, have breakfast, don’t disrespect food, thank Ishita, she is giving food with love. Pihu eats food for Shagun’s sake. Shagun smiles. Ishita thanks her.

Ishita shows bangles to Mihika and asks her to wear it. Mihika asks why did she not get ready till now. Ishita says I will get ready. Mihika asks why is she worried. Ishita says how will I handle Pihu, I have tension, Pihu did breakfast on Shagun’s saying, how will we manage her without Shagun. She reads a family trip offer ad, and says we can come close if we spend time, we can go on destination holiday. Mihika likes the idea and says Pihu likes to go on holidays. Ishita says I will plan out something.

Mrs. and Mr. Bhalla have a talk. He says Mani reached there at court, we have to leave soon. Ruhi says I m ready. Mrs. Bhalla asks where is the bride. Mihika gets Shagun. Mrs. Bhalla says Shagun is looking moon, Mani is very lucky to get beautiful bride. Ruhi also compliments Shagun. Shagun asks where is Pihu. Ruhi says Pihu refused to come to court. Shagun thinks perfect, I love you Pihu. She asks Mrs. Bhalla not to force Pihu, I will meet her after marriage. Raman asks Ishita to come soon, its Shagun’s marriage, not ours. Ishita tells Raman about special trip with Pihu, I will give papers to travel agent and get it done, you go, I will come. Mrs. Bhalla blesses Shagun. Shagun says sorry if I did any mistake and thanks her. Mrs. Bhalla says you are my daughter and hugs her. Shagun thinks you forgot me after Ishita came, I will not let you forget this.

Ishita gets Anil’s letter and gets shocked reading it.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • MAYA444


      |Registered Member


      • Swara

        So what’s in store for us the yhm maya i just hope it’s not gonna give us heart attack plz can you tells us the spoiler I would really love to know

      • shreya shetty

        hey maya 444.will u please mind ur language before even bluffing them out in this site.cant u just keep ur mouth shut.okkk even I too had used many offensive words against the evilest villains and especially pihu of this show because of their annoying roles given to them by the spoiling directors,but who the hell ever told u to call a yhm fan a b****!!!!!!!disgusting u r a very very cheap dirt filled youth with immense Immaturity.please go and get a life.dont try to argue with any of us proving about ur mother.i too started hating this show and even I too get really angry when I don’t like it,but not so angry as ur got time this is the last warning I ve been giving to u all not to argue with such people and so as u

      • Mino

        Wooow just 12 Yrs & Using such language??? See what this show is doing to the kids. the way answer adults . didn’t i tell u all this is giving bad vibes. Little one pls don’t use such language. ur still a baby . so like a goodie be a baby & don’t get Corrupt by the dialog of these shows. i don’t blame u this is the fault of the producers who are giving negative characters to little ones & they think everything is right.
        God bless u little one.. Be good & be a little mindful of ur language. don’t be like Kimberly… Thank You,

      • Khushi

        Hi maya,
        Dear please dnt use abusive language here dear. Evry one has the right to give their opinion nd comments. You said you mom is writet if yhm. If its true applause to her as writing is a prettty gud thng nd we r pretty happy to have you here. Bt whether to believe you or nt its depends on indivudual decesions. We r all frnds coming here juz to hav fun in each ithers company.
        Pls dnt spoil the fun by using bad words

  1. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    shagun what a shameless women you are?u r playing with littile girl emotions?disgusting

  2. Aastha

    I cant believe this… how can shagun play vth pihu’s imotions… pihu also dsgstng…. episode was not bad precap also… but good for nothing

  3. shreya shetty

    pihu is truly a 100 percent disturbing ghost freak of this show.i suggest that along with shagun and her to be removed from this show if they disrespect and create tantrums between ishimaa and raman and also the bhalla family.getting very much very annoyed with this dumb serial

  4. Aliya

    Fabulous precap. … love u ishu ..
    I just hope I pihu know bhaagne wala plan fail Ho jaye. ..
    N pihu ko shagun k truth pata Chale… I don’t hate shagun. .she also looks pretty BT the CVs haso gvn her that character so she has to do so… wrna she was also nice…
    Plzzz unite…ishu (ishita+pihu)

    • Khushi

      Aliya pihu will elope nd reach manis hse as per the spoilers
      Shagun will ipenly challenge ishitha that she will use mani nd win the custody case of pihu

  5. nimra arshad

    I think shagun is a womem.she has also right to become a ishita also try to understand shagun emotions.

  6. VP

    Hi all coming episodes are going to be the worst …I dont understand how Shaghun can tell Pihu to catch a taxi and go missing …Money too given … I dont think no mothers will do that … what a good message cvs … I hate to comment .. can blame only cvs and writers … Ishra chemistry is completely gone … Yesterdays episode Raman was telling Mani Pihu is very upset that papa is not marrying mamma … why he wants to marry her ? writers please be careful with your dialogues … I really dont know ex wifes marriage is celeberated like this .. Whatever said and done Anita is acting so well .. repetition of what we saw in a defferent style … Ishras that beautiful chemistry is not there .. Sakute to cvs .. Ekta madam for ruining such a beautiful charming yhm .. from surrogancy track .. Raman and Ishithas act also not convincing …

    • Khushi

      Ys vp. Ishras chemistry completly lost
      In todays episode while they wer consoling each other even wile raman held her close they wer still seems to be so distant. That true intimacy was nt in both of their xpressions. I wonder wats hapning. In that scrne also it was also ishutha who was sayng lets forget evrythng it was nones mistake nd all while raman needyo say it nd apologuse to ishu
      I wondet if their acting get worse aftr the leap. That chrmistry is no where seen
      Nd raman he us evn ready to marry shgun for pihu.. Its evident in hus yodays dialogue that pihu is upset bcose mamma is nt marryng papa
      Shagun is nt doing gud by manipulating a small kid. Bt in todayd episode at a moment i felt sorry fir her. Seems lyk she genuinely luvs pihu. Bt such a behaviour cant be evr justified by any flithy excuses .
      At some point i felt sorry for her
      It all hapnd bcose of cvs. They ruined each nd evry character in the show. Nt evn a single character is shown as fascinating as before leap.

      • VP

        Very true Khushi … I think all actors fulfilling their commitment … that dedication is lost even KP and Dt ..Dt after marriage … though professionals we can understand … may be defficult for her .. human being and emotions are defferent ..KP looks like a Gunda … yes when they were consoling … intimacy was not there . yes Shaghun only deserves Pihu .. Ishitha says that … But I think her motherliness is coming up … thats also not controllable … she never claims Pihu she wants her in the family for her future security and safety .. Shaghuns way of claiming is wrong and Ruhi knows it too well that Pihu will be traumatised in the hands of Shaghun

  7. Monique_D


    |Registered Member

    Ishita should stop trusting Shagun.I don’t know why everyone just forgot what happened before.

    And for all ai care …..Pihu should just ho where her parents say she should go.I do understand that there is confusion with the whole real mother debacle but she is old enough to know.just as Ruhi did when she was her age.

    Just feel like the show is losing its touch with reality a bit.

    • Khushi

      This ishitha is completly diff frm the old independend powerful lady. She is nw a women with ni selfrespect blindly trustin evryone nd later on land in trouble with out evn her own husband to support her
      I wonder whethet we can cal him her husband. To be precise he is the boss nd she is the nanny of his children.
      That spine less man was nt worryng bcose pihu insulted own mothet bt bcose pihu is worried as papa is nt marryng mamma. I am in loss if words to describe him

    • VP

      yes Monique … I too surprise how everybody can forget Shaghun mean actions . Ishitha used to sense something going wrong , now not only that is there ..?she is not bold plus totally lost her selfrespect … May be a fear is there .. 7 years she was away … so unknowingly too she doesnt want to make a mistake … nd no support from husband also

  8. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans. What to say and what not to say.ishita is a good person. Such a disgusting person is this shaggy.

  9. Manisha shrestha

    According to shagun view she is also right because ishita was attached with ruhi in certain times but shagun stayed with pihu for seven yrs n she is also too much attached with pihu , her doings are bad but her love for pihu is pure

    • VP

      I doubt Manish … if it is pure her approch has to be true and fair .. she is brainwashing and playing with Pihus emotions … Ishitha is forced to marry Raman for Ruhis custody … That particular situation Shaghun did not want Ruhi .. she told Ashok too in one episode ..For her children are to use as her weapons ..

  10. Aastha

    Kuch cheezea aysseaa hothi hei jo ek baar goya he tho waapas paana bahuth mushkil hotha heii…. so there s no value for shaguns imotions.. vo pehale kithna gir saktha hei ek insan ko uthna gir chukki hei… shayad usse bhi zyadhaa… aaj bhi vo same galthi repeat karne keliye bhi ready hei… phir vo kaysseaa ek achi ma ban sakthi hei dsfstngg….

  11. Khushi

    The shiw is gettng worse day by day.. Cvs are juz fooling us by unnecessary twists nd all which are nt at all welcoming by loyal audience
    There were a thiusand ways to make this show intrstng than showing this unnecessary tracks starrting frm that bus incident followed by crocodule drama then surrogacy nd leap. Instead they shld hav showed raman bd ishutha living peacefully with their children nd shgun with manoj
    Nw they turned shagun neg. in a sense what hapnd to het was also unfortunate. Bt y cant they show shagun living peacefully with mani nd pihu
    Bcose am nt seeing any luv bet ishu nd pihu
    Let ruhi ishu adi nd raman liv as a family nd pihu shagun nd mani as a family nd finish off the drama
    Itz time to concentrate on the luv story of adi nd aaliya. Story is still stuck with raman nd his ex wife nd current wife. Come on he is having a 21 year old son nw. They shld concentrate on their children nw.
    Wat nw showing is the repeat telecast of old yhm
    Earlier it was ishitha nd ruhi who elopes while shagun fired the custody case for ruhi
    Same story repeating that tym shagun was using ashok for all this nw he will use mani
    Ishitha will be left struggling bet the ramans ego nd arrogance nd shaguns plottings. Same old thm repeats

      • Mino

        i am only going by the updates as i hv no mood to watch the drama. cos i get angry & disappointed . for what? we want to relax not get angry by watching stupid acts. what a great story it was i used to watch over & over not even being an Indian.
        This is my first & the last. i have skipped many episodes like the Ghost & Niddhi . this too is too stressful judging by all the comments & & from what i watched last. so why bother. I think as u say VP & Khushi they have lost the plot by introducing many unwanted twists. now they are in a rut… that is why so many negative stuff. & u can’t say this is the repeat of the former it is close ,the former was not so bad & wicked. it was very unusual story line. DT & KP too Have lost interest i suppose their are acting as it is their profession. & the chemistry is fully lost. but that should not be as this is reel not real. they were acting better before they knew it is their job. so what is the problem now? marriage can’t be. many actors & actress act better after marriage. Anyway i think they should end this in a better note. & they both got popular with this serial. it was a hit & the awards they got .. Good luck . Sorry guys to hurt ur feelings. but why are we getting angry??? all of us has got too attached to this show. as the start was very very gooood.

  12. susan

    Episode after episode I sit and wait for those old Ishra moments. To afraid to mis an episode just in case ekta decides to sneak in an Ishra moment while I am not watching. AND EKTA KNOWS THIS!!!!!

  13. sam

    Again custody of pihu will start… Boring serial: it is not like before anymore..
    No Raman and ishita’s chemistry.. Ruhi and ishita’s relation is not like before anymore.
    Alwys into some problem. Fighting and fighting…
    Can’t watch with kids anymore coz it’s showing bad examples :::

  14. MAYA444


    |Registered Member


  15. Swara

    Hey guys well can’t say I understand what Shagun is going tru it’s not easy to loose your child after 7 years but what I don’t get is why she does this thingywhen we all know ishu will never cross her boundaries to separate Pihu from Shagun she is just too sweet even with the case of ruhi she always wanted ruhi to get to know Shagun up to the gym she let ruhi attend her marriage functions as for the chemistry between Ishra I just fell they are not completely comfortable with each other they still have a lot of baggage and things left unsaid and hanging so that love and closeness ca t not be seen they need to sit down and talk and most importantly let Raman come down from his high horse and apologize. Ishu kinda told vandu dat the love is there but she is scared to trust Raman am sure that’s why but you can see the genuine love and care in their eyes as for Pihu I don’t know how to say this but I hate her to the fullest but love ruhanika so am confused first her character does over acting and somewhat on real who lets their 7 year old do what they want that’s bad parenting from both Shagun and Raman they need to set boundaries on their kids. The show in general has lost the message just hope things get better but one thing am sure is ishu never gives up it might take cvs a while but we know she is gonna win and what ever Raman does she never takes it to heart or she won’t be in bhallas Hse lets just wait and see how they are gonna power up her character again

  16. rithushree

    hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha parvathi anakha nimrit ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz sindhu mino Natasha az jaz Shona aditya jeni super girl shreya mansi Sarita sara prisha simran unique angel priyaroli aparna siddhi priya bhagi bhagya disha juhi and all yhm friends.
    if shagun thinks that if she is really Pihu ‘s mother then she would not have played games with her and her emotions . she is a horrible women and showing her’s and Mani ‘s marriage,the show has become a huge joke and a crap .

  17. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Ishita is angry as she is failed to stop Shagun and Mani’s marriage.
    Ishita has strong gut that Shgaun has turned evil again and planning something big against family.
    Bhalla family performs Shagun and Mani’s grah pravesh ritual while Ishita sees all this angrily.
    However, the real drama gets unfold when family find out about Pihu is missing and Shagun stars her emotional drama over Pihu.
    Shagun pretends of getting faint attracting everyone attention towards her while Mihika, Ruhi and Adi try to search Pihu on the road.
    Shagun uses Pihu against Ishita and Ruhi supports Ishita.
    They all get surprised seeing Pihu at Mani’s house and wants to know how Pihu reached there alone.
    Ishita gets ACP Abhishek support to catch Shagun while Ruhi also join hand with Ishita.
    But, Pihu is not ready to accept Ishita as she believes Shaguun is her mother and decides to create trouble for Ishita so that everyone would bring Shagun back to home.
    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  18. rithushree

    As per the current track of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein, Ishita gets failed to stop Shagun and Mani’s marriage.
    However, Ishita tries to prove Shagun is real culprit in her kidnapping case but both Raman, and Mihir believes that Shagun is innocence.
    Shagun takes advantages of the situation when Romi tells as letter’s hand writing is similar Ashok’s and Shagun puts all blame on Ashok of Ishita’s kidnapping.
    Apart from this, Ishita makes up mind to expose Shagun at any cost and Shagun herself comes in front of her having an evil smile on her face.
    Ishita does not want Pihu’s custody case.
    Shagun tells Ishita that Raman got married with Ishita getting Ruhi’s custody and now she will use Mani getting Pihu’s custody.
    Ishita is completely taken a back with Shagun’s challenges as she does not want to make Pihu feel the same pain which Ruhi suffered.
    Will Ishita fight Pihu’s custody case against Shagun?
    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  19. rithushree

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman ( Karan Patel) and Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi ) life.
    Soon in the upcoming series, Ishita will witness foul play amid Shagun and will inform Raman that Shagun was behind her kidnapping.
    Raman will distrust Ishita as Shagun took care of Bhalla family in Ishita’s absence.
    However Ishita will not have any evidence to prove Shagun is the real culprit.
    Therefore Ishita will take Abhishek’s help to expose Shagun and find evidence against her.
    Will Abhishek and Ishita succeed in exposing Shagun before her wedding with Mani?
    Let’s stay tuned for the upcoming twist in Ishita and Raman’s life due to Shagun.

  20. rithushree

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman ( Karan Patel) and Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi ) life.
    Soon in the upcoming series, Ishita will learn that Shagun has again turned negative and is trying to harm Bhalla family.
    Ishita will try to inform Raman but Raman will disbelieve Ishita’s words.
    Upset Ishita will go to Abhishek where Abhishek will inform Ishita to find out Anil’s confession letter.
    On the other hand Ishita will also feel sorry for ruining Mani’s life.
    Both Abhishek and Ishita find out Anil’s letter and they run to stop Mani and Shagun’s marriage exposing Shagun.
    Is Shagun’s game over or new twist inviting more trouble for Ishita? Let’s wait and watch.

  21. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ daily popular show
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some high intensity drama.
    It was earlier seen that Ishita ( Divyanka Tripathi) will fail to stop Shagun ( Anita Hassanandani ) and Mani’s wedding.
    However post wedding the Bhalla family will do Grah Pravesh of Shagun and Mani.
    Things will take a dramatic twist when family members will realise that Pihu is missing from the house.
    Shagun will pretend to faint to attract the attention of the family members.
    On the other hand Ishita will join hands with ACP Abhishek ( Vivek Dahiya) and Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) to get Pihu back in the Bhalla house.
    Will Ishita be able to get Pihu back or not?
    Let’s wait and watch what happens next in the show.

  22. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ most successfully running show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some major twist and turns.
    It seems that Pihu will go missing to create trouble for Ishita ( Divyanka Tripathi).
    Post Shagun ( Anita Hassanandani ) and Mani’s wedding Pihu will go missing.
    However later on the Bhalla family will find Pihu in Mani’s house and will get shocked.
    It is heard that Pihu will throw tantrums to stay with her mother Shagun post marriage.
    This will come as a shock to the entire Bhalla family as they were not prepared for such a situation.
    In the episodes to come it will be seen that Pihu will do all this drama so that the Bhalla family will get Shagun back in their house.
    Stay tuned for more updates.

  23. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Ishita has found about Shagun’s evilness.
    Ishita has found that Shagun was involved behind her kidnapping and did all to stop her marriage with Raman.
    Ishita rushes to stop Shagun-Mani’s marriage but gets late for it, Shagun-Mani gets married to each other.
    Shagun is doing all this under a hidden plan of snatching away Pihu from Ishita, Ishita is worried about Pihu.
    Shagun’s grand grahpravsh
    All prepares happily for Shagun’s grahpravsh and welcomes her home, Shagun is enjoying all attention.
    Ishita attempts to search for Pihu and later finds her in Mani’s apartment.
    Ishita doubt’s Shagun behind all this and will thus plan to fight against Shagun’s evilness.
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  24. rithushree

    stop this crap in yhm.
    stop this crap in yhm.
    stop this crap in yhm.
    stop this crap in yhm.
    stop this crap in yhm.
    the show is going worst and can’t watch it .no creativity just crap and dragging and never ending introduction of villains in the small kids also vamps .

  25. anu

    Dear maya no no writer ki betiji..u live in mansion or none of everyone business..your comments says u r illegally born with baf mother..shhhh…why too much one is believing u..b*t*h..

  26. Smithi

    Who are mauritians here? I guess im all alone… 😟
    when will shagun chapter be over!!?
    Bad is rulling over good!!
    How come!?

  27. shahabana

    Stupid writer when will end this boring track. What is the need to shgun turn negtv again. Same story its dragging tooo much. They can start witj fresh story. Show us ishra moments, aliya adi love story and ishus beautiful family with raman ruhi adi and pihu.

  28. A

    Mani (Sumit Sachdev) and Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) perform romantic dance on their wedding night in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Mani and Shagun finally get married having a lot of drama.

    However, Mani is confused when Ishita accuses Shagun for kidnapping her but Shagun makes Mani believe that she is innocence.

    Mani gets a life partner a long time and he accepts Shagun whole heartedly assuming she has become good.

    Shagun comes to Mani’s house where Aaliya decorates their room on their wedding night.

    Mani gets mesmerized seeing Shagun and proposes her by giving rose to her.

    Shagun stops Mani kissing her

    Shagun happily accept the rose and dace together romantically.

    Furthermore, Mani tries to kiss Shagun which makes her angry and she pushes him back which hurt Mani.

    Will Mani find out Shagun’s truth?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  29. A

    “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” is one of the top television shows with high Television Rating Points (TRP) ratings. Over the past several years, the show’s lead pair Raman Bhalla (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and their on-screen chemistry have gained immense popularity.

    However, ever since “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” took a leap, the ardent viewers of the show have been missing the romantic moments shared between their favourite couple “IshRa.”

    To add to this, the on-going track is more focused on other issues and characters, such as Pihu’s (Ruhaanika Dhawan) custody and Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) turning negative, thereby leaving little screen space for the lead pair to share.

    The lack of the lead pair’s romantic scenes and the never-ending troubles of the Bhalla family seem to have disappointed the viewers who wish to see some light-hearted moments between Ishita and Raman.

    Many viewers have expressed their disappointment on Twitter. Here are some tweets:

    Meanwhile, “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” is currently revolving around the mysterious letter, which was sent to Raman. The letter had the name of the mastermind (Shagun) who was behind Ishita’s kidnapping. But much to Raman’s dismay, the letter was misplaced. In the upcoming episodes, Shagun will get hold of it and hide it from the family, but Ishita will succeed in discovering the letter and will be shocked to learn that Shagun had planned her abduction, India Forums reported.

    Ishita will reveal to the Bhalla family that Shagun was the real culprit and even drag her to the police station. Surprisingly, Raman will not believe that Shagun is the culprit, and instead he will blame Ishita for accusing the lady (Shagun) who had taken care of Pihu for seven long years.

  30. Esha

    Hi I have been watching this show for long time .The only show i enjoy watching is this . I have been noticing that you are making this show like every other show (common show) like zee tv program . Long story , same story .it started off so nice expecting things to be same . But is like same story . Why don’t u make shows that show life can be lived without any interference with any one and being bad. Anyway I know u know lot of things . I just put my opinion .

  31. Yaminee

    I I’ll support shagun she shows care and love past 7 years to this family suddenly ishitha came and trying to take everything..this is too bad story I hate ishitha character I decided to avoid this serial really worse episode because. Of stupid ishitha…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.