Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun scolding Ashok. He recalls he told her the same words. She sends him and thinks about Raman and Ishita. She waits for Vivek’s call as they have to send Raman to Ishita. Raman asks Mrs. Jhakad about Ishita. She says don’t know, she was here. He says did she leave party and go home. Vivek tells Raman that he was calling him, Ishita maybe she got drunk, Ashok has taken her to the room… Raman rushes there. He sees Ishita sleeping in the room and goes to her.

He wakes her up and hugs her. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………plays………… Vivek calls Shagun and says everything is fine, Raman is taking Ishita home. Shagun says Raman should now know you called me and I came here. She sees Raman taking Ishita to the car, and hides. She says I hope this incident

does not bring problem between them. Ashok created many problems before, not now, Ishita was dressed up, maybe to get close to Raman, it means my bitter words affected her, I hope they unite forever.

Raman brings Ishita to some hotel. She asks Raman where are we. He says thank Lord, you remember who is Raman. She says I m asking something, you are answering something else. He says we are in hotel, see your state, shall I take you like this. She says I have to go home and gets up. She slips and he holds her. She gets annoyed. He asks her to sit, she can go home alone, he won’t come. She cries and thinks of his words.

She recalls Shagun’s words and says you don’t want me to come anywhere with you. He asks whats this new drama. She asks did he see him. He asks what should I see, are you 8th wonder. She says I m nothing for you, I tried to do special for you, I wore this dress for you, did you say anything. He says this is nonsense dress, did I ask you to wear this. She says I m not suitable for you, I m not your type. He asks is she mad to think this. She says you are not interested me, and ran away from me.

She says you left me alone in the party, its my mistake, I should have understood, you don’t need me, Who am I to you? A friend, soulmate, I don’t make you go crazy… I m not needed here. She cries and says I should leave. He holds her hand. He says I m Bahenji type, I m mad and stupid, its enough now Raman. He says you are big stupid as you can’t understand what you are for me, you are deaf as you can’t hear my heartbeat, and argues. He asks who asked her to change, he likes her as the way she is, and asks her not to change.

She says that’s why you danced with Mrs. Tandon. He says she is very hot. She slaps him. He asks is she mad. She says she can’t hear it. He says she was very hot. She slaps him again and asks will he slap her back. He kisses hr and she is stunned. He says I did, I will do this for the number of times you slap me, slap me now, come on, I will see you now. She blushes and turns away. The power goes.

Raman holds Ishita and kisses her. Tujhe dekh dekh………….jiya dhadak dhadak………… plays……… They get intimate and consummate their marriage.

Vandu thinks where did Ishita go. Mihika says Raman and Ishita did not come. Vandu says I m worried. Mihika says they are together, did you wake me to tell this at 4am. Vandu says they did not inform us, they were fighting. Mihika says fine, I will call Ishita. Ishita smiles seeing Raman. Yeh hai mohabbatein……….plays…………

Raman and Ishita see each other and smile. He says we got united now and asks what did she say yesterday, she is not his type, did she understand now. He asks how did she drink wine yesterday.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. My fav. Bg song. .tujhe dekh dekh sona tujhe dekh kar hai jagna……
    ….maine ye zindagi sang tere bitani. …tujh mein basi hai meri jaan Hey jiya dhadak dhadak jaye. ………l♡ve y♡U. … IshRa (divan )……

  2. Hii guys…. How are you all.??? Nd I like d way Raman has used to stop ishita from slapping…wow amazing. Raman has done a mistake… BT so happy to see that he realize his mistake… Nd after realization he corrects it..every hubby can not do this…Nd no doubts Raman loves ishu so much…Nd a very loyal to his partner…. I loves Raman ….Nd If there is a person like Raman …I want him in my life as a life partner…Nd if there is anyone to have a life partner like Raman I must say she is d lucky one…Nd I also want to become lucky Nd wants such a loyal partner.. Nd I pray everyday for it…Raman is d best hubby..

    1. Hey i also want to be lucky mera bhi sapna h raman jaisa husband

      1. Me too.aur .jo bhi RKB ko like karti hai Un sab ka yahi dream hoga. .

  3. Still waiting for tomorrow when raman got 2/10 hahaha maza ayega

    1. Yeah. .mujhe bhi intezar hai. .

  4. Yaar Mizun online kaha dekha bolo na???

  5. Yaa darshika agree there was everything… In one…. Makers well done ….d perfect scene expected by d fans….Nd love u ishra….keep rocking….

  6. Nice. Episode..

  7. Guys do u remember Aliya Naz

    1. Yes mujhe yaad hai aliya Naz. ….

    2. Ooho bolo ge. .kyun pocha. .tumne aliya k bare mein. ..

      1. Vo gujar gai ? matlab raste se gujar kar apne ghar gai ??

  8. I ll miss this episodes I am so sad

  9. Yaa prayosha this is d best song for today’s epi….Nd hi mizum I m fine…

  10. Yes jhanvi…., I also like raman’s attitude. I love it. And shagun said ” I hope they unit forever. ” She wishes Ishra’s happiness forever. That is good news guys. Isn’t it…….? From sri lanka.

  11. Tahira wat are u saying ??? Can’t understand… 2/10 wat???

    1. Yaa mizum I m also waiting for tmr epi.. Nd there is nothing like that ……called vulgure… It’s just romance….. Nd a lovely scene …

    2. aapne abp news me nhi dekha kya raman morning me ishita se puchta hai ki kaisa laga tumhe toh wo bolti h ki sab ok ok laga isse better ho sakta tha phir raman puchta h achha ye batao ki 10 me no. Kitne dogi toh ishu ka reply tha 2 ye bahut hi funny conversion tha dono ka kal dekhna maza ayega

  12. Lovely episode Ishra….. Best episode ever. From Sri Lanka

  13. Iss positive shagun ko dekh kar achcha laga.

  14. Today epi was vry beautiful nd too hot

    Hi mizun,prayu,priyu,rithu, and all hw r u

  15. yah guys waitung for tmrws episode…….it will be so funny nd ha raman’s way was really nice…….,,,i hope aage jhakar hame esa hi ache ache scence dhek ne ko mile…….,.chaahe kithni bhi prblms ho hamesha ishra saath hona chahiye…….

    1. Yes. ..aaise achche scenes hon aur ishra kabhi koi problem nahin aaye. ..

      1. hey mizun tumko bhi raman jaisa husband chahiye thats mean u r a girl but i thought that u r a boy anyways confusion is clear now hum sab kitne pagal h na raman ishita ko lekar

  16. Maine abhi dekha………

  17. Raman jaisa hubby to muje bhi chajiye……har ladki o chahiye.. bas uska anger chhod kar…..

    & Jhanvi…2/10 kal aayega….Ramsn kisi chij ke bare me puchta hai ki 10 me we kitne marks..Ishita ko lagta hai breqkfast ke bare me puchh raha hai…thodi MU hogi……Funny scene hoga…Hotel me hi….Raman Baathroom me & Ishita Bathrobe me Bedroom me….

  18. Ab aap roj ddekhogi Bhagi????

  19. Superb……Beautiful Scene….I ever seen……..& Background song Sone par Suhaga……
    Song ne to pure scene me chaar chand laga diye………

  20. IshRa Paris jayena yaa nahi…jana hi chahiye….family bahot disturb karti hai…aaj bhi Mihikq ne call kar diya….

  21. Nice…shagun u rock….nd evn ishra…

  22. Precap bhi superb….kal ka ep bhi interesting hoga………..majaa aayega…..

  23. awesome episode. luv u ishra??

    1. Luv u ishra and luv this episode. Both you will be the best Jodi and international Jodi next year too. And I like this new shagun (ruhi’s evil mother). She attempts to unit ishra forever. So nice yaar. And plz no surrogate mother. Nw ruhi’s wish become true soon.??

  24. Episode was awesome . Thanks a lot to the creators . Indeed felt so sad seeing the involvement of Ashok and Shaghun . But you have framed it so well and lead to the consummation. Both Raman and Ishitha put a lot of effort to make it very beautiful .not at all vulgar . True Ishitha has put on weight . She doesn’t like wearing western dress , she was forced to make the twist in such a way all enjoy . Very happy to see the creators really respect the viewers , so request again and again no surrogacy that too Shaghun please please

  25. Yaaa tahira mizum Nd prayosha I will pray…. hum sabko rkb jaisa hubby hi miley…Nd thnx prayosha….Maine last scene aur precap miss kar diya that.. Nd Ys one thing I also like Raman s anger ….it’s okkk .agar WO itna loving caring understanding hoga…aur itna loyal hoga to uska gussa bhi she lungi..yar..

  26. what a marvelous episode .Really appticiate the actors both of them played love in a very matured way love Rahman/Ishita you are too much.kudo to Shagun a job welldone in bringing them togethet.Wish to see Anita playing postive roll. YHM cast and crews well done. Keep rocking.Expecting Ishita to have her biological child. My thumb up for Rahman /Ishita from Nigeria.

  27. can anyone pls tell repeat telecast time shedules tmrw

    1. Yhm repeat telecast. ..timing. .
      9:30 am

  28. sooo nice serialll now going u r gud shagun

  29. zat was awsome seriously but i hope no leap n no separation of tue kidz and the cute romantic couple plzzzzz

  30. ISHITA and RAMAN u r seen very pretty couple . Shagun is so superb .nice:-)

  31. sandra s thannickal

    wow shagun pehali bar i really like you.u rock it..i heard ishra will go2 honeymoon in paries.

  32. guys i had a doubt actually pehle ek news aaya tha na ishra ki honeymoon in paris,,,…….. aab consumation hogaya tho ye paris trip hoga ya nahi i just hope nd pray ki ye paris trip ho nd fully romantic ho no more issues nd twists

  33. The episode is awesome and lovely. Love u ishra and love yhm. I like this new shagun. Now ruhi’s wish is going to Be a true. I want a baby from ishra to jealous our cute little girl ruhi. Thnx yhm for doing a nice romantic scene.

  34. sorry bhagi….. Unfortunately, that news is rumour. Didn’t you see that news….

  35. Preeti Sharma

    awesome episode but somewhere not been able to match up with bade acche lagte hain, that was so bold but if there’s ishra romance, no problem! as long as they found some’WE’ time together!
    excited to watch next episode! Raman’s ched chad n ishita ka’KUCh Bhi’.m…hahaha!
    waiting for ishra’s own baby track n PLZ Not ThAt ShAgun SuRrogate mOther trAck …….
    plz ishita world bear Raman’s baby her own!
    if shagun becomes surrogate mother to ishra’ s baby then whatever shown in the show till the date, will lose its meaning!
    ishita n Raman ko complete kiya now it’s Raman’s turn to give her their own baby ….

    1. Thats true…it was nothing compared to bade ache lagte hain…but good acting by both the actors…i read it somewhere that raman’s real wife was on the sets when this scene was shot…may be they wud have cut it short and notched it down to a less sensuos level

  36. I also so exited to see today episode….. And I’m waiting……waiting……waiting…….more waiting……..

  37. I also so exited to see today episode….. And I’m waiting……waiting……waiting…….more waiting……..from SL

  38. Shagun …..
    How did u change ??????
    I want to know the reason behind this

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