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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita hearing the men shouting on Adi and Aaliya. They catch up Adi and Aaliya. Ishita tells Raman about some people. Raman says put on speaker. The man scolds Aaliya and Adi. He asks what’s this clothes she is wearing, she is showing her body. Adi asks him does he not have manners to talk. The man scolds him. Adi says talk well, you have no right to point on us. The man aims gun and asks is she your wife. Adi says if you have to ask, go out and talk, this is my house. The man hits him. Aaliya shouts Adi. The phone falls. Ishita worries for Adi and says call ended. Raman calls back. Ishita says what will we do now, shall we tell Mani. He says no, Mani does not know Aaliya is there.

The man Jagan says I m the head here, I will not leave you. Adi asks Aaliya to

call police. Jagan says someone make them talk to inspector, police does not come here. Adi shouts on the man. The man beats him. Aaliya says leave him, why are you beating him. Jagan says you are staying without marriage and made watchman lie. He scolds them. Adi hits his head to Jagan and asks Aaliya to run. Aaliya runs. Jagan beats up Adi and takes him to panchayat.

Romi waits for Ruhi. Ruhi comes dressed in corporate clothes. Romi smiles and recalls little Ruhi. Ruhi says sorry, I got late, lets go. He says I m seeing you have grown up, you used to take me to get chocolates, and today for contract. She says don’t be senti, I have to keep Raman’s reputation. He says I m glad to see you as business woman, I m feeling so proud of you. She says I learnt all this from you. They go for the presentation. Romi sees Ashok and his mood spoils. Ruhi asks what happened. Romi says Ashok is here, what is he doing here, he will create problem for us. Ruhi says relax, we will get project, just introduce me to Bakshi, I will manage. He says you don’t know Ashok, he is very clever man. She asks him not to worry, come.

Mani says I know Ishu will also like a simple south indian wedding. Shagun says come on, we discussed, Adi is the only one, it will be punjabi wedding, south indian wedding is so boring. He asks is it marriage or circus, its best to marry in temple early morning. She says we will make list, about five positive things about south indian and punjabi wedding, whatever sounds exciting, we will go by it. He agrees.

Adi gets beaten up badly. Ishita shouts Adi and cries. Raman asks her to calm down. Raman says nothing will happen, Aaliya is with him. She asks him to drive faster. Romi introduces Ruhi. Ashok says fine Mr. Bakshi, we will cancel meeting, I don’t think any deal can crack here. Romi says Mr. Bakshi did not hear proposal. Ashok says Raman is not here. Romi says Ruhi will say. Ruhi says yes, I will give presentation. Ashok says its not kids training or a rock show, its a crores deal. She says precisely 27 crores, I understand you got old and don’t remember things, I respect the old, I will take presentation slow, so that you understand well. Romi smiles.

Ruhi says I m a trained business woman, Raman and Romi have trained me well, if Raman did not have confidence on me, he would have not sent me here. Ashok says you talk well, your lecture reminds me about your mum Ishita, fine you are Raman’s daughter, it does not mean we will give you award, nepotism is not invited. She argues with him and says its called qualification, not nepotism, worlds and times have changed, one thing did not change, that’s your bad attitude, you never respected anyone, you still do not respect anyone, you tried to spoil Raman’s reputation and always failed, I m Raman’s daughter, I promise you will fail again. I m here because of my talent and skill. Bakshi says she is right, we will hear the presentation, Ruhi go on. Ashok sits. Ruhi gives the presentation. Romi smiles.

Everyone clap for Ruhi. Bakshi says you are really Raman’s daughter. Ruhi says thanks, that means a lot. Ashok looks on. Jagan complains to panchayat about Adi and Aaliya, don’t know he is her husband or fiance, or maybe he eloped from home and got her. The men get angry and ask sarpanch to punish them. Adi says law punishes, you all can’t. Jagan slaps him. Sarpanch says elders make laws here, we will do justice, we will punish, what wrong did Jagan say, does girls stay this way.

Jagan says they crossed limits, look at this girl’s clothes, she was alone with him. Sarpanch says if we don’t punish you, even our village boys will do this. Adi says listen to me, punish me, leave Aaliya, she came here to help me and set my house. Jagan says she will be punished. He asks a man to get black color to blacken their faces. Aaliya says no, we did not do wrong, he is my fiance.

The man gets the color. Jagan asks the man to blacken their faces. Adi and Aaliya cry. Aaliya screams. Adi asks sarpanch to stop, I beg you, please listen to me, my parents know we are staying here, just let me call them here, ask them we told them or not, its my duty to save my wife’s respect, give me one chance. Jagan signs no. Sarpanch agrees. Jagan gives the phone to Adi.

Adi calls Raman and asks him to get Ishita to the panchayat, they are punishing me and Aaliya, come soon. He says wait for some time, they will come in 2-3 hours. Jagan says why should we wait. Sarpanch says let his parents come.

Raman and Ishita reach the village and ask people about Adi and Aaliya. Raman says my son came to stay in guesthouse near old factory. The man says that city guy with girl, he got beaten up, we will make that girl’s face black and make her roam in the village. Raman asks where are they. They see police. The man says police is also going there. Raman follows the police cars.

Inspector asks what’s happening here, did you call police control room. Adi recalls calling police instead Raman. He says yes. Inspector asks sarpanch to forgive them. Raman and Ishita come and hear them. Sarpanch says we can’t leave them this way. Ishita says they are going to get married, sorry to talk in between, Adi is my son, they came here by our permission. Raman says yes, they have good values. Sarpanch frees them. Raman asks shall we take them. Sarpanch says we will let them go on one condition, this girl will not be seen in this village, this guy has to obey all rules. Raman says Adi will follow your rules. Jagan says Adi is not saying anything. Adi says I will follow all rules and not give you a chance to complain next time. Sarpanch says fine, go. Jagan says we won’t leave you next time, you cheated and called police. Adi gets angry. Ishita stops him.

Raman says we gave right upbringing to our children. Ishita says call Adi once, he is bearing all this tough time. Ruhi worries and asks what happened to Adi. Raman says Adi is not in a safe place.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Episode was good. Aliya should have not come here and ishra should not have allowed her to stay with Adi. The taunt given to ashok by ruhi was good. I am a die hard fan of dt and kp… I saw in the last episode’s comments that thm said. Well thm, you are right…. we cannot expect the same scenes of ishra…. the serial doesn’t show only about ishra… and Adi Aliya are not to be blamed for this…. I love ishra and Adi Aliya. Some fans need romance wala scenes while others deny. Ishra and Adi Aliya are same for me… yhm leap is about second generation….. it’s all because of the creatives… ishra is not only romance, but also a helping hand and doing their own duties, being sincere…. I totally agree with thm… I hope Adi and Aliya won’t get married soon… else only problems… poor ishra they are tangled in every problem… glad that ashok is back…missed him for 5 months… got sick of nidhi. Now I think the story will go good and the trp rating increases.., we fans are expecting a happiest episode ever….when will it come?

    1. priyamvadha, thank u for supporting my Point of view…. Totally agree with you too… I just love both of the couples…

  2. Why many of my yhm friends are not commenting here? Seems they don’t like the track… me too…

    1. Hey priyamvada .even I don’t like this track.

  3. HI Rithu, VP, MIno, Shivani, magic, Priya, Priyamvadha, Khushi, Parichary, Susan, Sayyeda and many other fans of YHM. Missed all you very much. I was away for a long holiday and now am back.
    Read all your comments and pretty much got the story. At least the recent few episodes had Raman and Ishita working things together and also trying to resolve the siblings rivalry. At least they showed that both Ishra are on the same note when it comes to Adi and Ruhi. They think so much alike and that was very good. I hope the cvs would continue just ensure that Ishra solve any issues together and not one remains and the other just disappears.

    The next they can develop is Pihu’s child tantrums. As a child start growing she will haver her own tantrum and becoming stubborn so they can develop that with Pihu and show how Ishra recolve that together as parents if cvs run out storyline

    Finally Niddhi is ousted and Ashok the great rivalry of Raman has appeared. I don’t know what else is he going to do

    1. Hi Sindhu, glad to see you back… Agree with your pov… Maybe about Pihu, tantrums only as she is in social media…Glad to see ashok back,but still confusing…. Ruhi and Adi will soon Reunite…

    2. Hey are you?I am glad you came back .

  4. Siddharth

    HW dare this useless illiterate people to punish actually they should beaten black&blue for troubling others idiot ppl??

  5. episode was good…after soooo many days ishra r solving a prob together….poor adi n aliya..who the hell r the villagers to punish them even after they said tht they r ngaged….

  6. soo gud to c ashok…he is the best willain in the show….ruhi’s part was good…hope adi n ruhi reunite soon…ruhi’s words to ashok were superrrb like she’s really daughter of raman kumar bhalla….n adi shd get successful in his bussiness..i thnk nw adi n aliya will marry in d village itself i hv read in some spoiler.
    hope for the best.luv u ishra..n yhm…..

  7. Hate ishra oldy couple , their romance sucks now… adhi aaliyaa more cute and sweet and romantic couple ahdi and aliyaa
    Ishra sucks after leap

  8. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  9. Hi all …Rithu how are you ? Yhm is completely lost … It was nice watching Ishra … but inspite of Ishitha taking the initiating … I dont think the hotel scene was very appealing or mind blowing …its nice to see Ashok back but Ruhi to challenge with him is too much . As parents Ishra has no time to take care of their business nor to give proper guidance to Adi or Ruhi .Simply saying Paravarish is not everything … that was there only in the initial two years tillsurrogancy . Once Ishitha is gone to Australia… CVs totally messed up withe story . They showed Raman characterless for a long time after that gulabo tracha Ishitha too . If they had shown , Ishitha was knowing Gulabo was Raman … and behaves the same way … wud have been defferent . What a big crime Mani has done … to treat Shaghun royally , not taken any action on the same . Where is actual Gulabo ? Where is Pihu.. totally boring … it doesnt make any defference in watching or not watching . So fast to connect some one in Balas life … no values no reality .. Raman being with his ex wife for miscarriage .. Ishitha has no problem Mani too .. One request please dont make us fools . cvs had taken us a ride for with our emotions … now anything is acceptable .. please make it end .

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