Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pihu doing drama and trying to end the distance between Mrs. Bhalla and Amma. She makes them sit in storeoom and locks them. She asks them to solbe their fight now. They ask her to open the door. Adi asks Pihu from where is she coming. She says I m the best, I locked Dadi and Amma in storeroom, they have to talk.

Adi recalls how Mrs. Bhalla fainted by claustrophobia last time. He tells Pihu the same and runs to save her. Mrs. Bhalla starts getting unwell and asks Pihu to open the door. Amma asks what happened. Mrs. Bhalla falls down. Amma calls for help. Simmi, Adi and Neelu open the door and see Mrs. Bhalla fallen. They take her outside. Pihu apologizes. Simmi scolds her and Pihu argues. Simmi gets angry and blames her for Mrs. Bhalla’s state. She raises hand

and Shagun stops her. Shagun asks Simmi not to dare to slap her daughter. Pihu apologizes. Shagun sends Adi and Pihu home. She scolds Simmi and asks why did she raise hand, Pihu was just bringing Mrs. Bhalla and Amma together. Simmi says she is getting spoiled, did you and Raman take away all rights from us, are we strangers. Shagun sees Amma and says Simmi, we will go home and talk.

They bring Mrs. Bhalla home. Shagun says Mrs. Bhalla is fine. Amma recalls Raman’s words. Adi tries calling someone. He says Pihu tried and even then no use.

Ishita introduces Mani to Dr. Menon. She says Dr. Menon is sure you can walk and gets Mani checked bu the doctor. Mani stands up. Ishita gets glad and says you stood on your feet after 7 years. Mani asks can I sit, its aching. Doctor makes him walk. Mani holds Ishita’s hand. Doctor asks him to leave her hand and walk without support. Aaliya comes and gets glad seeing Mani walking. She hugs Mani. Mani says I m just following Ishita’s orders for surgery. They smile.

Pihu tells her friend that her mumma is best, they will win. Her friend says she is not your real mom, my mumma says your mom and dad are not married. Pihu asks her not to lie. Her friend asks her to ask her mummy. The kids joke on her and asks her to talk to teacher, she knows everything.

Aaliya and Mani have a talk. She makes him sit. He says he has to talk about Ishita. She asks are you annoyed with me, did Amma complain. He says guilty conscious, nothing like that, I want to take permission from you, actually advice, we are like family since 7 years, what if we really become family. She says I did not understand. He says how will it be if we make your Ishita Amma really your Amma. She gets glad and asks are you serious, did you propose her. He says no, I did not have courage, Ishu is my best friend, we have seen a lot in life, ups and downs, but have to think before taking big decision. She says you and Amma were together for 7 years, whats there to think. He says I did not wish to become burden on her, now I m getting better and thinking to ask her out. She says obviously, nothing can be better, I always wanted this, you and Amma gave me and Vivaan so much love, we did not realize you are not our father, but our Mama/uncle, you and Ishita are made for each other, I m so happy.

Ishita serves paisam to Mani. He smiles seeing her. Ishita asks him to have it. He tastes it and says brilliant like always. He says I have to say something imp. Aaliya gets a good news on phone and asks Ishita to guess. Ishita says you got work of next concert of Ruhaan. Aaliya says yes, he liked my work and kept me as his personal assistant. Ishita asks her to amnage studies well. Aaliya hugs Mani and asks him to tell Amma everything. She goes. Mani says you know us well and guessed it, I could not have guessed, you are the best mother a child can have. She looks on.

Niddhi scolds Ruhaan and says I want you in recording stuido now. Mrs. Bhalla says Pihu will know that you and Raman and not married, I have to talk to Raman, don’t worry.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Verti

    Wowww Amena,
    Super fast update…
    Felt angry on seeing raman part,

    Raman: U proved u r step mom, dont step in my house..blah,blah
    This idiot always insults everyone..He is soo cheao that after all sacrifices, he blamed ishita.
    He forgot she lost child to save adi and ruhi..Even she was in death bed to save children (earthquake sequence).

    Wish ishita get ruhi back, and raman sud face wrath and hate of ishita.
    Even he insulted romi and romi left..Raman just knows to insult

    • after seeing raman’s this behaviour I can say Shagun have left Raman because of this idiotic things.And now his family.

      • Resh

        Shagun has not left raman because of this..Raman was not short -tempered at the time of raman-shagun married time…He was like a hen pecker

  2. Isaaq

    Really feel sorry for ruhi now. That little girl suffered for no reason whatsoever. I’m glad pihu is ruhanika. Pihu is a really funny character.
    Just hope ishita saves ruhi from Niddhi quickly it’s getting too emotional 🙁

  3. Siddhi

    I am waiting for ishru reunion so it is revealed that shagun n manoj ki marriage niii hoiii fed up with all this leap drama uf ishu with Mani n shagun with Raman missing lil ruhi

  4. Hj

    Thank god still raman and shagun arn’t married. But thoshi. And other way disgusting maniii. I hate this track.

  5. jodha

    Ishu is very pretty in that dress.where is raavn kumaar.?is mrs balla going to say that raman should marry shagun.unfair for ru and ishuu.

  6. Fatarajo

    Pihu is soooooo adorable , but I don’t understand how Ruhi and Pihu can resemble sooo much , especially when they share diff mother (even if Shagun was pregnant with Pihu too) , it’s very illogical. Only thing I liked after the leap was Pihu’s character and nothing else. And I just hate Raman’s character day by day he was the first one who told Ishu to give ruhi to nidhi not Ishu she denied it , Raman is just a selfish guy who never admits his mistake ad what’s pihu’s fault stupid kumar bhalla, sometimes despite being an Ishra fan I would say Ishita deserves Mani not Raman no offense

  7. Ammu

    Thank God shagun is not married to Raman now I can take relife breath I m sooo happy that shagun will it change -ve again and poor pihu ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  8. SIndhu

    Hi Rithu, DIya,Ananka, VP and many other YHM fans. I just like our little Pihu. I am just wondering when will they show Raman with his new look. HIs new look after the leap is somehow kept a bit hush hush. Will he go really bald I wonder? I only hope Mani will not propose to Ishita. Though Mani is a very nice man and kind but I just only can accept our Ishra. Please Ekta don’t do this. Just let Ishita and Raman meet and be back together. I actually don’t mind if Mani ends up with Simmi. Looks like Prateek is nowhere to be seen after the leap. Perhaps Romi and Mihika are together as they both left the house at the same time. Raman ends up regretting that Ishita died because of him and Ishita is regretting that Ruhi died because of her. I really don’t know how Pihu and Adi are going to join both of them together. Looks like Ekta has given a lot of importance to Pihu. Once Pihu knows that Ishita is a realy mum, I wonder how she will react. I think it is true that Raman will dote on Pihu very much as he probably sees Ishita in Pihu which is why he is staying alive. Pihu gives him all the happiness he needs. The only thing that Ekta might do is to create a misunderstanding between Ishita and Raman which Ekta loves always to do. Raman might see Ishita and assume that she is married to Mani as he would hear Aliya calling her Amma and Ishita also maybe be mistaken that Raman married Shagun as Pihu calls her mumma. They both will probably misunderstand. That will be very sad. I hope if mani proposes to Ishita, I really want her to say that she only loves Raman and no one can take his place.. That will be very sweet to hear from her.

  9. sanju

    Nyc episode…but mani shd nt propose ishu.and hope aliya hi milayegi ishu aur ruhaan ko.dekte hai ki ishu pahchaan payegi apni ruhi ko.ruhaan toh zaroor pahchanega apni ishinaa ko.waiting for ishu aur ruhaan ka milan.and thank god shagun aur raman ka marriage nai hua.par manoj se bhi nai hua???
    I hate niddhi.hw rude is she.want to kill where is mihika,romi,abhishek and mihir yaar wt abt them.yeh to abhi bhi nai pata chela ki romi aur mihika ne kya kiya.ishu was looking soo nyc as usual…..waiying for nxt episode…..plzzzzz reunite ishruraadi yaar…..

  10. Siddhi

    I couldn’t understand whether ruhi hate ishu or not some spoilers show that she hates ishu I don’t understand can’t see ruhi hate her ishimaa

  11. Siddhi

    I hope ruhi don’t her ishimaa coz spoilers me ye Bhi a raha that that Raman will hate pihu but its not true

  12. shivani

    Happy to knw that shagun nd raman are not married..i think pihu wil try to unite raman and shagun..and its sure she wil not accept ishu as her mother…How can mani propose ishu.?…he knws that ishu only loves raman..

  13. abhi next episode me ruhaan k daat me dard hoga and fir aliya ishu k pas ruhan ko me jayegi aise ishu n ruhi milenge

  14. Siddhi

    Guys new news shagun wanted to get back in bhalla family n marry Raman she also broke her relationship with manoj but she portrayed that she sacrifice her life for pihu she also built a strong feeling with pihu to enter bhalla family

  15. I don’t think so that ruhi came back to take revenge. I can see the love in her eyes for her ishimaa . Real victim of whole track is ruhi she just have a devil in her life . I think shagun is just pretending to love pihu to get back in bhalla family . Or if shagun has changed to positive then she will never want ishita back in her love.

  16. Ishrakalove

    What a relief to know Raman and Shagun are not married one tension less just waiting for Ishra reunion thanks for the update

  17. Am I the only one who find mani to be chipko and opportunist…. thankfully ishita neglected his proposal other wise it would have gave me cancer!!!! Anyways totally happy to know that shagun raman didn’t get married!!!

  18. Anakha

    Hai rithu,vp,sindhu,siddhi,ude and all yhm friends…nice episode…it’s revealed that shagun-raman are not married..and i think soon pihu will realize about ishita…i am waiting for ruhi-ishita scenes after years…if ekta maa’m forget about mihika..please reveal it soon….it’s a fact that because of ruhanika we all are still watching yhm …

  19. Randunu

    Hey guys!I’m having such a good day because I became the 1st of my class today.So excited and waiting for the A/L’s in the upcoming August.I got 100 for both Physics and Chemistry.But 98 for Biology.Feeling sad about it. I hope that Ishu will regret Mani’s proposal as she loves Raman a lot and that’ll be the turning point and Mani will help her to return back to India.I hope Ishra union won’t be too long and we will be able to see both families together.Actually where is Ashok and Suraj?And Romi too.So anxious to see the upcoming episodes.Please don’t drag this particular thing like the previous ghost drama.Because we don’t want to see them like this.

    • Kitties

      Oh congrats!!? Brilliant students like u regret when they don’t get 100%! Otherwise 98 is not bad as well !!
      Yhm became boring after the leap , ishita looks gorgeous in her new look! She rockzzzz . I hope mani shouldn’t propose her ; after all friendship is better between them than any other relation!!!

  20. chiki

    i’m really happy that shagun is not married to raman!!! but what’s this thoshi and mani upto???? mani idiot!!! he clearly knows that ishu only loves raman…but at the same time,i feel raman doesn’t deserve ishu….he knows only to insult….all i have to say is “this story is getting worse day by day”.

  21. arshi

    Well…i always like yhm in anyway i see it…but after the leap,i’m disappointed with some points…1.adi is the one in bhalla family who’s always trying to follow his ishi maa’s teachings but it seems as if ishu has almost forgotten that she has a son named adi!!! I mean not even once did she mention about him…2.why shagun didnt marry manoj & wats the need to turn her again into negative?3.romi’s confusion still on & mihika has been unnecessarily dragged into this…4.why the hell is ekta mam trying to give so much importance 2 nidhi!!!…?who the hell is she???5.raman’s attitude is unacceptable. Coz nidhi took revenge frm raman as he rejected her for ishu is no way concerned ravan kumar should either hate himself or shagun.not ishita… 6.mani & family track seems unnecessary here…but still its ok… 2 drag the story… Can be accepted. week gone & only some characters revealed excluding male lead…
    Positive points- every one look more beautiful & handsome after leap… Starting frm mani to simmi…adi, ruhaan,pihu,ishu ofcourse,shagun & the rest…
    Have so much more to r8 in just one week…dont know wat’ll happen further…

  22. NaveenS

    So I see no reason why Ishita should not accept Mani’s proposal. Ram is not good husband material, sad to say. All he’s done throughout is insult bully and blame other people instead of looking in the mirror.

    I’m a mother myself and any man, be it whoever that insult my motherhood I’m
    afraid I could never respect that person. Women need to have pride in themselves. So Ishita decided to kill herself over Raman’s insults, because hurt! I’m sure it
    cut deeper than a knife because he
    questioned her love Ruhi and that was devilish to say the least!
    I’m glad Mani saved her or she would’ve been dead, God forbid! I hope she never goes back to that idiot Raman.

    Another thing….Why does Pihu have call Shagun Mama? Shagun was the surrogate and so it should of remain. That woman was never good to her biological children nor was she a good wife! Now she’s dressed like an aunty etc. I’m sorry to say that chlothes don’t change you and the Bhallas their memories are short.

    I think Shagun and Raman deserve each other and the Bhallas deserve such as shagun, Sarika and Nidhi!

  23. Roselyn Dada

    Nice episode pls unit Rahman and Ishu back thump up for Aliya Pihu and Adi please so anxious to see Rahman back from Nigeria

  24. Hi rithushree and yhm fans siddi sami and sommy. Thanks amena forthe fast update I am glad that shagun and raman are not married. But why does shagun have sindur in her head. Well i think she is married to manoj.

  25. V P

    so much to say …… here cvs destroyed the term friendship …….. it showed Mani too has feelings for Ishitha and if Ishitha knows it any woman to continue stay with that man is defficult . Mani should have been that true friend Mani …. Thank you Cvs for spoiling that term . one good thing after 7 years Mani can walk now … ishus mental support is there plus she is out of that guilt too that becoz of her Mani was not able to walk . Pihu is coming to know that Shaghun mama is not real mom ….Happy to know Raman and Shaghun not married … but I am very sure Mrs Bhalla is going to talk to Raman to remarry Shaghun ….and marriage preparations will start …, Def Raman will say yes …. for Pihu …. shaghun and Raman trated little Ruhi very badly … with Ishithas entry only Ishru bond started and the Raavan kumar started his relife . shaghun is enjoying this fake marriage and surely waiting for a legal entry …. Taman must be seeing Ishitha in Pihu and so may agree for Pihus happiness .Where as Aliya will b close with Ruhan and slowly Ishitha will understand her Ruhi and only Ishitha can save our Ruhi … I dont understand why Nidhi is given so important …. ishitha looked gorgeous lovely beautiful sarees and cotrast blouses though fat looking it suits her matured look . cant wait for Raman …. Mrs Bhalla it is high time to stop her selfish feelings for her children …may b at the time of the wedding of Raman and Shaghun our Ishitha is coming back … misunderstanding can happen …. shaghun may turn negative or maha maha Devi …. both cant be accepted …. Ishitha has one love thats her Raavan kumar ….

  26. fb par a raha hai k when ruhi recognize ishita she will behave bad with alia to create trouble in ishitas life but I think its not true my hearts says that ruhi is doing all thus for a reason n she still loves ishita n as VP said I also think that Raman will agree to marry shogun for pihu

  27. adithi

    hate this leap…..
    1.raman ,mihika,mihir,abishek,romi,vandu and many characters are not exposed
    2.why shagun is staying in the bhalla house as pihu’s real mom
    3.why mani is proposing ishita even though he knows she loves raman
    4. this bhalla family is cheap ,they did barsi for only ruhi not ishita but iyers did for both
    5.raman knows how much sacrifices ishita did for him and his family but he is insulting her

    • ude

      I saw a video and it shows that they meet each other but ishitha couldn’t recognize ruhi and I think ruhaan recognized her ishima cause she loves her a lot.

  28. sandeep

    the most non sense script. no one is happy and everyone is broken.

    the creators are sick people.

  29. reshma

    if shagun is not married to anyone, why she is wearing mangalsutra(black beads) in the episode post leap?????

    so, pihu asks all this and Adi listens to them… later, Adi might tell evrythng happened to pihu.. I strongly believe Raman has love/hatred for ishitha, as the promo itself suggests he is still remembering her… (A glass of scotch, when he wanted to drink he sees ishitha’s face in it and drops the glass intentionally in anger)…

    So, he won’t agree for marriage with shagun….

  30. shivani

    I think he will not agree to marry shagun…then shagun may use pihu to enter in raman’s life….

  31. sam

    I just don’t like Raman anymore… Infact yhm will be better if Raman and ishita stays seperate.
    Raman just knows business and not family values… Ishita has done so much for his family but he insulted her like anything.. Sorrogacy was also his idea. He wanted ishita’s baby.
    Ishita said she is complete with adi and Ruhi but he did all the necessary for sorrogacy hidingly… I don’t know why the writers portrays the lead character that way.
    Ishita should not go back to Raman… But she should go back to her parents
    She should show everyone that she was not wrong 7years back.

    • V P

      I too feel Ishitha will save her from Nidhi and then come back to India ….she will think Taman is married Shaghun and doesnt want to interfere where Raman will misunderstand her with Mani too . Amazing Adi will unite them . Ishima will b surprised to see her Adi.

  32. Neha

    Friends please don’t say anything bad about mani…he is such a sweet friend…he helped ishita every time…he loves ishu but sacrificed his love for raman…and really love him and agr har kisi ki life mein uske jaisa friend hoga toh life kitni aasan hogi…luv you mani..

  33. Hi friends am also fan of yhm serial but am a silent reader so am come back….wit my comment……. So friends mani is not suitable to ishita because mani is looking ishita elder brother just ishita,raman, ruhaan/ruhi,pihu,adi this family perfect forever.

  34. nimrit

    hii all yhm fans & frnds gd afternoon….wow ..i was wrong…raman & shagun are not married…may be shagun becomes negative again for returning in raman’s life & bhalla house after ishita’s cmeback …but hope so tht ishra will reunite by ruhaan….

  35. nimrit

    ya sidhhi i also see that pics of romi….he is looking good…but is it true that mihika is leaving the show…i read it on yhm page…..hopes ki that are only rumours…..mihika is such a lovely sis..she always supports ishita…..plz dnt quit the show….i really like mihiku….

  36. A

    Television actress Mihika Varma, who plays
    the role of Mihika in popular show “Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein,” is reportedly planning to quit
    the show. According to reports, with the show
    taking a seven-year leap, Mihika was reluctant
    on ageing on-screen and hence she chose to
    take the exit route.
    “The show recently took a seven-year leap and
    while most of the important characters have
    stayed back, Mihika said that she doesn’t
    want to age on-screen. She has put in her
    papers and the makers have already started
    looking for her replacement,” a source told the
    Times of India .

  37. ude

    After a long long long time I’m commenting to this page……….. I just can’t understand one thing……. And that is why can’t a mother recognize her most beloved daughter even after 7 years past? I say that because I saw an on location in YouTube that ishitha and ruhaan meeting each other but couldn’t recognize each other. Even ruhaan didn’t say anything……… How could ruhi very easily forget her ishima and how could ishitha forget her most beloved daughter ruhi so easily…….these kind of things happens only in ekta serial’s………
    Oh ekta u have ruined our favorite show……
    Too bad of u……….


    • Appy

      ruhi ishita ko pehchan jati hai, par wo ishita se naraz hai ki usne apni beti k liye uski bali chada di, isliye wo use dekh kar b anjaan ban jati h. use us din ki sari bate yaad hia or apne bachpan ki b jo wo har roz yaad krti h.

  38. Sweety

    I hp shagun bcmz negtive as she lvz pihu nd if ishita returns pihu stats lvng ishita nd i shagun wnt raman bck in her life nd mrs balla z plng thir marriage

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