Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amma telling Mrs. Bhalla that she did not do wrong being Rinki’s mum, even she was also worried for Raman and Ishita, but Mihir and Mihika are good friends and Mihika will never hurt Rinki. She asks her to give her loaded ideas to Rinki to bring spark in marriage. Mrs. Bhalla thanks her and says she will tell her. Shagun says Ruhi is coming. Raman asks where are they going and he will do booking. She tells the place and he calls Ishita to give the address. She says she will reach in 15mins. He says I will come in 30mins, Shagun should not know I told you, so act well. Shagun hears this. Ishita says she will act award winning and asks him to come soon.

Ruhi comes and Shagun says I had set alarm, Ruhi can’t come, she has her Karate class, we will cook at home

and spend time with her. He says fine and sees phone. Shagun asks him to leave phone and spend time. Ruhi takes his phone and says Ishi Maa says one work at a time. Shagun says I will make things ready in kitchen. Ishita is on the way and smiles. She asks driver to drive fast. He says we will reach in 5mins. She comes to the restaurant and waits for Ruhi. Dil se dil ka rishta jo hai…………..plays…………

Shagun asks only pasta. Raman says scrambled eggs. She asks Ruhi to get eggs from fridge. Raman sits there and gets tensed thinking about Ishita. Ishita calls him and Shagun takes the call, and Ishita asks where is he, why did they not come. Shagun talks to him and makes Ishita hear them. Ruhi drops the eggs. She laughs. Shagun says like father, like daughter. Ruhi asks Shagun to drop too. Raman asks her to break one egg. She acts and asks are you sure. She drops the egg and Ruhi claps. Ruhi says she is having lots of fun. Ishita gets sad and says it means Ruhi will not come here today.

Mihir brings Rinki to his fav place, and he wanted to have chicken after Navratri. She gets Mrs. Bhalla’s call and he goes to take his phone from car. Rinki tells her that Mihir and her came to Dhaba, he wanted to have chicken. Mrs. Bhalla asks why did she not go for candle light dinner. Rinki asks what does she mean. Mrs. Bhalla says get romantic with Mihir, use flowers and perfumes and gives some tips. Mr. Bhalla comes and hears Mrs. Bhalla. She asks Rinki to get food packed and see any romantic movie at home, and says if Mihir gets shy, you don’t move back, its your right. Rinki feels odd and says Mihir is calling me, and ends the call.

Mrs. Bhalla says new generation show they are advanced, but old love tips are useful. Mr. Bhalla flirts and they have a drink. Amma asks Ishita is she fine. Ishita says I feel everything is getting out of control, I m jealous of Raman, sorry, I don’t feel good that Ruhi always chooses Raman over me, she wants to meet him and does not like me, I feel bad. She says Ruhi got her complete family, she does not need me, Shagun is just using her, she does not love her, if she did, I would have been happy. Amma says kids know true love, she will realize that you are her real Ishi Maa, Raman also knows that you are his real family.

She says your and Ruhi’s bond can’t end like this. They cry. Amma says everything will be fine. Ishita says right and hugs her. Raman comes home and says I hope she slept, how will I face her. He sees Ishita. She smiles and asks what happened, did Ruhi ask about me, and behaves normal. He looks at her. She says its good you did not come there, it was boring place, Ruhi would have not enjoyed there. Raman says plan changed. She says good you cooked at home. He asks how does she know.

She says it was in auto answer mode and she heard them enjoying, Ruhi was so happy. He says you are much strong, a woman is using your daughter against you and you are not angry, I wish every mother is like you. She says I m happy and does not remember anything when Ruhi smiles. He asks her to sleep and makes her lie down. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays…………

Its morning, Amma thinks about Ishita’s words and gets sad. Mihika comes and turns the gas off seeing milk boiling and falling. Amma says we have to do something for Ishita, she is feeling incomplete without Ruhi. The door bell rings and Amma goes. Mihika says I know who can help Ishita, Sujatha will bring Ruhi back, I need to talk to her.

Ruhi’s teacher talks to Shagun and asks her to let Ruhi study, modeling is not good. Shagun says many schools support children towards acting and modeling, and argues with her. She says she will keep private tutor for Ruhi’s studies and she just informed her as it was her work. Raman asks Ishita about his wallet. Muttu brings it. Ishita comes and says she is doing her work. He says she will get a surprise and goes to get it. he makes a heart with the ketchup on the omelette and asks her to call Ishita. Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla see it and think they made it for each other. Ishita comes and shows Raman their romance.

Raman says its wrong, someone’s hardwork and someone else getting credit. Mr. Bhalla says your mum was happy, so I just thought to make her so. They all smile.

Ruhi calls Ishita and disconnects it. Shagun looks on. Ishita says I know you love me. Shagun asks Ruhi to have milk and sees the call log. She tells the lawyer to tell in court that Ruhi is having emotional and mental problems because of Ishita.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    U guys will also luv it
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  8. Sick of seeing Shagun, she is there as decorative item hate her voice she does not know how to act. I think woman like her should go and be lady of the night in Mumbai street instead of using her child F. Ing b*t*h. Please ishita your make up was too much even going to bed you looked like a clown why can’t the make up artist learn to do make up properly less is more

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