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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aaliya knocking the door and asking Adi to come out, they have to go to Mihir, maybe Mihir got conscious. Adi cries and does not reply. She asks whats wrong, say something fine, I m going. She leaves. He sits crying and thinks of their moments, while looking at the gift he got for her. Adi leaves. Ishita tells Raman that Mihir did not get conscious till now. Raman says doctors have habit to give tension to relatives, Mihir will get fine, where is Aaliya. She says I have sent her with Adi, to freshen up and have some food. He says Adi will propose her, he has grown up. She asks whats the hurry. He says let him propose, we won’t get them married so soon. Shagun and Mani meet them, and all of them go to see Mihir, who got conscious.

Mrs. Bhalla talks to Raman

on call and is glad that Mihir got conscious. She asks Simmi to light diya in temple. Vandu comes and Ruhi tells about Mihir’s recovery. Mrs. Bhalla signs Vandu what happened. She asks Simmi and Ruhi to go and sleep. They go. Mrs. Bhalla asks Vandu whats the matter.

Mihir tells everyone that Aaliya was right, we should have stayed at hotel. Raman jokes. Shagun says my brother is a good man, nothing can happen to him. Mani says yes, indeed. Ishita says you scared us. Mihir says I m fine, don’t take tension. She goes.. Mihir asks Raman what happened to Ishita. Raman says she was worried for you.

Vandu tells Mrs. Bhalla about Romi and Sanchi. Mrs. Bhalla gets angry. Romi comes home. Vandu asks why did he come late. He says I was busy in work. He asks Mrs. Bhalla to inform him about his imp courier, and goes. Mrs. Bhalla says I will see him. Vandu says we have to think and do, else Romi will become defensive. Aaliya comes to see Mihir. Ishita asks her where is Adi. Aaliya says don’t know, he went, I think he left for home, I waited for him and could not control, I took cab, I will meet Mihir. Ishita holds her hand and stops her, asking did you tell him you love Mihir. Aaliya says yes, I told him, there is nothing to hide, let me see Mihir. Ishita thinks I did mistake to send Aaliya with Adi, his heart would have broken. Raman asks her is she fine, what happened. She says I m tired. He asks her to go home with Adi, where is he. She says he went home. He asks her to go with doctor.

Aaliya meets Mihir and is relieved. Mihir says you saved my life. Nurse asks her to go out. Mihir asks Aaliya to go. Aaliya asks Mani and Shagun to go. Mihir says its been long day for you, go home, change and rest. Aaliya says no, I will stay here. Raman asks Aaliya not to be adamant, I will stay with Mihir. Mani asks Aaliya to come. Aaliya says I will stay here. Mihir asks her to please go home. Aaliya asks him to take care. Shagun says Raman, call me or Mani if there is any emergency, come Aaliya. Aaliya leaves with Shagun and Mani.

Shagun asks Mani to get water for Aaliya. He goes. Shagun asks Aaliya is she upset, whats bothering her, I know I m not your mum, but I m mum, I know his child behaves when he is troubled, you can share the problem with me, maybe sharing things with Mani is uncomfortable, you talk to anyone, you will feel better, look at your face. Aaliya says don’t know how will you react hearing this, I really love Mihir.

Shagun asks what. Aaliya says I know you will be shocked and scold me. Shagun says no, its good thing you love Mihir, you are a nice girl, Mihir is lucky that you love her, he will treat the girl like a princess, love is a good thing, it’s a pure emotion. She hugs Aaliya. Mani gets water and asks did I disturb this moment. Shagun makes Aaliya drink water and says I will cook something good for Aaliya.

Ishita comes home and looks for Adi. She says he is not at home, his car is there. She goes to ask watchman. She sees Adi breaking the gift with a stone and crying. She asks Adi to stop it. He asks why did you not tell me about Aaliya’s feelings, that she loves Mihir, you knew I love her and I m going to propose her. She says when would I say, I got to know in hospital. He says you should have told me then, why did you send me with Aaliya, to make fun of me.

She asks why will I, I thought it could be in crush, she was in trauma and shouting, I thought I will send her out of hospital, she was going mad, it was momentary. Adi asks momentary, don’t you know Aaliya madly loves Mihir. She says I was also worried for Mihir. Adi says enough, you did not do right with me, you don’t know what I m going through. He leaves. She cries and asks will I intentionally hurt you.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to pack tiffin. She asks Ruhi is she going to hospital, call Ishita also. Adi comes. Ruhi asks Adi to get ready, Raman was at hospital all night and came in morning. Adi says I will not go, I m going to office, who will see the work. Mrs. Bhalla says I think you are worried for Mihir, he will get fine, have breakfast. Adi shouts I won’t have breakfast and goes. Mrs. Bhalla and Ruhi think what happened to Adi. Mrs. Bhalla says he maybe stressed because of Mihir, don’t worry, everyone is worried for Mihir. Ruhi goes. Mrs. Bhalla worries for the problem Romi created.

Vandu says milk is flowing out. She asks Mihika where is her focus and switches off the gas stove. Mihika says sorry, I did not see. Vandu thinks to talk to Romi, as Mihika is very upset. Raman comes and asks for breakfast. Mrs. Bhalla says make Mihir have this food so that he gets energy, you came in morning, you maybe tired, your Papa and I will go. He says you go in evening, senior doctor is coming, I will go. He asks everyone to come, where is Adi. Ruhi says he was irritated, maybe he has meeting in office. Raman says he did not meet Mihir yesterday, I will call him. Ishita says no, don’t call him. Raman asks why. Ishita says Adi will be annoyed. Raman says Mihir loves him, he will be waiting for Adi. Ruhi says let Adi work in office, Mihir will be glad knowing Adi is managing office. Raman says this is also right, Adi got responsible. He asks them to come. Ishita gets thinking.

Ishita tells Raman that Aaliya loves Mihir. Raman asks is she mad, why did I get angry on Adi, he is in shock. Ishita says its not Aaliya’s mistake, she did not think of it, it may have just happened. He says you are defending her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Todays episode was so sad I feel bad for adi….he loves her so much…but aliya loves mihir…not happy with the couple pair….please reunite adi & aliya

    1. Agreed????

    2. Khushiarvind

      True nishat….
      What is the need of adding love triangle evrywhere
      Ishitha- shagun- raman
      Luv trinagle plot is inevitable for ekta shows..drags it in to every relations..
      She will evn add luv triangle fir mrs bhalla ir mrs iyer too

      1. Khushiarvind

        Don’t forget about


        Can’t guess of more love triangle

  2. Poor Adi. I feel so sorry for him. CVs please show a new girl for Adi. And get Aaliya and Mihir married. Mihir is not that old. He is just 10-12 years older than her. And in real many people marry ones who are even twice of their age so pls. End this story fast. Or atleast make Mihika divorce Romi and marries Mihir.

    1. You are right , ye aaliya pagaliya hai
      koi aur nhi mila
      Its good that adi aur uski shaadi nhi hui varna woh apne sasur yaani raman par bhi dpre daalti. Ise kehte hai complete chirkoot

  3. aliya is a mad girl. How can she loves to her uncle… Just a rubish… Shagun you need a brain wash…

    1. shreya shetty

      mp u r absolutely right.i agree with u that adi should get married to a better girl than aaliya and not her coz shes 100 percent stupid,idiotic and irritating mad cow!!!!!who the hell told her to open her mouth to express her hatred towards adi.its just YUCK

    2. Khushiarvind

      Aaliyas liking towards mihir is juz an infactuation.. She is attracted towards his matured well behaves character vrry unique and rare types…
      Once her fascination is over their relation will be in stake…
      Ekta will find some other irritating teist in bet. Lyk adi marriyng aliya pressurised by everyone eithout any luv nd in future another break up
      She does this with evry relations.. No relation will ho smooth in her show

  4. Hi all, I am back from model exams….

    Very sad episode… I will definitely kill that Shagun if I were Ishita. Adi deserves a better matured girl…not a foolish and immature girl like Alia.. avanthi told me the update s when I was not commenting on this site….
    Anyways…how r U all? I missed U all.. I will comment here only for 6-8 days. Because I have I semester examination from 15th to 23rd of this month …

    1. Nidhi

      Hey just being curious you Model exams?????

      1. Yes…. I had model exams…. means revision exams just b4 1st semester exams

      2. Yes…. I had model exams… Means revision exams.

    2. shreya shetty

      hey avanthi u too want to kill shagun shaggy doo na then take me along.even I too am ready to kill her soooo bad for destroying ishitas life like that.

      1. shreya shetty

        oops sorry ananthi I mean.getting confused with both of ur sisters names.anyways are u two twin sisters????

      2. Yes, shreya. I wanted to kill her that she did so much troubles to poor ishu….

        Yeah, me and Avanthi are twin sisters <3 .

      3. Thats okay shreya. Even my classmates get confused with our names….. Chill… 😉

  5. Mihir will definitely marry another gal for sake of adi I wish it shld happen quickly

  6. verry sad sist .i am riana from Indonesia .
    i am fans ishita .
    happy ending .

    1. Welcome to this community?

  7. what so boring stuff.. Mihir & Alia Age gap and alia sympathy on Mihir turned to Love … What nonsense..and ADI turning into RAMAN KUMAR BHALLA>………..

    Please change Ruhi… present actor is just chumby but not even a dialogue deliver, her postures and nothing are cool……….

    ROMI, ADI , ALIA More Drama… keep on dragging more till TRP falls down

  8. Aliya is not at fault guys.she even doesn’t know that adi loves her.things wouldn’t have gone wrong if mihir & mihika were united in the beginning.By the way I liked the old mihika compared to the new one

  9. Plsss kill that shagun such a cheap women using everyone for her selfish motives. Plssss make mihirs marriage with sanchi and bring any other grl for adi. I hate that stupid aaliya both mihir and adi deserves better than stupid aliya.

    1. He’s doing MBA?? Omg I didn’t know

      1. Oops..shahabana I didn’t mean to reply that to u!!!????this is my reply:

        You speak most sense here. I like that. And Omg ur correct I totally forgot about dat sanchi ?

  10. ROMI pursuing his MBA but not ready to share that with anyone.. Kya DRAMA’s package///

    1. He’s doing MBA?? Omg I didn’t know

  11. Why should mihir sacrifice for adi atleast this once I like what Shagun said mihir is a nice guy he should marry Aliya what is the matter with the age difference she loves him and they can make it work. I love adi but why shld Raman and his kids get what they want always this once let adi grow up its not by force for Aliya to love him she loves someone else get over with it he is now just behaving immature and getting his anger out on others and destroying himself like father like son and Ofcourse our ishu has to suffer for their useless mistakes .don’t like the fact that Shagun is playing with their emotions but Aliya’s love is true and I wish mihir falls inlove with her too

    1. Swara….

      You are wrong but you think that the age does not matter but numbers.

      Aylia is in love with Mihir

      Mihir is not in love with Aylia

      Mihir rejected Aylia proposed for his beloved Adi.

      Mihir don’t want Adi to comitted badly and Mihir don’t want to come in between Adi loves for Aylia. Mihir loves Adi as his son like Raman does for Bala and Vanita children and Simmi daughter Ananya. MIhir only sacrifice Raman children as his own children.

      Aylia should understand that Mihir only protect her as his daughter like he does with Ruhi and Pihu.

      Mihir is not interested to be in loves with anyone because he lost his love for Mihika then Rinki. Rinki is Mihir life. Mihir also love Raman and Ishita and including Raman children only not other people. Shagun, Ashok and Nidhi are using all Bhalla and Iyer as her puppets. Ishita want to protect Bhalla and Iyer families and so is Raman. Raman had given sternly warn to Shagun to stop using his children. Shagun ignore Raman warning and want Raman back in her life. Raman tell Shagun many times that he doesn’t love her and don’t want her in his life. Raman then told Shagun that He only love Ishita and Ishita is his life. Shagun get irked and get angry.

      Mihir will marry someone else and there is new girl who will enter Adi life. Aylia will be alone like Shagun. Ishita will not support Aylia because of Shagun is using and teaching Aylia wrong way. Adi will slowly to removed all the pain and hatred and will blossom with love and respect during the new girl enter.

  12. shreya shetty

    if I were in ishus place then I would ve killed aaliya with a knife till now for over reacting telling that she loved mihir and not poor adi!!!!I feel sad for him,hes soo sensitive.who feels like killing shagun and aaliya for their evil act anybody????I just want to cook them up for their rude behavior towards ishu and the family.seriously and what the **** I am getting to see this,adi disrespecting ishita for misunderstanding her thinking that she had hidden aaliyas feelings of love of mihir,that’s ridiculous thing I ve ever heard from a immature 21 year old youth adi like that.shagun u b*****dy witch wait I ll come to fry u if u ever think dare to use aaliya over evil intentions against dare this stuuuuupid aaliya behave spoilt and rudely towards her own foster mother who took care of her for the past 7 years!!!!!maaaan this show was quite satisfactory earlier and now totally worse,ON THE LOOSE DARN SHIT

    1. Shreya….

      Aylia blunt out her word on Adi.

      Aylia tell Adi that I had told amma that I only love Mihir and why does anyone not understand that and why can’t they leave me alone. I love Mihir.

      Adi heard Aylia saying only one person and he get shocked and hurt. Adi think that Ishita knew about Aylia love for Mihir for long time. Adi had misunderstanding on Ishita and he believed Aylia. I don’t know why Adi believe Aylia not Ishita.

      Shagun plan to break Adi heart and want Adi to hate Ishita and join her to revenge on Ishita and ruin Ishita and Raman. Adi can’t revenge on Raman but he want to revenge on Ishita but not want to hurt his favourite mother. Adi want to revenge on Aylia. Adi will revow to destory Aylia future.

      Mihir get confused to see why Ishita stay far away. Raman and Ishita attend the union meeting with Adi. Raman fight with union and Adi slapped the union. Ishita felt helpless. Raman and Ishita get worried. Adi get drunk and come home late. Raman and Ishita get shattered to see Adi condition and Ishita put all the blame on Aylia for Adi condition. When the meet get over then Mihir then join and want to discuss. Raman leave the meeting room then the union join Raman to leave. Ishita was about to leave meeting room to pick up the files and Mihir wait for Ishita. Ishita tried to avoid Mihir but Mihir stop Ishita and ask what happened. Ishita then tell Aylia confession and Adi pain and Shagun evil plan. Mihir get shocked that Aylia is in love with him and felt bad for Adi and angry on Shagun for using children to hurt Ishita. Mihir then decided to marry someone else for Adi sake.

      Raman and Mihir will help Ishita to save Adi from Shagun clutch and will explain to him that Ishita did not know and who plan to get Aylia to elope with Mihir. Adi will realised his mistake and will get Ishita love and trust back. Shagun will lose all Raman children only to get Aylia. I was hoping that Aylia brother Vivian will come to India and help Ishita to fight with Aylia and Shagun. Vivian loves Ishita alot.

  13. shreya shetty

    please someone slap that adi 4 times raman should go and give him tight slap for talking soo rudely towards his ishimaa,how dare he.a son Is supposed to respect his mother no mater what happens but here he squeals over her like hell.just let him cry cry and cry with ***** for hurting a mother intentionally.i hate u adi hate u

    1. Yeah…I would have given a tight slap to adi…. Poor ishu, she is always getting blamed by others… ishu shld have given a tight slap to adi…. I pity him but at the same time I hate him

    2. Shreya and Ananthi

      Adi believe in Aylia words in her mouth and put a blame on Ishita.

      Ishita don’t want Adi to get hurt and Adi blame Ishita.

      Ishita and Aylia had never spend so much time together and how can Ishita know about Aylia is in love with Mihir. Ishita always busy with work and spending time with Raman. Aylia only meet Ishita during rakhi that Shagun send Aylia to go with Mihir to spend time together. Mihir goes with Adi to discuss about work. Aylia chat with Ishita but did not tell Ishita about her feeling for Mihir.

      Why did Aylia blame on Ishita but not Shagun.

    3. No Shreya

      Aylia should get 4 slap
      Shagun need 20 or more slappes
      Hey, dont hat Adi. Adi did not know about Shagun plan.
      Shagun know that Adi is in love with Aylia and she is not happy. Shagun want Aylia to eloped with Mihir. Shagun tell Pihu to take Adi for cooking competition so that Aylia will spend time with Mihir.
      If Adi is with Aylia and Mihir then Mihir would not get stabbed by goons. Shagun is responsible for Mihir injured.
      Thanks to Ishita for tell Mihir before too late. Mihir will join in hand with Ishita to revenge Shagun for hurting Adi.

  14. I think mihir will not accept aliya’s love. …..

  15. aliya does not deserve adi. Separate them. All family members characters are unpredictable.When they want from the smallest brat to the eldest in the family dont know how to respect a person who is sacrificed so much. Only person who respects and has not turned negative is Mr.Bhalla. Anytime anyone can turn negative, and prolong this story, which should have ended by now. What morals !

    1. Adi is very sensitive boy who is like his father Raman.

      When Shagun left Raman and Raman get lost and angry then goes drinking heavily. Then Ishita enter Raman life and Raman stop hating other and get heavily drinking. Raman start to fall in love with Ishita and stay sobber. Raman become happy after that Raman get excited that Ishita got pregnant with his child. Ashok use someone to hurt Ishita to kill unborn baby but failed because Adi save her and the baby.

      Shagun had turn positive at this time and support Ishita to be against Ashok, Suraj and Param.

      Then Raman planned to get family outing and travel by bus which the driver who used to work for Ashok that the driver believed that Adi is Ashok son and want to kill women and children. The driver plant the bomb under the bus and men did not noticed. Men left ladies and children unsupervison in the bus and the driver fled with ladies and children. Ladies screamed for husband and men get attention by women screaming and went to stop the bus but failed. Raman the take Romi to drive and chased the bus. Raman then resuced mother and sisters. Children refused to leave Ishita while Ishita drive the bus. Raman get worried about Ishita and the unborn baby so that he willdrive the bus but Ishita refused and order Raman to take children out safe then she will jump out. Raman and children (Ruhi and Adi) jumped off and land on many boxes safety. Raman and children shout for Ishita to jump off. Ishita jumped off form the bus and land on boxes also but rolled over and her tummy hit on the rock to kill the unborn baby. Ishita get miscarriage and Raman then blamed himself for not being there for Ishita and the baby.

      Shagun turned positive support and help Raman and Ishita to go against Khanna men and Param. Shagun was happy that Raman other baby and Ishita pregnancy. Then when Ishita get miscarriage and felt bad for them. Raman want someone to carry his and Ishita baby but the lady who lied that her health is perfect but did not know that she had diabetic. Shagun stopped immediately and Raman get shocked and upset. Raman want his child with Ishita. Shagun ask Raman if he can allow her to carry his and Ishita child. Raman then look at Manoj (Shagun bf) if Manoj allowed or not. Manoj agreed with Shagun and let Shagun carry Raman and Ishita baby. Ashok know about Shagun pregnancy with Raman and Ishita child and threaten to harm Ruhi and Adi if she don’t kill Raman. Shagun feel helpless and can’t informed ACP Abhishek. Shagun then ask Ishita to come and she need help. Ishita come to know about Raman and Shagun plan to have Raman and Ishita baby that Shagun is carrying. Ishita then ask what is the need to do that and ask what help do you want to do. Shagun then tell Ishita about Ashok threaten and can’t protect children because of Ashok send the goons to watch them. Ishita then contact ACP Abhishek and ask for help. Shagun then commited sucide by jumped down the building (fake sucide). Ishita then get Shagun possession to kill Raman. Ashok then get Sharika and blackmail about Rohit that is not hers and Romi child so Ashok need Sharika to kill Raman. Sharika want to kill Raman and family. Ishita save Raman and families. Raman then get Sharika arrested and take Rohit away that broke Romi heart. Romi start to hate Sharika and came to know that Rohit is not his and Sharika child. Raman and Ishita want to adopted Rohit but Pavalli stop Ishita and Raman for adopted but scared of Mr Chadda. Pavalli want to blame Ishita for killing Mr Chadda and did not tell truth that Mr Chadda had become aggressive and abuse. Pavalli then send Ishita to hanged to death and take Rohit away. Nidhi get happy and want to revenge on Raman.

  16. People do loose their first love and very rarely people do behave as Adhi. He is behaving as this because he got bad impression from his father. Aliya’s love for Mihir may be reasonable as she wanted a mature person than adhi as her sole partner as one said about people do marry people who are 10-15 years younger/older than them. In any event Adhi behaves very immaturely in this issue.

    1. Agreed manju…I have experience of watching many serial’s and movies with stories like u said ? but here I think ekta is trying to tell how seriously Adi took the relationship between him and alia… She’s just showing how much heartbroken he is… and she’s done a good job portraying that emotion… Already in tears ?

  17. Hey guys hope ur all fine?

    I don’t know why poor ishu hid the alia-mihir matter from Adi and raman.. feeling really bad for the bhallas…?

    Adi…omg I myself cried?he looks so sad…bechaara toot gaya…???

    Now what drama is dat SHAGGY going to do by brainwashing alia????? She’s trying to remove innocence of all of poor ishus children…????

    Guys I know all of u are angry towards alia… But I personally feel she is being controlled and confused… First of all she’s only 21…?she is tender and has felt love for first time… That’s y she is acting mad for mihir… Also though she’s adult she’s ishus daughter… She has ishus innocence and other good qualities?… That’s y she is going to be easily brainwashed by dat EVIL SHAGGY. I hope all this comes to an end…

    Hey can anyone tell me… Is anyone writing adi-alia fanfiction? ?Would b nice that’s y?. PLS TELL ME GUYS I’M WAITING FOR SOME CUTE ISHQ!!!!?????


    1. Ro…………

      Ishu did not know about Aylia and Mihir matter. Ishu only know about Adi loves for Aylia and did not know about Aylia loves for Mihir. Only Shagun knows about Adi-Aylia&MIhir love triangle like she did with Raman and Ishita. Raman had mad clear to Shagun that he did not want her in his life and did not love her so that she must moved on. Shagun get irked by Raman words and get angry because of Ishita. Ishita did not want to come back in Raman life because of Shagun insecure. Raman want Ishita back in his life and he loves Ishita badly. Shagun want to rush the marriage with Raman so that Ishita will not get Raman. Raman don’t want to marry Shagu because he loves Ishita so much. Rama cried badly and thinking about Ishita and his memories. Raman and Shagun was about to finish the wedding but stop on the 4th round by Romi. Romi then tell Raman that Ishita is searching for Ruhi as Nidhi is much alive. Raman then get shocked and stopped the wedding and left Shagun and the Marhap to go to search for his lost daughter Ruhi and criminal Nidhi. Raman join in the hand with Ishita to catch Nidhi.

  18. rekha vaghela

    Bhalla’s have serious issues of hiding things. Mihika didn’t tell anyone why she left, romi didn’t tell he is pursuing MBA. No body told oihu who is her real mother, ishita still hiding from everyone ADI’s rude behaviour and aliya’s truth. She should have at least told Raman what happened at the hospital before leaving for the home. At least that would give him a head start to think wat to do with adi. At least their shouldn’t b secrets between spouse

    1. True Rekha

    2. This hiding issue was there in many things. Raman hid the surrogacy with shagun from Ishita when Adhi knocked down Madawi Raman hid it from Ishita still Pihu does not know her real mother so far and so forth. Basically entire ye hei mohabbatein is revolve on non disclosure.

    3. Khushiarvind

      True rekha, manju nd vp…
      They dragg episides with this trick… Hide things nd take mnths for revealation…
      There is no trust in husband nd wife relation.. They hide each nd everything frm eachother nd finally land in to problems

    4. Hey guys

      Ishita did not hide any from everyone. Ishita get confused of Aylia behavior the came to know about Aylia confession when Mihir admitted in the hospital.

      Ishita then tell Raman about Aylia confession her love for Mihir and Adi angry on her. Raman think that Ishita is defendding Aylia and Ishita tell Raman no. Aylia start behaving like a wonderful wife to Mihir that she get advice from Shagun. Mihir get uncomfortable to be with Aylia. Mihir only comfortable with Ishita, Raman and Ruhi help.

      Raman get angry and Ishita get annoyed. Mihir want Ishita to take care of him. Doctor tell vMihir visitor that Mihir had to stay in hospital inder observation. Raman then tell doctor that he will take Mihir home so that Raman will take care of Mihir and Mihir get happy but Aylia and Shagun is not happy that noticed by Ishita. Shagun and Ishita get cat fight over Mihir and Aylia. Shagun forced Ishita to get Mihir and Aylia to get married. Ishita then refused.

      Ishita then tell Raman that Mihir had to stay with Shagun so that Aylia and Shagun will take care of Mihir. Mihir get confused and Raman get suspensed then agreed. Ishita is worry about Adi and don’t want Adi to behave badly and rude infront of family. Shagun and Aylia get happy. Mihir then come for meeting and Ishita try to aviod Mihir and Mihir stopped Ishita and demand to know what is going on. Ishita then tell about Aylia confession, Adi pain and Shagun revenged. Mihir get shock and feel the pain in his stomach and Ishita make Mihir sit and consol him. Mihir get angry on Shagun and upset with Aylia confession and Adi pain. Mihir support Ishita and will get someone else to get married. Aylia want to proposed Mihir and Mihir rejected Aylia proposed.

      Aylia will be lost and want to ask Adi. Adi refused to help Aylia. aylia then ask Ishita for help and Ishita reused. Aylia then goes to Shagun for help then Shagun help Aylia. Mihir will never come in between Adi and Aylia. Mihir will marry someone else in a hurry for Adi and make Adi see. Mihir want Adi to stay close to Ishita.


  20. Please change ishitha hair styles

  21. Honestly we cant blame Aalia here at all though she was over acting … Adi has not told her his love nor she … but the way she was behaving with Ali gave impression to Adi that she loves him … like pinching on his cheek , kissing etc … but now a days among friends these and all common and here Alia is an ex foreighn .Her love to Mihir can be a crush but if she really loves him nothing wrong in that . Adis dreams shattered … quite immatured to act like this … for every stress and sadness if liquor is the solution …here they made him like Ramans son only … If cvs cud make him understandable about the situation and he breaks out to his Ishima , sharing with her his sadness by lying on her lap or hugging her … would have been a defferent feel …Cvs … think all negative way only … atleast Mihir and Mani should be as sincere like this . True what shaghun said Mihir is a good person … .. every one knows that …but her cheapness and selfishness …to ruin Ishitha is indeed too low … I really dont like Shaghun … but negative role she acts very well …one cant force one to love … if Mihir rejects Alia … cvs should not pair her with Adi ..hi and bi to all … not naming anyone … Parichay you are too good yar … remembering each and everything … its nice to read your comments

    1. Thank you VP.

      I had read the updating in Facebook and tell what is happening next and get to know what is going on! It made me feel great and sometimes annoyed when I read about vamp people tried to hurt Ishita. Adi did not understand what to do in his life. Adi need to get therapy help and ask Raman for help so that he can get trauma out and get his love back and move on. Father and son should talk about moving on like Raman’s painful past with Shagun. Adi should follow Raman step and had to apologised to Ishita for not believing her.

  22. Actually aaliya is not to be blame because she loves mihir n adi loves her so Wat web to weave

  23. IShita surpose to explain to Adi instead of sending him with Aliya i dont think is right for her to be keeping guiet always for how long is she to be blamed for anything that happen in Ballah’s house when is she going to be happy

  24. Hi all yhm fans.i too lost my first love, but I didn’t carry on like adi. It was painful but God heals all sorrows.Then I got married to a guy 10 years older than me.certainly not a good idea, coz he abused me mentally and physically. So guys aliya, mihir pairing is just sickening. Hope u guys have a lovely week ahead.

    1. Ohhh Super Girl So Sorry to hear that. Some men acts like Animals. Hope ur ok Now & Happy.. God Bless U & Make U Heal All Inner wounds..

  25. Khushiarvind

    Hi dear adi, vp, jaz, shivani, rithu, parvathy, monique,supergirl, mino, lekha, sally, susan, sreeranjini,baazigar, sarita, sowmy,preethy, swara, pihu, aditi,bhagya, hp, niveditha, shabana, payal, radhika,simzain, ishitha bhalla, mustafa, vidhi, abhishek, raj, bhaavi,sindhu, aliya, niyathi, kutty, ro, jeni, sara, deepa, disha, awesome, sana, evani, katrina,smithy, aastha, vaishnavi,maahi,ajay,juhi,akshu, pari, hana, uaha, farhat, krishna, chakor, bhagya, parichari, rajat, nandu, majic,manju, honey priya, pradishma,sonia,rehma,wati,cham,chinz,pragathi,eera,devipriya,shreya, nd all my dear frnds…
    Hw ru doing?

    1. Monique_D

      Hey how you doing?

      1. Khushiarvind

        Hi monique.. Long tym… Where were u?

      2. Monique_D

        Im here just reading as the story is not worth writing about.
        Hope you are doing well though.

  26. Khushiarvind

    Todays epi was nt at all gud… Cvs put all pblms upon ishitha inly.. When will this negativity end…
    I read that nidhi beats ruhi nd ruhi reacting back.. So will they punish nidhi or jus let it go off..
    Adi behavd vry badly today… Little adi was more mature than this… How can he evn think ishitha think anythng wrong of him.. Disgusting

  27. very true Kushi. U write Better stories than This CV. I Wish they will Turn Positive as i want to watch all Positive rolls. Negative is ok but not to this extent.,, Hope ur are keeping fine Luv & God Bless.

    1. Khushiarvind

      Ya mino am gud.. Hope you too fine … Thank you for such nice words

  28. Those who are playing the negative roles, just getaway without any punishment. One more thing, KP is putting on weight and becoming hotheaded,. He s such a good looking talented actor,

  29. Why should adi shout at ishu.disgusting.all children shouting at this what the cvs are teaching small children. You shout at your mother for everything and blame her.didn’t see the episode.good

    1. Khushiarvind

      Ya true ruhi… This show is spreading all negativity and wrong impression on kids… First it was ruhi who insulted ishitha. Then pihu nd now adi..
      All her children insults her deapite of her yrs of sacrifice
      Her husband nvr believes her and shouts at her..
      Everyone blames her for every single pblm nd when she is proved to be innicent nt even manage to say a sorry to her
      What this show teaching us women hav no value.. We shld disrespect them… Evn aftr that without self respect they will bear evrything and forget nd forgive…
      Nd evn aliya whom ishittha took care if for ling 7 yrs too insukted her in her panic ridden state
      Cant feel watchng this crap

  30. Khushiarvind

    I thnk this is ekta’s old trick runing our show…
    Whenever she is up to lauch annew show she will ruin the story line of her long running shows inorder to make her new show captivating in the eyes of audience.. It happend with many ekta’s shows
    Her new historic fiction chandragupta maura is going to be launched soon
    May be thats y she is runing the story if yhm.
    Testing the patience of audience
    Once trp is low they will show some ishra scenes to boost it up
    Aftr that stll the same draggin nd crap story
    How long we will tolearte this negativity
    Ishitha all sorrounded by pblms

  31. Yeah vp you are true .children should understand mother’s problems, but here everyone onebyone shouting at ishita. as though she is the one responsible for everything.

  32. Hi all. What should have Adi done. Remained silent. Adi is Heartbroken. Every one knows the love of Adi and Ruhi towards Ishitha. Do you guys remember the first scene where Raman and Ishitha meet and Raman telling Ishitha that Adi has learnt lots from his mom (Ishitha) to respect women. Adi loves his mom too much too hurt her. If I am Adi more than the rejection my mom not telling the truth would have hurted me more. Parichary I don’t think Ishitha is goddess as you say. Both Raman and Ishitha have made small mistakes when it comes to their children. You know what that is they don’t discuss the issue between them. Eg- from Adi custody to Ruhi kidnapping before the leap and now after the leap. Either with pihu or with Adi if they had discussed the issue between them the problem would not have arised and they would have never been negative people like Shagun, Nidhi and Ashok to hurt them

    1. You have not watcfh the start of what is happening in Raman life. Shagun left Raman for Ashok and took Adi along. Ashok and Shagun send Adi to the hostel so that Adi will not spend time with Shagun. Shagun loves party and spa but not children.

      Adi almost believed that Ishita is bad woman in Shagun mouth. Ishita want to get Ruhi custody so that Raman and Ishita married for Ruhi. Adi almost hate Ishita. When Ashok kick Shagun out of his house and married to Mihika. Ishita and Raman give shelter and love to Adi. Adi realised that Ishita is not bad and Ishita always risk her life to save Adi life. Shagun want to escape to Australia with Adi and Ruhi. Ishita caught Shagun and ask for children. Then Shagun forget to shut down the gas stove. Adi lit the match near the gas stove and got explosed and Ruhi scared. Ishita and Shagun get shock and ran to to the place. Ishita ask the neighbour to bread down the door so the neighbour broke the door and found Ruhi scared and cry. Ruhi tell Shagun to go and save Adi but Shagun left Adi in buring kitchen and went away that shocked Ruhi. Ishita ask Ruhi where is Adi then Ruhi then point to the kitchen that shock Ishita and Ishita say no! Ishita then tell neighbour to keep Ruhi and goes to get Adi. Ishita saved Adi life. Then the earthquake on same day the big building fell on Ishita that Ishita land on the ground and yell at Ruhi and Adi to stay back and don’t come here. Adi and Ruhi refused and want to get Ishita out. The neighbour pull Adi and Ruhi away then the building collopse on Ishita that shocked Adi and Ruhi.

    2. Raman and Abhishek then arrive late and found the building collapse and went to search for Adi and Ruhi then found Shagun and ask where are the children then found Adi and Ruhi. Adi get shocked and Ruhi cried for Ishita. Raman shout for Adi and Ruhi to get their attention. Ruhi and Adi then ran and hug Raman and tell that Ishita is with them and she is trapped in the building that shocked Raman. Raman shout for Ishita and went to search for her and Abhishek help Raman to look for her. Raman get all the memories he had with Ishita and shattered. Ruhi scream for Ishita and Raman try to consoled. Ruhi then saw Ishita hand waving out of the building and tell Raman that we found Ishita and point Ishita hand. Raman and Abhishek get shocked see Ishita hand waved and rush to removed all the building to get Ishita out. Raman then take Ishita to hospital and Adi admitted in hospital because of his hand got burned. Shagun want to be like good mother and want to get close to Adi but Bhalla family and Mihika warn Shagun to stay away from Adi and leave. Shagun refused then enter. Adi get fumed and yelled at Shagun for lying and order to leave. Shagun got shocked and want to apologised and Adi refused. Raman was sad and crying for Ishita. Ishita then woke up and Raman relieved and tell Ishita to never leave us alone. Ishita then take Raman in her arm and to consol him. Shagun come to Raman and Ishita. Raman get angry and Ishita ask Raman to calm down.

      Before that Raman and Ishita get romance on Holi Day and Shagun send Adi to spend time with family and lied to Raman to get money instead of taking Ruhi. Shagun want to win the victory to get Ruhi out of Ishita. Ishita then tell court that Ruhi don’t need to stay with Shagun but court order that Raman had sign the contract and did not read it. Ishita then put a blame on Raman for not reading first. Adi get lonely and he feel that no one loves him so Raman found Adi sucide letter and scold him and want Adi to stay. Ishita get excited to get Ruhi custody to Ruhi back again but Raman hide it. Ishita came to know that Raman took the custody paper then shout at him then Raman explain about Adi condition that shocked Bhalla family then Ishita then decided to send Ruhi to stay with Shagun for Adi sake and Ruhi cried badly then hate Ishita. Ruhi misunderstand Ishita and Shagun win the victory to separate Ruhi and Ishita so that she can get Raman. Raman still with Ishita and Shagun get annoyed. Adi get all loves from Ishita. Adi get happy. Subbu (Ishita’s ex) mother in law is a social worker and help Ishita to get Ruhi. Subbu mother in law then informed that Shagun is not allowed to take Ruhi because the paper were sign by Raman are not allowed and the signed should be Ishita. Ruhi get happy that Ishita get her back and Shagun lost Ruhi. Shagun want to take Adi away but Adi refused to go with Shagun and want to stay with Raman and Ishita. Adi and Ruhi loves Ishita so much.

      Nidhi is taking revenge on Raman for her father death and want to separate Raman and Ishita. Don’t blame Ishita, Raghu! Nidhi had lied to the court and gather so much money. Nidhi is gold-digger and used people money. Raman came to know about Nidhi evil plan to hurt his ladylove Ishita. Raman save Ishita and send her to safety place and bring her back to new avtar Shanya. Nidhi then kidnapped Pihu and demanded for Ruhi. Ruhi had misunderstand Ishita. Nidhi took Ruhi and fled and make fake death and put all blame on Ishita. Raman doubt Ishita of her loves for children then gave harsh words on her. Ishita get hurt and leave Bhalla and goes to do the sucide place. Ishita jumped from the cliff. Abhishek give Raman bad new about Ishita and Raman blamed himself for Ishita and Ruhi death. Mani save Ishita to take her out of the water. Ishita get shocked that she is alive and get angry on Mani for saving her then push Mani and shout at him. Ishita then goes on the road and see the truck moving and Ishita then walk toward the truck then Mani save her again and got knock down. Mani had broke his hip. Ishita then take Mani to Australia to take care of him and 2 kids (Aylia and Vivian) and leaving Pihu with Raman (because of his harsh words). For 7 years Ishita still love Raman and missed her children.

      Now Ishita always put children first. Think who will sacrifice her life for many times. Ruhi and Adi knows that Ishita had put them first. Pihu is the first time and did not know that Ishita is her real mother. Ishita don’t want Shagun to be insecurity so that Pihu and shagun should not be separate but failed. Ishita findout that Shagun use Pihu to be against Ishita for breaking the relationship between Raman and Shagun. Raman and Ruhi tried to explain to Pihu that Shagun is not her real mother but her masti (aunty). Pihu refused to listen and say that Shagun is her mumma then call Ishita a vamp. Raman get angry with Shagun for lying to Pihu about Ishita.

  33. Hey guys a very good afternoon to all.i the this Aliya.she is soo horrible and is behaving too disgustingly.

  34. Isaaq

    Hey all I am a silent reader. I have predictions of future tracks. I think Aaliya will become the new Shagun soon. My reasons are that Mihir will never love her due to the age difference (Mihir has never even shown the same feelings for her).
    I know Adi and Aaliya are not married but similarly Shagun broke Raman’s heart when she went to Ashok and Raman became an angry man. Aaliya has done the same to Adi. Sources say Swati Kapoor will enter as the new girl in Adi’s life. I think Mihir will reject Aaliya and Aaliya will soon get jealous of Adi and the new girl. She will become the new vamp soon. The new girl will be the new Ishita.
    There is also a lot of bonding between Aaliya and Shagun. I think Shagun will brainwash Aaliya and turn her evil. It is ironic how Shagun is now playing the mother tole to Aaliya. It is quite sad that Aaliya might become a vamp but signs in the drama show she is going to become evil because she has the same insecurities as Shagun.

    1. Isaaq

      I might be right or I might be wrong but it will be interesting to see Aaliya in a negative role as I am getting sick of Shagun and Ashok. Niddhi is a new vamp so she is interesting. It will be good to see Aaliya as a vamp and the love story between Adi and the new girl.

    2. This anyone agree that Aaliya will be the new Shagun?

  35. wat the did this blo*dy thought came into ektas mind? a teenager falling in love with a person of his father’s age? bhanje ki jagaa uska mamaa? these writers have become sick..meaningless relationships, meaningless twists and has lost its charm..

  36. is aaliya mad? loving uncle. tooo fustrated!

  37. need brain wash

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