Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Ruhi gets Nikhil home

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita looking for Ruhi. Aaliya says I will ask Nikhil. She calls and says he is not answering. Adi says Ruhi would be with him, I will see him. Ruhi comes and asks everyone not to go anywhere. Nikhil walks in. They all look on. Ruhi says I got Nikhil here, as he got homeless, he lost his house because of Raman, now he will stay here with us. Raman gets angry. She asks what happened to you all, did I say anything wrong, I couldn’t leave him on road, he will stay here, that’s my decision. Nikhil says its okay, I will stay in hotel. Romi asks how can he stay here. Ruhi asks will you tell me what to say, shall I call Karuna. He asks what nonsense. She says I got her number from your phone, you and Papa are involved in this.

Romi asks do you think I will know

such girl. Ruhi asks how do you have number, how can I forgot, you spoke to her, what was it. Romi says its nothing like that, Shagun wanted number for NGO work. Simmi says Romi is right, are you mad, this man can’t come here. Adi gets angry. Ruhi asks him to get away from Nikhil, even I have right on this house, why can’t I stay with my partner here if you all can, he will stay here. Ishita asks Ruhi to stop it. Simmi asks shall we keep him at home, won’t people say anything now, you have problem with Parmeet stays here. She argues with Ishita.

Mr. Bhalla says Simmi is right, Nikhil can’t stay here. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ruhi to calm down, they will find a house for him. Ruhi says no society wants to give him a house, what could I do, Raman is responsible for all this, so I decided he will stay here in guest room. Raman says Ruhi has all right to ashame me, let her do anything. Parmeet thinks its right time to become hero.

Parmeet says Nikhil can stay with me, I stay alone, if Raman did mistake, family can pay for it. He asks Ruhi shall I take Nikhil home. Ruhi says if Nikhil agrees, I have no problem. Nikhil thanks Parmeet. He apologizes to everyone. Ruhi also thanks Parmeet. He goes with Parmeet. Ruhi says I just wanted a place for Nikhil. She goes.

Raman says if Parmeet didn’t come in between, don’t know what would I do, is this happening right, tell me. Ishita says I feel strange, what happened to Parmeet, why did he get caring. He says he changed. She says since that gold chain matter was proved a lie, I feel he didn’t change. Simmi says you feel if anyone does mistake, they can’t change, we are ordinary people, you are Devi. She argues. Raman says Ruhi’s problem is not solving, you both are fighting, grow up guys. He goes. Ishita says Simmi, I m not Parmeet’s enemy. Simmi asks why did you let Nikhil go with Parmeet then. She goes. Ishitqa says I can see he is not right, why can’t they see.

Parmeet asks Nikhil to arrange things in cupboard. He asks shall I order food. Nikhil says no, its fine. Parmeet says we both are tortured by women, they play with us and our name is spoiled, I m also a victim. Nikhil says I m happy you understand me, thanks. Parmeet says I can see true love in your eyes for Ruhi, till everything gets fine, you guys can meet here. Nikhil says no, I don’t think we should meet. Parmeet says its better if you meet here, Raman respects me, I will talk to him, you also show you are committed about Ruhi, Raman will help. Nikhil asks really, I think you are saying true. Parmeet asks him to rest. Parmeet says Raman is under my favors, see how I break everyone.

Aaliya asks Adi did Ruhi try to control his decision, no, support her. She asks him to understand she needs him. Adi apologizes and says I didn’t think this before. Ishita looks on. Aaliya says its never too late. Ishita apologizes and thanks Aaliya. She says Raman wants to keep Ruhi safe, but he used a wrong way, Ruhi is worried for Nikhil, she needs us, please support her. Adi says yes, I m with her. She says we will make everything fine. Aaliya asks her not to worry, they will take care of Ruhi. Ishita says I know and hugs her.

Ruhi asks Neelu did she make tiffin ready. Ishita asks her to have breakfast. Ruhi says no, I m going to meet Nikhil, we will have breakfast together. Adi stops Raman. Adi says I will drop you. Ruhi says wow, its a good way to spy, no need, I will go. Shagun comes and looks on. Raman says enough, Parmeet has kept Nikhil. Ruhi asks so what, will you send girls there also. Shagun slaps Ruhi. They all get shocked. Shagun scolds her and asks Ishita not to talk in between. She says I m talking to my daughter, we did this for Ruhi’s good, I will do this again. Ruhi asks her to do anything. Shagun says you got mad in love, I will show what I will do with Nikhil. Ishita asks her to relax. Shagun says you spoiled Ruhi. She asks Ruhi to shut up and go to her room, she can’t misbehave with her. Ruhi cries and goes. Shagun asks Ishita did you teach this to her, to let her take decision, there is something called discipline, everyone got her on head. Ishita goes to Ruhi.

Ruhi shuts the door and cries. Ishita asks her to close the door, really sorry. Ruhi calls Nikhil. She says I don’t understand anything, they are not letting me meet you. He says calm down, we should give them time, trust me. He tells Parmeet that he is worried for Ruhi. Parmeet calls Simmi. Simmi goes to Ruhi. Ruhi asks her to leave. Simmi says you have to come with me. She sees Aaliya and says we have to go for shopping, come with me. Aaliya asks Ruhi to think of Simmi and go for her sake. Ruhi refuses. Simmi acts and signs her about Nikhil. Ruhi agrees.

Shagun asks Ishita why did she let Ruhi go with Simmi. Ishita says Simmi is her Bua. Shagun says you should have let her stay at home, Simmi is Parmeet’s wife, Nikhil is at his house, you know their history. Mrs. Bhalla asks her not to blame Simmi. Raman says Simmi and Ruhi are at Parmeet’s house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Candiva007

    OMG who the heck is Shagun to slap Ruhi? I know she’s her biological mother but didn’t she give up her rights as Ruhi’s mother as well as Adi to Ishita? She’s refused Ruhi many times but all of a sudden she’s Ruhi’s mother?

  2. Agar shagun the mahan so called asli maa ruhi ki agar wo itna discipline wali hai to accha kaam karke ruhi ko samjati na na ki ghatiya plan banati ab ye sikhayegi discipline ek taraf Raman ki support Kar Rahi hai aur prerecap main Raman kr pass dimaag nahi Jai mata di mahan ajuka ki mahan asli maa

    1. Shreya Shetty

      Anways coming to the todays episode,shagun could ve said angrily to ruhi instead of slapping her twice but HELL NO THAT VAMPIRESS AND EVIL BLOODED DIRTY LADY SHAGUN still has no legal right over her daughter because presently ruhi s real mother although step mom like a real loving mother is ishu and not that nasty shagun.
      all the time running her dirty mouth for some reason,i wish they could show shaguns death one day that too to once and for all get rid of anita as well as her pathetic nd nonsensical role of playing shagun.yuck she doesn’t deserve to be shagun SHE LOOKS DAMN UGLY I HATE HER PLUS HER VILLAIN ROLE SHAGUN
      ishita should ve slapped her THRICE right on shaguns face so red that the next time she wouldn’t dare to raise her hand on her ex-daughter.
      And Azuka,coming to ur point of view.What did u actually think??U think your so called shagun the great mother also big time loser has disciplined ruhi??
      then please answer me one question,why did she and her so called ex husband raman hatch up this DIRTY AND FILTHY LOW DROOLED IDEA of defaming Nikhil by hiring an NGO worker to act as a call girl and ruin him??Please answer this for me Azuka,I am eagerly awaiting for ur reply till tomorrow morning dearie.u think shagun is still righteous in involving such a filthy mind act by hiring that girl in order to remove Nikhil out of ruhis life??TELL ME PLS

  3. I think Anika nailed today’s episode.And she is right.What Ruhi is doing completely wrong.She is too small to think of partner who is father of girl half of her age.Everyone praises Ishita.She always let ruhi do anything stupid.And she thinks that she modern mother.Desciple should be there in Child.I am of Ruhi’s age & I don’t have time even to spend some time with my parents.That busy world has become now.And Ruhi should be in college.Instead of showing such stupid story CV’s could show Ruhi’s college life,her friends,maybe boyfriend of her after some time.CV’s if you are listening to me plz plz plz end this Nikhil-Ruhi story.Don’t repeat Ishita’s story again.If don’t have any other story lines plz end the serial when it is at respectable position.Don’t make it like Sath Nibhana Sathiya.Show something logical.

    1. Shreya Shetty

      AD even I too just like you am like ruhis age just 17 years old.
      Secondly,i agree with u too.ruhi is too young to love a man whos aged double her age and this track must end immediately somehow.But do u support Shagun or Ishita??please answer this frankly
      I don’t mind to know if u support that OVER DISCIPLINED AND ROTTING MOTHER SHAGUN but just tell me that’s all.waiting for u r reply

    2. Well, well, I totally agree on your view point.
      Ruhi is shown as a 17-18years old so show her age line.
      Shagun Nalied it. She gave birth and have rights!
      Not every time the Main Lead should 100% right. Make it real. Human makes mistakes and Ishita also can..
      What ever it’s just a source of entertainment.
      However reality makes more interesting.

      Change the story line.

    3. Riana

      Hey listen…Saathiya was never an illogical show…mind your language…I agree some tracks were dragging and irritating but the whole family was united not like this bhalla family some are okay some are do not compare both serials…

  4. Shreya Shetty

    I feel like going there and slapping shagun 100 times and display my karate skills over her if I were to be ruhi.unlike ishita,shagun is absolutely 100% immature and witchcrafted mother to raise ruhi.Agreed that she gave birth to ruhi and raised her for only 6 months,until she left to spend her luxurious life with ashok for 6 years until then raman has to take the responsibility of raising and nurturing ruhi along with his family during hard times
    To be honest,shagun may be biological but don’t forget that she only was meant to spoil kids by buying them expensive stuff and when something goes wrong of what she doesn’t like instead of scolding she directly slaps them with no sense.such a insensible mother like shagun aka anita doesn’t deserve to become a mother in fact a BAANCH NOT ISHITA,ISHU COULD VE BECOME A BIOLOGICAL MOTHER NOT THAT SECOND BAANCH SHAGUN!!!
    If I am running my angry mouth here right now then please people forgive me.i ve expressed my thoughts of however I felt about the villain shagun and we all never trusted except Azuka and Charu aunty.
    sometimes only I support Charu aunty but cant always agree blindly depending upon the situation track shown in serial.Im Sorry if I called u aunty Charu.I mentioned u respectfully because u r being as an elder I sincerely appreciate ur constructive arguments shown,which I could ve learnt to use wisely although being very younger to u
    This shagun is saying that ishita has spoiled ruhi but no,she tht shaggy herself spoilt all of three kids when ishu was away and transformed them into puppets therby using them to manipulate the bhalla family.seriously ekta mam must show shaguns death otherwise I am not going to keep quiet and report a huge complaint against her plus her holy crap show now

    1. I do not know know you Shreya Shetty but your language is deplorable. I disagree totally with you. If Shagun is bad, then Ishita is is hopeless. What kind of mother is she. Did she even ensure that her daughter completes her education and live a normal life. No she is encouraging her to romance a man whose daughter is the same age as her younger sister. Why is star Plus showing such regressive content, This is certainly not nayi soch. Pathetic.

  5. OMG!!! My mouth was gape open almost the entire episode. What a trp raising episode. No words. Just speechless! SMH!

  6. Shreya Shetty

    I AM EXTREMELY SO SORRY FOR CRITICIZING ANITA BUT HER ROLE IS UNFIT IN THIS SHOW.i am blabbering here but I strongly feel her role must end and move on to another show plus divyanka too must quit from here instead of getting blamed by everyone for everything and start a new serial being a new role even anita

  7. Shagun done a good job 2day.. I love it…

  8. Even the girl Riya more or less equal height like Ruhi, But Ruhi wants to become Mom for her!!!
    What a Joke it is… Shagun I thought u would hav gave some more slap yarrr……… Waiting…

    1. Dr. Anjali Kapoor

      U r right, i am agree!

  9. Both Shagun and ishita dont know how to upbring children.

    1. Shreya Shetty

      shut up SACHU AND Sree.don’t make me MAD AND ANGRY HERE right now.come let me teach u both how to raise children

  10. Shagun did the right thing by slapping Ruhi as she can see Ruhi going her as in Shagun’s way which is the wrong way.
    Not long back she feel madly in love with a murderer.

    Love is not everything ESP at such a young age and here its not a question of girl or boy.

  11. azuka nkwonta

    Who said that shagun has given up on her children, that person is hallucinating. Shagun have not given up on her children, she is just more clever, more calculating and more sensible than ishita. Shagun should have slapped ruhi more than ones. Shagun said that there is something called discipline and l agreed with her, that discipline is what ruhi needs, ishita never gave it to her that is why she is behaving the way she is behaving. Sometimes Raman tries to discipline his children but ishita will not let it happen she will keep giving him lectures even suffocating him with her lectures until he gives up. Shagun is a real mom not a fake mom like ishita. I know some viewers think that the way ishita is raising her children is so good but I will tell you that it is so bad.

    1. Shreya Shetty

      Ohh please u r so called discipline keep it for ur self Azuka.I don’t need u r big lecture here just I wanted u Azuka to answer my question whether whatever that filthy dirty minded act u r so called SHAGUN THE MAHAN JAGATMATA OF YHM VILLAIN COULD play such a low drooled thing by hiring a call girl who is an ngo worker to defame him??
      just give me a reply here that’s it and please Azuka,being older to me doesn’t mean u have to defend urself by protecting that witchcrafted person shagun all the time.AND PLEASE FOR GOD SAKE I DONT WANT U R LECTURE AZUKA ABOUT DISCIPLINE
      It seems that u r family too is damn corrupted due to discipline because of all this.this is what u r really in need for right??

    2. Well said…

    3. Riana

      Azuka i agree with you about shagun’s discipline but do not always bash at ishita…she is only the peaceful maker…only her prob is she thinks by her own eyes and looks at a different world is not the truth…

    4. Omg i am seriously surprised to see the thinking of our new generation. We all know veru well the history of shagun how she always used her children to take revenge from ishra and ishita always kepr her children as her first priority and now suddenly ishita ka koi haq ji nheee haiii usny koi manners hi nhe diay or sara discipline manners shagun ko haiiii oh waooooo???

  12. This is a drama and that’s the way the writers are shaping each character.
    Ruhi misbehaving with her parents has nothing to do with Ishita’s up bringing. In fact I think Ishita being friendly towards ruhi and trying to deal with the situation this way is right.
    Nikhil and Aliyah were college friends so therefore he should only be around 21 or 22, so how does he have a daughter that’s 9 or 10 years old. Riya stays with her mum. Ruhi does not have to raise her like Ishita did so I don’t know what’s the big deal here.
    Shagun slapped Ruhi and she never said anything in return whereas she should have, but instead is misbehaving with others.
    But then again it’s the writers.

    1. Attia … I dont think Riya is Nikhils daughter . Pooja is playing ..may be with Nikhil to expose who is the real father to Riya ! Ruhi needed a slap .. it wud have been better if Romi or Raman or even Mr or Mrs Bhalla … than Shaghun . Here Ruhi is totally wrong and Shaghun too took a wrong step to defame Nikhil ? A person who has evil intention and been a characterless thru out her life cant speak on descipline . Ruhi cud back question her .12 years Adi was with her . What did she do … she made him an insecured person poisoned his mind . Ishitha cud do the same about Shaghun but she always gave that space to Shaghun her right of biological mother .The slapping scene was amazing for viewers … we felt like giving her one . Ruhi is totally rebellious here … its not the way to treat her to come out of it .

  13. Dr. Anjali Kapoor

    Nonsense Ruhi , her acting is useless she is over acting, and Semi blindly trust her seupid husband, semi way of talking with Ishita is like she is the head of the family,

  14. good comment from every one kudos to you guys you nailed it in your own way which is quite unique none of you was bashing each other up which is quite rare keep commenting and i will read until i have something to comment about three cheers for every one good to see a clean and pleasant atmosphere here

  15. Hi Shreya ! I am trying my best not to comment in this site . But your comments are really forcing me to write !
    I was just thinking … four years before when I started watching this serial …I used to wait for the serial , used to watch repeats …. and that too more for Ruhi our Ruhanika … than Ishra . An uniquue storyline … and KP and Dt complimented to each other very well .
    Today not interested at all to watch . Our daily life gives us a lot of stress … instead of entertaining this cvs are really into negativities only . Who is positive now ?
    Cant see our Ruhi so rebellious and she is out of control now .
    ishitha is butchered to the core for giving space to AH . Shaghun is given space either with Raman or Ishitha . Ishra had sorted lots of issues in the family … but now when it came to Ruhi they are not able to handle the situation ..
    Ruhi has become totally rebellious . Ishitha is trying not to lose her but her way of handling is not very convincing . She kept quiet whan she came with Nikhil . May be not to insult her infront of all !
    And Shaghun here doesnt want her daughter to be like her . I thought she learned from her mistakes but being NGO , using NGO worker to defame somebody whoever it is , is totally a wrong move . Back again she shows her cheap way of getting things done .
    Raman … whatever said and done always fair … never in any wrong moves . Here he trusted his ex wife more than current to handle Ruhi ..
    Shreya .. just wait and watch … Cvs please stop this serial as many youngsters watching this .
    Simmi is carried away by Param … whats this … a chain to sell for school admission .. if cvs say a land Param is selling for his daughter , understandable .
    Ruhi is not taken care properly after Nidhis seven years . Ishra failed as parents here ! Nikhil a boneless character here .
    As a father Raman is right … Ishitha has to balance with Raman and Ruhi …
    Ruhi is Shaghuns blood …. Today she claims that she is her mother . A mother who did not like when Ruhi returned back … a mother who tried to kidnap her ..
    Allow people to live in their comforts happily without intefering !
    Every now and then Shaghun has the freedom to enter Bhallas family .
    If cvs can explain the meaning of NGO worker , appreciate the same .
    Now Ruhi with Simmi and Param will make a big family fight .
    I wish if Ishitha has little self respect , she is indepemdent unlike Shaghun , just get out of Bhallas . They dont deserve her even Raman who goes to his ex wife for any solution and blames Ishitha .

    1. Ummm vp mam, plz dnt mind my foolishness! Bt I still cnt understand da meaning of dt “AH”!!!! I hv seen dt many of u guys keep using dt, bt still I ddnt catch dt well!!

      1. Hi Ravi DT Divyanka Tripathi
        AH Anitha Hassandani KP Karan Patel

    2. Ohh thank u vp mam! Got it!!! ?

  16. I wish shagun would have slapped one more to Ruhi…..

  17. Tajinder ubhi

    Shagun is right Ruhi should be made to understand what she is doing is wrong as pampering and taking to her nicely is not helping her understand that Nikhil is not right for her Shagun give her 2 more slaps

  18. Charu prakash

    Since you have asked me my opinion,let me explain Shreya?.You put aside your hatred towards Shagun for a little while.Here Ruhi is testing the limits of our patience.Showing highly obnoxious behaviour!Remember her behaviour towards Romi.That smirk and the mention of Karuna’s name in a blackmailing tone without knowing the truth was the most objectionable,for me!!Paying no heed to anyone.In that situation to bring Ruhi into senses,what would you have done Shreya?You always strongly object to the slap that was given to Ruhi or Adi.Being a teenager yourself you can relate to that and I can understand your feeling.But here,Can you suggest an alternative?Ruhi is grounded by Shagun.For me that’s the right thing to do.Still she was not deprived of her mobile or anything of such sort.She was given only a small punishment which was necessary.’Sam dam dand bhed’.The ‘Sam’ part was completely spoilt by Ishita.Remember the time when Ruhi shared her feelings to Ishita.She failed to give Ruhi the proper guidance then.She didn’t bother to seek Raman’s opinion on that and was in her mission to make Raman agree to Ruhi’s wish.Her unnecessary investigations followed that.The ‘dam’ phase that offering Ruhi higher studies initiated by Raman again got spoiled by the jagatmata through her ubsurd jassoosi.Now she is mute in front of Shagun.She very well knows that nobody is gonna support her.Even Ruhi dare’nt argue with Shagun.I don’t advocate slapping children.Still I also feel Shagun nailed it.Shagun rightfully brought Ruhi into senses and no one can deny her that sense of duty as a mother.After a long time we get to watch something satisfying.A total trp gainer episode,I must say!Shreya I don’t want to hurt your feeling.Still try to think rationally.

  19. Charu prakash

    As a couple,Raman Ishita don’t trust each other.Raman confiding in Shagun regarding their child’s future is not because of Shagun’s fault or manipulations.He is not getting Ishita’s moral support or trust.For her Raman always does something wrong.For Raman righteous Ishita is so intimidating to openly discuss his fears.Here Shagun is more like a best friend.So please stop blaming Shagun for everything that happens in the so called ideal couples’ life.

  20. Riana

    I think shagun is right…guyzz do not fight pls…see shagun has some rights on ruhi…shagun just slapped ruhi for shouting at her family members…Ishita is caring mom thats why she never did this…shagun slapped ruhi only bcoz ruhi was extra caring to nikhil…any mom cant bear this…I mean and these bhallas also…they r behaving like nikhil n ruhi will get married ?..i mean seriously ruhi is a popstar its her career time…and nikhil should too understand …instead of all this they are showing violence…and all…and they destroying simi’s character in the meanwhile…?

  21. what’s wrong with Raman and everybody ruhi loves nikhil and Nikhl is also good guy even her daughter love with ruhi so much it’s different case then Raman and Ishita because Raman was not like Ishita marriage time ager dhagy ko zor se khincha Jaye to dhaga tut jata hai yehi sub ne mil k ruhi k sath Kya baje usko sanbalny ka time deny k Raman us k pichy he per gya zaruri nhi k her bar bachy he galet hon parents ko b thandhy dill se her mamly per gor krna chahye ye wohi ruhi hai jis ne hamesha samjdari se her bar her cheez ko dekha hai ab us k aik decision ne us ko sub se galet bna dya pyar khona etna asan ni jota jitna ap sub batein kr rhy ho

  22. Sujie

    It is high time for the show to end…. There is nothing like MOHABATEIN going on here… everyday crap only… though I don’t follow this show religiously…I come to check updates when I am bored and what I get to see is crap!!utter nonsense….

    7 years of leap..another leap of few months or a year I guess…Ruhi should have been a teenager going to college… doing wonders in studies… and here she is the girl handling her father’s office…without any degree any qualification…quickly falling in love with boys… First that Nidhi’s brother and now Nikhil..while Shrawan..who has I guess..same age as Ruhi’s is still shown as a school boy… Makers… Amnesia hua hai kya??
    In case of judging Nikhil…humesha girls are not wise yaar… and humesha boys cheaters and abusers nahi hote…nobody tried to know Nikhil’s side of the story…just because he is a BOY and a GIRL accused her of bad behavior and bad character…what is the thing that this YHM wants to show???
    Fine…Ruhi loves Niks ..Niks loves Ruhi…why so many complications…let them get settled first and then move on in their love life…fighting..planning…plotting..everyday UTTER CRAP is shown.
    If this continues..then it is high time to wrap up the show and bring some fresh content…instead of this nonsense bring a show that really defines the NAYI SOCH…..
    If I have offended anybody with my comment then I am so sorry for that…This comment was just my opinion on the track which the show is following which has no MOHABATEIN at all….MAKERS SHOULD STOP SHOWING SUCH NONSENSE IN THE NAME OF NAYI SOCH….

  23. who else finds Ruhis new roop as disrespectful,annoying and unrealistic. yes teenagers are difficult but a girl from a reputable family doesnt behave like that. what happened to sanskar yaar

  24. Hi everyone reading all these comments as a mother I think what shagun did was great. Ishita is a wonderful mom but she encourage allot of nonsense from Ruhi. This series is very stupid I think they should take it off air because in reality no one don’t allow there girl children to do and say what they want and living in the parent home. If no agree for this series to come to an end then let Ruhi and Nikhil get marry and then she will know what life and being a loving protective parent is. Shagun you should slap Ruhi more often.

  25. These shagun dosen,t even deserve to be called mother, now she is concerned for ruhi, where was she when ruhi was little, shagun just care about herself, she is helping raman to prove that she is best mother, but no ishita is best.

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