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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman coming for breakfast. Adi sees him and leaves food. Mihika asks him to finish breakfast. Adi says no, I m not hungry. Ishita asks Neela to give tea to Raman. Simmi asks Raman to have breakfast. He says no, I m getting late and goes. Ishita looks on. Amma tells Mrs. Bhalla to come soon. They can’t be late on first day. Ishita asks them not to worry, they will perform well. Mr. Bhalla looks on and goes to Ishita. He asks her to come and talk. He gives her a stick and asks her to break it. She breaks it. He asks her to break the sticks bunch together. She could not break. He says it did not break right. She understands.

He says I hope you understood what I mean to say, you and Raman are strength of this house, if you both go your own way, this family will

break, anyone can hurt this family easily, when you fought with Raman, you used to manage him, today he left and you did not try to talk. She says he is behaving bad, he is doubting on my loyalties, he called me a bad mother, I got much hurt and by mistake I raised hand on him. He says this would have hurt his male ego more, I know Raman should not talk to you like that, but after Pihu went, he broke up and his pain is much bigger, husband and wife’s relation is like a rubber band, if its stretched too long, it will hurt more, I hope you will bring Raman out of this pain. She says yes, I understand.

Mrs. Bhalla and Amma come to school. Mrs. Bhalla says if Pihu is not in my class, all hardwork will fail. Amma says they will send us to Pihu’s class, don’t worry, best of luck. The principal asks Amma to teach English to 2nd class. Amma gets glad that its Pihu’s section and thanks him. He asks Mrs. Bhalla to manage 10th class. Mrs. Bhalla says no, I can’t. He asks why, our kids are very manageable. She says give me any kids class, like 2C. He says even 10th class kids need caretaker. She says I will manage small kids, I also need them. Amma worries seeing her drama. He says fine, you can work there. Mrs. Bhalla thanks him. Amma says I will manage her.

Romi talks to friend and says congrats, finally your brother agreed. His friend says my brother liked a girl and said yes. Romi asks him to find girl’s background. His friend says that’s why I called you, girl is south indian, help me. Romi asks how can I help. His friend says Ishita stayed in Australia, so just find out. Romi asks whats the girl’s name. His friend says Aaliya. Romi asks what, Aaliya. His friend asks do you know her. Romi says no, I will ask Ishita and tell you. He tells Mihika that my friend’s brother got Aaliya’s proposal. She says what, how can Mani do this, Raman said right that Mani will never let Adi and Aaliya unite. He asks her not to worry, he will do something.

Pihu talks to Ananya about Simmi’s annoyance over group chat. Pihu apologizes. Ananya sends her to class. Romi talks to Shagun. Shagun says I can’t interfere in Mani and Aaliya’s matter, I can’t help you, sorry. Romi says I kept my ego at side and came to talk to you, Adi is your son, help him. Shagun says Adi is my son, that’s why I m talking to you, if Mani knows this, he will get angry, this relation… Aaliya comes and asks what is it. Shagun says nothing. Romi tells Aaliya that Mani spoke for her marriage with his friend’s brother. Aaliya says what, I will talk to Appa, how can he do this.

Mrs. Bhalla and Amma greet the kids and introduce themselves. They see Pihu and smile. Aaliya meets Mani at office and says I need to talk to you now. Mani sends the staff men. He asks Aaliya what’s all this. She asks how can you send my profile for marriage, you did not ask me about my marriage. He says enough, I m your Appa and raised you, whatever I will do will be right for you, its good you got to know, be ready to meet the guy. She says I won’t meet him, who are you to decide. He slaps her and says you will do what I say, this is my final decision. She cries and goes home. She says how can Appa make me marry any random guy. She calls Adi to tell him, and he does not answer. She calls Mihika. She asks about Adi.

Mihika says he has gone out, what happened, calm down. Aaliya says Appa is making me marry some guy, even after knowing I love Adi, I can’t handle this, I m running away. Mihika asks whats wrong with you, this is not a film, we will find solution. Aaliya says there is no way to solve this mess, I can’t lose Adi. Mihika says calm down, listen to me, life is not easy, it does not mean we will run away seeing problem, we will do something, listen to me, I have a plan. She tells her plan. Aaliya agrees.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Pihu and all the kids to have food. She asks Pihu to eat homemade parathas. Amma smiles seeing this. The girls ask Pihu why is your Dadi working in school, its so embarrassing. Pihu says I know why is Dadi doing caretaker job, she loves me that’s why. She thanks Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla cries and asks the girls to go to their seats and eat food. Pihu asks Mrs. Bhalla why did she do caretaker job, does Papa not care for you. Mrs. Bhalla says no, he takes care of me, I m doing this work because of you. Pihu says you could become something else, I m feeling bad that you are doing such work because of me.

Mrs. Bhalla says no work is small, the work which gives happiness is great work. Pihu says you are doing this to spend time with me, its all because of Ishita aunty, we were happy before. Amma cries hearing this. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t think this. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma see Pihu and get tearful eyes.

Romi and Mihika talk about the matter. Ishita comes and asks them what is it. Romi says Mihika, I think we should tell Ishita everything. Mihika says nothing, its fine. Romi tells Ishita about Mani finding a proposal for Aaliya, so that Adi and Aaliya get away. Ishita says whats wrong with Mani, why does he not understand that Aaliya loves Adi. Romi says leave Mani, listen to Mihika’s flop advice. Ishita asks what did you say Mihika. Mihika says I thought well, it will be fune.

Mrs. Bhalla tells Amma that Pihu is ashamed that I m going this small work. Amma says when she sees you are doing work so well, she will not be ashamed, she will understand no work is big or small. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, how will we do this, Pihu hates Ishita and blames Ishita for everything. Amma says I know, we have to convince Pihu, this is our plan to come here, we have to convince her that our house is her place, and Ishu is her mum. Mrs. Bhalla prays Pihu gets out of Shagun’s clothes and comes back to them.

Shagun gets Aaliya. Pihu compliments Aaliya. The groom and his family meet Aaliya. Shagun tells Mani that Karan and Aaliya should spend time. Mani asks Karan to go ahead. Karan sees Aaliya.

Adi says I m going to meet Aaliya. Ishita says tell her we are with her and won’t let this marriage happen, go fast. Later, Adi comes home. Ishita asks Adi what happened, what did Aaliya say.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wish to break this Ashok and Shagun’s legs’ with a rod….as far as Raman and Mani are concerned…they both should be sent to a spiritual guru and sort out their problems and expose this Shagun and ashok’s plan and

  2. Now this serial is going into right direction adi and aliya should together and shagun should get pihu because if a child want to live with her mom so nobody should seperate them

  3. shreya shetty

    stupid demon monster mani cant he think twice about his daughter before getting her married to a random guy.if I were in her place I would’ve stabbed him right on his stomach.thats what I just simply hate marriages and not only that once a girl gets married to a guy her life is completely going to change forever.sorry but I totally disagree with topic of marriages like how its happening to poor and innocent sweet aaliya.I ll send u right behind bars for sure mani just wait and watch ishu will come and stop u and get aaliya united with mani and not with that idiotic random guy whos romis friends brother!!!aaagh in indian society why do so many of our young girls are married so young at such an age.i mean aaliya is getting married at the age of 21!!!!seriously that’s the worst thing I ve ever heard usually a girl gets married at any age but this forceful baddy man mani wants his own daughter to attach with some random bad husband and let her lose adi forever and destroy her own life!!!no no this cant happen what the hell is wrong with these writers huh??

    1. Ur correct. Aliya should not get married with that boy!! That boy is a worst for Aliya! Adi is perfect for Aliya!!! I hate that Mani to the core..he slapped his daughter and wants to ruin her life by making her married??? Seriously if he cares for Aliya he would have accepted adi for the sake of Aliya. If adi and Aliya get married, the two families get together again ruining that Shaggy and Ashok plan. U remember that Raman and Ishu married for the sake of Ruhi and the Bhalla and iyers are together happily? Why is the good always to be suffering?and the bad us roaming freely?? Srsly, yhm is in a soup! But we need not worry about the upcoming leap. My first wish is to end this negativity in our yhm and start with positivity.

      1. shreya shetty

        yes ananthi ruhi our little young girl who was as same as pihu loved her ishimaa so much that she decided to get her married to her father raman for the sake of her own wish.i remembered that scene she did the right thing by unitjng ishu and raman together and so iyers and bhallas lived happily but here I want to just grind mani in a mixer and drink him up for forcing aaliya to get married at such a age.shes just 21!!!nowdays girls are getting married at after the age of 27 or 28 and it has become a famous trend all over the world and whats wrong with this indian society these days they are so cruel!!!disgusting man mani I just want to drink u up

    2. Shreya Shetty I think instead of commenting on the Mani and Aliya matter, you are contenting your life situation here.

      1. shreya shetty

        oops sorry for that once agaun my mistake hahahahahaha.I know its a fear in every girl after she completes her education and get a job then her parents will force her to get married.but here its actually the opposite mani forces aaliya to get married to karan because so that she can keep away from adi forever.what a stupid father he his raised a hand on his sisters daughter like that he doesn’t have any rights on her to beat a girl like that even though he is her uncle but treated like appa.hahaahah by mistake I got very very serious about this crap track of aaliyas matter and I didn’t know what the heck I was even saying!!!sorry for those issues but I just thought like that dear nimmi rai

      2. shreya shetty

        noo nooooo nimmi rai I by mistake bluffed about my situation here sorry for that and to everyone.i just hate hate mani to the core of my heart hes so evil evil demonish manipulating annoying misunderstand very very immature in personality and its all because of that stupid shaggy.i want to break her bones if I find that shagun by any chance.aaaaaaagh this isn’t real and its never going to happen sooner or later adi and aaliya will get married later on

    3. Rahul sachdeva

      Exactly bae ? agree with you ? holyshits marriages and that f**kin shagun n ashok culprits ?

      1. Rahul sachdeva

        Nimmi rai wonders same ??

  4. shreya shetty

    oops not with mani but united with adi sorrryyyy.aaliya should unite with adi by marrying him instead of that idiotic friends brother!!!

  5. yhm upcoming spoiler

    1. Hi all yhm.todays episode was just a filler and drag.cant the writers think that the fans here are getting sick end tired of their stupid twists which are always negative.the writers should be hang by their feet and scream no more negative twists.maybe then their brains will function properly.

  6. Pihu is so sweet plz writer don’t seperate her with her mother shagun i know shagun is bad woman but she could be a good mother

    1. shreya shetty

      ganja ok fine u say that shaggy is a good mommy right???fine keep supporting her until then we will see what is going to happen next afterwards get it.pihu Is sweet but at the same time spoilt and rude little bratty girl.she doesn’t respect ishu at all don’t know what to do with such a manerless innocent but troublesome child like her ruhi is far much better than her when she was of her age

      1. shreya shetty

        wish if I were in aaliya s place then definitely I would file an FIR against mani for forcible relationship with a stupid random guy like that dirty karan!!!and would reject by ordering him to get the heck out of here in my house.hahahhaaha this was just my thought thinking if one day when I grow up and get a job my parents would get me married then I would scream at them saying that NO NO I WONT OR WILL NEVER EVER GET MARRIED TO ANY GUY AT ALL!!!I WANT TO FOCUS IN MY FUTURE AND CAREER AND ALSO MY STUDIES AND WANT TO LEAD MY LIFE INDEPENDENTLY.aaaaagh a 21 year old girl getting married so early at this age is one of the horrors that I ve heard in girls life.poor aaliya she doesn’t realize that once a girl gets married,the husband will force her to forget about her boyfriend whom she finds very good in personality and as well as QUIT HER JOB!!!NEVER EVER I DONT WANT MANI TO LIVE BUT INSTEAD HE SHOULD BE ARRESTED BY ISHU IMMEDIATELY FOR COMMITING A CRIME.adi and aaliya should get married coz they make a great couple but hell noooo that BAD KARAN SO CALLED GROOM AND FAMILY SHOULD GET LOST AND NOT ACCEPT AALIYA.aaliya deserves only and only adi

      2. shreya shetty

        the opinion I ve expressed here isn’t serious but my future predictions of myself I suppose.on watching this episode I am getting very very very.marriages for me are like a second nightmare for me to watch!!!please end this scary and dumb track of aaliya s proposal.pls end this we fans are getting so annoyed by this crap show

  7. shreya shetty

    I am getting scared on watching these kind of scenes of marriages I tell u.this is one my fears that I ve been going through coz it makes me not only irritated but afraid.aaliya s future is going to be ruined by that worst boy groom named karan and hes going to torture her very soon even if he likes her so much

  8. Episode is worst and in the whole episode Mani the great lunatic worst cheap man is worstest of all . How can he slap Aliya for upcoming episodes also he will slap Aliya .mad dog he is .
    Stop crap cvs . Horrible episodes nowadays.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna unique angel jaz jeni super girl Shona aditya disha juhi Luna Aisha siddhi magic Saba ankitha and all yhm friends.

    1. Watch ishqbaaz best show

      1. I even watch that show and many shows .

  9. This is a mad group

    1. shreya shetty

      rani don’t call this group mad understood if u want to say something say it to us and better leave from here if u dare call any of our yhm fans and others please go from here we don’t want people disgracing the yhm site fan group

  10. Sorry to magic i read his comment that he is going to attend a seminar so obeviously he is not at this site and i thought he is not replyin my comment delibratly so, sorry bro and oh god you are studying rp programme means phd it means you are very highly educated sory once again for calling you dumb

  11. I hope adi don’t rush into marriage too fast

  12. notindianbutwatchingindianserials

    I love this show but really it’s horrible when you think about it Raman is an abuser and the show totally romanticizes abuse! and encourages women to “deal” with this type of crazy behaviour. All the indian serials are portraying some kind of warped backwards mentality.

  13. This serial is becoming worst day by day.
    There is a news that the serial will be taking a leap of 1 year. what will be the story after the leap.Too dragging !!!!

  14. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  15. Uss Mani ka bheja kharab hai .uska jab shaadi as shagun se hone wala tha tab sab ne uss se shaadi ke like poocha aur ab wahi aadmi apni beti ke liye nahi pooch raha hai .

  16. All blame goes to cvs for ruining characters lyk this
    They made ishitha a women without any self respect going before raman evn aftr all insults shiwered upon her
    Mani suddenly turned arrogant
    Shagun turned negative again
    Raman turned out uncontrollable emotional fool and arrogant
    Ruined each md evry character to the core
    Its a dilemma to watch this show now

  17. please turn shagun positive

  18. Hi yhm fans,today episode so sad,but I no this only drama I think every think come to normal and I hope yhm fans always be happy.rani I hop u be positive in this group because we are one family and I hop u be happy with us.i love a lot yhm friends.

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