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The Episode starts with Raman and Mihir having a talk. He sends Mihir to see Mihika. Raman feels sorry as he has hurt Ishita and can’t tell her the truth. Ishita gives him milk glass and apologizes to him. She says she was getting hyper, as Mihika was arrested, you were quiet, I thought you don’t believe Mihika, I m sorry, but you helped Mihika, thanks for that. Raman stops her and says I want to tell you about Shagun. She says no, I don’t want to know anything, this matter is like a glass wall, if I force you to say, the glass will break and either of us will be hurt, you are free, tell me when you feel its right time, I will just wait for that time. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays…………………She leaves.

Raman says this time it will not hurt you, when Shagun’s

pregnancy gets stable, I will tell you that I was taking care of your baby. Mihir comes to Mihika and stops her from dumping sambar. He talks about Rinki and she cries. He says sorry, I came to make you smile, I made you cry, I lost Rinki, I will die if my best friend breaks like this, you have to help me, you have to end this guilt. We will not turn back to see bad things, I came to know to do some good for others, we will go and have chaat to make the chaat vendor earn. She goes to get ready. Mihir says Raman was right, Mihika is feeling guilty, she blames herself, we both have to get rid of our guilt.

Raman fixes meetings. Ishita asks him not to keep any meeting today. He asks why. She tells about function in Ruhi’s school, Ruhi is getting award for poetry recitation, I think you should cancel all your plans. He says fine, I will prepare a thankyou speech, get my best suit out. She says Ruhi is getting award, not you and smiles.

Bala finds tight clothing uncomfortable and calls Vicky to reschedule his classes. He is glad to go on a date today. He gets sure that he will make Vandu jealous. He turns and sees Vandu. Vandu gladly says I m back and surprises him. He says you were coming after few days. She tells him that she came for him, Shitija is with Amma, Amma took her to temple, why are you behaving so unromantic. He hugs her. She asks does Shravan’s school has fancy dress competition, what are you wearing. He says I m trying to change, I m young. She says sorry to say, you are not young, this are so tight clothes. He says its very comfortable, my student wear such clothes, I m wearing similar to make them understand me that I m one of them, I have imp class, you take rest, I will come. He leaves. She wonders what happened to Bala.

Bala meets Abhishek outside and asks how am I looking, and reminds Abhishek’s plan to make wife feel insecure. He says I will become interesting infront of Vandu. Abhishek asks him not to change too much. Bala tells his philosophy about first and second time efforts. Abhishek agrees and asks about Mihika. Bala says Mihir took Mihika for having golgappa to their own hangout place, I have date now and leaves. Abhishek says when I asked, Mihika was not having mood, now she went with Mihir, Bala said right, I like Mihika a lot, I will work hard to get her before it gets too late.

Raman comes to meet Shagun. Manoj tells about Shagun’s depressed state, it happens in pregnancy, she is missing Adi and Ruhi a lot. Raman says I will try. Shagun cries seeing Adi and Ruhi’s pics. Raman asks is she fine. He asks her to come for a drive, they will have her fav icecream then shopping. She refuses. Manoj looks on. Raman thinks how to make her mood fine.

Mihir and Mihika eat golgappas. Abhishek comes there and joins them. He eats golgappas with them. Mihir says I m done. Mihika says you want me to win and my mood becomes good. Mihir says no, you have it, I m done. Mihika gets a call from Pathak and says she has to reach in 15mins. Abhishek says I will take you. Mihir, Mihika and Abhishek leave in his car.

Ishita talks to nurse and asks her not to take appointments for evening. The doctor comes and asks Ishita not to go home early today. Ishita says I have to leave soon. The doctor says sorry, the patient said you will do the treatment best. Ishita tells about Ruhi. The doctor tells about imp patient. She says fine, I will talk to Ruhi first and then confirm you.

Abhishek drops Mihika and Mihir. She thanks him. Abhishek wishes her all the best. She does not reply him, and asks Mihir to come along. Mihir tells about old memories and gives her some sweets. She smiles and eats the puri. Mihir says this is your fav. Abhishek gets jealous seeing them. Mihir goes with Mihika.

Ishita calls Ruhi’s teacher and talks to Ruhi. She tells doctor Batra told me about imp appointment in evening. Ruhi says but I have function. Ishita says yes, I told him I will ask you first. Ruhi asks her to treat the patient as he will have pain. She asks her to do her work. Ishita gets glad and they I love you to each other. Ishita thanks her and says I will inform Raman. Raman tells Manoj that Shagun is still missing kids. Ishita calls Raman and tells about her appointment. She says I informed Ruhi, she allowed me, you reach on time. Raman tells Manoj about Ishita not coming in Ruhi’s function. Manoj suggests him to take Shagun along, Shagun will be glad seeing Ruhi. Raman says Ishita will feel bad. Manoj says Shagun can sit away and just see Ruhi, take her, atleast for your baby.

Ishita argues with Raman saying she understood why he likes Shagun. He asks her to stop it, he also has limit to bear things.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ekta madam you are not understanding , you are playing with millions of isra. Fans emotions . It’s becoming heart breaking and sleepless night for many , you could have really made it as positive either by Ishitha being pregnant or both of them together goes for surrogancy and not Shaghun . She is not good acting in positive . Raman chooses ex wife for surrogancy , if searched the doctor can get another woman . Everything twisted so fast … Bomb blasting , Rinkys murder surrogancy . Divyanka has captured attention of the whole world and frankly speaking I am falling sick watching the problems she is going thru …. Love is not hiding anything … Your open communications are important . Try to show something people can learn from it . End of the day it’s a serial only but Karan and Divyanka are remarkable in their acting which makes us feel we live with them . Whatever Rithusree is telling correct . If there is a way that we can totally boycot watching this serial , please let me know .

  2. What dese indian serials are?
    Govt want to control population with “hum do hmare do” n every serials r showing 3-4-7 children. What dey r teaching the society?
    I was liking YHM coz dey were showing mother-children relatnshp without blood relation.
    Do really Ishita need anothr baby to become mother.
    The track is becoming so worst.
    I think indian serial cvs dont know to end a serial till its looses its trp.
    Atleast hav a little sense in the story.
    I hav stopped watchng dis serial 6months back.
    Only i read the written updates once in 15 days or so.

  3. yaaaa…..I also didn’t watch yesterday and last week…… Only reading updates…… But it also killing my heart……
    And if raman is slapping ishita for Shagun in upcoming epis, I won’t be surprised….. !!!
    This lovely story has become as a NIGHTMARE……!!!
    And if there is a choice for baby and ishita…., definitely raman will choose baby, it means shagooooon……!!!
    And if there is 10 year leap,they will show ishra’s childrens’ story. No ishra scenes…… We don’t need this……If they show childrens’ story….. I say good bye forever to yhm……
    No one care about loyal fans if yhm. Then why should we watch this…..??? They’ll earn lots of money….. We have nothing…..
    At least there’s no worthy massages for the society…… Only they show,
    They don’t have worth about a any bond……..!!! But this story has only one difference. There is very good connection between ishra and rudi……
    Though it’s not blood bond for ishita, that’s very strong. That’s it…… This is the difference. But they’re going to spoil this too…… Very sad…… And I’m disappointed to be a fan of yhm.

  4. I m also..

  5. Ektaa yeh tune kya kiya ishita ka ghar tora shagun se joraaaa
    Yeh ektaaaaa yeh tune kya kiya sarika ko villian bana diya yeh ekttaaaaaa hmmmm i hate u

  6. mere saare friends aur realitive yeh toh serial nahi dekh rahe hai aur mein bhi sirf paanch ya at the most duss minute dekhthi hoon ki mujhe iahruh scene nahi miss karna hai aur leap ke baad ruhi nahi hogi warna yeh serial toh utter nonsense ban chuka hai .leap ke baad toh insaan kya zaanwar kya makhiyaan bhi yhm nahi dekhenge except ekta aut uske writers . hate you ekta and makers.

  7. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will
    show that Simmi (Shireen
    Mirza) finds something
    fishy between Raman and
    Shagun after knowing
    Shagun is pregnant.
    Simmi doubts at Shagun
    pregnant with Raman’s
    To clear her doubt,
    Simmi takes Raman’s
    hair for DNA test with
    Shagun’s unborn baby.
    Simmi gets shocked to
    know about DNA report is
    positive as Shagun’s
    baby father is none other
    that Raman.
    Ishita gets shattered
    hearing this truth and
    confront her husband’s
    ex-wife Shagun.
    Shagun shows her true
    color and hides the
    surrogacy news from
    Shagun tells Ishita that
    she is pregnant with
    Raman’s child.
    Not only this, Shagun
    starts blackmailing
    Raman not to tell truth
    Ishita otherwise she will
    abort the child.
    Dr Manoj (Manoj
    Chandilla) will help
    Shagun in this regard
    without knowing real
    intension of Shagun.
    Ishita brings Shagun in
    Bhalla house after
    believing Raman is father
    of Shagun’s baby.
    However, Ishita decides
    to stay with Raman for
    Ruhi because she does
    not want kids’s future
    gets spoiled again due to
    Raman and Shagun.
    Stay tuned for further

  8. shagun ne girgitt ki tarah apni rang badal di .ab bhugtoh raman .raman ab ishitha ke nazar mein kabhi utth nahi saktha .hate you ekta and makers .i dont feel tired if i say hate you to you guys crores times also.

  9. # YeHaiMohabbatein ON LOCATION
    # Saloni


  11. Raman gets icecreams for everyone and gives them a party. Simmi is tensed as she has heard Raman and Shagun
    talking. Simmi visited the hospital and spots Raman with Shagun. She gets shocked knowing Shagun is bearing
    Raman’s child. She does not know how to tell this to Ishita. Simmi thinks Ishita will surely break Ishita’s trust on
    Raman. She does not know how to tell Ishita and limits the matter to herself for time being.

  12. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is going to show
    many twists and turns before Leap.
    As we have seen Vandu returns from
    her camp and greets Bala.But he
    doesnot wish her properly which
    makes Vandu doubt on his behavior.
    In the Coming episode’s,we will see
    Vandu listens Bala talking to someone
    and about meeting on a cafe.But he
    lies to Vandu saying that he has extra
    class for his students.
    Vandu tells the whole scene to Amma
    and tells her to follow Bala to find out
    whom he is meet.This is a funny
    sequence which will be enjoyed by the
    The current track on the Star Plus
    show is focussing on Shagun’s
    pregnancy, due to which Ishita feels a
    little jealous. And Raman hasn’t
    disclosed to Ishita about Shagun
    playing a surrogate mother to their
    child, all this confusion will lead to a
    huge fight between the protagonists.
    According to a source ” “The fight
    between the two will lead to
    separation and from there on, leap in
    the show will finally start. With
    Raman having his third child staying
    with him post leap, Ishita will come to
    know about the surrogacy,” quoted by
    It would be shown that Sarika
    designed the entire murder and put
    the blame on Mihika.But it is still
    Suspense whether her truth will be
    known before Leap or not.
    Keep reading for more UPDATES in
    your favorite show Yeh Hai

  13. YHM: Ishita’s misunderstanding with
    Raman will lead to divorce
    Raman and Ishita life to change after 10
    year leap in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    The upcoming episode of Star plus serial
    “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” is gearing up for a
    major twists in the story line….

  14. TOP TWIST! Divorce in Yeh hai
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Serial Yeh Hai…
    # Saloni

  15. A split of the lead onscreen pair Raman and Ishita,
    surrogate pregnancy and a long, impending leap–the
    upcoming track of popular TV show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein is headed towards a bumpy road.
    If sources are to be believed, small screen’s beloved
    couple Raman Bhalla and Ishita (played by Karan Patel
    and Divyanka Tripathi) will go separate ways due to a
    misunderstanding caused by Raman’s ex-wife
    Shagun’s (played by Anita Hassanandani) pregnancy.
    Also read: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Upset with surrogacy
    track, fans call for boycotting the show
    The current track on the Star Plus show is focusing on
    Shagun’s pregnancy, due to which Ishita feels a little
    jealous. Raman hasn’t told Ishita about Shagun playing
    a surrogate mother to their child. All this confusion will
    lead to a huge fight between the protagonists.
    Also read: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein to take not one but two
    time leaps
    “The fight between the two will lead to separation and
    from there on, the leap in the show will finally start.
    With Raman having his third child staying with him
    post the leap, Ishita will come to know about the
    surrogacy,” said a source close to the production.
    The leap will be of 10 years; other details are yet to be
    Also read: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein to take 10-year leap in

  16. No use of watching this. I will stop watching this in near future, but love you all the actors in YHM, not the story.

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