Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Story takes a leap

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a leap of two years. Shagun tells about Budapest. Shagun says Ishita is in jail, the family broke down and Raman lost himself in these two years, I got Raman here by excuse of business, thinking he may get fine. Mrs. Bhalla scolds a man. Mr. Bhalla asks her not to take tension about puja, everything will happen well. She goes to get camphor from Amma. She knocks the door. She sees someone else and sees Singh’s name plate. She says sorry. She recalls Amma and cries. Mr. Bhalla asks did you forget again. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, I forget they are gone from here. He says time heals every wound, don’t worry. She wishes Raman stays fine.

Shagun waits for Raman. She says doctor may cancel the appointment, where is he. Raman arrives. He asks where is the doctor. Shagun

says near the lake, lets go. Raman goes and meets the doctor. Shagun says Raman, please suppress pain in yourself. Doctor says tell me your story. He says stories lie, I don’t believe in stories, I believe in today, I m in Budapest, its a beautiful city, I m alive, isn’t that a best story. She says tell me something about your business. He says its great, business has grown, so family is joining, I heard a lot about you, and sorry…. He goes. Shagun goes to doctor. Doctor says he doesn’t want to share his problems. Shagun says Raman is in depression since 2 years, he gave up his medicines. Doctor says he has to be ready, that’s upto him. Shagun says I heard you are best doctor here, I wish you could help, thanks for your time. Mrs. Bhalla calls him, and says Raman smiles for the world, but he has much pain. Shagun says yes, since Ishita went… Mrs. Bhalla says its all because of her. Raman says I have to go hotel and doesn’t talk to Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla prays for Raman and wishes someone comes who fills happiness in his life again.

Ishita comes to Ashok. He asks are you ready, its time to meet him. They shake hands and leave. Romi talks to Bala on call. Mrs. Bhalla scolds him and says Mihika didn’t want to see your face, you broke her heart, you did wrong things in life. He says how did Mihika come in between. She says I told you we ended relations with Iyer, why do you talk to Bala. He says I didn’t break relations with them, Bala called to say Ruhi is in Budapest. She says she was in Paris, she can create trouble for him. Mr. Bhalla says she has become Raman’s business rival. Romi says Ruhi just used to listen to Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t take her name. He says everything ended, Raman left business to Parmeet, Parmeet ruined our business, Simmi, Aaliya and Adi went to take care of Raman. He goes. Mr. Bhalla says he is right, we miss Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla get annoyed and leaves. He says don’t know whose bad sight my family caught up.

Adi waits for Aaliya. She comes late. Shye says you are taking me out after 6 days. He asks her to come. Shagun comes and says Romi called, Ruhi is here in Budapest, don’t know till when will Raman stay fine. Adi asks why is she here. Shagun says I fixed Raman’s meeting with investors, I hope Ruhi doesn’t ruin this. Adi asks her to go, he will come.

Ruhi arrives. A lady gives her papers. Ruhi says you are very sorry. Ruhi says I hate latecomers, and unnecessary conversation, Raman has a meeting today, Ruhi industries will get the deal. Adi says I have to go. Aaliya says you don’t have time for me. He says you heard what Shagun said, you know how is business running, Ruhi has come here, don’t you understand, this is a business trip. She says I didn’t ask you to get me here, you talk of Papa and Ruhi, where am I. He asks her to go and enjoy. She says right, I can manage everything alone, thanks. He goes. She says he always gets angry, he doesn’t have time for me, I will also show him I have no time for him. She misses Ishita.

Ashok says we will meet Raman, this new tie up will be profitable for us and them. They comes for the meeting. Ashok holds Ishita’s hand. He asks are you ready to meet Raman. She says yes.

Ashok asks are you nervous. Ishita says yes, I m going to meet Raman. Simmi asks Shagun to give medicines to Raman and keep her informed. Raman says its not my first meeting, I m still the same. Shagun says Ruhi is in Budapest. Ruhi asks how are you Mr. Bhalla, you should get scared of competition. Ishita comes to meet Raman. He senses her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Riana

    First of all pls amena…pls change the MONTAGE its 1 year old now…Pls Change the montage…

  2. Riana


    I was shocked whether i was watching Yhm or an american show…Well i loved the episode a lot lot…Its soo changed in 2 years…Total 3 years had passed…Ruhi is now 22-23…
    Shagun…Raman…Adi…Aaliya…Ruhi everyone’s entry was really awesome…
    I wish they could show Romi also in Budapest…
    Its really a LOVELY place…???
    Raman is in depression after leap…Wow thankgod he didnt had a memory loss…So happy that now they are focussing on Ishra…?
    Best ENTRY goes to Ishita…I just loved her entry it was passionate & celebratory…
    I guess Ashok is pretending to be positive or maybe he is really POSITIVE…
    Ruhi has turned a lot Arrogant…She is having now business woman attitude…But her own RUHI INDUSTRIES…??
    Precap: SO COOOOOL…
    I enjoyed the whole episode and for the first time i am waiting for the next episode eagerly on yhm…?????
    Love ISHRA…???

    1. Yes Riana … enjoyed todays episode . Agree with your comments .

      1. Riana

        Hi VP…Yah i enjoyed the episode a lot

    2. Madhuchhanda

      But then why is he unable to recognise Ishita

      1. Riana

        Its bcoz he is depression…and in the stage of depression people can forget his/her own name…then who is ishita that he will recall !

  3. Why what happened to ruhi?? She is an illogical idiot girl. Are Ishita and Raman again going to marry for ruhi??
    So sad Madhu have gone. Hope Iyer comeback.

  4. Silent reader

    Ashok is positive now?

  5. Akiatta

    I love this! This is the best day of my life!
    Here I am writing a Fanfiction for over a month now and the show makers take a very similar twist to mine. I am so happy with what I am seeing.
    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode.
    Hopefully, they will explain what happened between Ruhi and Nikhil. And also explain what happened between Ruhi, Pihu, and Raman.

    1. True Akiatta !

    2. Ravi

      Yp man its a gd sign ryt! Maybe they hv taken sm ideas frm u! Frm ur mail I mean!! Well done!! ?

      1. Akiatta

        Haha! Possibly not. I sent the mail only a week or two ago. This seems like they planned it for more than a month. 🙂

  6. Saturday tey show one year leap in jain and now 2 years leap so it means it’s 3 years leap

  7. Very confusing

  8. Candiva007

    Ha ha ha Parmeet ruined their business…Good for them! I didn’t watch the episode so I don’t know how Simmi is. That disgusting man is the one who did all of the breaking up of that family and Simmi even that she didn’t know she helped him and she lost her daughter during that. Thanks for the written updates!

  9. When would this story end guys. Just tell me is ruhi angry with Raman plz tell me

  10. O my word. Raman in a suit. Wow. This guy just kills me in a suit. Ishita also looking fabulous. Lets see what the future holds.

    1. Ravi

      Hey Susan, nice to see u! Actually I hv read ur comment be4, bt it was too late for me to leave a reply back then! Completely agree with ur comment! Ishra looking fabulous in their new avatar! Seriously cool!!!

    2. Hi Susan ! Yes Ishra look fabulous ! But how come Ishitha with Ashok is little disturbing ! Either Ramans plan , Ruhi too saving the business from Param ! Shaghun purely to
      unite Ishra . May be Ashok also positive .
      All rumours are wrong ! Twist is interesting !

    3. Now we will have to wait for all the flashback scenes to answer all our questions. Lets hope the answers and future storyline is an improvement to what we have been seeing so far. But as for now I am totally hooked again. I think I should try to get Sindhu back from Ishqbaaz page. It’s getting interesting in YHM world. Just hope they don’t disappoint us again.

  11. How did ishita leave jail. Wa she proven innocent? What happened to pihu. Where is Mani? Waiting for tomorrow maybe I can get explanation if there will be flashback

  12. The cat will be out of the bag in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (Star Plus and Balaji Telefilms).Raman (Karan Patel) and his family’s Budapest visit will add a lot of drama in the daily.

    In the coming episode, audience will once again witness Raman and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) separation drama. Ishita will also learn about Simmi’s (Shireen Mirza) evil side.

    A source shares that after Raman and his family would travel to Budapest for a business meeting, he will meet Ishita there. However, he will be unable to recognize her.

    Meanwhile, Ishita will learn that Simmi has been giving Raman medication to lose his memory and she would decide to save him. She will also realize that Bhalla family is suffering from problems.

    Furthermore, Ishita will decide to help Raman recover from his memory loss and would try to bring his life back in order.How will Ishita unravel Simmi reality to the family? Will she bring back Raman’s memory?

    1. Simmi jaisi behen se acha hai ki behen ho hi na.
      Aur raman ne business param ko q fiya. Romi v to sambhal skta tha business

  13. Ravi

    I must say this new leap is very interesting! Better than the Australia too. Bt I dnt lyk the way dt Mrs. Bhalla thinking! Wht made her to believe so much abt Param n Simmi! Even after Param has ruined their business??
    Where is Pihu? And guys lk at this Ruhis attitude! Before the leap she was hugging her father n getting consoled by him n nw she has becm da biggest rival! Hw is dt possible? I wonder if dt Nikhil has again started his drama! The last thing dt I want to see is dt nikhils face! Being honest I dnt see dt much acring skills in nikhil!
    Well except for these the leap is pretty okay with me! ??

  14. Man, I am so confused, a person who is sentence lifetime in prison without parole is know free walking around in BUDDAPEST.

    1. Riana

      As bcoz Ashok has bailed her secretly by reopening ananya’s murder case

  15. I think today v might get a flash back like raman blamed ruhi for everything whatever happened and thus they became rivals subsequently

  16. Really guys. Its not confusing. Since Raman might have a memory loss and if he has forgotten isitha he should have forgotten pihu, and pihu might be living with iyers and why ruhi is against raman because i feel ruhi thinks that raman has not doneanything to free ishitha even if he knows ishitha is innoncence. As per Ashok involvement in Ishitha is concerned i think the whole thing is planned by Shagun, Mani, Bala , Kiran and Romi or maybe param. If it is Param then it is to get revenge and it is so easy to predict. I prefer Shagun, Mani, Bala , Kiran and Romi- For my choice i have a very good explanation. If ishitha is released from jail does anyone from Bhallas or Iyers not know whether she is in jail or not. Ishitha may have avoided the iyers and Bhallas but I still feel that Iyers and Bhallas kept tabs on Isitha

  17. If Ashok becomes positive, very good thing, please dont make him negative again

  18. Wow….. I like is leap twist. I very exciting to watch the next episode. I want to know about nikhil n pihu. Does Ashok know the truth that pihu is real culprit. I m waiting for upcoming episode…….

  19. Its basically same bs after every leap of years here and there fed up now n bored as to watch

  20. Why is shagun with raman? Did she leave mani? What happened to ria? the one year leap is confusing. Yes, it was nice to see locales of Budapest. But,there should be some clarity as to wwho is on whose side.

  21. may i know which song that is (i mean background music when ishita ruhi enters)

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