Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simmi being shocked seeing Parmeet in the function. She says Param ji is here. Parmeet is taking care of arrangements. She comes to him and he is shocked seeing her. She says you here. He hugs her and says I thought you won’t come. She asks when did you come. He says yesterday night. She says you did not tell me. He says Ashok gave me this work. She says you are seeing all the work. He says I have to do boss work. She says you are Ashok’s manager, not personal secretary. He says this happens in private job, I will end my work and come, you be here. A man asks Simmi did she see Parmeet and does she work in his office, he is not settling accounts since 6 days, ask him to work well else I will tell Ashok Sir.

She says he is here since 6 days and he did not

tell me, I m so worried, and he did not come to meet me and Ananya, and being Ashok’s servant now, knowing my family does not like Ashok, and he played game with Romi and Sarika. She says why is he doing this. Shagun’s friends call her lucky. Shagun asks Ruhi will she have mehendi. Ruhi says no. Ishita comes to Raman. He says I m being bored here. She says even Ruhi is bored. She says lets take a plate and have food. He says come. Ashok sees them and says this is modern family, Raman came with family in his ex wife’s mehendi, its good to see me win, how goes it feel to see your wife and kid share my name, we share everything, wife and kid, and now your Saali (sister in law) will be my Sahlej (Sahlej is Saala’s wife… brother in law Mihir’s wife Mihika). Ishita says we came here for Shagun’s happiness, I know even you want that, everything should be done well, so please no fights ok.

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Mani gives bouquet to Ashok and says congrats. He says Ashok is here because of me, so I had to come here. He says your love is great to make you patiently wait for 6 years. Ashok says love conquers all. Mani says yes, love is the best and says don’t mind Raman, I m signing my next contract with Ashok, its wedding gift, we will seal the deal when he takes rounds. Raman says fine. Mani winks and smiles. Ashok says he will attend guests and leaves. Mani asks them to come to have food. Ruhi gets bored and asks for Raman. Shagun says maybe he went to Adi’s room, go and see. Ruhi goes there looking for Adi and says this is not Adi’s room.

She receives video chat call and says her dad is downstairs. Suraj comes there and scolds him. He sees her spoiling his work and scolds her. Ruhi cries and runs. Shagun shows her mehendi to Ashok and says see, its dark. Ruhi slips and bumps into her. Shagun’s hand gets on Ashok’s clothes and her mehendi spoils. Ashok says see your mehendi and my clothes. Shagun says sorry. She says I will fix it. He leaves angrily. Shagun scolds Ruhi asking is this playground, does no one teaches her manners in that house. Ruhi says Ishi Maa…. Shagun says what Ishi Maa, I will slap you and raises her hand. Ishuta stops her and asks how dare you raise your hand on my daughter. Shagun says she is my daughter. Ishita says you just gave birth, the one I did not scold till now, how can you raise hand.

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Shagun says will you teach me now. Ishita says you are selfish, its always you, you are self centered and it only affected Ruhi, you did not think as you don’t care. She says she has seen complicated relationships and for you, your reputation matters. Adi hears them. Ishita says when you have to pose for family pic, then you remember your kids, and to show off being a good mum, don’t call my daughter yours, Ruhi is my daughter, keep your hand and yourself away from Ruhi, else my hand can get raised too.

Everyone see this. Raman wipes Ruhi’s tears and says don’t cry for such people and asks Ishita not to explain Shagun, as she never loved kids. She says Ruhi will not come in any function now and takes Ruhi. Mihir says that’s why I wanted Shagun… Raman and Ishita ask him to stay here as its his sister’s function. Mani looks on as Ishita and Raman leave with Ruhi. Shagun cries. Mihir says I can’t believe this.

Ishita comes home and tells Mrs. Bhalla that its her mistake, she is a fool to come in Shagun’s words, you were right, Shagun can’t be trusted, I did this for Ruhi, Mihir and Mihika, I thought Ruhi will get close to Shagun, I m feeling angry now, you beat me, punish me. She cries and Ruhi comes to her asking Mrs. Bhalla not to beat her, as mum does not beat children, Ishita told this to Shagun. Mrs. Bhalla cries. Ishita takes Ruhi and says Dadi was not beating me. Mrs. Bhalla says do I look mad, why will I beat her, Raman told me everything how she saved you, only a mum can do this. Ishita asks Ruhi can she forgive her Ishi Maa, I m very sorry, I create big problems sometimes, I did wrong taking you there.

Ruhi says I was scared and I knew you won’t let anything happen to me, we will go in all functions. Ishita says no. Ruhi says no, we will show we are strong and we don’t care. Shagun won’t do this again as you scolded her. Ishita asks will you really go. Ruhi says yes, I will go to have gulab jamun, and if I don’t go Adi and Mihir will feel bad. They smile. Ishita kisses her forehead. Mani asks Raman why is he waiting here, lets go and manage. Raman says don’t worry, she will manage, she has this quality. Mani says yes, I have seen her mingling well with your family.

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Raman says he wanted to share something, about his and Ishita’s friendship, I did not feel good, I got angry being Punjabi man, I don’t have hard feelings. Mani says I understand, but she is my special friend, I know her since I was in school, I was also overprotective, when I came to know she married a Punjabi man, I felt bad, that dud every Tamil guy in world died that she married a divorcee Punjabi. Raman asks do you think this about me. Mani says anyone will think this, she came between all your problems, she managed it, I m sorry I thought this, I m sure now that she is lucky, you are a great guy and your relation is very sweet. Raman asks are you praising or insulting me. Mani says I m saying the truth. Raman says yes, I m lucky, she is special.

Shagun cries and complains to Adi how Ishita insulted her, calling her a bad mum. Adi says you should have not called her. Shagun says Ruhi would have not come if Ishita did not come. Adi says I will not leave her, she does not have to come here and shout on you. Shagun says no need, I m so exhausted, Ashok is also upset, tomorrow’s function should be good, why did she do this to me, I m so tired. Adi asks her to rest and gives her water. She hugs him and says its only you who care for me. Adi thinks Ishita made my mum cry on this special day, I will make her cry now, I won’t leave her.

Its morning, Raman gets ready. Mihir says he needs his help, he organized the party for Shagun’s Sangeet, but there is a problem, he forgot to organize dancers. Raman says will I arrange them now. Mihir says please do something. Raman says every problem has solution, just have to use mind, shall I make my family dance. Mihir says what, will uncle aunty dance. Raman says they can dance for your sister. Raman says mum is against Amma, if Mihika convinces Amma, my mum will also agree to dance. Mihir thinks.

Mrs. Bhalla asks did Amma say yes. Raman says yes, she said yes, and Punjabi style is easy. Mihir says she challenged us. Raman says leave it, what do we have to do in this. They provoke her to agree for dance.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Omg!nyc precap

    for Ishita -the all fan’s are attractive for you in the red saari .
    so sweet and s*xy….
    most interesting sence-when shagun goes to slaps ruhi and Ishita save ruhi..
    u r the actually ruhi mom. by the way ruhi slaps -serial turning point….

  3. nice episode .

  4. wow ishu ur very very good mom yaar.u proved that ur good mother bhi good wife bhi good daughter good sister and good bahu ranbir kapoor style tum tho hindi film hero hai dude.and shagun ur impossible yaar such a ceap wowan.and raman ur really lucky to have ishu.she is really special.

  5. and adi ur a kid so be like a kid.dont act so smart.kuch tho siko tumara behan se.

  6. Ruhi superb.ishita very episode so good.

  7. Nice episode.. Ishu u r the best mom… It was awsme scence when ishu scolded shagun…! Adi ovr smart ban ne ki jarurat nahi hey be lyk a kid…!

  8. niice episode

  9. Superb episode….. Just waiting for ishra romance

  10. Superb episode….. Just waiting for ishra romance…

  11. awesome episode. shagun is soo bad. felt very bad for ruhi. anyways is was too good to see ishitha saving ruhi from shagun . ishitha spoke well infront of shagun. wow!simmi has atleast got doubt on param . mani you are soo frank and open hearted . its a very good atitude of yours. precap was good. yhm rockzz……..

  12. Adi makes me bleeugh

  13. Nice ep. Ruhi dont cry baby Ishita will be there when ever you want her…

  14. Hey guys kya aap sabne Raman & Ishita ke suhagraat wali news dekhi?
    Usme Raman Ishu ko cautch pr nahi pr apne sath bed pr sone ke lie manaega
    But there will be little confusion Ishu chemist se Pet dard ki dava mangvaegi & chemist aur kuchha hi bhej dega ..
    Kya aap sab ko yad hai ki aisi hi confusion IshRa ki shadi ke bad honeymoon ki raat 14th feb. ko hui thi…
    I hope yeh confusion apne saath IshRa aur unke fans ke liye bahut sara fun pyar aur romance laye……

  15. nice episodr..Isitha & Raman sweeeeet couple…. lv u.

  16. Tum sab ne notice kiya ki aaj ke ep. me jab Mani aur Raman bat kar rahe the tab Raman ke hath me chot lagi hui thi. May be vo chot Raman Bhalla ko nahi pr Karan Patel ko lagi go isi liye serial me use chipa ne ke liye Raman ne apna haath dupatte se dhank rakha tha.

    1. Are haan yaar maine bhi notice kiya thaa vo chot ….

  17. O god kitna drama karti ho tum shagun ?? Ek to ruhi ko slap karne jaa rahi thi aur phir khud rone bhi lagi ….. Kitni budhiya lagti ho tum shagun !!!

  18. Chalo kam se kam raman aur mani ki dosti to hui ….

  19. Miss. Malini

    This is the only show where all the men are sooo hot. Especially Romi, Raman, Ashok, Mani and Sooraj. what’s the real name of Sooraj does anyone knows?
    Want to see them on a nice beach in swim wears.

  20. Miss. Malini the real name of sooraj is vineett kumar …

  21. Miss. Malini

    Thanks a lot Aisha!

  22. Prayosha! Joo tumne dekh visa kuch bhi nahi hai episode ke last part mai Karan Patel ka hath mai kuch bhi too na huaa hai

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