Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman going at the cliff end in wee hours and recalling Ishita’s fall. He thinks how he has hurt his family and Ruhi. He gets sad and cries. He says I have ruined my world with my hands, there is no world for me if you are not here, its all over for me too. I will be there where you are. He jumps inside the lake. He comes out of water and swims to some side of the shore. He runs inside the dark jungle and reaches a small house. He knocks on the door.

Ishita opens the door. They see each other as if they are shocked seeing each other. She cries seeing him and signs no, showing annoyance and anger on him. He goes to her. She asks what was the need to get me here. Don’t talk to me Raman, you tried to kill me and pushed me down from the cliff. He says listen to

me. She asks him to just go. He asks would I be alive if you died. She calls him bad and hugs him. They cry and smile. Dil kahin rukta nahi….. plays…………..

She says I can’t stay here, I was unable to live without you. He asks did you think I was enjoying there. She says I know you made jallad on your side and made way for me to make me run, that’s why I could run, why did you tell me. He says I could not take risk to take me. She asks why did you push from cliff. He says let me speak, listen, if I did not push you, I would have not proved your innocent. Ishita’s fall in shown in FB. She says you could have given me hint, I was not afraid to die, I died when you saw me with anger and hatred. He says enough and hugs her.

He says it was not easy for me as well. She says I know you can’t hurt me ever, when that divers saved me and gave me that note, I knew its you who has sent them. Fb shows divers bringing Ishita out of the lake. She gets conscious and sees diver informing someone. She asks whom are you talking to, what mission. He gives her note and some necessities. She checks the note and gets a map. Fb ends.

She says but staying alone in jungle is not good, I need you. He says I did all this drama and made everyone hate me, all for you, its because I wanted to come close to Niddhi. She asks what. He says Niddhi is responsible for all this. She asks why will she lose and try to kill me. He says the truth is Niddhi fooled all of us, think the woman who did not lose a case in her career, how will she lose such imp case, I have seen that footage where you defended Pallavi and Amar got killed, that evidence would have proved you innocent, Niddhi gave me that chip but…. He recalls how Niddhi made the chip fall and gave him another one. Ishita asks why will Niddhi give you wrong chip. He says Niddhi and I have a past. She asks what. He says I did not realize it at first, then I did research on her, I read that her father died…. I wanted to know the details, I called that matchmaker and came to me that was my relation, mummy ji took my proposal for Niddhi, I did not know this, mummy ji did not ask me and said yes to Niddhi, I was in love with Shagun that time. FB shows Mrs. Bhalla refusing to Niddhi’s parents. Niddhi is shown a simple looking girl with specs, similar to Raman’s old look. Mrs. Bhalla apologizes to them and says I m ready to pay for your loss and apologize to your daughter. FB ends.

Ishita says but its big thing for a girl if relation breaks. Raman says I was not at fault, mummy did not tell me. She says if you and mummy knew her, why did you not identify her. Raman says Niddhi was very different that time, matchmaker told me. FB shows matchmaker telling Raman about Niddhi, her mum got mad on Niddhi and beaten her that Raman chose a beautiful girl over Niddhi, all because of her simple looks. Niddhi runs to her dad and gets shocked seeing him commit suicide.

Vandu gives tea to Bala’s mum and says everyone went out. Bala’s mum says bad happened with Ishita, you are also going through bad phase, we will go on long drive. Vandu says I don’t wish to. Bala’s mum insists and says we will go, we will not take Shitija, else you will be busy with her only, Neelu will manage Shitija. Vandu says fine, I will get my bag. Bala’s mum looks on.

Niddhi sees Raman’s pic and says my Papa died because of you, I will not leave you, you and your family has to pay for this, you rejected as you liked more beautiful girl than me, see me now, I m so beautiful, I did this to bring you close to me, you are mad about me today that you went against your family, my revenge did not get fulfilled, my mother has to face so many difficulties, so I made you kill your Ishita, see what happens next, I will hurt your family that you die every moment.

Ishita asks Raman about family. He says everyone is fine, Ruhi has grown up and gave me divorce. She asks divorce. He cries and says yes, she left home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ohh dis is cool..i luv ishraru

  2. In tv show world, everyone is connected to one another. what is ramans fault for rejecting an ungly moti? And why on earth by just one rejection,a man will commit suicide? Ek dum bakwas, ismein raman ki kya galati hai?

  3. sarayu (honey)

    loved today’s episode.

  4. hey Ramann I love you loved the episode???

  5. hey guys “Happy mahashivrathri to all”.

  6. Sulochana Sulo

    Very nice episode I am very happy see ishita is back I love u I am a big fan of ishu
    Very touching me and tears I love both
    Jaansi ki rani and Ravan kumar.

  7. How can a daughter give divoce to her father

  8. Nyc episode

  9. Hi rithu and all yhm friends .Happy Maha Siva ratri to u all guys. By the way i am having one doubt according to latest reports niddi will kidnap ishitha Raman’s baby . but when will ishitha enter?? After the leap??? After 8 yrs raman ishitha’s plan work out??? According to spoilers i am getting these doubts.. What do u think guys????

    1. ya even I have the same doubt sowmy that they are showing now itself shanaya track with ashok and how can it continue after leap.

    2. I think Ishita will arrive after leap with new attire Shanaya

  10. hey guys good afternoon.

  11. The upcoming episode
    will show that Raman is
    planning to get married to
    But Raman and Ishita are
    doing all this under a
    Raman has planned
    Ishita’s fake murder
    drama to save her.
    Raman is pretending to
    love and marry Nidhi just
    to get get proof of Ishita’s
    Nidhi finds about Raman
    and Ishita’s plan and
    doubt’s Raman’s
    Nidhi soon decides to
    take revenge from Raman
    and Ishita by hurting
    them at soft point near to
    their heart.
    Nidhi decides to run
    away with their surrogate
    Nidhi runs away with the
    infant and the show will
    soon show a leap of eight
    Stay tuned for more
    exciting updates of the
    upcoming episodes.

  12. Nice epi n hi rithu.janvi.vp.priyol.ramchin.ude.dia.diya.diya darshika n all yhm fans hw r u all guyz?? N plz stop moderation

  13. Niddhi creates a big scene after
    seeing the bridal lahenga torn. She
    shouts on Raman and tells how his
    family has spoiled her lahenga. She
    asks Raman to give her Ishita’s saree.
    Niddhi is angry on the Bhalla family.
    She does not know who did this
    plotting to stop the lahenga. Niddhi left
    lahenga at home and went to parlor.
    She finds the lahenga torn and Simmi
    scares her that this is big abshagun.
    Niddhi argues with Raman. It’s the
    marriage day. When she asks for
    Ishita’s saree, Raman gets tensed. He
    refuses and Niddhi starts doubting on
    him again. Niddhi has motive to ruin
    Raman and his family, but she will be
    in trouble once Ishita comes back.
    Raman and Niddhi’s marriage will
    have a twist.

  14. I hope yhm mein leap aur separation na ho. plz makers and cvs dont bring leap in yhm .

  15. Loved the episode…hope ishra never break!I love them…

  16. “Tum Mar jaati toh mein zinda rehta?” This line conveyed it all…

  17. Hi to all fans of yeh hai mohhabetin
    Actually I am a TAMILIAN but I knew Hindi also
    If any Tamilian want to watch thisserial in tamil , see Vijay Tv at 9’o clock Mon-Fri

    1. hey… its on 7 pm thane…. kalyanam mudhal kadhal varai… time change pannitangalla?,, and me too tamilian. also know hindi

      1. Hi arshi !!!!!!!!!!!! ya it’s on 9 pm ….

  18. Very suprised to see tamilian
    Thank u arshi !!!!!!!!

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