Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita getting teary eyed seeing Mr and Mrs. Bhalla showering love on Simmi and wishing her happiness. The marriage day comes and Mrs. Bhalla arranges the things. Ishita sees everyone doing their bits in the arrangements and being very happy. She gets thinking as she is not convinced about Subbu. She says I don’t know, is my thinking wrong. She prays to Lord and says she wants to be part of this happily. She gets a call from someone and says you, how… fine, how can I meet now, fine I will come.

She says how will I leave now. She sees Raman and says this flower garlands is wrong. He says its fine, it won’t matter. She says you know Subbu’s mum, if she tells anything, it won’t be good, I will get the garland, you guys reach court, I will manage it and leaves.

Ishita meets Subbu’s mum and asks why did she call him. Subbu’s mum says she has heard her talking to Bala and Vandu, she knows her heart is very pure and she can’t hurt anyone. She asks her about Subbu, he did not tell her about Laxmi’s depression, and also about his psychiatric treatment, why is he not trusting anyone.

She says why is he not confident to talk to me, I lost my son, his new life is starting, I don’t want any hurdle, get info about what happened with him in London. Ishita says don’t you think its late. She says no, we don’t know whats in his heart, why is he lying, why is he keen to marry. She gets Bala’s call and says she came to temple, puja is done, she will reach. She gives the London details to Ishita and says one hour is still there, find out, don’t tell Subbu and Bala that I met you, thanks. She leaves.

Ishita thinks how to get info and says Shaila Bua stays there, I can contact her. Everyone come to the court and Raman says Ishita went to take garlands. Appa says about Iyers. Bala says his mum is resting at home, as her BP is high. Rinki and Raman tease Subbu. Subbu stops them and says this marriage can’t happen. Raman asks everything ok. Subbu says till this papers are signed….. Raman checks the papers and looks at him. Mr. Bhalla asks what happened. Raman asks him to read.

Raman smiles and says Subbu wants to adopt Ananya first and then marry Simmi. They all smile happily. Subbu says he is Ananya’s dad first and then her husband. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi to sign fast. Simmi signs on the papers. Ishita calls Shaila Bua. She says they are getting Simmi married in court today. Shaila says Mrs. Bhalla did not inform her. Ishita says they will keep reception for relatives. Shaila says fine. Ishita tells about her friend, and gives the details. Shaila knows Subbu, he is going to marry Simmi. Shaila gets tensed and asks her to stop this marriage, this marriage should not happen. Ishita asks does she know him. Shaila says this guy is not right for Simmi, I will come tomorrow to India on emergency visa, I will tell everyone to them and expose them, he is dangerous man, he is big fraud. Ishita gets shocked and ends call.

She says she was feeling its something fishy, she has to stop this marriage. Subbu looks at Simmi and recalls Laxmi crying. They wait for Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says call her. Ishita is on the way and the car tyre punctures. Raman calls her and asks where is she, everyone is waiting. She says he should agree what she says, if she trusts her, don’t let this marriage happen, she can’t explain, but he has to wait for her. She takes an auto. Raman says she won’t say this without any solid reason.

Subbu and Simmi wait for their turn. Sujata gets a call and goes. Bala says lets take a pic. Sujata gets a shocking news and says thanks for calling. She calls Subbu and asks him to come out. Raman waits for Ishita outside. Bala asks him to come and asks about Ishita. Raman says she will come. Raman clicks their pics and asks Simmi about Subbu. Simmi says he went out. Sujata tells Subbu that her friend from London called and said Shaila and Ishita are finding about them. Subbiu says he won’t let them ruin his plan. Sujata says hurry up, marry Simmi. He says I will do something.

Ishita is stuck at the traffic signal. Subbu bribes the peon to get a number soon. Ishita is on the way. Raman sees everyone and recalls Ishita’s words. Simmi and Subbu are called next. Raman says wait, 15mins are left for 11. Bala says its govt office, mahurat is when your number comes. Raman stops them again. Bala asks what happened. Raman says Ishita is reaching, she has the tamilian garlands, lets wait for her. Sujata says we can do this rituals later, their signs are needed now, we will exchange garlands when she comes. Simmi says its not about garlands, but Ishita should be here. Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi agree to wait, and Sujata says we should not get late. Subbu says we should not do late and takes the document to sign.

Ishita comes in the court in anger and snatches the pen from Subbu’s hand. Raman and everyone look shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Aahaa……..Jhansi ki Rani aai………par haath me Talwar nahi……pen thi……

    Haa bhai…..modern Jhansi ki Rani hai……par josh to wo hi pura ne wala hai……

  2. 3 days se no IshRa scene…….not fair yaar…….Shaadi se hume Kitni expactation hoti hai………IshRa romance……but yanha to IshRa scenes bhi nahi milte….

  3. Yeh Simmi phir se Subbu par andha bharosa karne ki galti kar rahi hai…..koi kare na kare….Raman Ishita ko belive karega…….

  4. and haan its clear that laskhmi is nt happy with subbu.all known it including ishu ka bua.then how cum sujathaji is supporting subbu by whom she lose her daughter.

  5. Ishita stops Simmi &
    Subbu’s Marriage in the
    Nick of Time in ‘Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein’ Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    will see another wedding
    drama in the show,as viewers
    already know that Subbu’s
    intention to marry Simmi is for
    the revenge on Bhalla Family which he thinks that they
    provoked his wife to commit
    suicide. Ishita who is already suspicious
    of Subbu and Sujatha now
    along with Raman will try to
    dig out the information.She
    decides to get Subbu’s
    psychartic records to know the real cause and will go to
    hospital while Bhalla family will
    reach the court for the
    marriage. Raman will be restless as Ishita
    don’t reach the venue and
    procedure for marriage starts at
    Registation office.But Bad signs
    start showing when Subbu was
    about to sign the marriage paper pen don’t work and
    Raman makes excuse to get
    pen and delays the wedding for
    two mins. Subbu will be about to sign and
    the Registrar asks if anyone has
    problem with marriage,Ishita
    comes telling she has and stops
    the marriage and asks the
    Bhalla family to come with her to prove Subbu’s real face and
    tells about her enquiry in
    London. Later Ishita will try to get
    records which is when Vidya
    Balan who will be seen in Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein for promoting
    her movie ‘Humari Adhuri
    Kahani’ will understand Ishita’s problem and helps her seeing
    Ishita trying to save Simmi’s
    life.This episode will air next
    week. Sources inform Ishita will reveal
    Subbu’s personality disoder
    where he gets violent without
    medicine and Subbu will also
    reveal his wife’s death truth
    and his revenge to Bhallas shocking them.But What is the
    truth of his wife death is to be
    watched and why Subbu feels
    Bhallas are responsible will be
    shown in coming episodes.With
    his plan of marriage failing Subbu gets violent and shows
    his true face to all. Do Keep up the space for more

  6. Hellooooooooo….
    😉 🙂 😉 😉 🙂 🙂 😉 🙂 😉 🙂 😉 😉 🙂 🙂 ;):) 😉 🙂 😉 😉 🙂 🙂 ;);) 🙂 😉 😉 🙂 🙂 😉 🙂 😉 🙂 😉 😉 🙂 🙂 ;):) 😉 🙂 😉 😉 🙂 🙂 😉

  7. nimrit

    haa yaar 3 din se no ishra scene….yaha tak ki un dono ne sweetly ek dusre se baat tak nahi ki….

  8. gopu

    The Gold awards which was held on 4 June 2015in Mumbai was hosted by Gauahar Khan and Jay Bhanushali.The grand event was graced by who’s who of Telly world right from Divyanka Tripathi, Anita Hassanandani, Karan Patel to Karanvir Bohra, Syrbhi Jyoti, Gautam Gulati, Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda Sheikh among others.Several actors entertained the audience with their funny antics and dazzling stage performances.“Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” got the maximum awards. Divyanka bagged the ‘Best Actress’ and The Face of the Year, while Karan Patel won the Best Actor Award.Best Actor in Negative Role(Female) is bagged by Anita Hassanandani and Best Actor in Negative Role(Male) is won by Sangram Singh.Best Actor in Supporting Role is won by Raj Singh Arora.“Qubool Hai” couple Karanvir Bohra and Surbhi Jyoti were crowned the ‘Best Jodi’.KVB took to Instagram and shared his joy. He wrote,And the best Jodi goes to???? Yeah, u gotit right…..#saahil Thank you my #bratpacks for your love and constant support.this award would not have been possible without it.words are less to thank you…God bless you all the fans. And @thisissurbhiGautam of the “Bigg Boss 8″ fame bagged the ‘Most Fit’ title, while Manish Paul won the ‘Best Anchor’ Award.Others who were present at the awards show included Shabbir Ahuwalia, Shweta Tiwari, Sargun Mehta, Sanjeeda Sheikh-Aamir Ali, Ram Kapoor among many more.The official winners list is yet to be known. Zee Gold Awards 2015 will be aired on 21 June in Zee TV.

  9. Sabreena

    Fantastic epi ? how come sujata know it straight away about ishita and shaila bua’s conversation??does subbo ‘s mum told her about that?its becoming more interesting with this suspense ?

  10. ????

    Yhm is going very well and pls don’t make it a flop by doing a leap it’s a humble request to the makers ?

  11. subbu aur uss so called social worker mahilaon ki role model sujatha ki akal thikaaane ishra laayenge. subbu ko dekhke hi pagal lag raha hai.

  12. subbu jitnaa bewakoof aadmi maine aaj tak nahi dekha.agar uska wife sucide kar rahi thi toh usne kyu nahi bachaya unko yaa phir nahi roka.kya khade hoke tamaasha dekh raha tha kya.aur diary mein woh depresaed thi toh obviously woh sab subbu ki wajah se aur flash bhi yahi kehthi hai ki woh subbu ki wajah se.toh yeh subbu bhallas pe kyu daal raha hai ilzaam.yeh toh yahi hua ulta chor kotwaal ko daate. aur ab kyu rotha hai woh subbu jab ki uske wajah se lakshmi ne sucide kii thi naa ki kisi stranger ki wajah se.

  13. Ishita reaches the court with much
    difficulty in an auto and rushes inside
    hurriedly. Subbu and Bhalla family are
    happy and wait for Subbu and Simmi’s
    marriage to happen. The magistrate
    asks Subbu to sign on the marriage
    registration papers and he is about to
    sign. Around the same time, Ishita
    reaches there and snatches pen from
    Subbu’s hand. Everyone gets shocked.
    Ishita announces that Subbu can’t
    marry Simmi and breaks their
    alliance. She comes across some
    shocking revelation about Subbu and
    stops the marriage, and had earlier
    got much doubts on why he lied to her.
    Subbu’s plans to marry Simmi and
    take revenge on Bhalla family didn’t
    succeed. He gets hysterical, but
    controls his actions.
    Ishita doesn’t know on the actual truth
    about Subbu and the reason for
    Lakshmi’s death. She stops the
    marriage as she can’t see Simmi
    suffer again with a bad marriage.
    Subbu gets angry and his anger
    reaches to a very high level when
    Ishita stops him. Ishita acts strangely
    and tells that this marriage can’t
    happen. Simmi is shocked as her
    dreams shatters, and it is yet to be
    seen if she blames Ishita for the
    same. Everyone is bewildered and
    demands to know the the reason for
    Ishita’s move. On another front, the
    show would be going for a leap soon.
    Keep reading.

  14. Jayaa

    why cant Subbu’s mom call Ishita much earlier to deal with this issue? why did she wait till the last hr? was it to remove ishita from wedding till all was signed and tied? Is she hand and glove with her son on taking revenge on Ballas.. as she herself does not like them? If not how would have Sujatha known so soon abt Ishitha trying to find out abt Subbu?

  15. rithu tum teek baath kar rahi ho
    subbuke bareme
    may be he is resposible for
    his wife death bcz when his wife died he is at home
    acp told knw

  16. wahi toh ramchin kuch patha nahi hai.sabi websites pe likha hai ki leap hoga.yhm team is planning to take a sequential leap in july or august.but ruhi aka ruhanika dhawan had tweeted that there is no leap.and many people are protesting against this and signing a petition avainst the leap.dont know what happens.whether leap will take place or not.

  17. hate leap @yhm

    Wow precap mein zabardust lag rahi hai ishu… 4 a while I felt ishu as a real JKR… Love u ishu ur d best actress ?…

  18. hate leap @yhm

    Hi rams ? I tink u know me… Nly me can cal u rams r8 … Haha gn8 rams,rithu and all yhm’s… All d best 4 ur xmz rams ?

  19. jodha akbar bhi leap ke baad trp mein hai hi nahi.number one serial jo south mein bhi sabke zubaan pe tha ab trp mein hai hi nahi. toh yhm ke leap ke baare mein jo sirf news sunkar sabi fans disappointed hai toh trp bhi zaise ko thaisa ho jaayega.

  20. hate leap @yhm

    @rams she died 2day mrng … Coz of heart attack… Dono xact reason… She’s sick nd joined in hospital …. She died in hospital @us (RIP 4 aarti) k gn8… Take care

  21. hate leap @yhm

    Tanq rams ?… Btw its not interview… Xm for junior research fellowship… K c u ?

  22. saurav kumar

    Wow just getting interesting
    Sorry always was interesting & will be
    Love u Ishita.

  23. Arjun

    I HATE this show so much. It’s so illogical and fake. Ekta Kapoor has the worst serials with her stupid vamps. And Ishita is so FAT now.
    YRKKH is the BEST show ever. It has no vamps and deals with real life issues. And Hina Khan is the most gorgeous actress ever. Ishita should learn from Akshara about how to stay skinny and beautiful.

    • ????

      What about your Mahaan Bhabi maa who kept akshra away 4 whole 10 years?is she not a good vamp ??????????

  24. luv u ishu

    mr. arjun… if people say bad about yrkkh then it does not mean you should say bad about other shows ok??.. & please not for yhm its the best show ever I have watched… & not only me… its the best show ever onscreen… & for ishu she is the most beautiful & gorgeous actress… so please if you wanna praise yrkkh then go on.. but dont dare to insult our favoyeite ishu & yhm… did you get that??

  25. luv u ishu

    1 more thing you are repeating the same what people said on yrkkh page.. yhm is never illogical or fake… it always comes with a social msg for viewers… & if I say the truth about yrkkh then its the worst show I have ever known as I dont watch it… its a torcher for viewers… what do you think it happens in real life?? ugh!!!

  26. SN

    Why this Bhalla’s are so stupid and selfish? During Rinky’s marriage, they blame Ishita for not finding details about the boy and now they are blaming for finding details about Subbu…? Simmi deserves a life like that I guess. She’s so hurry to pour out het anger on Ishita without a second thought…

    Whatever happens in YHM it s Ishita to get the blame…

  27. Yes, as predicted, Star Plus’
    popular show is taking a leap
    sometime in July or August . “Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein ,” which
    revolves around the love story of
    Raman (Karan Patel ) and Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi) will take a
    leap, which means the kids will
    have to bid farewell.
    Ruhi ( Ruhanika Dhawan) and
    Aditya ( Gautam Ahuja) will not be
    seen in the show after the leap.
    Rumors suggest that the show
    will see some new twists and
    turns in the upcoming sequence ,
    where the kids will be all grown
    up. The creators are still writing
    the script and working on an
    interesting plot. The children will
    be missed , especially Ruhi, who
    has been loved by all. Ishita and
    Ruhi’s jodi is something people
    loved even more than the couple ,
    and we wonder if the grown- up
    Ruhi will be able to match her
    Currently , Ishita is busy trying to
    expose Subbu’s ( Amit Tandon )
    real intentions behind marrying
    Simmi. Subbu blames the death
    of his wife, who was pregnant, on
    the Bhallas. However , it is not
    yet clear which Bhalla family
    member is responsible for her
    death , but Subbu intends to
    marry Simmi and torture the
    family by troubling her .
    Ishita learns about this and
    decides to call off the wedding .
    But since the entire family is
    smitten by Subbu , she accepts
    her sister Mihika ’s ( Mihika
    Varma) help to prove her point .
    The sisters first find out the
    cause of Subbu ’s wife’ s death
    and then trick Subbu into
    exposing himself in front of the
    entire Bhalla family by playing
    on his short – tempered
    Will Ishita save Simmi ’s life ?
    Will this lead to a quarrel
    between Raman and Ishita? What
    will happen after the leap?

  28. After the leap in July or August,
    Ruhanika Dhawan, who plays
    Ruhi in “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein ,”
    will not be seen on the show
    anymore. Divyanka Tripathi, who
    plays Ruhi’ s mother , Ishita, will
    remain on the show and be seen
    trying to save Simmi by
    exposing Subbu’s true

  29. hate leap @yhm

    Oh really its ekta bdy… Hmm plz giv us NO LEAP NEWS @YHM… As ur bdy treat ekta…

  30. john

    ey rithu r u out of ua mind???????????????????
    it is sure dat show is taking leap.but who d hel asked u to use ua brain??????????
    until july / august wil ishita b only in trails 2 knw abt subbu past?????????
    no itsnt like dat
    shut up old pig
    if u dnt knw sit quite like arjun, ramchin, sara,priyaroli, etc etc
    they r dng wonderful job by shutting their mouths.
    u too do d same’
    else u wil b like rosey who only knows 2 post biggggggggggggg pig comments

  31. bhagi

    hiiiii guys every one i hate this leap yar har ek ache show ko bakwaas banana jaroori hai kya just fed up i dnt want any leap

  32. john

    first try 2 write ua name
    pinjari yedava nenu kade nve…
    mundhu nv eduv tarvata na mida padi edudugani
    a.indha adi nve

    telivi ne okka sothu anukoku
    pinjari yedava/pinjari munda wt ever

    • john (mudanakodaka/munda)

      Nuvvu kinda paina musukora cheepuru tesi kodatha.. Munda nuvura avunu yhm leap maku vadhu anduke protest chestam. Needi nuvvu kadukko ra penta vedava/vedava munda nakaral cheyak iragadestha bidda. Telangana power chustava ra kodaka cheppu tegudhi ra batta ne pani chusuko samaj ayinadha. Bokkalu iradestha ? 😡 👿

  33. john

    pove mental dana
    ne peru petkoni tokalo vagudu vagaku
    damunte manchi ga manishi la matladu
    telagana power chuspitha antu tokalo political issues tiskuraku
    damunte serial gurinchi matladu ledante muskoni chaduko
    chaduvu pakana petesi thokalo panulu chesthe neku job radhu a.indha

  34. john

    preethi muskoni ne edupu nv eduv
    kurchoni chaduko
    serials chuste avi neku tindi pettav
    manchiga chadivi job techukoni me parents ki sahara la undu
    hehe haha antu necham ga digajaraku

  35. gopu

    Popular television series Jodha Akbar, which is facing low TRP these days, is all set for a big change in terms of leadactors.Apparently Aly Goni who is better known as Romy Bhalla of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is all set to replaceRavi Bhatia aka Salimof ‘Jodha Akbar’.Rumours suggest that Ravi Bhaita who is the current Salim will soon bid adieu to the show!Makers of the show believe that Ravi looks too young onscreen and is failing to pull the audiences. They want to play up the current Salim-Anarkali track and are leaving no stones unturned to make the show a hitEarlier another television actor Shaleen Malhotra was also approached for the role, but apparentlythe deal didn’t go well with the makers.However there is no such official confirmation but as of now if rumours are to be believed then Aly has been finalised for the role of Salim. And soon you will see him romancing Anarkali on the show.

  36. Plz end dis dis shw …its like a torture for u….plz underatand our feelings…dis serail dosnt say any social mssge..but instead its shws about vamps….. :-O

  37. gopu

    subbu’s issue is going on…vandu’s pregency …romi and sarika matter….ishitha health reports… adi’s love story just started.. ashok is still waiting for the chance…and moreover their is no replacement of angel Ruhi… so no chance for leap ..

  38. leap should not be there. there are so many tracks romi sarika mihika abishek raina bala abisheks sister and mystery vandu adi and school ashok and all.

  39. gopu

    yhm is popular in foreign countries…. UK…Pakistan… Bangladesh.. srilanka….It has huge Fan’s..

  40. john (galeej vedava)

    Politics kadura batta nuvvu mundu gokinav bidda andule nenu ninnu tittanu. Needi nuvvu saaf chesuko ne amma baabulu neeku pakkanolameda padi edsineeki kantira ninnu le kada kabatti mundu needi chusukoni chaavu john bokka bodi ani kaadu dammunte neeperu rayi na kodaka naperu chepta nenu job chestuna bidda . ne email id kanukoni ne bokkalagadesi ne meda e site action tesukokamunde dobbai idanundi. nuvu Pori vaite neekanna galeez munda evaru leru. Poraidivaithe neekana gabuuna koduku e duniya lo ledu ?

  41. keerthi yadav

    The one and only show im watching from 1st epi is yhm. I just loved it. I’m silent reader. But after hearing leap news I can’t stop commenting myself. Please yhm team don’t make a leap. Its my request. I love Ruhi angel. Without her yhm will be bad

  42. Ann(athu)

    This was a best serial in star plus.If leap takes surely becomes bore.Tc,i have also sign in the petition ramchin.This is one of my 4 fav,but i will just comment.We have to react,then only they stop the leap


    Only 4 Indians… Give a missed call to toll-free no:180030007827(star plus)keep on calling to stop leap…

  44. Guys I called them
    They told they didn’t get update any leap in yhm
    By they Will forward dis msg to yhm team
    U guys also cal them
    We can call morning 8:00am to night 2:00am
    We can give feedback abt starplus chanal and any show

  45. gopu

    Yeh hai Mohabbatein :Ishita comes in the court in anger and snatches the pen from Subbu’s hand. Raman and everyone look shocked.Ishita says that the marriage cannot be happen and holds simmi and leaves the place.Vidhya balan who comes to a psychartist will meet ishita.Ishita shares her problems with subbu and vidhya gives some hint to her,which will help ishita to find out the past of subbu.Vidhya balan promotes Hamari Adhuri Khani on the set of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.Shalla bua will soon come to india and she will reveal the hidden facts about subbu.Simmi will break the marriage and tells subbu to get out of her life and she joins raman’s business.

  46. Current track of Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein shows that
    Subbu reveals to
    everyone that his wife
    Laxmi had committed
    Bhalla family and Simmi
    are happy to see honesty
    in Subbu (Amit Tandon)
    and they find him as
    perfect life partner for
    However, Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi) is not
    ready to believe that
    Subbu told everything to
    them and starts her
    interrogation in Subbu
    It will now be seen that
    Bollywood actress Vidya
    Balan makes her rocking
    entry in the scene and
    bumps with Ishita.
    Vidya Balan manages to
    get Subbu’s treatment
    files from psychiatrist.
    Raman (Karan Patel) and
    Ishita get shocked to
    know about Subbu’s real
    intension to take revenge
    from Bhalla family.
    Ishita blames Subbu for
    playing with their
    emotions and she also
    accuses Sujata for
    hurting Simmi in spite
    being a social worker.
    Subbu and Sujata make
    exit from Bhalla family
    life and Santoshi thanks
    Ishita for saving Simmi’s
    Vidya Balan will promote
    her upcoming movie
    Humari Adhuri Kahani in
    which she playing the
    role of a florist who
    works in Emraan
    Hashmi’s hotel.

  47. sbb mein subbu ne raman par ananya ko 15 lakhs mein bejne ka ilzaam lagaya hai. chee…..kitnaa ghatiya aadmi hai. kitnaaa neeche gir gaya.

  48. Subbu has blamed Raman for selling
    Ananya to him for 15 lakhs. He has
    proved such evidences that Raman
    was selling his niece. Subbu has
    made this news reach the media
    channels and the Bhalla family panics,
    by Subbu’s evil trick which has ruined
    Raman’s image. They get worried.
    After Ishita has stopped Simmi and
    Subbu’s marriage, he uses the
    document signed by Bhallas. He takes
    revenge from them, after failing to
    marry Simmi. He spreads the news
    and Bhalla family gets tired answering
    the people. Raman gets angry seeing
    Simmi already upset. Raman says he
    will not spare Subbu. Simmi is also
    worried for Raman. Mr. Bhalla calms
    down Raman and asks him to act
    wise. The family believes Raman and
    Ishita promises them that she will sort
    this problem, as she has to settle
    scores with Subbu for hurting Simmi’s

  49. SN

    Subbu can get married to Shagun… They match very well and they can run an agency for plotting in other people’s life… while sujata can boast as a social worker!*?

    • ????

      Hey tum log india mai summer afternoons mai sote ho???hum to araam karte hain I love summers nap☺️?

  50. gopu

    Star PlusYeh Hai Mohabbateinis not leaving the audience hooked to the show with it’s interesting tracks.In the coming episodes ,we will see Vidhya Balan’s entry in the show for promoting her filmHamari Ahuri Khani.Ishita will finds out that Subbu is trying to cheat them and she rushes to the court to stop the court.Ishita reaches the court and tells everyonethat the marriage cannot happen.Ishita holds simmi and tells everyone to come outside.Simmi questions ishita why she is stopping the marriage.Ishita explains her that subbu is a fraud.Subbu confronts ishita and sheshouts on him for cheating them.Subbu loses his cool and he holds ishita’s neck saying that he willnot leave them.Raman and bhalla family gets shocked and stop him hurtingishita.Bala and Sujatha take subbu and leave the place. Bhalla family realizes how bad subbu is and cancel the marriage.But the twist in the tale is Subbu has the adoption rights of Ananya.Ishita and Raman try to find out the reason behind subbu’s behavior and at that point they meet vidhya balan who helps the couple to solve the case.Ishita discovers that Subbu is trying to take revenge from the bhalla family.On the other hand,Subbu who failed once

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