Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita asking Bala about Raman. Bala says he would be in meeting, he will call you back. He sees Raman’s car at some building and checks the register. He goes to the flat and rings the bell. Kiran opens the door. He gets shocked. She stops him at the door. He asks what’s happening. She says you can’t get in without my permission. He asks her to go back to Bangalore, I know why you came here. She says you know I won’t go without doing what I want. He asks where is Raman. She says he is sleeping inside. He asks what. She says he slept while working. He wakes up Raman. Raman asks what are you doing in my house. Kiran says this is my apartment, you slept while working. Raman says sorry, I took anti allergy pill. Bala says I came to this building for some work and saw

your car, Ishita called you. Raman says I will freshen up and come. Kiran says I will make things fine. Bala asks her to stop doing this, remember what I told you. Raman asks what. Kiran says Bala is saying he will come for coffee next time. Raman and Bala leave.

Adi says all set, where is Papa. Ishita says his phone is not reachable. Raman comes and says sorry, I was busy. He asks Adi not to bore Aaliya on trip. Adi says I m very romantic, we will have fun. Shagun comes and says Mani is busy in office, I have booked presidential suite for you and Adi, its small gift from my side. Aaliya says but Ishita… Ishita says its good, you stay there. Shagun gives the envelop. Aaliya reminds Ishita to get friendly with Shagun. Bala says Mihika and I will drop Adi and Aaliya. They leave. Ishita asks Raman did he take medicine for his allergy. He asks her not to take medicine name.

Ishita says people sleep while talking in other’s home. Raman says Shweta told me about the drowsiness. She praises Kiran. He asks are you jealous. She says why will I get jealous, people forget a doctor stays in their house, who manages everything. He says you look s*xy when you get jealous, its romance time, sorry, you are most talented. Pihu comes and says I have to sleep with you. He asks what sin did I do, I mean what happened. Pihu says I missed you in summer camp and want to sleep here. She asks Ishita to come. She sleeps with them. Ishita thinks to talk to Ruhi and find out from school.

Adi wishes morning and wakes up Aaliya. Aaliya says breakfast, not bad, I like your tension free smile, Ishita did good to send us here, I feel like not going back. He says we will stay here forever. He gets Taneja’s call and talks. Aaliya asks what now. Adi says I have to go office, you do shopping, I will send someone to be with you. Aaliya says you know how to impress me He asks shall we go pub in evening. She asks sure. He says yes.

Ishita and Ruhi meet principal and talk about Pihu. Ruhi says Pihu is behaving weird, is there anything happening in class. Ishita asks is anyone troubling her. Teacher says no, so I called Ishita to ask. Ishita says we keep her away from problems. Ruhi asks can I come school by some excuse, there is some problem here. Ishita says she sings well, she can teach music. Principal likes the idea and says we need music teacher, come I will take you to kids. Ishita asks Ruhi to tell her if there is any problem. Teacher calls Pihu. A girl makes her fall down. All girls laugh. Ruhi comes there and holds her. She asks what happened, did you get hurt. Pihu says I fell down, how did you come. Principal introduces Ruhi, she came to train you all for singing competition. Everyone claps.

Ishita comes home. Mrs. Bhalla asks will you gave coffee. Ishita asks Neelu to have coffee. Ishita says Ruhi will come in some time. She gets Aaliya’s message and says she thanked for sending them, and reminded my promise, I have to talk to Shagun, she is annoyed, I want everything to get fine, I will call her for dinner or take her out. Mrs. Bhalla says no need, she came to fight last time. Ishita says she got sensitive. She likes the idea and says you are best, its sorted.

Mrs. Bhalla says what. Ishita says you gave me brilliant idea. Ishita goes to Raman and pampers him. He asks what do you want. She says I do care for you always, I had an idea for your launch, you are launching health drink, why don’t we felicitate any NGO, your product will get publicity. Raman asks do you know any NGO. She says yes, Shagun. He says sorry, I will not felicitate her. She says you think I m Jagat Mata types, its not like that. Shagun’s NGO is working for underprivileged children, she never publicizes this, we should appreciate her. He says Shagun won’t spoil my launch. She says I promise Aaliya I will make everything fine, please agree, I will do anything. He agrees. She says I will talk to Shagun. He jokes.

Adi and Aaliya come to the pub. They have a talk. He says we will go to hotel. She says you got mad. They see a couple fighting. The girl raises hand on someone. The guy holds her hand and sends the girl away. Aaliya says its not the right place, we will go somewhere else. Adi asks why, are you scared, we will enjoy here, come we will dance. They dance on Nashe si chad gai….. The guy holds her hand. They get shocked.

Mani asks Shagun to listen to Ishita. Ishita says you know we want to felicitate you in Raman’s product launch. Shagun says I work for my satisfaction, not for awards.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dia

    I loved the way Ishita tried to befriend shagun again…..hope that shagun agrees… was a nice episode……

    I think that pub guy is either aaliya’s brother (remember when aaliya’s dadi was introduced ishita told about her brother….n when years ago mani was introduced as ruhi’s classmate nirvaan’s dad…..nd many times after the leap they discussed about him)……or maybe an ex boyfriend…..or a good friend who will now create misunderstandings….

  2. bhagya(ishveer,ishveer)

    oh pihu what happened to you pls share your prob with your ishima

  3. bhagya(ishveer,ishveer)

    hi guys rithu VP Amma magic HP MP jaz adithya khushiarvind parichey disha isuri shreya siddhi sindhu shivani priyamvedha disha Ravi Susan and all yhm frds

    1. Hey are you?

  4. bhagya(ishveer,ishveer)

    hi MP how r u yar iam fine sry I didn’t rly to your comment yesterday

    1. I am fine Dr.. It’s OK…

  5. Hi friends…. Nice episode… Ishra scenes were cool… Good few seconds with pihu… Raman’s one liners were good… Ishita trying to be good with Shagun but selfish Shagun never thinks of ishu… In precap Shagun said she never works for awards .. but she was going to throw a party for NGO… And blamed ishu for not coming in front page of newspaper… Now I think she may create some problem in the launch party and Raman gets angry with ishu… I think Kiran has come for Bala… stupid CVS brought pihu s track when dt went on leave… So Ruhi has become pihu s mother… I read somewhere that dt has taken leave for just 5 days….and some say for 10 days….

    1. Yes she always tries to but Shagun always rebuffed her
      Shagun is in competition with her whereas Ishita is more grateful to Shagun for the kids and shows it all the time. Shagun always acted like she is better than Ishita and whenever people behaves like that it is because they feel inferior to that person. It is sad cause Ishita tries so hard to include her in all things or to make her comfortable but she just acts rudely to her always.
      I just think that Shagun for you and I don’t think Ishita minded her anymore.
      Apparently I was reading somewhere and they are best friends in real life. So Anita is a very good actress, because I won’t be able to act mean to any of my best friends.

  6. azuka nkwonta

    This is the problem with ishita, that is manipulation. Instead of her to have one on one talk with shagun an open heart talk she decided to use manipulation. Instead of her to discuss the problem the two of them are having and settle it, if it needs apologizing then she can apologize and make things better. But instead ishita is manipulating her through her NGO to corner her into submission. Is this a good person. Why not have an open talk, let everybody speak out their heart and together they can solve the problem. In fact I don’t think ishita wants to get friendly with shagun, she only want to please aaliyah. And somebody was saying this is why ishita has humanity in her and I am asking is this humanity or a manipulator.

    1. I agree. With Ishita (and most of the YHM characters) it’s either ‘my way or the highway’. Instead of being open and honest with each other everyone hides things and does things secretively which ends in misunderstandings, and yet still the same drama repeats itself every other week. Also found it really funny that Ruhi, who hasn’t even completed her education, is everywhere. Running a business, teaching music at a school, what’s next?

      1. azuka nkwonta

        I was wondering if ruhi ever completed high school because I remember when they were trying to get her back from Nidhi that Raman said that he will put her in the best school but after they got her back he did nothing and ruhi was staying at home. But I thought that ruhi and shravan are supposed to be age mates or something like that because when they were kids that’s how it looks like. And shravan was still going to high school when adi bought college form for business school for ruhi, not even up to five months ruhi has become an expert in business. Romi did not study even up to three months and he got an MBA degree. I don’t understand what they are making of education system in this serial. If shravan is still in high school then ruhi is suppose to be in high school as well and not in college.

      2. Dia

        I agree with you…..but also there maybe a reason that ruhi has grown up in Australia so she must have studied under Australian education system(i kno NRIs study in embassy schools under Indian education but Nidhi will never think of returning back) and education is strict in countries like Australia……i have a known person in Canada who is just 3 months older to me but has completed law while i just passes 12th……

  7. Why do u hate Shagun so munch she left Monja for Phiu.

  8. azuka ji roj nayi burai kaha se le ati hai waise bhi ishu chahe jaan bhi de de toh wo bhi tume manuplate lagega tum saaf kaho tume ishu se pasand nahi lekin lead toh hamari dt hi rahegi

  9. Nice episode

  10. Hey all fans of YHM
    I am very busy at the moment that’s why I haven’t commented. I just saw last episode comments with Azuka acting stupid – I know Azuka you are going to say mean things to me. I was brought up well and will not respond to your foolishness.
    Please I am asking all of you to ignore her silly comments; anyone who will watch a 20minutes serial and used it to judge a whole country is a stupid person. Just like you cannot do that for Britain or USA. That’s is so wrong what she did and how she did it. This just shows he/she their ignorance. She has no business saying such things about a nation as all nations in the world is not perfect and there are positives and negatives in all nations.
    Please don’t respond to this person – they are what me and my friends will say: they are barking like a mad dog. How dare this person insult a whole nation and for them to do that then you know they are mad. Let me get back to work.
    Coming to the episode – The storyline is moving on nicely but I am worried for Adi and Aliya. I think that guy could be the son of Taneja or the other rude guy – can’t remember his name the one with the drugged up daughter.
    Have a nice evening or day you all.

  11. Think bala will protect ishra from kiran..
    Hope there will nothing bad happens between adi & aliya..

  12. azuka nkwonta

    Somebody is saying that ishita is always including shagun in everything. That is because ishita is a master planner and plans before the time. I remember when ruhi was little that ishita out of envy wanted to cut off shagun out of ruhi’s life but she had a second thought and said to herself if she cut off shagun from ruhi’s life, one day ruhi will grow up and she will hate her ( I.e ishita). In order for ruhi not to hate her in the future, anytime shagun requested for ruhi ishita will kindly bring her. Ishita is smart and a master planner. And the person said ishita is always grateful to shagun for the kids. There is no gratefulness there, it’s all part of her plans to make sure that she is safe and secured with shagun’s children. Making friends with shagun and trying to be close to her is all part of the plan because it will make them not to worry about their mother and so that they will not think that ishita is the reason why their mother is never around, these were in ishita’s thoughts those days when adi and ruhi were little. It was not gratefulness, it was just plan since she had no child then and even now she is still doing it. Including shagun in all things is to make sure that adi and ruhi are securely with her.
    Ishita is not in anyway better than shagun; upon the fact that Raman is rich ishita cannot dress better. Shagun is more beautiful, her sense of dressing in the show is the best, her hair styles and the way she carries herself is the best. But ishita always looks like a kitchen wife. Her hair is the most ugliest and roughest in the show and when she styles it, it still looks ugly and rough. These days even ruhi’s hairstyle is looking better than hers.

    For people who are lecturing me on what happened at the beginning of the serial, I want you to save your breath because I know how ishita met ruhi I am not ignorant of anything.

    Ishita is a master planner; there is nothing she did not think of concerning shagun’s children before today. She thought of how to keep raman’s two children with her, at that time she had no hope of having any child. Even before ashok rejected shagun ishita was already planning on how to bring adi to the bhallas house and make him to love her so incidentally what happened to shagun happened and she had opportunity and she capitalized on it and used it and eventually got everything. It was slow and steady job. She is a professional planner.

    1. You also need to save your stupid mind and your commentary…..

      I don’t agree with your first statement. Shagun left 6 month old baby (Ruhi) with Raman and took Adi and went off to stay with Ashok. Shagun and Raman are not divorce but living with another man. Shagun is deciever woman to her husband Raman. Ruhi grew up wothout love from parents for 5 years and 6 months. Ruhi was so lonely. Ruhi need someone to love her as Ishita save Ruhi life many times as Ruhi knows that Ishita will be the best mother for her and get all the love, care, value and respect. As the mother and daughter bond should be very strong and it does so. Shagun bonded with Ruhi are nothing. Shagun only want money and fancy party than children responsibilitity.

      1. When children are sick where is Shagun?
      2. Shagun get help by Ashok to kidnapped Adi and Ruhi and plan to flee to Australia and lied to Adi to bring them to her flat and keep them secret and don’t want Ishra to find out. Ruhi scold Adi for not informed Ishra. Shagun left children in the flat and went out to meet Ashok to get Visa and passport and forget her mobile there. Ruhi had bad dream about Ishita accident or death and shout out for Ishita that woke Adi. Ruhi cried out and is very scaring while Adi tried to console Ruhi by looking for Shagun and findout that Shagun had gone out. Ishita and Raman search for children. Raman with ACP Abhi went to search and get thinking of where the children then ACP Abhi tell Raman to find out from Shagun if she had them as he think that she had them then Raman phone Shagun mobile. Adi check phone id and ask Ruhi who number. Ruhi identify the number and say papa then Adi answer the caller that shocked Raman to the core and get to know that Shagun kidnapped them. Raman with ACP Abhi rush to the place to get them but bit late. Ishita knows where the chilren are and ask where Shagun is staying but caught her. Ruhi use Shagun mobile to call Ishita and Ishita get confused to see Shagun is with her and the caller is calling her then Ishita answer and get shock that Ruhi is with Shagun then Shagun snatched Ishita mobile and argue. Adi went to kitchen to make hot chocolate and did not smell the gas (Shagun as irresponsibile mother for not shutdown the gas stove) then Adi lit the match and it exploded on Adi. Ruhi scream and cried. Ishita and Shagun argument stop and get shocked by the exploded then they rush to get children and knocking the door and calling children (Door had been locked as per Raman order to Adi) then ask neighbour to breakdown the door as the children are inside. Neighbour broke the door then Ishita and Shagun enter and get shock then Ishita call Ruhi. Ruhi see Ishita and ran to hug her and Ishita ask Ruhi where is Adi. Ruhi tell Ishita that Adi is in the kitchen then they get shock see the fire in the kitchen. Shagun get short breath and ran off leaving Adi while Ruhi demand Shagun to save Adi and get shocked. Ishita cried and decided to save Adi and goes to search for Adi and call for him and found Adi lying there. Ishita went inside the kitchen with fire and reach to Adi and try to wake him up but failed then Ishita sprinkle water to reduce the fire and it is getting hot that burn Ishita and Adi. Ishita carry Adi and take him out and ask someone to help her as the neighbour hear Ishita calling for help then when to assist. Adi woke up and get shock and shaken up but he see Ishita then Ishita console Adi and Ruhi by hugging them and leave the place then feel the quake. Neighbour help Ishita and children to leave the place safety. Raman and ACP Abhi drive and feel the quake and get worry then rush. Ishita let children go front as she follow them then the pole fell on Ishita. Children shout for Ishita and ask people to help and save Ishita. Ruhi tries to free Ishita and ishita ask the neighbour to take children away then heard then building cracking and they stop and look on. Building fell on Ishita that shattered children. Adi cried with shocked and Ruhi shouting for someone help. Raman and ACP Abhi arrived late and get shocked to see the building where Shagun is living had collopsed and rush to find children. Raman shout for children then caught Shagun and grabbed her with much angry and ask her where is the children then Shagun tell Raman that she did not know where they are. Raman warn Shagun that if anything happened to his children and I will not going to leave you. Raman keep searching for children then found children alive and ran to hug them. Children get happy to see Raman and ran to hug him. Children then tell Raman that Ishita is here and she is stuck in the building. Raman shattered and ask Abhi to watch kids and goes to search for Ishita. Raman thinks about his marriage with Ishita and the moment that he had with Ishita and stumbles. Abhi help Raman to search Ishita and ask the neighbour to take them to the ambulance. Abhi and Raman continue search for Ishita as Raman can’t live without her and so is the children. Bhalla and Iyer families rush to the place where the building collopsed and looking for children then found children in the ambulance. They hug kids happily then Ruhi tell them that Ishita is stuck in the building that shock whole family. They couldn’t find Ishita then Ruhi ran to nearby building and scream for Ishita. Raman ran and hug her and want to take Ruhi away. Ruhi stop by as she see Ishita hand waving then stop Raman and tell Raman to look there where she point the waving hand. Raman get shock and rush to remove it and see who it is and get relived that is Ishita. Raman and Ruhi hug each other happily and cried. Ramanstay with Ishita while others stay with Adi (Adi get hand burn). Shagun ran to the hospital and want to see Adi but stopped by Bhalla andIyer families and order Shagun to leave and Shagun refused to leave and she want to see Adi. Adi fumed on Shagun and shout at her and order her to leave. Shagun get heartbroken for what she did was not correct then left there and went to see Raman and Ishita. Ishita woke up and see Raman disturbing with worry then Raman see Ishita woke up and get relieved. Raman ask Ishita never leave him ever again then Ishita promise. Shagun comes to Raman and Ishita and want to talk to them but Raman fumed and tell Shagun to get out but Ishita control Raman anger and ask him to calm down and ask Shagun to speak. Shagun apologised to Raman and Ishita and tell them that she is giving children to them and leave their lives forever. Bhalla, and Iyer families with children comes to see Ishita as they are happy that Ishita is awake. Ruhi and Adi goes to Ishita. Ishita held Ruhi and Adi face and smile. Shagun left the hospital see Raman, Ishita and children happily together. They get happy as doctor informed about Ishita discharged. Madhu tell Raman that she want Ishita to stay with her as she will take care of her that make children unhappy then argue with Raman for allowing Ishita to stay at her maternal house. Ishita comes to Bhalla house with Raman to see what is happening while children complain and argue. Ishita is about to start argue with Raman then Adi defend Raman and say he want her to say and accidently calling Ishita Ishima. Ishita stop argue with Raman by hearing Adi calling her Ishima and get stunned. Whole family stunned to her Adi word for the first time and Raman cried happily. Adi get scared and think that Ishita will be angry and shout on him but see Ishita tears. Ishita ask Adi what did you called me? Adi reply Ishima. Ishita cried and held Adi face then hug him. Adi get glad to see Ishita loves for him and hug her back. The family are completed. Ashok keep his revenged because of Shagun stop helping him to get Raman and Ishita living together.

      Tell me how can Ishita become a professional planner? Ishita is not a professional planner as Ishita loves Raman and children as her own. Shagun does not care for children and feel bad that Ishita save the children and to risk her life. In this story is about Raman, Ishita and Ruhi.

      1. Hi Parichary…Long time…
        Why are u even wasting energy in explaining so much to azuka nkwonta.. She is just trying to grab attention here…if u ignore her comments she will stop commenting on her own…
        I feel sorry for u to have typed such a long comment…dont waste ur energy and time ya..we all have better things to do right in life…

        It was very wrong on azuka nkwonta to bring up things about country n all that…but some ppl are like that cant change them…just dont stress urself…

  13. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  14. The upcoming episodes of Star Plus’ daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some major twist and turns.
    It seems that a girl in Pihu’s class keeps bullying her, due to which Pihu does not wish to go to school.
    The bully even goes to the extent of torturing and scaring Pihu and locking her up in the school store room.
    With Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman (Karan Patel) already stressed, Ruhi decides to take matters into her own hands and decides to sort this matter herself.
    Will Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) manage to teach the bully a lesson?

    It will be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.
    Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates.

  15. Hey guys a very good afternoon to all.

  16. Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman and Ishita’s life.
    So far we have seen that Pihu is extremely disturbed and tires to talk about the same to Raman.
    While Raman gets busy with Shagun and her tantrums over Adi.
    Pihu gets distressed and walks away.
    Ruhi will notice the same and will want to help Pihu.
    Ruhi to solve Pihu’s case
    Ruhi will thus seek Ananya’s help but Ananya will not be aware about the same.
    Pihu will be seen in shell and will refuse to go to school.
    Further in the upcoming episode, Ruhi will be seen learning about that fact that Pihu was locked in one dark room by one of her class mate.
    Ruhi will decide to solve this matter without informing Raman and Ishita as they are busy with Adi-Aaliya issues.
    Let’s see what happens next on the show.

  17. Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman (Karan Patel)-Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.
    As per the ongoing storyline, Adi takes Aaliya out to a pub to enjoy and spend some quality time.
    Aaliya gets worried and asks Adi to take her somewhere else seeing the foul crowd and nuisance.
    Aaliya’s ex-flames entry to spice Adi-Aaliya’s married life
    Adi enlightens that they will enjoy here and takes Aaliya on the dance floor.
    As Adi and Aaliya will be dancing a mysterious guy will come and hold Aaliya hand.
    Both Adi and Aaliya will get shocked while this guy will turn out to be Aaliya’s ex-flame.
    Let’s see what twist this Aaliya’s ex-flame will bring amid Adi and Aaliya’s married life.
    Stay tuned for more updates.

  18. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi rithu dear iam fine

  19. Star Plus’ most watched and popular daily soap casting Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman (Karan Patel) going to take interesting twist that would attract audience with performance of Ishita and Raman amid Aaliya (Krishna Mukherjee) and Adi (Abhishek Verma)’s relation twists.
    As per ongoing track, Adi and Aaliya seen in some pub to enjoy and spend some time together.
    Further, in pub Aaliya gets afraid post witnessing some bad crowd in here and confronts Adi to take her somewhere else.
    Adi denied and takes her to dance floor.

    Further some mysterious man holds Aaliya’s hand and Aaliya also get shocked witnessing his face.
    Furthermore it is assumed that this guy will surely have some past connection with Aaliya.
    What will be its consequences?
    Stay tuned here for more exciting updates and upcoming twist in the show.

  20. The 10th Zee Gold Awards 2017 was held on July 4 in Mumbai and it was a star-studded event. From Naagin superstars Mouni Roy and Adaa Khan to the cast of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – Divyanka Tripathi, Ruhanika Dhawan, Abhishek Verma, Anita Hassanandani and her husband, Rohit Reddy. It looks like the who’s who of Teletown were present to grace the event. Even Mohsin Khan and Shivangi Joshi from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai attended the grand celebration and it was quite the talk of the town. The night also had some sizzling performances for the audiences from Divyanka Tripathi, Karan Patel, Karanvir Bohra, Gurmeet Choudhary and it was nothing less than mesmerizing for their fans.

    While the most sought after couple Divyanka Tripathi and Karan Patel aka Ishita and Raman from Yeh Hain Mohabbatein took away the Best Actor awards, they also won the Best Jodi award which they rightfully deserved. Mouni Roy from Naagin grabbed the special Face of The Year award.
    Here is a list of all the winners at Gold Awards 2017:

    Best Actor Female (popular) – Mouni Roy
    Best Actor Male – Karan Patel for Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    Best Actor Female – Divyanka Tripathi for Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    Best Actor in a Negative Role Female (Popular) – Kamya Punjabi for Shakti and Anita Hassnandani for Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    Best Actor in a Negative Role Female (Critics) – Adaa Khan for Naagin and Riddhi Dogra for Woh Apna Sa
    Best Actor in a Negative Role Male (Popular) – Ayub Khan for Shakti
    Best supporting actress critics choice – Prachi Shah for Swabhimaan
    Most Fit Actress – Surbhi Chandna
    Most Fit Actor – Mohammad Nazim
    Face of the Year – Mouni Roy
    Best Anchor – Ritvik Dhanjani
    Best Child Actor – Kartikey Malviya for Shani
    Best Supporting Actress popular – Parul Chauhan for Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
    Best Jodi – Divyanka Tripathi and Karan Patel for Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    adaa khan, karan veer bohra.

  21. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    azuka pls stop accusing ishitha .may be your character is related to shagun that’s why you like shagun very much.ishitha loves her children more than her life .ishitha did many sacrifies for her children but shagun never did this pls watch yhm from beginning onwards.

    1. Shreya shetty

      Guys to all my loving dear yhm friends let me say u all that please don’t try to respond to azukas comments so easily
      Besides if she’s insulting about our country then we too r indians we also won’t keep silent like statues and listen such shit words she use upon us
      Maybe when she becomes a mother then her children too would be ruined if she keeps saying such things like that
      Well I didn’t mean say that but it’s the fate
      Just don’t be like me who always argue with others.rithu didi, just let her speak then u give back a thrashing reply to her only then she will keep quiet

  22. hi azuka what is your prob why u always blame ishitha r u yhm fan or not .

  23. azuka may be u r not watching yhm from beginning that’s why u always blames blamed Indians also if u r not like Indians then y r u watching Indian serials

  24. azuka nkwonta

    How can ruhi teach music, did she study music. Being a super star musician does not mean that you can teach music. There is a difference in studying and learning music and being a super star musician. But am sure they will make her succeed.

    1. Dia

      She is there just for some time….principal said she is for some function……..and she may have studied music… most of the musicians have……she may have studied i in australia

  25. azuka pls watch golden awards 2017 shagun recieved the best award for negitive role.if she is good then y she took the award for negitive role

    1. azuka nkwonta

      Of course that is the role ekta kapoor gave her and she received an award on it, that is wonderful isn’t great. God is so wonderful.

  26. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi parichey pls don’t rly to her comments yar may be she loves negitive roles than the positive roles

    1. Bhagya…

      You don’t need to tell me….
      I know what she think is correct and let us see what she will become in the future. To ruin her own children future like Shagun does to Adi, Ruhi and Pihu.

      It is better that you don’t need to involved to what I comply to Azuka.


    May I ask you what is your culture? I may not saying about the skin race as you know what country that you are living in. As you know black people are not education. Where as the one man can enjoy with many women and not care about children. As you know about what mother did to unborn baby. Mother dumped baby without taking care of them as kids need mother care and protection. That is why you are similar to Shagun and what Shagun learn like a black dirty woman.

    1. Shreya shetty

      Parichary! !!U r back.I am so happy to see u have u been??

    2. Shreya shetty

      Parichary please don’t mistaken me
      Yesterday only I noticed is his mistake that’s all dear.but nonetheless I am always with ishita be coz she’s always been my heroine of this show
      I only love ishita as my main character that’s all, sometimes she may commit mistakes but as u know that nobody can be perfect in this world except god.
      Actually the reason why I called azuka as lady azuka is because this creepy afro only deserves respect from everyone including me and other junior fans
      She doesn’t value anyone’s feelings at all except only shaggy
      I am supportive with u at every issue and situation parichary coz u have always been my best friend who could give me the good advice to all my troubles and so do others too
      I sincerely respect those people who accept my apologies and hope me to change myself further just like Vp and parichary, priyavamdha, Hp, dia, rithu shree, magic, as, sindhu, mino, Valpa and many more yhm friends here
      Simply I used that word lady just to give her some phase that’s all

  28. The upcoming episode of love drama Yeh Hai Mohabbatein on Star Plus will witness a lot of twist and turns.

    Ruhi goes to school but when she comes back then she looks stressed and she does not speak to anyone.

    Ruhi goes to school for taking Ananya and Pihu, Ananya talks to her but Pihu remains quiet.

    Ishita get upset seeing Pihu in tension

    Later at home Ishita also notices that Pihu is stressed about something but she is not telling anything about it.

    Ishita and Ruhi try to find out the reason behind Pihu’s stress but they are not able to find it.

    So then they take Ananya’s help and they ask her to find out if something happened with her in school because of which she is stressed.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

  29. The upcoming episode of popular love drama Yeh Hai Mohabbatein on Star Plus will witness a lot of twist and turns.

    Ishita talks to Raman and asks him to call Shagun in his product launch party for felicitating her as she works for NGO and it will help in doing his product’s publicity.

    Raman refuses to invite Shagun as he thinks that she will ruin his product launch party.

    Ishita convinces Raman to invite Shagun in product launch party

    But Ishita convinces him saying that nothing like this will happen later she goes to meet Shagun and invites her in Raman’s product launch party at first she refuses but then Ishita convinces her.

    Shagun comes in Raman’s product launch party but she spoils his party by creating drama.

    Raman gets angry seeing all this and he lashes out at Ishita for inviting Shagun.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

  30. Trp ratings this week

    1)sa re ga ma pa lil champs

    2)Kum Kum bhagya

    3)tarak mehta Ka oolthah chashmah








  31. Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has off lately been telecasting anything but ‘mohabbatein’, with Raman (Karan Patel) and Adi (Abhishek Verma) fighting.
    And while Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) is busy embroiled between her husband and son, Pihu (Ruhanika Dhawan) has been going through a tough time at school and Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) picks up on Pihu’s changed behaviour. While she quizzes both Pihu and Ananya about the same, but is not able to find out the real reason.
    But the truth ultimately comes to Ruhi. A girl in Pihu’s class keeps bullying her, due to which Pihu does not wish to go to school. The bully even goes to the extent of torturing and scaring Pihu and locking her up in the school store room.

    With Ishita and Rama already stressed, Ruhi decides to take matters into her own hands and decides to sort this matter herself.
    Will Ruhi manage to teach the bully a lesson?
    P.S. – The makers of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, irrespective of how off track they go with their storyline, have given their viewers lessons about social issues. The last time, the show gave out a strong message to eve teasers and now, they are reaching out to spread the message to NOT tolerate bullying of any kind.
    Kudos, Team YHM!

  32. Shreya shetty

    Miss lady azusa nkwonta
    Go on keep insulting our country and if u were in india then till now u would be imprisoned for a very long time because as our indian constitutional l was regard it to be a very serious crime of bad naming the motherland
    Whereas as far as I read about ours I bet u might ve seen properly that an Ugandan nanny abused a 2 year old in a video so disturbingly that it’s not tolerable
    She too belongs to Africa the continent where u belong to, the same way u Africans don’t know how to talk with respect towards indians
    U r attitude is 100% completely like shaguns.every time we citizens u by trying to point out Ur faults u keep accusing us?
    Chili! !!So disgusting of u lady azusa nkwonta.we never expected such irrational thoughts from u like this not only to me and Dia but to other elders of this group
    I wish if u African people could learn to be generous and patient minded ones just like how our sweet ishu fact ishita has always been my favourite actress and heroine of this show
    But u don’t like her because I know u well that u r always shaggy side aka shagun and Ur own children too would treat u the same kind like how adi, ruhi and pihu have huge hatred towards their blouse shaggy mummy
    God knows when will u learn to respect others nations and their laws

  33. Shreya shetty

    What I said us about Ur African continent and not ours get it right
    One day we will make sure that such offensive Africans like u don’t even dare to step to our beloved motherland, Missy azuka irratawonta
    How dare u speak such cheap language about India.compared to our nation, to tell u the truth Ur Africa is indeed a poorly developed nation as I read in my social science book
    Find out more in the book itself which we read about u all, Don’t judge me for all what I ve said to u dearie

  34. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi parichey iam sorry dear I really don’t mean to hurt you .I want to tell one thing don’t waste time to rly the azuka comments that’s what iam saying sry if I hurts you

  35. azuka nkwonta

    Imperfection is in India, imperfection is in Africa, imperfection is all over the world, you can insult Africa as long as you want but it won’t bother me. You think you know who I am. Continue to insult Africa it won’t bother me. But it might bother some people who are reading this. Thank you very much.

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