Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone dancing. Ruhi sees her family and smiles. Adi says congrats Ruhi, we made this show successful, come for dance. She says no, I have to go washroom, you continue. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to get the gift she kept for Mr. Bhalla, as I knew he will win. Ruhi goes to her room and thinks of Raman. She cries and says the more I want to get away from them, I m getting close to them, why, everyone is happy there, I also wish to celebrate with them, but I hate them, why am I getting drawn to them, how many times shall I explain myself.

Ishita takes the gift and says mummy ji is so cute to get gift for Papa. Phone rings. Ishita and Ruhi attend call. Adi comes and takes Ishita with him for dance. Ruhi hears Ishita’s voice. Ishita keeps phone and goes. Pihu’s teacher

tells about Pihu falling ill, I think she is missing her family, tell me tablet you give to Pihu, check her medical file, she will get fine and I will make Pihu talk to you. Ruhi thinks why is Ishita not saying anything, is she not worried for Pihu. Ruhi goes out and sees Ishita gone. She talks to teacher. Teacher asks whom did I talk before. Ruhi says Ishita Bhalla. Teacher says I met her, she would have talked to me. Ruhi says wait, I will check Pihu’s medical file. Raman and Ishita have a talk over his title and dance. Ruhi gets angry seeing Ishita dancing and pulls her hand. She takes Ishita from there. Everyone get shocked and go to see. Ishita asks what happened. Ruhi scolds her for being a careless mum. Raman says enough, I said we will talk at home, come.

They all go home. Ishita asks what, Pihu has fever, so that phone call came. Ruhi says yes, Pihu’s teacher called from camp, it was good I was at home and told the medicine, its proved you are careless woman. Ishita says listen to me, I received the call, before I could hear, Adi dragged me, else I would have not left the imp call. Ruhi says yes, you are not there when your children needs you. Adi says Ruhi shut up, you always show down Ishi maa. Ruhi argues. She says I don’t want to stay here, I hate you all.

Vandu asks Bala why did he make dinner plan, we will have dinner at home, I have cooked already. He says we can have that food in morning. She says I have to check papers too. He cancels dinner. Shravan’s teacher congratulates Bala and praises him. Vandu gets angry. Bala thanks her for staying here till competition’s end. Aaliya asks that lady to leave as competition is over now, you maybe busy. The lady leaves. Bala smiles. Shravan asks Bala about Appa and Amma. Bala says they left for home, I think we should go too.

Aaliya asks Vandu to calm down. Vandu says I m fine, what happened to me. She goes. Aaliya says I know what happened to you and smiles. Shagun talks to Mrs. Bhalla about Pihu’s reports. Ruhi says I won’t stay here. Shagun says Ruhi, can we concentrate on Pihu now. Ishita ask shagun can I come along. Ruhi says no, I have to go, Pihu is my sister. Raman comes and says no need to go, I spoke to Pihu’s teacher, she is fine. Shagun thanks Ruhi. Ruhi says no need to thank me, Pihu is my sister, I promised her that I will always protect her, I m not like those who deny their promises, I can do anything whom I love, everyone is not like that. Ishita cries.

Amma and Appa talk about Ishita and Ruhi. Aaliya comes there and asks Amma for her help in south Indian dishes cooking, I will come some other day, you maybe tired. Amma says Vandu makes good sambar, she will teach you, Vandu is in her room, tell her, she will teach you. Aaliya says fine and goes to meet Vandu. She knocks the door and calls out Vandu. Vandu cries and says I got fat, this dress is getting tight for him, Bala is maintaining himself and looks younger, but he is older than me. Aaliya pacifies her and says our body needs rest after work too, we should go spa and take care of ourselves, you are boring, sorry to say, Bala wanted to go for dinner and you refused, do you have allergy to have fun. Vandu asks will you help me in transforming me. Aaliya says ofcourse……

Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi ask Ishita not to feel bad of Ruhi’s words. Mr. Bhalla says how shall we explain Ruhi….. Niddhi comes there. Ishita asks why did you come here, go away. Ruhi comes and says I have called her here. She asks is this the way, shall I have to take permission whom to meet. Mr. Bhalla says you have to be careful of Niddhi. Ruhi says I should be careful of Ishita. She tells Niddhi that she called her here to tell her decision, when these 20 days end, I will go back with you. They all get shocked. Ruhi says Niddhi and I will go back to Australia and its final. Ishita cries. Niddhi smiles and says I m so happy Ruhi, it’s a great news. Mrs. Bhalla cries and asks Ruhi why is she doing this. Ruhi says my decision is final and I won’t change it now. She goes. Raman worries. Niddhi says I did not need to do anything, you all made my work easier. She thanks Ishita for making Ruhi come back to her and leaves.

Mrs. Bhalla says I was glad that Ruhi was coming close to us, why did she say she will leave us. Amma says we won’t let her go. Ishita says I know what to do, I will leave from this house. Mihika and Romi come and look on. Ishita says once I leave, Ruhi will come back. Mr. Bhalla says that won’t solve this problem. Mihika says I m sure if we all try, Ruhi will change her mind. Ishita says we have few days, I will try.

Ishita talks to Raman. Ishita says both my daughters does not want me to stay here, so I thought to go away and make them happy, but when I went there, do you know what did I see.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi all yhm fans.such a sad episode. No words to describe. Just wish this dragging stops.

  2. Well to say ishita has wrg timing when ever ruhi come she must be doing half line which is against ruhi but good. I hated this episode. Ruhi is jealous of pihu because she was alive and one with ruhis child face hi guy I send a request can I WE Friends 🙁

  3. I am left out :_ we have only fought instead of being friend will u be

  4. Fefe,i agree totally with Ishita did make two mistakes that night. She lost her rights over two babies not just Ruhi.
    Even now her attitude to Pihu is very distant compared to how she behaved with Ruhi when Ruhi when Ruhi was young.niy son sure if I like her character anymore.wjete is byway fiesty Ishita.

    1. Hi Ninsh .. I feel she wants to be closer with them … now … Shaghun doesnt want her to be near to Pihu … Ruhi … not giving a positive move to gel with her … just think from Ishithas state how much she is going thru … all situations … Pihu to be revealed the truth … and Ruhi has to think .. Nidhi or Bhallas ? who is her safety

  5. Lovely story YHM. Nothing could be better than this series

  6. Guys did u notice in today’s episode, when ishu said that she will leave bhalla house raman was like noooooooo…..i think he is melting for ishu and donot want her to leave him anymore…..this was the only thing that is worth for today

    1. True Lekha

  7. I don’t wanna blame ruhi..i feel very bad for..she was such a nice girl was the circumstances and that stupid Nidhi made her bad ..if I was ruhi I will do the same doesn’t mean that ishra is bad ..they are good parents..circumstances change every person’s life

  8. Ruhi did absolutely right. People will again blame Ruhi but Ishita completely deserved it. How can Ishita be so careless not even caring for a small child and she calls herself a loving mother??? my foot!!! Actually Ruhi should have given a tight slap to Ishita.
    IAlso I think that there is going to be Aliya-Mihir love story. wow, its really an interesting couple and Im liking it.

    1. Sorry to say ur misled by the story with wrong impressions. go back & watch the whole series & Comment . So That u will know what ur writing about. Without looking a fool in all the fans eyes. Frist & Foremost Ishu has nothing to so with the Upbringing of Pihu. & AT the moment she is not responsible for Pihu It is Shagun’s Duty.. So get the facts straight before u comment pls. Sorry to hurt ur feelings.

    2. shreya shetty

      mind ur language there Kimberly.who the heck ever told u to encourage ruhi in doing wrong and discouraging ishita ??????look I am running out of patience so if u r not ready to change ur ways of thinking then I am ready to give u a hard hard slap right on ur polite should I and other fans be to tolerate ur nonsensical comments written against ishita.come here and I ll beat u up Kimberly.i cant resist u longer soooo m angry that’s what u asked me to reply politely to u inst it.U DESERVE A TIGHT SLAP FROM US AND OTHER YHM FANS AND PLEASE STOP BEHAVING LIKE A FOOL HERE

    3. shreya shetty

      ishita is not careless but u r an 100 percent YHM FAN EVILISER!!!!!!KIMBERLY PLEASE GET OUT OF THIS BAD THINKING .I am just telling u that’s it

  9. Good Morning JAZ VP Super GIRL Sindhu Shona AZ Naaz Fathi Shreyadiya Megha Ramchin Rithu And All The Members of The GROUP.

    1. THANK you very much Adu tum ku b eid Mubarak

  10. Yesterday’s EPISODE(6/7/2016 WED) Was DISGUSTING.
    I Agree with You AZ.
    Ruhi NE too much kardi.
    Raman YA GHAR wale EK Thappad keench KE maarni thi.
    BAHOT Bhattameezi Dikhayi CHUDAIL (Ruhi).
    BAHOT Hogai iski Naataken


  11. Monique_D

    Morning guys
    sachie mino jaz shona aditya Rithushree darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya riya rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya jeni super girl bhagya sara prisha
    saritha simran unique angel shreya and all yhm friends.

    EID MUBHARAK @Jaz and all celebrating the end of the holy month of Ramadaan

  12. What the hell it’s Adi and Aaliya love story not with mihir……

  13. Sofia Benjamin

    What’s wrong with this girl ruhi… Ya mistakes occur. If the teacher’s call was missed there is always another way out.. Why only landline number the teacher would have. Not the mobile phone number of the parents..? Feel like slapping ruhi for calling her mother ISHITHA by her name.. Thus is how a child would respect her parents. I agree she went through a lot of torture from Nidhi.. But did she think why wasn’t ISHITHA remained in bhalla’s house.. If ruhi wasn’t important for her..

  14. i think aliya partner will be adi

  15. Hi Vp,i understand what you are saying. But I feel Cvs should develop Ishita character a bit more strongly now. I feel of she shut Ruhi up yesterday Ruhi would have seen her old ishima back…tolerating no nonsense. Also she should claim her rights in the house with Shagun.

  16. She is the rightful daughter in law..not Shagin.

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    Divyanka wants to reach to Bhopal soon and she hurriedly packs her bag and comes to airport.

    Divyanka says bye to Mumbai and takes off to Bhopal for tying the knot with his fiancée Vivek Dahiya.

    1. Is divyanka going to come back to show after getting married or is she not coming back.

  18. Hlo guys!!!!m new to u…But god shake…i always read d update n ur comments…i am also a big fan of ishra

  19. Just stop this bleedly serial.

  20. Eid mubarak to all muslims. May Allah grant all your wishes.

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