Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone dancing. Ruhi sees her family and smiles. Adi says congrats Ruhi, we made this show successful, come for dance. She says no, I have to go washroom, you continue. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to get the gift she kept for Mr. Bhalla, as I knew he will win. Ruhi goes to her room and thinks of Raman. She cries and says the more I want to get away from them, I m getting close to them, why, everyone is happy there, I also wish to celebrate with them, but I hate them, why am I getting drawn to them, how many times shall I explain myself.

Ishita takes the gift and says mummy ji is so cute to get gift for Papa. Phone rings. Ishita and Ruhi attend call. Adi comes and takes Ishita with him for dance. Ruhi hears Ishita’s voice. Ishita keeps phone and goes. Pihu’s teacher

tells about Pihu falling ill, I think she is missing her family, tell me tablet you give to Pihu, check her medical file, she will get fine and I will make Pihu talk to you. Ruhi thinks why is Ishita not saying anything, is she not worried for Pihu. Ruhi goes out and sees Ishita gone. She talks to teacher. Teacher asks whom did I talk before. Ruhi says Ishita Bhalla. Teacher says I met her, she would have talked to me. Ruhi says wait, I will check Pihu’s medical file. Raman and Ishita have a talk over his title and dance. Ruhi gets angry seeing Ishita dancing and pulls her hand. She takes Ishita from there. Everyone get shocked and go to see. Ishita asks what happened. Ruhi scolds her for being a careless mum. Raman says enough, I said we will talk at home, come.

They all go home. Ishita asks what, Pihu has fever, so that phone call came. Ruhi says yes, Pihu’s teacher called from camp, it was good I was at home and told the medicine, its proved you are careless woman. Ishita says listen to me, I received the call, before I could hear, Adi dragged me, else I would have not left the imp call. Ruhi says yes, you are not there when your children needs you. Adi says Ruhi shut up, you always show down Ishi maa. Ruhi argues. She says I don’t want to stay here, I hate you all.

Vandu asks Bala why did he make dinner plan, we will have dinner at home, I have cooked already. He says we can have that food in morning. She says I have to check papers too. He cancels dinner. Shravan’s teacher congratulates Bala and praises him. Vandu gets angry. Bala thanks her for staying here till competition’s end. Aaliya asks that lady to leave as competition is over now, you maybe busy. The lady leaves. Bala smiles. Shravan asks Bala about Appa and Amma. Bala says they left for home, I think we should go too.

Aaliya asks Vandu to calm down. Vandu says I m fine, what happened to me. She goes. Aaliya says I know what happened to you and smiles. Shagun talks to Mrs. Bhalla about Pihu’s reports. Ruhi says I won’t stay here. Shagun says Ruhi, can we concentrate on Pihu now. Ishita ask shagun can I come along. Ruhi says no, I have to go, Pihu is my sister. Raman comes and says no need to go, I spoke to Pihu’s teacher, she is fine. Shagun thanks Ruhi. Ruhi says no need to thank me, Pihu is my sister, I promised her that I will always protect her, I m not like those who deny their promises, I can do anything whom I love, everyone is not like that. Ishita cries.

Amma and Appa talk about Ishita and Ruhi. Aaliya comes there and asks Amma for her help in south Indian dishes cooking, I will come some other day, you maybe tired. Amma says Vandu makes good sambar, she will teach you, Vandu is in her room, tell her, she will teach you. Aaliya says fine and goes to meet Vandu. She knocks the door and calls out Vandu. Vandu cries and says I got fat, this dress is getting tight for him, Bala is maintaining himself and looks younger, but he is older than me. Aaliya pacifies her and says our body needs rest after work too, we should go spa and take care of ourselves, you are boring, sorry to say, Bala wanted to go for dinner and you refused, do you have allergy to have fun. Vandu asks will you help me in transforming me. Aaliya says ofcourse……

Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi ask Ishita not to feel bad of Ruhi’s words. Mr. Bhalla says how shall we explain Ruhi….. Niddhi comes there. Ishita asks why did you come here, go away. Ruhi comes and says I have called her here. She asks is this the way, shall I have to take permission whom to meet. Mr. Bhalla says you have to be careful of Niddhi. Ruhi says I should be careful of Ishita. She tells Niddhi that she called her here to tell her decision, when these 20 days end, I will go back with you. They all get shocked. Ruhi says Niddhi and I will go back to Australia and its final. Ishita cries. Niddhi smiles and says I m so happy Ruhi, it’s a great news. Mrs. Bhalla cries and asks Ruhi why is she doing this. Ruhi says my decision is final and I won’t change it now. She goes. Raman worries. Niddhi says I did not need to do anything, you all made my work easier. She thanks Ishita for making Ruhi come back to her and leaves.

Mrs. Bhalla says I was glad that Ruhi was coming close to us, why did she say she will leave us. Amma says we won’t let her go. Ishita says I know what to do, I will leave from this house. Mihika and Romi come and look on. Ishita says once I leave, Ruhi will come back. Mr. Bhalla says that won’t solve this problem. Mihika says I m sure if we all try, Ruhi will change her mind. Ishita says we have few days, I will try.

Ishita talks to Raman. Ishita says both my daughters does not want me to stay here, so I thought to go away and make them happy, but when I went there, do you know what did I see.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Az

    Hi all yhm fans. Thanks amena for the update.

    Bad bad bad episode…I feel disgusted. Ruhi’s misbehavior with ishita has touched an all time low. It was very demeaning and humiliating for ishita. Good to see raman using a stern voice on ruhi seeing her ill behaviour. But that spoilt brat deserves a slap. Her over reaction on pihu’s incident was extremely exaggerated.

    Ishita rightly said she should leave bhalla house, but again she changed her mind. I seriously wish she would leave bhalla house and protect her dignity. Everything else comes next, self respect and dignity is first.

    And yeah one more thing, everyone seems to have right on Pihu, including shagun, ruhi, raman n everyone under the sun, but not ishita. How dare ruhi tell ishita to stay back n not meet pihu as she wants to go there. It was absolute rubbish. Cvs should come back to their senses now.

    • shreya shetty

      even I too feel that ruhi should be given some nice slaps on her face so that she ll never ever forget to behave nicely with her parents!!!who is she to back answer ishita and humiliate her huh??????the more love and care the families are giving on her the more hatred grows in that nasty brat ruhis mind.maybe I would suggest ruhi to change her mindset and leave from this show by any chance if she goes back to nidhi

  2. mp

    what’s going on in ruhi’s mind…?? Don’t know why is she doing this…. Feel bad for ishu

  3. Sharadiya Banerjee

    I hate this episode. I was crying with anger. I wish Ishita gets shot soon! So that Ruhi will come back like she was. Her misunderstandings have covered her heart but she still has love. When her misunderstandings will clear she will surely cry and cry and apologize to her a lot. She has so much misunderstandings. I know when they will clear….she will be like the before-leap Ruhi. And then the CVs will show Adi aliya’s love story….there wedding…Mihir and someone’s love story…..may be manoj will also come back…….and even Sarika and then the pihu’s real mum drama… love……Raman Ishita union and there before-leap funny challenges and love. Omg! So many ideas the creators of this serial has got!! Can’t understand why they r wasting time in this hatred drama.

  4. Kavya

    Why the Cvs is making this serial stupid
    It became like this when Ishitha lost her child
    Seeing Ruhi’s behavior I wanna give a tight slap
    Seriously Ishitha should leave the house
    When Ruhi will realize everything
    God knows what is happening in the show

  5. anjali

    What ruhi is doing is really wrong. She is really overacting saying pihu is her sister but ishita is her mother. Good that Raman did something supporting ishita by stopping ruhi in front of everyone. Ishita is right no one does not need her. She should leave. Only then they can understand her importance

  6. Sona

    Ruhi is now over react.she know how much whole family love her especially Raman n ishita n she taking the advantage of their love n respect. This is not negativity that nidhi put in her mind .nidhi always beat her not to filled her mind with negativity. It was ruhi decision to love her family or not. It was her decision to punish her family instead of nidhi .it was her decision to hate ishita so much as she always know she love her so much. It was her fault to take all the wrong decision .
    Ruhi must understand the love n care of the whole family not to take the advantages of their love n care.she should accept the truth that she love her ishi maa more.

    • shreya shetty

      yeah even I literally want to kick ruhi from this show if she ever shows her dirty attitude on ishita ever again!!!!

  7. Sindhu

    Yes Az, i agree with you. Ruhi is all time very low in her behaviour. What kind of horrible person she turned into in just one episode? She is unbelievable. Why on earth cvs wrote the episode in this way? It does not make sense at all. It is no logic for Ruhi to get angry with Ishita for Pihu’s sake. Pihu is Shgun’s responsibility and Shagun is answerable for Pihu’s yearning of home. How can Ishita be responsible? Shagun does not even allow Pihu to be close to Ishita so how can this silly Ruhi blame Ishita. It does not make any sense. Shagun is so busy with the dashing contest and concentrating on getting Raman that she did not even try to call Pihu to find out whether Pihu is doing fine. I can’t believe this Ruhi. Ruhi should just go and stay with Niddhi. The whole bhalla family should ask her to go and Raman and Ishita, Adi and Pihu should be together. Reverse Psychology should be used on Ruhi and then she will realize. It is good that Ishita got shot and then Ruhi will feel guilty. Let Ruhi feel very guilty.

  8. Honey

    Y ruhi is acting too much

    Y is she not understanding her Ishima
    If her love towards ishima is true than she shld at least try to understand her

    Feeling soo sad for ishu??

    Actually now I m not at all interested in this track
    But like to watch aliya n adi
    Ohhh they look super cute together

  9. Sindhu

    Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Shona, Jaz, Prisha, Sarita, Aditya, Az, Raisa, Siddhi and Monique and many other YHM fans. Good day to all of you and also hope many are enjoying their festival holidays.

  10. Megha

    Hi all yhm fans…. episode was okk….but I didn’t like today’s ruhi behavior I mean ruhi shuld not be so much rude to ishita…..she shuld have controlled here self….she accepts pihu as her sisters Raman as her father but she has never accepted ishita…she is always rude with her….I don’t like this only…. today bala nd Shavan’s teacher part was funny….nd aaliya is shown vry much matured ….I like her character….today the way in which she explained vandu was really vry gud….

  11. nish singh

    Yes Az,i agree with everything you say. She does deserve a tight slap.
    Ishita should stop playing the victim and tell her off.
    Very very bad example for young children watching. Will start to see her as a hero..

  12. Megha

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatien has been the most favourite serial of viewers sine the start and show has been soaring high on the TRP charts also. If there is something that YHM fans are waitng for, it has to be Raman Bhalla and Ishita taking vows again! Seems like that makers and the producers of the show can read the mind of audience!

    Post the seven year leap, viewers have seen a grown up Ruhi, things falling apart for the lead couple and many twists and turns in this daily soap. Raman and Ishita parted ways after Ruhi was kidnapped by Nidhi. It is their daughter who brings them together after seven long years. Yes you read that right!

    Raman-Ishita who are trying to impress Ruhi right now will see a new Ruhi in the coming episodes.Audience will witness in the coming episodes that Ruhi forgives his parents and will help them reconcile. And Ishita aka, Divyanka will return from her real life wedding to Vivek Dahiya for the another reel life wedding to her co-actor Karan Patel.

  13. Ro

    Strongly agree with Az. I think this serial’s fanfictions are better than the actual story. I mean, fanfictions, they’re the best. Sigh…

  14. Sindhu

    Just one more thing, why Ruhi is suddenly became the goddess of saving Pihu? Why should Ruhi stop Ishita when Ishita said she wanted to go with Shagun to see Pihu? Why the sudden concern on Pihu when she kept saying that she got exchanged because of Pihu and suddenly she has all the love for Pihu. I just felt like slapping Ruhi right away when she was so rude to Ishita.

    • vp

      We can only blame the cvs Sindhu … Really we fans are waiting to see the episode and a good treat is given to us . After surrogancy … re union of Ishra and Ruhi was one of the best episode seen … as we found Ishra happy , we were also happy … If Ishra cries we are unhappy … their happiness only can bring some happiness to us . And the fact is that this is the only one serial in my whole life I am watchng in any languages .. and the sad part is this serial also coming like masala one … I think … I should stop watching .. that anger I am … Where is Rithu , Shivani , Mino , Siddhi and all …

  15. NaveenS


    |Registered Member

    I don’t even watch this pathetic storyline anymore. YHM, has longest most irritating tracks. It’s been the same thing they’ve been showing over and over again since the leap.
    Ruhi has a serious case of Stockholm Syndrome and she’s quite an unstable individual. That child needs serious psychiatric help.
    If not then, she has proved she’s Raman and Shagun’s daughter. Very ungrateful rude, disrespectful brat!
    No one has a problem with her being bitter or hurt but she has not respect for her elders.
    Total thumbs down!!!

  16. Ro

    This episode makes me confused who the real antagonist is. Nidhi’s appearances have reduced, and Ruhi’s constant slow clapping and ‘wow’s have driven me crazy. However, I must say, the actress portraying her character is actually pretty good. Never seen her anywhere else before.

  17. Mino

    Hi VP, Sindhu, Shivani, Rithu, Jaz & All YHM Fans. The Episode Sucks.. I hated the sight OF Ruhi. She Deserves Not Just A Slap But A Thundering Slap Small brat she has no Respect what so ever for her elders & Her Parents. I don’t know why they have to keep begging all the time to her & prove themselves at every turn. She should be told if she wants to go with Niddhi she is free to go. that will teach her a good lesson & how to respect her family. The best think is she doesn’t know the truth & she is behaving worse than a basket woman. in front of the guest etc. that of course is her father’s trait. Raman is no better. Poor IShu I really felt so bad for her. she has done no wrong & all the blame on her for nothing. Raman Blasted her thinking Ruhi died With all the bad words he can think of . Now his daughter is no better.. I felt like giving her a good slap. Ishu really should leavr this house for them all to feel her worth. why demean herself so much. why is she crying as if she has done something wrong . when it is Shagun who is responsible. how can Shagun look after Pihu she is after Raman most of the time.
    I am getting sick of this show. What bad examples they are setting for the younger generations who are watching this. Now this has got to stop this Ruhi’s Rudeness. High time they changed the story.. they should get Ruhi to withdraw every word she said against Ishu. Ruhi should pay for it. hope the CV”s Rectify it . as it will be good for the young ones who are watching too.. What goes around comes around they say. so let it be for Ruhi too.
    They have brought that stupid teacher running after Bala to fill IShu ‘s absence. that is why i think Vandhu is brought. Anyway hope it will be better after this. don’t feel like watching this madness.. Oh Alas What happened to our old YHM that was so cute & great. pls bring it back Cv’s.. Hope u guys thinks the same. & Sorry if i trod on anyone’s toes.. Luv To All

  18. Sharadiya Banerjee

    Hey no one even read my comment. They just read other’s comments who are registered members or comment more often. But it is fine. I know you all are busy
    …..I am sorry.?????

    • shreya shetty

      nooooo its not like that sharadiya.c mon dearie be happy coz even I too will respond to ur opinions about the episode yaar!!!!!!don’t cry please.u r a very special fan here in this site group.dont consider urself very low

  19. vp

    What are cvs up to ? very bad bad episode … playing with fans emotions … today being Eid in many places and Eid eve in other places , I am sure fans must have watched this episode with a heavy heart .Loved Raman quite and stern but I wanted her to be slapped . Ishitha has the right to do that to Ruhi …cvs hatred understandable … you can present it in defgerent ways either by anger the way in todays episode or by ignoring and avoiding her Ishima …May be tomorrow cvs will come up telling that Ruhi s anger was to bring them close … How dare she was to insult her infront of Nidhi .. .. Ishitha should leave happily … Ruhi doesnt deserve her … What is her relation with Pihu … to tell that she will protect her .. brainless cvs are ..Raman started realizing Ishitha is not at fault …He is quiet … but I hate him crying ….why nobody is explaining the truth to Ruhi … such a beautiful storyline is damaged to the maximum .. Dt with her emotions too good … I dont know in which house in india ex wife current wife all living together … that itself is disgusting .. Shaghun with fake sadness is another disgusting character here … Ruhi is 15 yrs .. why should she be given thisfreedom ? Its true two years Ishimas care and love and affection is drained out in Nidhis torture … but cvs we are all watching serials to lighten our daily stress … here watching this heart is coming to the throat ..I am addicted to yhm becoz I am a crazy fan of Divyanka … And def the impact of Ishra … When Raman rescued Ishitha from the jail and threw her from the cliff … he too insulted Ishitha … which I felt he could have told the truth that he has arranged to hide her … cvs only negative way …. what was this yhm in the begining .. what is now … Now whats wrong with Vanditha … French teacher to bring the certificate ? why should she watch … this is too much … Precap was very sad … Raman also feeling sad … may be now they are twisting Ishra ke liye .. Cvs please deliver goid message to the viewers … my children are shouting at me for watching this … restricted not to show my grand children ….

    • Mino

      I have the same sentiments VP, so sad they have ruined the whole show.. Why???? Do they want to stop it as they have won enough Awards.. this is kind of intentional Suicide. Why didn’t Ishu talk back small brat. they were trying to soft pedal on everything just to keep Ruhi Happy but that doesn’t mean she can be rude to her elders exp Ishu. She hated Pihu why this sudden love for her.. That is IShu’s Kid. & the CV’s should show how Ruhi will regret for all the accusations she did to IShu. Otherwise this story is a sick one & the one who is writing this is worse. no imagination at all has got a writers block he / She has got stuck somewhere & ruining the beautiful show he/ she wrote at first.
      Ur Children are right as this is not good for Kids to watch as there are loads of bad vibes. everything written to suit the present horrible living in families. they should give good vibes so that if there are families who have problems can watch the good vibes & change fr the better. As u say i watch cos of DT & KP. there chemistry is so great & they deserve every award. they act as if real not as fiction. So hope we will get a better story..

    • shivani

      They spoiled the Show and also the characters….once raman was about to marry shagun for pihu…but wen ruhi asked him marry ishita he agreed it…how disgusting…cvs totally killed raman…sometimes circumstances is the villain….but here nothing can justify ramans doings….

      I already hate raman and ruhi….now i hate ishita too…doesn’t she have any self respect..why she is bearing everyone’s taunts..shagun’s ,raman’s ,ruhi’s,ashok nidhi….just leave that ruhi and her so called papa raman… and be happy with mani and aliya..

  20. Kp

    Hey guys…have you seen Divyanka’s haldi pics??
    She is looking stunning in yellow lehenga..?????

  21. Kp

    Hey guys…have u seen Divyanka’s haldi pictures???
    She is looking stunning in yellow lehenga…??????

  22. vp

    Ruhi proved as Ramans and Shaghuns daughter …Just slap her and tell her to go to Nidhi … Now she cant understand where to stay ? Reverse Pshychology or she should be trated by a Pshychiartist .. Once Ishitha is kidnapped or shot … brooding over and crying for what ? be realistic please cvs … you are degrading … Ishitha … please move out Ishitha .. atleast have some self respect or self degnity … Adi asked Ruhi that … Really wish Ishitha moved out from Bhallas …

  23. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    what non sensence what is your problem ruhi why can’t you understand the feelings of your ishima i think ruhi don’t deserves her ishimaas love .pihu is shagun’s responsibility not ishitha’s responsibility why ruhi blames ishita there is no meaning

    • Mino

      yes ur are 100% right Baagya . just like her parents. not IShu’s daughter. Now Ardi is IShu’s after the surrogacy this show is crap.. Niddhi is making me sick with her Ashok. how come the good suffer & perish & The Wicked flourish & happy..

  24. Az

    Hi VP, Sindhu, jaz, aditya and all yhm fans. I couldn’t follow all messages as I’m busy with eid preparations.
    Hope they show something better tmr…today’s episode was disappointing.
    Have a nice time everyone!

  25. Shivaani

    Ruhi s jst f*****g annoying !!! How the hell can she say Ishita as Ishita nd tat b**** shagun as shagun mama… Evn she left her..

  26. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    ishu pls leave that bhalla’s family just go to australia and happy live with mani aliya and adi i think only these 3 people should deserve ishu’s love what do you think guys?

  27. Fefe

    Wish ishita didn’t leave pihu 7 yrs ago, no matter what happened to ruhi she still had a duty to her new born and shouldn’t have left her. She made 2 mistakes that night and sadly she is paying for both of them. But everything happens for a reason.

  28. Injil

    Ruhi whats wrong with u ? Why can’t u understand your Ishi maa?Ishita u should tightly slap. Thanks to raman who started supporting ishita. Shagun stop being devil and crude in the show .Thanks to all of the Bhallas (except ruhi , shagun ) for supporting ishita to show ruhi a correct path….and … clear misunderstanding brought by nidhi in ruhi’s mind….

  29. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hai sharadiya banerjee al d members of this group is like a family pls don’t feel bad al members r reading your commets dear

  30. abhishek

    Guys i agree what ruhi said to ishitha is not good but we can see ruhi genunine love and concern for pihu its a good sign in her character but creaters want to show this because they want to make ishru bond strong so we have to tolerate all this crap but when ruhi accepts her ishimaa then she will acppet with whole heartedly

  31. v.s.

    ruhi needs a tight slap always overact. and she target ishita only.ruhi always says bitter word to ishita only….same thing does raman and they named this show YHM…. sometime i think that the name F d show must be ‘ONLY AND ONLY FOR RUHI’ instead of the “YHM”……

  32. nish singh

    Does anyone have any idea what Ishita is talking about in the pre cap..what did she see?

  33. Ayesha

    Hi fans, iam a fan of YHM from the Netherlands in Europe. The current storyline is very disappointing and too much dragging. I really don’t know what Eekta want to show, because the way Ruhi behaves is too much and it shows that a child can behave like a parent to a parent. The way Ruhi dragged Ishita is out of proportion.

    I heard that Eekta consulted a pandit for her upcoming storyline(this was weeks ago). So, i am wondering which pandit approves this kind of insulting of parents.
    We were grown up with values like ‘ parents are equal to god’. Cherish and respect them. Ok, this serial is very much drama but i do not think that the value of both parents must be forgotten or r
    presented like a joke.

    Btw, i am new.

  34. Mona

    I think shagun planned pihu’s sickness. As precap shows ishita saw something “I guess she saw shagun plan this,”

  35. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans.such a sad episode. No words to describe. Just wish this dragging stops.

  36. laya

    Well to say ishita has wrg timing when ever ruhi come she must be doing half line which is against ruhi but good. I hated this episode. Ruhi is jealous of pihu because she was alive and one with ruhis child face hi guy I send a request can I WE Friends 🙁

  37. nish singh

    Fefe,i agree totally with Ishita did make two mistakes that night. She lost her rights over two babies not just Ruhi.
    Even now her attitude to Pihu is very distant compared to how she behaved with Ruhi when Ruhi when Ruhi was young.niy son sure if I like her character anymore.wjete is byway fiesty Ishita.

    • vp

      Hi Ninsh .. I feel she wants to be closer with them … now … Shaghun doesnt want her to be near to Pihu … Ruhi … not giving a positive move to gel with her … just think from Ishithas state how much she is going thru … all situations … Pihu to be revealed the truth … and Ruhi has to think .. Nidhi or Bhallas ? who is her safety

  38. Lekha

    Guys did u notice in today’s episode, when ishu said that she will leave bhalla house raman was like noooooooo…..i think he is melting for ishu and donot want her to leave him anymore…..this was the only thing that is worth for today

  39. molu

    I don’t wanna blame ruhi..i feel very bad for..she was such a nice girl was the circumstances and that stupid Nidhi made her bad ..if I was ruhi I will do the same doesn’t mean that ishra is bad ..they are good parents..circumstances change every person’s life

  40. Kimberly

    Ruhi did absolutely right. People will again blame Ruhi but Ishita completely deserved it. How can Ishita be so careless not even caring for a small child and she calls herself a loving mother??? my foot!!! Actually Ruhi should have given a tight slap to Ishita.
    IAlso I think that there is going to be Aliya-Mihir love story. wow, its really an interesting couple and Im liking it.

    • Mino

      Sorry to say ur misled by the story with wrong impressions. go back & watch the whole series & Comment . So That u will know what ur writing about. Without looking a fool in all the fans eyes. Frist & Foremost Ishu has nothing to so with the Upbringing of Pihu. & AT the moment she is not responsible for Pihu It is Shagun’s Duty.. So get the facts straight before u comment pls. Sorry to hurt ur feelings.

    • shreya shetty

      mind ur language there Kimberly.who the heck ever told u to encourage ruhi in doing wrong and discouraging ishita ??????look I am running out of patience so if u r not ready to change ur ways of thinking then I am ready to give u a hard hard slap right on ur polite should I and other fans be to tolerate ur nonsensical comments written against ishita.come here and I ll beat u up Kimberly.i cant resist u longer soooo m angry that’s what u asked me to reply politely to u inst it.U DESERVE A TIGHT SLAP FROM US AND OTHER YHM FANS AND PLEASE STOP BEHAVING LIKE A FOOL HERE

    • shreya shetty

      ishita is not careless but u r an 100 percent YHM FAN EVILISER!!!!!!KIMBERLY PLEASE GET OUT OF THIS BAD THINKING .I am just telling u that’s it


    Good Morning JAZ VP Super GIRL Sindhu Shona AZ Naaz Fathi Shreyadiya Megha Ramchin Rithu And All The Members of The GROUP.


    Yesterday’s EPISODE(6/7/2016 WED) Was DISGUSTING.
    I Agree with You AZ.
    Ruhi NE too much kardi.
    Raman YA GHAR wale EK Thappad keench KE maarni thi.
    BAHOT Bhattameezi Dikhayi CHUDAIL (Ruhi).
    BAHOT Hogai iski Naataken


  43. Monique_D


    |Registered Member

    Morning guys
    sachie mino jaz shona aditya Rithushree darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya riya rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya jeni super girl bhagya sara prisha
    saritha simran unique angel shreya and all yhm friends.

    EID MUBHARAK @Jaz and all celebrating the end of the holy month of Ramadaan

  44. Sofia Benjamin

    What’s wrong with this girl ruhi… Ya mistakes occur. If the teacher’s call was missed there is always another way out.. Why only landline number the teacher would have. Not the mobile phone number of the parents..? Feel like slapping ruhi for calling her mother ISHITHA by her name.. Thus is how a child would respect her parents. I agree she went through a lot of torture from Nidhi.. But did she think why wasn’t ISHITHA remained in bhalla’s house.. If ruhi wasn’t important for her..

  45. nish singh

    Hi Vp,i understand what you are saying. But I feel Cvs should develop Ishita character a bit more strongly now. I feel of she shut Ruhi up yesterday Ruhi would have seen her old ishima back…tolerating no nonsense. Also she should claim her rights in the house with Shagun.

  46. A

    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein fame Divyanka Tripathi takes off to Bhopal for marriage

    Divyanka Tripathi is very excited as she is finally going to get her love Vivek Dahiya forever.

    Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya is getting married to 10th July 2016 in Bhopal and Divyanka wants to enjoy every ritual of wedding.

    Divyanka perfectly completed last shoot of her show Yeh Hai Mohabbtein where she has been kidnapped by goons.

    As soon as Director cut the shot, Divyanka happily came out from sets and met to everyone happily.

    Divyanka distributes her wedding cards to everyone and met to her friends of sets.

    Karan Patel’s wife Ankita Bhargva also meets Divyanka and congratulates her for wedding.

    Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargva congratulate Divyanka for marriage

    Divyanka’s onscreen husband Karan wishes her for marriage and tells to join her in reception.

    Divyanka wants to reach to Bhopal soon and she hurriedly packs her bag and comes to airport.

    Divyanka says bye to Mumbai and takes off to Bhopal for tying the knot with his fiancée Vivek Dahiya.

    • Aleezna

      Is divyanka going to come back to show after getting married or is she not coming back.

  47. dipti

    Hlo guys!!!!m new to u…But god shake…i always read d update n ur comments…i am also a big fan of ishra

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.