Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita recalling Sarika’s words. Tere dil ka mere dil se……….plays…….. She happily cries seeing Ruhi and goes to her. She thinks Ruhi loves me a lot, and took her piggy bank there, I could not do anything for her. Ruhi says sorry for what I did today, don’t cry, smile. She asks her to give genuine smile. Ruhi asks her to smile else she will call Raman. Ruhi tickles her and runs. Ishita runs after her. Mihika thanks Abhishek for the lift and asks will he come for coffee. He says no, I have to go for duty. She says show me your sister’s pic, I will keep my eyes open. Sarika sees him and hides. He thanks her. Mihika leaves.

He sees Sarika in the mirror as she rushes and leaves in the auto. Mihir talks to Raman and says that’s great news. Raman says

we did it, Bansal liked the presentation. Mihir says Bansal is hardworking man, he is a good man, I m happy. Raman says Bansal wants to increase investments, I will show Ashok and Jhakad. Mihir says talk to Ishita, she was calling me. Raman asks him to give her good news, he has to be here for more days, I have more meetings here. Mihir says fine and ends call. He says we will show Ashok and Jhakad now and gets glad.

Raman attends a party with Bansal and meets more people of his business group. He asks about Bijlani, his wife is very younger than him. Bansal says she is not his wife, don’t say this does not happen in Delhi, I don’t like Bijlani for these things. Raman asks what did he mean. Bansal says she is escort, Bijlani’s wife does not stay here, he has new girl every day, this is also full fledged business to have escorts, no one knows such girls are wives or escort. Raman says yes and finds it strange.

Bansal says that man is also businessman, but he provides escorts. Raman says this is disgusting, when man has wife and kids support, people don’t need them. Bansal asks him to be alert, as girls will be trying to come to him. Raman says my sixth sense is good in this. He turns and gets shocked seeing Shagun as escort. Raman sees her talking to a man and smiling. He says what is she doing here. The escort manager makes Shagun meet a man, and he kisses her hand. Raman gets angry.

Shagun drinks with a man. Bansal shows him maybe that businessman is cracking a deal with that girl. Raman asks is he sure. Bansal says yes, that man gets pretty escort of the party, don’t you think that girl is from good family. Shagun says 50000rs. The man says its fine if above this amount. Shagun goes with him. The police comes there and stops the music. The inspector says they got info about high profile escort racket here and arrests the girls. Shagun tries to resist. She gets shocked seeing Raman there. Raman wants to go after her. Bansal asks Raman to come, as police asked them to leave.

Rajat says he is reputed businessman, why will he run like racket. The inspector says he knows them well and puts them in lockup. Shagun says leave my hand, I m not the one you are thinking, I m Sha… Ruhi Arora from women force and social worker. The lady comes and gives her ID. Shagun says she has called him and informed, to get those men arrested. She says she is the owner of the NGO.

Shagun removes her lenses and makeup. The inspector says sorry, thanks. She says she pretended to be with them to make them caught. He thanks her and says congrats, your NGO is doing good work. She says she has personal reasons, she has a daughter too, Malik traps innocent girls, I started this NGO to help women. He says great, your kids will be proud of you. She recalls Ruhi and Adi’s hatred. She says thanks. Shagun leaves. Raman comes with Bansal to police station and says he has come to meet the girls caught in raid. He gets into an argument with constable. Bansal takes him.

Shagun recalls the inspector’s words and smiles seeing Adi and Ruhi’s pic. She says I wish they were with me to see how much I changed, everyone is appreciating me, they would have been proud, I was a bad mum, every person does mistakes. She cries and says its imp that I realized my mistake, so I told Ruhi Arora as my name, I want everyone to know me by my daughter’s name, I want to do good work, and dedicate this to my kids, they will be happy. She recalls Raman seeing her and worries. She says Raman has seen me in that state, what will he think.

Ruhi says dad went to Mumbai for work, his work is over, why don’t Ishita goes there to surprise him. Mihir says flight is in 2 hours. Ishita smiles and thinks she is coming to raid, Ravan Kumar get ready.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Sach mein shagun sudhar gayi kya? ?????? Par yakhin nahin horaha hai. …..shagun ne kaha tha ki woh ishita se nafrath karti hai. ……kya kare gi shagun. ..????

  2. nimrit

    unbelievable epi tha…..shagun ko dekhke ko to muze hi rona aane laga wo last scene dekhake….

  3. nimrit

    ab jab ishita mumbai jayegi tab such me ishra le scenes dikhaenge ya phir se shagun kuchh karegi??

  4. awesome episode .especially ishruh part.aaj pehli baar mujhe shagun ko dekh ke rona aa raha tha.i even liked her.she is changed and turned so positive.this was a superb an great actor i liked her but not as shagun but now she is good.

  5. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein set is
    filled with excitement as Salman Khan
    is going to visit the show.We have
    already informed you that ‘Bajrangi
    Bhaijaan ‘ Salman khan is on a
    promotion spree and has already
    visited some shows.
    As we have seen that Ruhi meets
    Doctor and asks him to help her
    ishima to get a baby.On seeing ruhi in
    hospital,Sarika brings ruhi to ishita
    and tells her the whole incident.Ishita
    will be left teary eyed on knowing her
    ruhi’s efforts.Ishita hugs her and they
    both have an emotional talk.
    On the other hand,Raman finds shagun
    in a Mumbai Bar and she gets
    arrested by the police when the raid
    happens.She gets shocked to see
    Raman in front of her.Raman tries to
    bring shagun out of the jail and he will
    reach police station.But the shocking
    twist is shagun has changed her
    Here in the Bhalla house,Ishita will be
    missing raman and toshiji notices
    this.She tells ishita to give a surprise
    visit to Raman.Toshiji also shares her
    tips to ishita to celebrate her honey
    moon with Raman.
    Salman Khan will shoot his sequence
    with the leads of the show Karan Patel
    and Divyanka Tripathi and promote
    his film. While Divyanka along with
    “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” team was
    desperately waiting for Salman to
    come.This is the first time Salman
    will be visiting “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein”
    set and the team was also planning to
    take selfies with Salman.
    Ruhaanika Dhawan is has also done a
    movie with Salman khan in Jai Ho.she
    is desperately waiting to meet him.
    However Salman’s team has given
    very limited time for shoot. He will be
    available only for two hours.
    Rehearsals and shoot everything has
    to be wrapped quickly as Salman has
    some other appointment post Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein shoot.
    Keep reading for more updates.

  6. Hayy kahin aaisa na hoke. .shagun aur raman baat karrahe hoon aur ishita aajaye. …….aaisa na Ho toh hi achcha hai. …

  7. hey remember jab raman aur shagun adi ke accident case ke liye milthe the aur hotel mein jab aaj lag gayi tab raman ne jo bhi kiya ishitha ko dekhkar hurt hua.kaash aisa na ho.aur koi misunderstanding na ho.

  8. Ishita ne kya kahan raman ravan kumar ready raho raid marne aarahi hoon. ….hahaha ..wish k ishita ka surprise. .happy happy ho. …….ishra sath ho. ….

  9. nimrit

    muze nahi lagta ki ishra ko privacy milegi…kuchh na kuchh to hoga hi b’coz makers ko chain kese milega……but hope so ki aaisa kuchh na ho…

  10. No Rithushree…aisa nahi hoga………Raman Shagun ko jail se chuda kar Hotel le jata to aisa hota…& Uss waqt IshRa ke bich trust nahi tha…abhi to dono khud se jyada ek dusre par trust karte hai…….

  11. hiiiii guys shagun sudar gaya kya….????? acha hai par phir bi dar lagtha hai yar kahi phir se ishra ka beech na aaye aur vise bhi i guess kal jab ishu mumbai jayegi tab vaha vo shagun aur raman ko saath degi aur she feels bad……..yar muje tho ye shagun ka sudharna aur sab phir se leap ki tarah ishara kar rahe hai……….so sad yar fingers crossed

  12. raman kyu itnaa uthawla ho raha tha shagun se milne ke liye.aur shagun kyu raman ke hotel mein jaayegi.dekhne se toh uske pass ghar toh hoga himaur jaise spoiler mein state kiya tha ki raman shagun ko jail se chudwaayega ,aisa kuch nahi hua.

    • Fake spoiler tha rithu. ….agar spoiler Sach hota toh. …raman shagun ko jail se chodata par aaisa nahin hoa. …

  13. unique Angel

    Hey gys srry yaar itne dino se nahi aai thi I got foood poison I was not welll to mai nahi aai india ki koi chwez nahi jamri mujhe

  14. Shagun has entered in the show again,
    but this time not as Adi and Ruhi’s
    mum but as an escort in the party.
    Shagun was deficit of money and
    Raman thinks she has taken the wrong
    route. He hears her stating money
    amount and thinks she has become
    escort to earn some quick money and
    live her lavish style again. She comes
    to the party with someone and enjoys
    drinks. Raman is also at the party and
    happens to notice Shagun with a
    stranger. He gets shocked and thinks
    to stop her from going wrong way, but
    before he could confront her, the
    police comes and arrests Shagun.
    This comes as a shocker to Raman
    and the show will bring a big twist in
    Ishita and Raman’s happy paradise.
    Mrs. Bhalla is sending Ishita to
    Mumbai on a mini honeymoon with
    Raman. She gives honeymoon tips to
    Ishita which makes Ishita shy and her
    face turning red. Ishita feels awkward
    and Mrs. Bhalla asks her to end her
    awkwardness by gifting her nighties.
    She asks her to win Raman’s love and
    dress well to attract him. She tells her
    how she used to woo Mr. Bhalla and
    laughs. She says she has worn short
    clothes in her young age and asks her
    to turn romantic too. Ruhi wants Ishita
    to spend some quality time with
    Raman and they are going to Mumbai.
    Someone is waiting for Ishita in
    Mumbai which will bring a new twist.
    It will be none other than Salman
    Khan, who will be seen in YHM for
    promoting his movie Bajrangi
    Bhaijaan. Keep reading.
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  15. yar aage kya hoga soch soch kar dhimaak ghoom raha hai aur phir i just hope ki ishra ka e trip achi se ho aur they will enjy alot plzzz makers aab tho apna ghandhi dhimaak math use karo aur phir ishra ko e shagun se chutkaara mile ache ho ya bure hame koi farakh nahi padtha,,,,,..,….

  16. guyz salman khan iz coming to the show zats very exciting… but am scared because of shagun change in behaviour….. i hope zat raman’s feelings won’t change for ishita n they are going to have a good honeymoon trip……n ruhi’s wish will b fulfilled…….n plz NO LEAP AND SEPARATION OF THIS CUTE FAMILY …………………

  17. Gita

    New spoiler – Yeh hai Mohabattein
    What is cooking in Yhm ?
    Why is Raman angry on seeing his ex – wife with another man ? Yeah u heard it right Today Raman was angry on seeing shagun with another man at the party .. What is going in Raman bhalla’s mind ? Does raman still have feelings for shagun ??? Only time can answer…. Keep watching …Keep updated …

  18. unique Angel

    Will any one of u do me a favour india ki yhm tyming subah dhupair shaam all tyming of yhm

  19. gree

    What a name Ruhi Arora no I hate that shagun even u changed I don’t like it and don’t believe you ?. Y Raman is feeling too much for her. Leave her Raman. I heard a spoiler that ishu ll cum to Mumbai and sees shagun and Raman together and misunderstood. Uff shagun y u returned 👿 . Ishitha and Ruhi part is awesome so cute and lovable ?.

  20. gree

    Ha qh compete yhm joke of the year ? loooool. Qh is becuming worse day by day. Wer is qh and wer is yhm. I’m old and gr8 fan of Qh but not anymore. Fulla villains and no heroism. If ppl still watching qh is only for surbhi Jyoti and for saahil reunion.

  21. me tooooo gree muje vo ache nahi lagtha………..chahe vo badal gayi ho ya nahi……….i dnt care ruhi arora bilkul bhi acha nahi lagtha ruhi bhalla is the best…..

  22. gree

    May be. But cant like and accept her. She did too much evil things in past. And still she hates ishu. Its better if she stay Awa from ishra. Raman also doing OA des days. Leave her Raman don’t let her b/w u and ishu. Waiting for salmaan khan @Yhm ?

  23. gree

    Hi rams. True wer is our cuty pie Ruhi and wer is dat nagin shagun. I heard yhm will end soon. B4 I’m sad but after hearing leap news and after watching Adi vinni track. I’m feeling its better to end with a good note. I know everyone will miss yhm. But instead of showing stupidity and spoiling yhm, its better to end. But I’m sure ekta won’t end Yhm simply. May b its juz a fake news

  24. ledhu akka antha yisiga
    ekta mam yhm serial end chayadhu
    hope so
    naku holidays
    nenu maa akka valla yintlo
    time kudharatledhu ravadaniku

  25. Pls don’t repeat same track again and again and make it a bore serial. There are so many sequences concentrate on them pls.Mihika and Abhishek Mihir and Rinki Sarika Romi Sarika Abhishek Ashok and that jhakad and even that teenagers Adi and Vinni

  26. gree

    I try to like that shagun track but not that Adi and vinni track plzz. Yawk don’t like them.

  27. Go to a proper gynac and show Raman ishita baby treatment process so that even in real life people will get aware and who are having related problem can move on in life

    • gree

      Yup agreed. It will be a good counselling for those who are suffering with these problems 🙂

    • gree

      Hehe antele vallu. ? pilla deyyalu ?. Kani allari chesina muddhuga vuntaru. Adi ippudu pillalu baaboy assalu vegaleru. Baga aaduko. Kathalu cheppu appudu padukuntademo.

  28. mamun

    shagun when a evil woman creating prblms btw ishraruad and being gud too she will do d same thing may be unknowningly bt prblm toh prblm hai na
    so hate u shagun

  29. Samar

    Best serial ever I just love Sagun . Pls make the leap now . Raman marry Sagun again and ishita go away from his life .

  30. gopu

    Salman Khan is all set to promote his film Bajrangi Bhaijan on the sets of one of the most popular shows on Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. This happens to be the first fiction daily soap which Salman is visiting.Promoting his upcoming flick Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Salman will be seen on Dance India Dance (Esselvision) on Zee TV unveiling the suneheri takdir ki topi. The actor who recently shot for it had fun interacting with the top 15 contestants and also had whale of a time with old friend Mithun Chakraborty.Shared a source, “Salman also went on to share some secrets about Mithun da’s adventures that they experienced together.”And if this was not enough, the Dabbang actor will also be seen in a special episode of Star Plus’ popular Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (Balaji Telefilms).“Salman will be seen attending a family functionin YHM. Indulging in some cute banter he will bebringing the whole family together. Also he will be seen arm wrestling with Raman (Karan Patel) adding more fun,” quoted TellyChakkar.The entire cast took turns to get selfies clicked with the Bajrangi Bhaijan actor and have been sharing the pics on their social media accountsAs we have seen ,shagun changed her name to Ruhi Arora and to the shock of viewers Shagun turned into positve character.She is working in an organization to help girls.She wants to make her children Adi and ruhi proud of her.Wonder what is going o happen next in Raman and ishita’s life.Well,Keep reading for more updates of yeh hai mohabbatein

  31. gree

    Tanx for sharing gopu 🙂 but its not 1st fiction soap he’s visiting. He already visited in Diya aur baati to promote his movie Dabaang.

  32. Hey guys just now I read that raman and shagun will reach a hotel to stay and due to heavy drunk they sleep and next morning shagun will leave with a letter for raman that they have committed a mistake

      • dannybell

        Are lekin kuch bhi dekhayenge. Pehle woh kausati ka bajaj tha agar sagun aur Raman k bich fir se kuch hoga to Raman bajaj ki category me hog a:P. Sorry but d truth

    • dannybell

      Ya shagun ki dressing style achi hai. Mujje to pasand hai. Even ishu looks hot. But Raman is OK.

    • dannybell

      Are yar Jr me bhi rona dhona Esme kya track ja raha hai. Raman Mumbai me tp kar raha hai. Kuch acha nai a raha.

  33. dannybell

    Ruhi ke pass mobile hai!!! Shocked!!! Kese mom dad hai!!! Meine MBBS khatam ki tab tak mere pass mobile nai tha. Jab meri pg chal rahi hai abhi. Lekin mere pass Samsung ka daba hai . and ruhi was using a smart phone

  34. Shared a source, “Salman also went
    on to share some secrets about
    Mithun da’s adventures that they
    experienced together.”
    And if this was not enough, the
    Dabbang actor will also be seen in a
    special episode of Star Plus’ popular
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (Balaji
    “Salman will be seen attending a
    family function in YHM. Indulging in
    some cute banter he will be bringing
    the whole family together. Also he will
    be seen arm wrestling with Raman
    (Karan Patel) adding more fun,” quoted
    The entire cast took turns to get
    selfies clicked with the Bajrangi
    Bhaijan actor and have been sharing
    the pics on their social media
    As we have seen ,shagun changed her
    name to Ruhi Arora and to the shock of
    viewers Shagun turned into positve
    character.She is working in an
    organization to help girls.She wants to
    make her children Adi and ruhi proud
    of her.
    Wonder what is going o happen next in
    Raman and ishita’s life.Well,Keep
    reading for more updates of yeh hai

  35. Shanaya sindh.

    Maine intrnt ma padha tha ishu ku t.b ajata hn aur usse bachana mushkil hn aur wo subu k pas chali jati hn u.s.a aur shagun raman k pas ajati hn ruhi aur uske fmly ki dekh bhal krne k lye.

  36. gree

    Wth ? 😡 isliye meine kaha I hate shagun. Yawk shagun get laz uff don’t do dis CV’s every time ur priving its typical ekta soap. Ur nt leaving a chance to spoil Yhm. I decided strongly Ki i never going to watch ekta serials. Its my last one. 😡

  37. dannybell

    At the beginning of the show I thought is hu would marry Raman for ruhi and then due to shagun interference would leave Raman with ruhifinally ruhi would b brought up by is hu turned out good while Raman shagun brought up adi who turns out bad.

  38. Shanaya sindh.

    Apne apku kya samajte hu..m intrstd n ur nme r phne no..hah .i wanna ask u whch z d bst clge for mbbs

  39. Shanaya sindh.

    Apne apku kya samajte hu..m nt intrstd n ur nme r phne no..hah .i wanna ask u whch z d bst clge for mbbs

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