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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi asking Suhail to give all jewelry to the blackmailer. He says I will manage, listen. She keeps saying the same. He shouts stop it and slaps her. She cries. He says sorry, I had no option, you are much scared, you are not alone, I m with you, we will manage this together. He hugs her. She gets away. He says no need to do this, trust me, you used to say not to give tension to parents, you are giving them more tension by stealing jewelry, we will arrange cash, we will go to meet blackmailer, you are very imp for me, trust me. Someone knocks door. He keeps back jewelry in the bag and says you trust me right. She nods. He asks her to take jewelry back home and goes.

She says Suhail does a lot for me, I m very lucky that he is with me. Aaliya goes to Shagun and

gives her coffee. She says I m not judging you, I also did this stupidity, I felt I love Mihir, then I realized its infatuation, I love Adi, he also loves me, he stands by my side always, I can’t hurt him, as one you love, you can’t see him sad, I know Appa loves you and cares for you, I m happy you are trying to convince him, but stop hurting him, if you hurt Appa again, I will make you leave from this house, so be careful. Shagun says all this happened because of Ishita and Raman…

Raman tells inspector that he could not get that man. Inspector asks for details. He says I will find him, tattoo artist could give us lead about blackmailer, the blackmailer is keeping an eye on your family. Raman wishes Ishita was here. He gets Ishita’s call and asks when are you coming. Ishita says I was leaving today with Pihu, but the caretaker’s child was in pain, he has toothache, so I treated him, he has bad infection, he is getting fever, there is no clinic here, so I have to stay back for 1-2 days, but Pihu left, go and receive her, update me about her. He says fine. She says I could not charge my mobile, I will end call and inform you when I leave. She ends call. He worries.

Ruhi keeps back the jewelry and an earring falls down. Simmi comes and asks what are you doing. Ruhi says I was setting cupboard, Ishi Maa is not here that’s why. Simmi says I came to borrow my file, I need your help in my next project, I need young mind to make a good design. Ruhi says of course, I will come. Simmi gets earring and says its Ishita’s earring, how did it fall. Ruhi says thank God Bua, you got this, Ishita was also finding this, I will keep it in locker. She keeps it and goes with Simmi.

Adi asks Aaliya not to discuss about Shagun. She asks why can’t she get second chance. He says I have seen her since childhood, she is very manipulative. She says she is your mum. Someone hears them. He says that’s my life’s big secret, you don’t know her names, I felt Shagun changed, but no she is selfish and will always be selfish, she is playing games with Mani and making his emotions a fun, she did not think about my and Mani’s relation. She says we should think of her, maybe she is lonely, you should understand this. He says I can’t bear such behavior, you can understand as you loved Mihir, when he refused, you fell in love with me, I can’t do this with anyone. She cries. He says I did not mean…. She leaves.

Raman says I needed this tea, I was tired. Mrs. Bhalla says Romi and Adi help you in work, why do you work hard. Raman says I m working to stay young. Adi asks Aaliya to listen. She goes. Raman asks why did they fight now. Mrs. Bhalla says they are fighting on Shagun’s matter, she called and wants to meet Pihu. Raman says ask Papa to pick Pihu, tell Shagun to come later, we have some plans. He goes. He feels someone is watching him and stops. He does not see anyone and goes.

Simmi likes Ruhi’s inputs in designs. Ruhi gets blackmailer’s call and makes excuse. Simmi asks her to answer call and come. Ruhi goes out and answers call. She says no, you will get it, don’t do anything, I beg you. She cries and says what to do now. She calls Suhail and tells blackmailer’s demand. She asks what will we do now, I m scared, he has my video. He says calm down, I arranged money, we will go and meet him, none should know this, wait for his call, stay in your room. She says fine and ends call.

Adi stops Aaliya and apologizes. She says you did good, atleast I got to know what’s in your heart for me, if you have such low thing in heart, why are we in this relation, I think we should get separated. He says listen, I m sorry, its natural, you would have said this being in my place. She says no, I would have never said this, I always ignore your mistakes and try to make you happy, look at you, you have old things in heart, I think we should take a long break, relationship does not run like this, I promise I will not tell anyone, we have to give time and think. He shouts fine, take your time. He turns away. She takes a cab and leaves.

Shagun calls Ruhi and asks where are you. Ruhi says I m at home, I was busy in work. Shagun says I was missing you and Pihu, shall I come home. Ruhi says yes, Pihu did not come back from nature’s camp, I will come to meet you. Someone sees Ruhi. Ruhi gets Suhail’s call. He asks her to come down as he is on the way. Ruhi leaves. She sees Romi and Raman in living hall and hides. She calls Suhail and says Papa is in hall, how shall I come. He says I will call Raman and engage him in talks, come soon. He calls Raman. Ruhi wishes Raman goes away from the door. Raman goes. Romi also goes to get some file. Ruhi runs out of home. Someone follows her. Ruhi sits in Suhail’s car. Someone sits in the dickey. Suhail asks Ruhi to relax, everything will get fine, I promise we will end this chapter today.

Ruhi says I got the money, come out. Blackmailer comes there, covering his face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pls end this track now. It’s getting boring…

  2. What’s going on…. I realy can’t understand…

  3. Radhika Malhotra

    Nice episode and precap was superb exciting

  4. HI Rithu, VP, SHivani, Mino, Magic, Marin, Madhu, Bhagya, Priya, Priyamvadha, Ridika, Siddhi,Khushi, Jaz, Kiran, Parichary, Riya, Ahs, Monique, Susan, Jay, Zaiba, Shreya and many many YHM fans…..

    Why aren’t they showing Pihu at all? Is she so busy in school that she is unable to act? With DT in her honeymoon, it is difficult for producers to put Ishra together. Something is disconnected here. We are so used to seeing Ishra together. The excuse that the producers came up with that she has to be in camp for 2 days to treat someone’s tooth is ridiculous. At this point, people would be thinking what is more important than being with Ruhi and try to nab the blackmailer. There could be other dentist around. They should show the track of Ishra and Pihu. Enough of MMS and Ruhi and Sohail drama. Just show us more of Ishra and Pihu along with Adi

    1. I think the cv’s are in love with aditi’s crying troubled face that is why they are always putting her in such situations. Always crying or worried or throwing tantrums. Very boring now. Rituals use to be a very romantic time for IshRa in the old YHM. Now the CVs always find a reason to separate IshRa during these times. New year was another example. Is Ishita the only dentist on the planet? And there is no light at the end of this tunnel. Pihu is not shown. Parmeet and Niddhi coming back. Ishita kidnapped. And it just goes on and on and on.

  5. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    pls stop this track

  6. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    pls end this track

  7. Hi All
    I agree with you Sindhu. This MMS drama is getting old and boring. In fact YHM has lost its wow factor..Ishita and Raman and their nok jok and romance. Many YHM fans have been loyal to this show through 1027 episodes almost 3 years. And now they are left disappointed and frustrated with the way the story line has developed. Ishra is what made YHM. Now even that chemistry between KP and DT is gone…so sad

  8. Tvfan1

    Just read on latest spoilers. Parmeet and niddhi will come back. Ruhi will confess love for ‘him’ infront of aliya.
    Suhail is neg

  9. Its too boring track. Please end this track.

  10. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    adi aliya what r u doing pls don’t break up where is ishu

  11. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    shagun u never change i hate u .u don’t deserve second chance .because of shagun adi aliya start arguing now they r ready to breakup

  12. I kinda wish this tack would end and also hate how nobody ever looks at it through shogun perspectives like she has been used by Raman and forgotten the minute ishita showed up like give her a chance and I hope every gets better with this show and shagun

    1. Waverly have you watched YHM from the start? Shagun is the one who used and manipulated everyone. Even her children. There is nothing that the cv’s can write that would make me feel sorry for her. Sorry but I will not be part of that “everybody gets better with Shagun. Please forgive me but this character brings out the worst in me. And to make matters worse I fear that cv’s will be bringing a pregnancy track for the worst mother in the world.

  13. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    yes sindhu i agree with u

  14. Hello,hi friends., really getting bored by the show… nothing interesting….ruhi acting to be grown up and mature…I don’t know why she is trusting suhail more than ishra..
    Where is shivani magic has and priyal???

  15. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  16. Hi rithushree can be friends.???

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