Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Aaliya attempts suicide

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aaliya worrying about Parmeet’s return. Ishita says relax, you have just a night’s time, you have to go to Simmi’s room and find the pendrive, Parmeet always keeps backup, its all in your hands. Adi sees Aaliya and gets angry. He says you didn’t inform me, I was so worried. Ishita says it happens some times, relax. Simmi comes and says its a good news, Adi didn’t you tell Ishita, Raman is getting married, he is marrying none other than Mihika. Ishita gets shocked. Ishita says I didn’t sign the divorce papers, this marriage will never happen. Mihika comes. Ishita scolds her and goes to slap. Raman comes and stops Ishita, holding her hand. He asks what are you doing, she is my would be wife. He says this marriage will happen. Ishita asks Mihika how can she

do this knowing everything. Raman asks what is it which I don’t know. Simmi says leave it, you will marry Mihika. Iyers come. Amma asks what am I hearing, Mihika can’t marry Raman.

Raman says who are you to decide, why do you have a problem if we are marrying. Ishita says this marriage won’t happen, I challenge you Simmi, I won’t let this happen. Raman asks his family to come home. They all leave. Simmi says I wish Parmeet was here, he promised me to get divorce papers signed by Ishita.

Amma says how can Mihika marry Raman. Appa says maybe we didn’t raise her well. Ishita says I could never imagine, Mihika could think to become my sautan, she is my sister, that’s why everyone is asking me to sign the divorce papers, I won’t let this happen. She goes. Appa says leave Ishita alone for some time.

Kiran comes to Ishita. She says I understand your pain, how can Mihika do this. Ishita sees Vandu’s pic and says Vandu would have never let Mihika go on wrong path, I can’t believe Mihika is ready to become my sautan. Kiran says nothing can go wrong with you. Ishita says yes, I won’t let wrong happen, I won’t let Mihika and Raman marry, Raman is mine.

Mrs. Bhalla serves parathas. Aaliya waits for Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says I have asked pandit to give us a date for marriage. Adi goes. Simmi comes crying and says Parmeet is nowhere, don’t know where did he go. Mihika says my friend will trace him. Raman asks her to call her friend. He says maybe Parmeet went for office work. Simmi says I think Ishita did something. Raman asks is there any connection between them, nothing will happen, don’t start it about Ishita. Mihika says don’t be stressed, we will find Parmeet. Aaliya thinks to tell Ishita.

Aaliya goes to Ishita and says I didn’t get any pendrive or data in laptop. Mihika comes and asks Aaliya to accompany for shopping. Aaliya refuses. Mihika asks Aaliya not to misbehave. She asks Ishita not to talk to her. She says I will ask Raman to talk to Aaliya, she has to come with me. Ishita asks Aaliya to go. Aaliya gets scared seeing a constable. She asks Mihika not to move, those people will take her. Mihika finds her strange. Ishita thinks to meet Parmeet and make him speak about the video. She checks the car and sees him gone. She says who got Parmeet here, what will I do. Simmi claps. Ishita gets shocked seeing Parmeet.

Raman scolds Ishita for being so selfish. Adi comes and asks her to come fast, something happened to Aaliya. Ishita checks Aaliya and asks did she take these pills, did she attempt suicide. She asks Raman to get salt water. She takes Aaliya to washroom. Raman says Aaliya will get fine, send the doctor, she is vomiting out. Adi and Ishita make Aaliya rest. Aaliya says sorry. Ishita slaps her and says you deserve this slap, are you a coward, how is suicide a solution, tell me, you are selfish, you thought for yourself, did you think about Adi, what about him, Mani and Shagun, they would have gone mad, you shouldn’t have done this, ups and downs come in life, it doesn’t mean we end life. Aaliya says sorry, I was scared. Ishita hugs her and says Aaliya needs lemonade. Raman says I will tell Neelu. He thinks why did Aaliya attempt suicide. Mihika comes and asks what did Aaliya do, what happened.

Simmi says I m sure Ishita is behind this. Mihika says no, she can’t do this. Simmi says you forgot what she did with Ananya, don’t take her side infront of me. Mihika says I m on your side. Raman asks Neelu to make lemonade. He says Aaliya wants Ishita to be with her. Simmi says I don’t trust Ishita, she is using Aaliya. Parmeet says Ishita locked me in the dicky, there is something, you should ask her. Adi asks Aaliya what’s the matter. She apologizes. Adi hugs her. He says she has much fever. Raman says Ishita you should leave now, Aaliya is fine. Ishita asks Adi to take care of Aaliya. Aaliya sees Parmeet and recalls everything. She gets tensed. Ishita sees Parmeet.

Parmeet asks Ishita to sign the papers. He threatens her about the video. Ishita signs the papers.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ishita is right mihika can never be like vandu, this is the difference between a real sister and cousin sister, mihika is so fool to cheat ishita, what the hell is wrong with raman, how many time will you marry, first shagun, then ishita, then nidhi, and now mihika. he don,t even care for his brother romi. i understand he has a memory loss, but he knows that mihika is still romi wife. and these aaliya be brave face your problem , because of you ishita is bearing that param taunt. hope someone put some brain on these mihika , stupid girl mihika she is ruining her sister life for her useless revenge.ishita should have let the car locked so param would have taught a lesson, what has happen to mrs. bhalla for raman happiness she is snatching romi happiness. and these simmi how would have she feel if rinki would have marry param and become her sautan . these simmi is selgfish, she only care about herself.

  2. I mean to say selfish.


    Ekta Kapoor Kindly bas kardo bas

    Mahika first being Mihr Girl friend, later eloping with Romi and marrying him later divorce and now marrying Raman.

    Shagun marrying Raman, later extra marital affair with Ashok, than surrogated mother of PIhu and finally marrying Mani but ups and down in her wicked character

    Niddhis character
    Sohails haracter
    Nikkhils character
    Aliyas ups and down
    Params and Simmi character
    Ishita jumping from mountain and away from family for 5 years, Going o jail for Simmis daughters murder and than staying with Ashok

    Ekta Kapoor no story line. This serial is going from bad to worse


    1. Even am also stopped seeing the episode.Ni meaning of relation ship

  4. arey bank karo yaar iss bakwas koo

  5. This serial became a rubbish shit!!! Raman is the stupidest character I’ve ever seen as a lead!!! Mihika is a waste paper. She dont even deserve Romi.

  6. John Thalaiva

    OMG! this is the most absurd and effing story in television history! lol.. each time i watch this i just keep wondering the sad sense of happiness EKTA feels displaying foolishness to the Indian viewers..stories must atleast have some sense to the happenings around us. never like the YHM drama. All i see is the entire EKTA stories revolve around slapping someone, screaming at each other, crying and the list goes on. I never knew that slapping is the new norm for serials in India… that itself gives the wrong message to general public.. i fail to understand how people who die are reborn, how you loose memory and still know that Ruhi is your daughter but doesnt even figure out who is her real mom? i mean does TRP mean everything in indian television industry? twists and turns as they “title” it! the cast is absolutely amazing but these kind of EKTA fetish stories doesnt comprehend to people who watch it abroad. there is lot of potential for these actors to play meaningful stories that can relate to our everyday lifes and bring out positive messages…comon guys! high time to give up on EKTA! for all we know in the coming episodes ananya will come back from dead…ishita will be proven innocent.. raman will faint again.. he will get his memory back and Simmi will come exposed.. Mihika will patch up with Romi and BANG! the family is happy together for another 3 episodes asking Neelu to make more ladoos and mithai until a new trouble brews and once again Ishita will be in a spot.. lol.. effed up story and I”M OUT ON THIS ONE..

  7. Shame on Mr and Mrs Ballah, When the wounded son is in the house they are bringing his estranged wife as a wife of eldest son, Are they not bothered about feeling of his son what a shame.

  8. azuka nkwonta

    The reason why some people are frustrated about how the serial is going is because they want ishita to be doing everything. Honestly the character ishita as a person has almost completed her cycle of life and remaining two. Virtually all the characters in this serial has she helped in one way or the other or at one time or the other. She has solved most of their problems, even now she is including her enemies for example Ashok. She has had happy moments, sad moments, moments of love, she has loved her claimed children and have had good moments with them. She has gotten married and have stuck with that one love even when Mani wanted to marry her she has refused. She have had romantic moments with her husband and have been loved by him. She have had pains, anger and betrayals. She have deceived others and also have been deceived, she have manipulated people and have played the part of investigation. She has also helped the police in solving crime and has played detective in many ways. What is remaining in ishita’s life now is to divorce Raman and marry another man and death then she must have completed the cycle of life on earth. That’s why whatever she does now will continue to be boring and that life that she is seeking with Raman is gone. There is no love there what ishita has now is obsession with Raman. She is obsessed with Raman not love.

    1. Riana

      In which basis you are saying that, who are you then…why you came here to add salt in people’s wounded thoughts regarding the show…or you feel good seeing people suffering…in your eyes always ishita is wrong…then why you came here to comment only negative about ishita if you are not a fan of hers who is the female lead of this show…listen you can say anything about the show nothing matters but why are saying “The reason why some people are frustrated about how the serial is going is because they want ishita to be doing everything” ofcourse yes people want that only bcoz no one here like you who hate such a character like ishita…you are the only one who comes and deliberately insults ishita’s character…i am not saying anything to you but pls dont mingle people with ishita…people are innocent they are unaware of what the producer wants…so why you’re blaming people !!!…

      1. Very well said

  9. What was the point of Ishita almost dying and Raman did not regain memory…waste of time to now be at this point and everything is still the same..

  10. This serial and this memory loss track is going too long, one after one problems were adding in this track, there is so many tangles. Why only ishitha has to bear every thing and solve every ones problems, nobody helps her like Romi adi, Aliya and ruhi. Everyone is becoming weakness for her. Mr and Mrs Bhalla are elders in the family they are not even thinking why he lost memory and why the hell pihu doesn’t tell to any one that simmi tortures her when she was in boarding school at one time mrs bhalla raised pihu , she loves her lot and she never sat with her and pampered her. she can see in her face sadness…
    What ever it is finally I want to say this story is no where good and writers please end this. If they still drag this then nobody will watch this serial. We all viewers were thinking at one point ishitha will have victory looks like it’s never going to happen.
    In our normal life’s we are already having so much stress, we watch this serials just to relax our mind , but this is adding up more stress. On top of it what you guys are showing is good people will turn demons for some silly reasons like Mihika and joins with evil and good people has always struggle.This is what the message you are giving to the public….
    Simmi and param does any one go that low to take revenge and nobody realizes that… there is no humanity , that is what the upbringing . If we see so bad that they forgot that Ananya birthday until Shanno reminds them, simmi and param are busy in planning how to ruin ishitha family life.
    Raman Life is in danger because of intake of pills, but he is completely fine no reaction other than memory loss.. something should happen then Mr and mrs bhalla will realize.
    Writers and makers are showing such a way that our society is all fraud an no humanity. Common there is humanity in society and please don’t show like this stories to public that people loose trust on others.
    Please end this with good note., why am I saying to writers and makers they want their trp ratings go up. Instead I will stop watching this serial….

  11. This series has become so far fetched – does Ektha Kapoor enjoy making money by prolonging the agony of the viewer – I think she has a sick and twisted mind and so do her writers

  12. I think everyone should just stop commenting now. Don’t waste time watching it. Reading up is enough to know how the show has gone down the toilet. You can’t make stupid people (Ekta and gang) smart. Eventually when no one shows any interest in commenting on the stupidity of this show they may notice. They are making money by the viewers still watching. I think I will cancel my subscription for these indian channels…don’t need to pay money to watch crap

  13. all your points are true this show should be banned a bug disaster to indian television thes show its a just a piece of crap but i dont why i still feel that mihika is good and she is secretly helping ishitha because she was not happy when simmi told her to marry raman i think she agreed to marry raman to expose param and simmi if mihika rejected marriage proposal then simmi would have brought some other girl so thats why mihika agreed for proposal even when romi and ishitha conforted mihika she was not angry and i think she is hating ishitha to gain simmi trust because simmi already feels that mihika is her puppet and will obey her orders i wish mihika helps ishitha and i wish what i have written turn out to be true otherwise it will a big diaster

    1. I also think that mihika has a purpose behind all this nd she want to help ishita secretly by gaining simmi’s trust 1st nd den helping raman regain his memory. We will be happy if this happens!!

    2. Abhi…what you are saying is going to come true.

      Ishita and Mihika fight are fake.
      Raman will get his memory back when Mrs Iyer get arrested and Ishita scold MIhika then Toshi defend Mihika and say that Toshi had Madhu arrested. Raman try to warn Ishita not to enter his house then Ishita stop Raman from saying more and scold Raman and blame his family for making her mother arrested. Raman stunned and get dizzy then remember the past and is about to fall but Ishita caught Raman on time and ask him if he is okay. Raman want to hold back but Simmi push Ishita back and shout at Ishita to leave. Ishita leave Bhalla house while Toshi feel bad and point Ishita to the door to exit while Raman look on. Simmi take Raman to the room while Raman look at Ishita bit sad and confused. It will be seen Raman will be listening to Simmi, Param and Mihika discussion about how to destroy Ishita life. Mihika will find the pills in Simmi’s room where Simmi had drugged on Raman.

      There is a twisted. When Raman and Mihika is about to get marry. Ishita will been seen broken and give Raman the gift of their wedding album. Raman will be in hell of shocked to see the photo of his and Ishita wedding photos will decided to stop the wedding. And to get Mihika and Ishita to swap to marry Raman to defend Simmi. Raman will throw Mihika out of Bhalla house and send Simmi and Param to jail.

  14. I think she should revord parmeet n show it to raman n his family

  15. So much negativity for so long stopped watching. Really sad was a good show. Maybe some changes

  16. According to me after i saw mihika still taking ishita side on aliya suicide. i think mihika is helping ishita. She will make simmi confess all the things about raman and also she will help raman to get his memory loss. She is doing all these drama with the help of kiran or ruhi.

  17. Only one word ” pathetic”

  18. Irish Subramani

    Stupidity at its peak!!!!, every one please stop watching, and wasting your time behind this stupid show.
    disgusting story,



  20. azuka nkwonta

    I think that the world that we live in has good and evil existing along each other. We don’t have to expect only good to be happening in this serial, we should also expect bad as well. For ekta kapoor to also show evil or bad in this serial is because she also knew that evil also exist in this world and must be shown. If mihika marries Raman it also shows that ekta kapoor understood that this kind of thing happens all over the world and its not a bad thing if she shows it. I have to say that ishita is not exactly a good person she also has her bad side and if someone thinks that am adding salt to her injury then I think the person should add water to that injury and ekta kapoor you have changed alot to infuse other inactive story to show them that this serial can do without ishita. There are people who love what ekta kapoor is writing now because they have faced such life and they want other people to see it and know what they have seen and what it was like for them during the time they were facing those problems, so why are people shouting stop this show and stop this serial. If the serial is no longer interesting to you you can move to another serial or start your own production company.

    1. Riana

      ???????…Pardon me, i understood that you’re not a loyal viewer…but morely ekta kapoor’s slave…Actually criticism exist bcoz of people like you…no i am not wounded at all as i have no thoughts about this baseless show infact it showed that racist and negative people like you still exist who wants evil to win to good to lose…Hats off Nkwonta !!

      1. Riana… You don’t need to excplain to her because she have no brain. I had explain to her to stop comment all negative on Ishita’s character and she need to think about herself then understand the difference between herself and Ishita.

      2. you are correct riana

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