Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman getting shocked seeing Shagun. Shagun gets unwell. Raman asks are you okay Shagun, sorry I felt its Ishita. He gives her water. She coughs and gets dizzy. He checks her. Adi waits for Ruhi in compound and calls her. He sees Ruhi in her car. He asks are you mad, I m calling you since long. He gets inside her car and asks what’s the problem, did anyone say anything, are Niddhi and Suhail troubling you. She says no, there are many problems at home, everyone got away because of me, I m feeling guilty, how was I so stupid and did not know Suhail is cheating. He says its not your mistake, stop blaming yourself, whatever is happening is temporary phase, we will stay together, everyone is with you. He gets a call and tells Aaliya that he is coming. He says it was Aaliya’s

call, she said she has to give good news, and called us upstairs.

Doctor checks Shagun and asks Mani what was he doing, her bp got hight, I told you to take care of her. Raman says it was my mistake, I thought its Ishita, I had to talk to Ishita and got her here covering her with a blanket, I had to just apologize. Doctor says I was just worried, anything could have happened to Shagun and her baby too, it could be dangerous for her and her child, don’t you know she is pregnant. Adi and Ruhi also come and hear this. Raman and Ishita get surprised. Mani says yes, its true, we came here to give this good news. Everyone congratulate Shagun and Mani. Adi goes. Aaliya goes after Adi and asks what happened, have sweets. Adi gets angry.

He asks what’s this nonsense, its my age to marry and my mum with her 4th husband is having a child, people will laugh on me. Aaliya says it will be Mani’s only child, you should be happy for him, he loved me so much. He says Mani is your uncle, Shagun is my mum, will I carry my little sibling in this age. He goes. She says this baby is imp for them, any way I will give this news to elders.

Mrs. Bhalla and Amma like the good news. Aaloya gives sweet box to Neelu. Mrs. Bhalla stops Neelu. Neelu says I will give it to Mr. Bhalla. Amma signs Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla says I will give it, you go to kitchen. Amma calls Neelu lazy. Neela says I m not lazy, just say you want to give sweets to your husbands. Aaliya laughs and says they were not there some time back, you can go now, where are Simmi and Mihika.

Simmi talks to Gaurav and says I want to talk about marriage matter with elders later on, I don’t want to give them stress, have patience, we are not running away, I will call back, I m getting client’s call. She ends call. He says the game is about time, I don’t have time, my grah will get fine only after marriage, it should happen on time, did Parmeet tell her anything, I have to do something to change my time.

Shagun asks Raman how can you be so childish. Raman says sorry, my fate is bad, take care. Ishita comes and taunts Raman. Mani gets medicines. Shagun says I m feeling better after having lemon water. Ishita says I will give you such homely tips, Mani take care of Shagun, don’t go outside, I will arrange food, you guys have a talk. Raman goes after Ishita.

Mr. Bhalla and Appa say we just came to have sweets, we are still with Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says fine, we can talk and sort things. Amma says I m saying same. Gaurav comes home with shagun and greets them. He says I got shagun for my and Simmi’s marriage. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma smile, while Mr. Bhalla and Appa get shocked. He says maybe Simmi is shy, she said yes to my proposal, I will marry Simmi, just bless me, maybe she did not say as house had some tension, I thought this is good chance to start life with Simmi and Ananya. Mr. Bhalla says she did not tell us, it means she needs time, its not bad, is this a good way. Mrs. Bhalla says its not bad, Gaurav came here and we should think, Simmi should move on.

Mr. Bhalla says Simmi would have not said yes, I have to hear her yes. Mrs. Bhalla says bless him, Parmeet is gone now, let Simmi marry. Mr. Bhalla says marriage is not a solution. Simmi hears this and shouts what’s happening here. She says you should have called me once, I told you I need time, you are pushing me, what’s this way, please leave. Gaurav leaves.

Simmi says I m really sorry, this should have not happened. Mr. Bhalla says its fine you think well and then decide. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t return this shagun, I know what’s good for Simmi, Gaurav came himself, don’t do this. Mr. Bhalla says I left home, not family. I m alive to think for my daughter. He leaves with Appa.

Mihika makes Romi have sweets. He asks is this for Mani and Shagun’s good news. She says yes, Mani is happy, Aaliya is also happy, little baby coming home is so much fun. He gets sad. She asks what happened. He says nothing. She asks him to say. He says I can just say you sorry. She asks for what. He says because I can’t become a father, and that’s why you can’t become a mum, sorry. She asks him not to feel bad, I like kids, but from far, like playing with kids and then tata bye bye, that’s it. He says you are saying this to make me happy. She asks do you really think so, you are with me, I don’t feel need for any kid, we are enough for each other. He smiles.

Raman goes to Ishita and says listen, my planning was something else and…. She says don’t disturb me, I will go, I have to take milk for Shagun. He asks her to stop it and listen for Pihu’s sake. She stops. He says I have to talk without your interruption, sorry for what I did, its not just my situation, you do this and I have to take extreme steps, fine all my mistake, come back, I can’t live without you, I promise I won’t do this again. Neelu comes. He asks Neelu are you also leaving home. Ishita says angry again. Neelu says someone came for urgent work. Raman says nothing is urgent, send him. Ishita asks Neelu to call that man here. Raman apologizes to Ishita. A man comes and tells him about the flyers/ad leaflet order. Raman worries and takes him out. Ishita thinks what’s Raman doing. Raman checks the flyer and asks the man to put it in every newspaper tomorrow. The man leaves. Ishita asks Raman what is he doing. He says office… She checks flyer about Dr. Batra’s clinic, visit the clinic if you have dental pain, Ishita is the solution. He says everyone should know Ishita Bhalla is best dentist. She says you are promoting Dr. Batra’s clinic without asking him, what’s the need, you did not write my complete qualification. She goes. He says what will I write if she is just dentist, I do anything and turn up bad, my fate is bad.

Raman says we will take mummy to hospital. Mrs. Bhalla refuses to visit doctor. Ishita asks her to get fine. Mrs. Bhalla says then you come back home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nyc episode happy happy …☺☺☺☺??????????

  2. Hi all yhm fans…..
    Episode was neither good nor bad…Adi is angry because he hates shagun….he is angry with shaguns relations….i am sure if ishita were in the place of shagun then he would be happy for ishita…he loves ishita very much..Romi and mihika are another Ishra in this matter…Ruhi and Raman are realizing their mistakes, good…

    1. Hi shivani Adis feeling is true … justified as its very defficult for that age … his questions were what we too think of . what wud have been his reaction if Ishitha was pregnant .. I cant think . He really wants his Ishimas happiness … so may be defferent feeling . loved both KP and Dt … Dt is melting now … Kp nailed last few episodes … feel so sad hearing he cant live with out her … its only she is his strenth … he will and can behave immatured only … where is that Raman before 7 years leap … Mr Bhallas moves are good … I hope mrs bhall will force Sinmi to say yes with Ishithas help and Ishitha be ready for another blame . Ishitha stand fir being away from Raman is understandable but children love their papa … you cant punish children .. and i cud not tolerate when she stood like a statue as Raman was beaten up . Cvs here made us hate Raman and now Ishitha … but bith KP and Dt is to be highly appreciated for their good acting in any type of emotions . Ekta is lucky to have them …

    2. Yes I agree Shivani…

      Adi hate Shagun to the core because she cause the breakup between him and Aylia.
      I was wonder why Romi don’t try to get Mihu to have baby and check if Mihu will be pregnant with his child and so is Raman to Ishu to give another try for Pihu. Adhi have no problem if Ishu will get pregnant with Raman child and he will support her as always and knowing that his father (Raman) and Ishima are much younger than Shagun and Mani.

      Aylia get happy but did not know Adi unhappy but get to know about Adi hatrful towards Shagun.

      Ishu give her condtition and tell Raman if he want Ishu back to his house and life so that Raman must change himself. Raman agreed to do it for his ladylove that he will changed himself to win Ishu. Ruhi and Pihu get happy that they are now back to Bhalla house. Raman get happy and does his crazy childlish behaviour. Raman think how to do the prank to bring Ishu smile back. Dramabaz Raman!!!!(lol)
      Romi, Mihika, Ruhi and Adi get confused by hearing Raman and Ishu and went to investiage and get shock. Ishu tell Raman that cockroach is climbing on his leg then Raman jump on Romi. Romi catch Raman and make Raman sit on Romi lap. Everyone blast to laughter on Raman antics then Adi teased Raman. Raman send them out and tell them that he only want to see Ishu laugh. Ruhi and Pihu will be happy to see Raman and Ishu back together.

  3. Hi All . A decent episode after a long time. Like the nok jok between Ishra.
    Like how Raman finally accepted his error. Now just hope some happier times await the Bhallas.

    By the way, are those social media wars between DT and KP true?
    I just pray and hope not. Both are such professional people and if they really are at war, very sad for them to be airing it in public.

  4. The last part was funny when she looks at the flyer and mentions he did not even write full qualification. It was so amusing when Raman says what shall I write if she is only a dentist. His expression was funny. At least there is hope that she will return home soon. I am waiting for the scene when Raman will be ‘scared’ of the cockroach. That will be a very pleasant nok jhok.
    Hi to all my dear regular YHM fans.
    Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Magic, Marin, Madhu, Bhagya, Priya, Priyamvadha, Ridika, Siddhi, Khushi, Jaz, Kiran, Parichary, Riya, Ahs, Monique, Susan, Jay, Zaiba, Isuri, mp

    This Toshi believes anyone easily like this Gaurav without checking his background thoroughly. I think parmeet is trying to save Simmi from Gaurav knowing about Gaurav misdeeds. I don’t think Parmeet is hoping to reunite with Simmi but just want to protect her from Gaurav. Parmeet has changed. At least he is not a bad guy anymore. Shagun has also changed. I hope they won’t make her bad again. I suppose they are going to make Mani the bad guy when he releases Niddhi from prison. Actually in YHM, everyone has the same problem. No one has teh habit of letting their spouse know about the dilemma. They all end making their own decisions at the expense of others and hurt them. Why does Mani needs to conceal his bankruptcy from Shagun? Let her know. At least he will be able to tell whether Shagun sincerely likes him even though he is bankrupt. Shagun has been bad before so she will know how to deal with Niddhi. He should just tell Shagun the truth.

  5. Arey yaar its really too much that a granny age aunty could become pregnant
    Adi’s angry and idea was justified
    He accepted pihu as he was a kid and the age diff was not a big problem and this new baby was 21years younger to him
    Really incredible
    Always marriages and pregnancies in this yhm
    Too much and no reality
    Spoiling the society and no good msg is giving

  6. Why salwatse all are behind simmi to ruin her life and happiness first param,subbu,now gauravv why cvs want to spoil simmi life i thunk by these they are planning to reunite simmi and param and todah i liked raman and ishitha scene and ishitha telling that raman diddnt put her qualification properly and raman reply for that today ishitha melted little bit and she will return back to bhalla house and raman cheering up her mood by acting to get afraid of cockroach

  7. Omg shagun pregnant I don’t think it mani child

    1. Hello Leila, I see your both on the Saath Nibhana Saathiya and on this page.

  8. Interesting.

  9. Shugun has a really healthy body so if she had an different personality and a different marriage life i bet she would be a mom of lots of kids

  10. But she isn’t good with handling kids

  11. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  12. Hi Vp, Sindhu, Rithu, Baghya, Monique, Kushi, Jaz, Sereya, Magic, Kiran & all The YHM family…
    Hi Guys What’s going on????? OMG what are they doing to this Serial?.. They have already ruined it .Now looks like it has become worse than what it was. Haven’t read or watched enough but the little i have read is easy to understand & feel there is nothing i have missed.. Are the CV’s going Bonkers or Cuckoo??? Why all the good ones are made negative? Why give Nddhi, Shagun all the good parts & poor Ishu suffering? & Ishu’s suffering never ending.. They have ruined Karan & DT’s character.. Is it true that they both are not getting Along? After DT’s Marriage everything has changed. Why are they mixing Business & personal life. Only Person who was ok was Mani. Now he is also dumped down the drain.. They Way it is heading Simmi’s too is going to be ruined. Can’t this ever be the same before the leap. Ishu’s is the youngest couldn’t they make her pregnant? Why mother of a 21 yr is made preggy?
    the makers have lost the plot & adding so many unwanted scenes. It would be better if they end it. i read somewhere RB is going to be killed hope that is not true. Then Dead for YHM too. As RB & IB only rocks this show..
    Having the post popular person to direct This EKTA Character why is she ruining this. Indian marriages , husbands, culture all ruined by her .. I feel she doesn’t care, as i am not an Indian giving the wrong impression to the outside world is poor thinking. Many round the world watch this. This is the First time i ever watched a Serial, that also i liked the two main characters looks & the collection of sari’s etc..i have many Indian friends through them i got interested as they keep discussing this serial. Anyway my first & the last.. As I know the Indian culture is not the way they portray. They are Good lovely people ..All my friends are. Anyway looks like they are going to end it very soon & with the main ones not united it must be very difficult for them to do the serial too. may be that is why the separation too..
    Love to all take care have a few weddings. Take care & God’s Abundant Blessings for everyone…

  13. I want old yhm

  14. its very funny how ishitha was giving tips to shagun who has given birth to three children and adi is right . he is 21 years old and he is gonna have a lil bro or sis , so funny . everything would have gone right if shagun would have married manoj and had a child . just because they wanted to take the show forward the just made shagun marry mani

  15. Very nice part.
    Adi angry and not accepted that Shagun is pregnant again in his age and make people think that he is father of Shagun’s child.
    I am confusing as per someone saying that who is the father of Shagun’s unborn child.
    Mani was away for business and did not sleep with Shagun but whose child is Shagun carry?
    Hopeful not Raman.
    Vidyut no! I don’t think so. Shagun send Raman to pick up Pihu.
    Shagun only spent time with Vidyut and going out. Raman stay different apartment and not living with Shagun.
    during christmas day Shagun prank on Mani that she is drunk and want Mani to sleep with her but Mani did not want to do it because of her cheated and leaving Shagun alone in her room.
    Who is this ghost that make Shagun pregnant? (lmao)
    Can’t wait to see Raman get happy that Toshi plead with Ishu to return home and Ishu agree. Raman is on cloud 9 and does crazy in his room.
    Ishu will again pack her bag to stay with Shagun which irked Raman. Adi goes against Ishu for going to take care of Shagun. Children will be staying in Bhalla house. Pihu will not want Ishu to leave.
    How did Nidhi know about Shagun pregnant? Nidhi blackmailed Mani to get her out or she will risk Mani’s unborn child and his aunty which make Mani helpless. Mani will go against Ishu. Mani had his business bankrupt but it is also Ishu’s company that Ishu work hard and she is the shareholder of Ishra Juice factory where Raman want to buy. Raman will get to know about and will be angry on Mani for helping Nidhi. Ishu will get to know about this and will be much fumed.

    As I read Jay comment and it is true. DT and KP don’t get along well but he keep his personal and professional separated so that KP had to do work with DT. But the people who gossip about KP and DT lives was causing too much problem since DT married to Vivek. KP is not happy as where people published that KP is leaving the show many times and saying that Vivek will replace in KP as Raman Bhalla which make KP angry and blame on DT. DT did not want to fight with KP because KP real life wife Ankita is very fond of DT and they are very close. KP always want to stay distance from Dt but knowing that fans are not happy seeing DT and KP bad fight. KP family and family in law like DT and knowing that DT is very sweet.

    People ask DT why KP leave the shooting early and arrive late but DT refused to tell the reason of why KP is doing. If journalist want to questioned KP so they should not ask DT because DT is not KP secretary and personal life advise so that journalist should interview with KP on his personal issue.

    As I know that KP is married and I noticed that he wore wedding band before but now he is not wearing it for few weeks and I am confusing. As per I read in You-Tube that KP and Ankita are going to get divorce and tell about Ankita reaction about her divorced to actor KP and I don’t want to believed this nonsense about KP and Ankita divorced.

    Remember Abhishek invited Raman and Ishita for double dating to meet his wife Divya. As I saw where they do the practice as Vivek watch at DT while DT and KP do the dialogue about their problem as per (Raman and Ishita) martial problem. Vivek smile see DT look beautiful in red blouse and white sari.

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