Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita meeting Vidyut outside police station. Vidyut tells about Nisha. Lawyer asks Vidyut to stay in hotel till some days. Raman asks him to stay at his house. Vidyut says Ishita’s name is linked with me, I can’t stay there. Ishita and Raman insist. Vidyut tells them that Abhishek is handling his case. Raman says then its solved. Ishita says he will help us, but we will talk to him. They ask Vidyut to come along. Media stops Abhishek and asks about Nisha’s suicide case. Abhishek asks them to show some sensitivity and let police do their work. He enters Nisha’s house and sees Vidyut’s pics on the walls. Inspector says Sir, this girls looks obsessed. Abhishek says find out its suicide or murder, if its murder, who is behind it, find clues. They check

the room well.

Abhishek gets more pics and diaries. Inspector shows Ishita and Vidyut’s pic and says maybe Nisha had problem with Ishita. Abhishek says their controversy news came in papers too. Nisha’s suicide note is found. Abhishek says Vidyut Sahay…….. Vidyut’s matter is discussed at home. Ishita asks them not to talk infront of Vidyut. Raman says yes, don’t put any pressure on him. Vidyut comes. Simmi asks him what will he have. Adi thinks is Aaliya o with me and goes after her.

Aaliya talks to Mani and says I was having breakfast, I m coming. Adi stops her and asks what happened. She says you will feel bad if I say anything, we will cancel engagement, things will get easy in life. He holds her and asks do you love me this much, to cancel engagement in one fight, will you leave me, even if you want to go, I will not let you go, I love you, you have all right on me, don’t say you will leave me. He gets close. Neelu comes to call him. Adi gets away and says I m coming. Aaliya asks Adi to go.

Raman asks Adi to stay at home, I m going office, manage if there is any problem with Vidyut. Adi gets glad and agrees. Adi asks Aaliya shall I drop you. She says no. He asks her not to cancel engagement. She says I will think. He smiles. She goes and collides with the man who have beaten that car guy. He offers her lift. She says no, I will manage. He says I understand trusting stranger is risky, but you can trust me. She says its not about trust, he convinces her. She goes with him.

Mrs. Bhalla and everyone talk to Vidyut and smile. Ishita says Ruhi’s call is going to come, we will talk to her. They talk to Ruhi on videocall. Ruhi says Vidyut is there and greets him. She says I m going to come soon and will get all items from Mihika and Simmi’s lists. Abhishek comes there. Raman and Vidyut ask you here. Abhishek says we got a proof, it shows you are not related to this suicide. Vidyut says wow, thats great, I was saying it. Raman says its good news. Ishita asks why are you in tension Abhishek. Abhishek says I have proof, Nisha’s suicide note, its written Ishita is responsible for her suicide. They get shocked. Raman says Ishita does not even know her. Abhishek asks him to read the note, its written Vidyut promised Nisha of their love, but Ishita came between them, Ishita provoked her to commit suicide. Raman says what nonsense, you know that girl was mad, Ishita will not go from here, I will see who takes her.

Abhishek says you can’t stop me. Nisha’s parents come there. Nisha’s dad says I will see how Ishita does not get arrested, Ishita is responsible, I will see she gets punished for her crime. Vidyut says look… The man says shut up, you cheated my daughter and made her take this step. Vidyut defends. The man asks him to stop it. Nisha’s mum insults Ishita. Nisha’s dad asks Raman does he not know about his wife having relations with Vidyut, I can buy your business in a min. Raman gets angry. Nisha’s dad asks why did you get this. Appa says you are mistaken, Ishita can’t do this. Nisha’s mum says Nisha has written Ishita’s name, she was not mad, inspector arrest Ishita.

Abhishek says we have to arrest Ishita. Raman says I will see how you arrest her, Romi call lawyer. Vidyut says my lawyer is coming Raman. Ruhi hears all this and gets shocked. She says I have to go Delhi soon. Ruhi goes to get tickets. The lady apologizes. A guy comes and asks Ruhi to take his ticket, there can’t be anything imp than mother, you can take my ticket, I hope your problem gets solved. He asks the lady to cancel his ticket and give ticket to Ruhi. Ruhi thanks him and hopes Raman stops Ishita’s arrest.

Lawyer says sorry, I can’t help, if Nisha wrote Ishita’s name, they can arrest Ishita. Raman scolds him. Vidyut says I can do her bail arrangements, we can’t stop her arrest. Raman says I will not let Ishita go. Pihu comes and asks Ishita where is she going. They all see her. Abhishek asks staff to wait outside, and sends Nisha’s parents too. Mihika manages to answer Pihu. Pihu asks why did so many people come. Mihika says Papa and Ishi Maa are going to help Vidyut. Pihu asks Ishita to come back soon and help her in project. Ishita cries. Raman says we will come till evening. Raman goes with Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla cries.

Ruhi is on call and her phone falls. The guy helps her. She asks how did you reach here, you have me your ticket. He says I m a businessman and book two tickets always, I don’t like my co passenger to disturb me, I saw you in need and gave my ticket. She thanks him. She calls home and worries. He asks her to chant hanuman chalisa when she is in tension, it really works. She says I don’t know it, Dadi taught me in childhood. He says don’t worry, I will teach you. She smiles.

Aaliya tells Mani about Ishita’s arrest by Nisha’s suicide note. Mani asks what, are you sure. Shagun says I m not saying Ishita is characterless, she was separated from Raman for a year, but maybe she was attracted to Vidyut, its human tendency. Mani says right, what about you, we were also away since a year. Shagun asks what are you saying, we are not separated, I m not so vulnerable to get attracted to anyone easily. He says even Ishu is not vulnerable, I have to help her, I will talk to Raman.

Nisha’s parents ask Ishita why did you ruin Nisha’s life. Ishita says I don’t know her, trust her. Nisha’s dad asks why are you lying, we have proof that Nisha met you 2 days ago.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. magic

    Hello to all again negative epi and precap was also bad actually i think writer’s want ishita’s character little bit sense of troubleness and ishta’s character will get happiness in the senile only and good ques by mani to shagun and the lady ans was even better “i am not that kind of women who get affection towards any men easily” hahaha
    And hello to marin and ridhika in which class are you both studying? Study hard education is the best friend because “Education can beat the beauty and the youth”

  2. madhu

    Hi to shivani rithu magic vp sindhu mino marin priya and all epi was bad why ishu bear all the thing everytime
    and shivani rithu magic pls i bag you hand in front of you pls don’t insult me pls forgive me shivani you are good girl thats why you have good friends like magic and rithu pls forgive me

  3. Sona

    It’s definitely shagun plan to trapped ishita n want to ruin her to get back pihu. Sohail also help shagun in that case. Sohail coming as negative character who help raman n ishita in every case n trap ruhi in love to take the revenge of her sister suicide attempt. Shagun help Sohail in his evil intention. Shagun never change. Hope that in upcoming episode ishita save ruhi from Sohail n shagun planning.

  4. Priya

    Hi rithushree , magic, mino, marin, saba, ridika, shivani, vp, madhu, sindhu, leelee, and all yhm fans..

    Hi rithushree.. actually I’m not very fine cause I’m suffering from a severe fever these days.
    Today’s episode was worst. I’m so annoyed. Why is always problems come after ishitha? It’s not fair. I think that guy who helped ruhi is sohail .

  5. sewwandi

    Really I don’t like this.Please don’t go out of the theme make lovely moments with this sweet like to see it.I know crashes are needed to continue any telly drama.But in this often this happens. Bigining of this there were crashes but it was interesting.

    After the Australia travel I hope some thing deferent .So,please please go to the theme.

  6. magic

    RIP TM J. JAYALALITHAA a big set back in south as well as in north solid personality in all over india

  7. Sindhu

    Hi Rithu, VP, MIno, Shivani, Magic, Marin, Madhu, Ridika, Bhagya, Priya, Piyamadhev, Kiran, Jaz, Az, Khushi, Monique, Siddhi and many YHM fans.

    Today’s episode is average. Raman has said to Vidyut if Abhishek is handling the case consider it solved but I don’t think so. He has never solved any cases so far. In fact he has not even found the culprit of Ishita’s kidnapping only we know. I don’t think he will solve Nisha’s death. Even he identified the wrong person as the one responsible Ishita without investigating further since they already saw how obsessed Nisha was.

    I get a feeling it could be Shagun who have written the suicide note or she may have instigated. It is silly that Ishita never have seen Nisha and she becomes the culprit. Why can’t the Nisha blame Shagun for her death since Vidyut ‘declared’ his undying love for Shagun. That should have made news not Vidyut and Ishita.

  8. Sindhu

    Just wanted to say also that Ishita getting arrested is not new. It is run on the mill story. How many times will she keep getting arrested and releases on bail?????

  9. Marin

    Worst episode….
    Sindhu i agree with u..It issilly that Ishita never have seen Nisha and shebecomes the culprit..very bad..

  10. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    after so many days mani supports ishu over shagun nice epi
    hi magic i totally agree with you

  11. Marin

    Hi Magic , Rithu , Sindhu , Priya , Saba , Shivani , Madhu , Riya , parichary and all yhm fans..Hope everyone is fine…

    Very bad episode…How can abhishek arrest ishita without any investigation.It is nonsense..Ishita does not even know nisha..

  12. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi madhu don’t feel sad dear i don’t what mistake u did but they wil easily forgives shivani magic rithu r realy nice friends don’t feel bad

  13. Ridika

    Hlw All yhm fans..

    Bad episode..Abhishek is a dumb..How can he beleive that ishita is the culprit through a note..It is totally silly..

    Hey Magic , I am on 8th standard..u ??

    • magic

      Hu marin and ridika it means you both are 12 or 13 year’s old but after read both of you comments every day i thought you both are graduate level sttudent btw great to read your’s comment and observation about yhm

  14. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi madhu don’t feel sad dear i realy don’t know what mistake u did but they wil easily forgives u shivani magic rithu r realy nice frds don’t feel bad

  15. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi rithu vp magic adithya sindhu shivani shreya marin priya sunitha sobana madhu hai guys

  16. Sindhu

    Did you all realise that when Pihu asked Ishimaa where was she going, Ishita just stood there and was stunned? In the old YHM, Ishita would have probably run to little Ruhi and explain to her quickly that she is only helping so she needs to go. But here she just was lost for words. I don’t really see the strong attachment with ishita and Pihu. I only see Pihu addressing her as Ishimaa but Ishita does not use affectionate names to call her or give her hugs. It is definitely not anything like little Ruhi. I expeted Ishita to run to Pihu and explain to her. I was hoping she would hug Pihu and kiss her reassuring her that she will return and help Pihu with project. That element was missing.

  17. Marin

    I am really very very sorry Ridika..i wrote your name by mistake.Actually i was writting my comment in a hurry..So it happend by mistake.please forgive me dear..i hope u will forgive me..

  18. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans.the spark in yhm is gone.rather end it quickly and nicely.
    I think they should make a movie of yhm and get the entire cast but make it special where Ishra are happy.

  19. rithushree

    Ishita throws a house party for Vidyut. The Bhalla family celebrate. Everyone dance in the party. Ruhi dances with Suhail. Raman compliments Ishita for her looks. Vidyut comes and gives presents to everyone. The women get glad seeing him.

    Mrs. Bhalla gets glad when Vidyut compliments her for looking young as Raman’s sister. Shagun and Mani come to in the party. Shagun sees Ruhi with Suhail, and points finger at Ishita’s upbringing to support Ruhi. Ishita asks Shagun who gave her right to point finger at them. taunts Shagun for leaving her husband and daughter for Vidyut. Mani hears this and gets shocked. Mani leaves being upset with Shagun. Shagun gets angry and asks Ishita did she call them for doing this here. Mani was on business trips since a year and did not know about Shagun and Vidyut. Shagun argues with Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla scolds Shagun for being shameless. Shagun gets angry on Vidyut and leaves from the party. Vidyut is leaving for abroad, and hopes Raman and Ishita do not face more problems because of him. Keep reading.

  20. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein wil show tha Bhallfamily organizes farewell party for Vidyut.

    Everyone dresses up beautifully welcomes Vidyut and Romi arranges a great music for party and everyone starts dancing.

    Ruhi and Sohail also dance happily and both share an eye lock when Sohail saves her from falling.

    Shagun and Mani also join party where Shagun and Ishita get stuck in argument where Ishita accuses Shagun for having affair with Vidyut.

    Mani overhears Shagun and Ishita’s converstaion and gets angry on Shagun and leave steh party in angry mood.

    Shagun accuses Ishita for purposly calling here as she wanst to break Shagun and Mani’s marriage.

    Shagun creates a mess in the part but Mrs Bhalal insulst her for falling for any man.
    Shagun accuses Ishita spoiling her and Mani’s marriage

    Raman and Ishita follow Mani clearimng his misunderstanding but Mani doe snot understands them.

    Will Raman and Ishita now become mach maker of Shagun and Mani?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  21. rithushree

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Mani to divorce Shagun witnessing disloyalty

    Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.

    Raman and Ishita organize farewell party for Vidyut to thank him for always being by their side and due to him they got their Pihu back.

    When Shagun comes to know about this party even she joins the party and starts flirting with Vidyut in Mani’s presence.

    Mani gets distressed witnessing Shagun flirting with Vidyut and leaves the venue then and there.

    Later on Mani will take a drastic step and decide to divorce Shagun ultimately.

    Let’s see how Shagun will react on this and what evil plan will she make to save her.

  22. rithushree

    YHM twist:Mani-Shagun break alliance, Raman-Ishita turn love guru

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ longest running show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some interesting twist and turns.

    It seems that Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) will have a showdown where Ishita will accuse Shagun of having an affair with Vidyut even after getting married to Mani.

    Shockingly Mani will over hear the entire conversation and hence will plan to break his alliance with Shagun.

    On the other hand Ishita will feel guilty of breaking Mani and Shagun’s marriage and hence will try to get the couple together once again.

    It would be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.

    Will Ishita be able to succeed in her new mission or not?

    Stay tuned for more updates.

      • Adiliya fan

        Ya that addiction to yhm increases when we see adiliya together! I am also like you both! I love adiliya more than ishra because that chemistry of would be the same and decent… I like all the core of yhm especially adiliya….don’t know why…

  23. Ridika

    Hi Rithushree.I’m fine dear.Hope you are also fine & a big thanks for giving the upcoming news of yhm…

  24. Raghu

    I like the way the story is going especially with Shagun.see when yhm started it was fight between Ishitha and Shagun. Almost 75% of the story dealt with their fight. And if they still fight then it iwill be stupid of the CVS. I think Mani would have fallen in love with Shagun..Shagun should realise her mistakes. Negative Shagun might not be there for long. I think. Ishra will salvage their relationship. I think thats y Ruhi,simmi, and vidhyut storyline is introduced

  25. Pinku

    Hi Rithusree, Hi all YHM friends.. how r you all… i was very busy these days could not come to this site and say a hi.. i am not watching YHM these days 🙁 so busy i hv become :'(… n ty for the updates rithusree

  26. rithushree

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of high voltage dramatic situations seen amid Ishita and Raman in the daily soap.

    Ishita and Raman turn restless as soon as they get the news of Shagun and Mani’s breakup.

    Now, this rises a big question amid Raman and Ishita’s mind that what would be the reason of a sudden breakup.

    Ishita would than get to know that the main reason of spilt up between Shagun and Mani is no one else but Ishita herself.
    Ishita’s guilty feeling

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragic situations seen amid Ishita and Shagun in the ongoing serial.

    It so happens that Ishita had blamed upon Shagun for having an affair with Vidyut even after Shagun’s marriage with Mani.

    Mani overhears the entire conversation and this brings a crack amid Shagun and Mani’s relationship.

    It would be very interesting to watch as to how would Raman and Ishita save Shagun and Mani’s relationsip?

    Stay tuned for further details and developments in story line.

  27. sweety

    Anita hassanandani as anjali in kavyanjali,will anyone remember?Anita was looking too gorgeous in anjali’s role.and the character of anjali was positive and the main female lead .her acting was also excellent in kavyanjali.and now in yhm her acting is also excellent but her role is negative.overall acting of Anita is excellent.

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