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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita and Raman having a sweet moment. He forgot her birthday and she smiles. He says wait, I will say. She says you don’t my birthday. He asks what she knows about him. She says I know everything and answers him. She says she will beat him. They take spoons to fight. She says you claim that you love me and how can you forget my birthday, you will get your fav food. He says let me say, I don’t know your birthday. He apologizes to her and says one thing I know, guess it. He holds her and says I love you. They smile and hug. She says I love you too Raman and cries, thinking she won’t let anything happen to him.

Vandu thinks how to get time to get ready, but she has to wear some jewelry to show off. Bala comes there with new jewelry. She asks him to help

her, there is staff party and she has to wear something. She asks his opinion. He says you have to look good being college principal. She says I don’t have anything else, I won’t go, better. He surprises her with a necklace. He asks her to try and asks did she like it. He compliments her. She asks what was the need, return it. He says its not that expensive, I would have got it even if it was expensive. He says you cut down your list for us, because you love us, I also love you, when I saw this invitation, I decided my wife will look most beautiful in the party. She hugs him.

Ishita asks Simmi to call Raman. Simmi says I will call him in some time, and then you leave. Raman asks Ishita to come, they have to make cake together, you are on phone. She says I kept phone on charging. They have a talk about cake. He gets a call and asks Kolkata today itself. Mukherjee says Singapore clients are important for us, we won’t get chance again, its imp for our joint venture. Raman says fine, I will leave for airport. Ishita worries. Raman says I m going Kolkata, not on moon, I will keep in touch with you. He hugs her and thinks why is she getting so emotional as if I m going somewhere for the first time. He goes to do packing. She recalls Ashok’s words and thinks what to do.

Vandu talks to a lady. The lady says these are real diamonds, chain snatching got common. This necklace suits you a lot. Vandu says thanks, Bala gave it. Suraj comes and lady tells him that his lecture got over. Suraj says someone damaged my car, so I got late. Vandu asks was the money given by her husband enough for car repair, if he wants more, he can send bill. Suraj sees her new necklace and says I think Bala is spending money with both hands, its good, let him fly high, then it will be enjoyable to see his fall.

Ishita tells Raman that she has to talk to him. He asks her to say. She says nothing, I have to give you surprise, once you come back. She thinks she will tell him that Shagun and their child is alive. He gets ready and says don’t worry, I will come back. She asks him not to worry. Someone looks at them. Raman says I forgot to inform mum and dad. She says I will tell them, shall I come along to drop you at airport. He says no. He leaves. She thinks she can meet Prateek and Shagun. She gets message that she has no option that kill Raman, so better prepare herself.

Ishita tells Shagun, Prateek and Abhishek that Ashok is threatening her to kill Raman. Abhishek says nothing will happen to Raman. Shagun says don’t worry, Raman will be fine. Ishita says Raman is in Kolkata, if anyone attacks him, Ruhi and Adi are also in risk, and that informer in our home. Abhishek says now we have one way, I will arrest Ashok. Shagun asks how, there is no proof against him, if informer hurts Raman and kids then what will we do, we have to think something better. Ishita says we have two ways, to prove Ashok guilty by getting proof against him, but its not possible, Ashok did not leave any proof, he is very sharp, now about that informer, if we catch that informer, our internal info will not go out, some danger can get away, if we want to catch that informer, maybe there is one way…..

Shagun asks what way. Ishita says we have to do one acting, its very tough for me and sin for me to think. She cries and says we have to act like we have killed Raman. They all get shocked. Shagun says no, we already did this acting, I don’t think so. Prateek says but Raman should be here, he is in Calcutta. Ishita says yes, but no one knows this, I did not tell anyone, I can write a letter for family, that Raman and I are going out somewhere, I will switch off my phone, Raman will also not receive calls in meeting, we both will be unreachable, I will act like killing Raman, I will call family and say Raman is dead, that informer will be excited and inform Ashok, then Ashok will send that informer to confirm about Raman’s death.

She says I think this is our last chance, once that informer comes out, Abhishek will catch him, I have to meet Ashok and tell him that I agreed to him, it won’t be easy, its much tough, I will try that he believes me, we will trap him in Chakravyu in which he trapped us.

Ashok tells Ishita that he wants to see Raman’s death, then he won’t do harm anyone. A lady calls Raman and tells about Ishita’s booking. Raman thinks this is Ishita’s surprise for him. Ashok made that lady call Raman and says now Raman will become Ishita’s surprise.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Precap was really horrible …….what the hell is going to happen????somebody plz tell yaar…..I can’t bear the tension

  2. ishita had a nice plan…reveal the informer soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. the episode started in a very nice way with ishra’s nokhjokh nd all but the ending ohh my god !!!! y dnt ishita tell anythhng to raman . nd thr plan is so so risky . how will the family react??? nd wt r this cvz upto? pagal ho gaye h eh loog .. nd making us mad too…
    i dnt want ishra seperation …… cz without ishra yhm is a big xero .. …
    i thnk kuch bara kuch hone wala hain ..whuch will b life changibg fr evrycharectrr…

    nd whr is this adhok khanna upto ???
    is he making ny plan against ishita nd raman?? is he making a plan to kill raman .. dn putting a blame on ishita ..

    the last sentence …..
    guyss am so sot tensed .i dnt thnk i will be able to sleep tonite …
    i hate this ashk .blo*dy creep !!!!!!
    but i really dont thnk raman will die … no he cant ..
    i thnk thy r creating all these bad suspense to keep the viewrs hooked up …
    i just pray nd hope that they end this track soon . and ushra unites nd ashok along with that khabri goes to helllll …..

    plzzzx plzxzxxxx
    ekta dnt break the heart of ur fans .

  4. wt a plan ishuuu. nice yaar

  5. how can the writter show that ishita,s and raman,s (the main hero and heroine) character this much foolish how can a heroine even told about she is the killer of hero and how can hero dont have any doubt about his wife after she was so emotional like this
    and todays episode ishita knews very well that each and every movement of bhall’s house will be informed by the informer in next few seconds if raman is going to calcutta may be bhalla family does not know that but definitely ashok must know this is by the informer in next second itself so how can ishita thought that ashok does not know about this
    please writters we do not want ishra’s seperation please end this track soon

  6. What happen now?????

  7. Rubbish …

  8. Hello YHM are you all ??
    Nice episode. So now again fack death drama.but they should inform this to Raman first. They will do acting like Raman has been killed..nice let’s see…!!

    Tomorrow I was busy so …but ishra scene was nice.and Jhanvi I really loved your comment , what you said tomorrow in your comment was damn true..
    And today their fight was different.. Ha ha ha

    Don’t know what is happening in the show. I feel like separation. When Raman will know this then…what ???

    1. hey misty .how are you?

  9. Where are you guys.., ???

    Jhanvi come soon someone is missing you here… Ha ha ha
    And please don’t ask who..

    1. Hi misty I m busy so…..but who is missing me ??

  10. I’m really thrilled and eagerly ???waiting for the next episode but I think this plan is too risky ???but they have no other choice????

  11. Go to hell ekta…

  12. Yup Diya.Haven’t you seen while ishita&Raman packing up in room there was the presence of a shadow outside which means that it was the informer and ashok may have already known that Raman is going to Kolkata.So I think it’s the plan of ashok to bring Raman to the hotel &make ishita herself kill him and thereby ashok can counteract their plans…..I think so yaar

  13. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    Simply, I just love sooooo much both epis(today and yesterday)……!!!!!
    Love you KP,DT and all yhm team……!!!
    (And karan doesn’t leave the show. Conformed…..!!!)
    From SL.

  14. Oh The Cheek of AK… How dare he come to Raman ‘s house & Threaten Ishu… She Should not have shown fear to AK .. He took advantage of her fear…I have a feeling that the informer is ACP .. don’t forget he is Sarika’s Cuz Bro.. How on earth did AK know the names of the three suspects? Only Shagun Abi , Ishu & the other guy knew there names…r may be Rinky is alive like Shagun. who hated & was jealous of Ishu. more than Raman someone is trying to get rid of Ishu From the family.. if she kills or harm Raman she won’t be in the family.. may be she will walk in to a trap blindly…
    when I see the creep Ashok my blood boils.. At the same time Bala & Vandu who are two intelligent people can’t they see they are being manipulated by Suraj.. What’s with these two guys .. when is their down fall.. I am waiting eagerly for it… they should go down so much that they have to go begging to Raman & His Family…I think Ishu & Co should lay a trap for both Kanna’s that they will go begging to The Balla’s for help & Mercy… This is a good Chance for they to lay the trap. But looks like AK set a trap for Ishu….missing Ruhi.. must be having year end exams. that is ok.. as long as they don’t leave the show… Pls finish this track… the show is losing the story line when u drag too much… Hope the YHM team go to the original track & improve from there… with a little drama…If Shagun Reformed why can’t u get the two Kanna’s Reformed… pls think about it… have a great Day God B..

    1. Hello frnz…
      Go to this link and be stress free…
      Ashok is going to be a failure…

  15. i missed the episode .as i thought raman’s fake murder may happen is gonna happen.i hope ishitha’s plan works out well and raman get to know all the truth and understand her plight .i hope even there is no leap and ishraruhadi seperation.

  16. hey guys jhanvi darshika misty natasha siddhi vp diya and all yhm friends.

    1. Rithu little busy yar no time
      Now my examzz are going on…
      Anyway how are you ..??
      How is your life..?
      I vil come in January month ok bye Dr
      Lov you yhm.

      1. oh!ramchin i miss you very much yaar.i am very happy that you will come in january .and all the best for your exams yaar . i am fine .

  17. misty seperation is such a bad idea ..personally i oppose seperation much more than a leap . i dnt thnk seperation will happen..though it looks that tough times r coming for ishra … but ishra seperates .nobody will watch yhm nd trp will surely fall.

  18. even i was thinking seperation would happen but now i strongly feel that seperation wont happen because when raman comee to know the truth that if not raman ashok would kill his children and so might understand ishitha and her plight as she had no choice either doing drama .i never want leap and ishraruhadi seperation and i am always against it .i hope so leap and seprration wont happen.

  19. ashok ko toh jald se jald jail jaana chahiye aur uske khabri urf koi bhalla ko bhi jail jaana chahiye aur mein woh suraj ko bhi jail bhejna chahiye bala ke saath fraud karne ke liye .saare kameene ek saath jail jaayenge .

  20. may be in kolkata ishitha act as killing raman and tell raman the whole truth and include him in his plans and trap ashok and his informer .so excited now to see the episodes.

  21. where is jhanvi siddhi vp and many ?there are all missing today here.

  22. zaraa ali khan

    I am writting comment for the first time, but i read all comments…… all comments was superb…!

    1. you are welcomed in this site .all yhm fans are welcomed here.

  23. what evr ashok khanna is planning ..i dnt give shit about it . accordng to ishu’s pln she will only inform the family member about ramans death . but actually in real she is nt gonna touch raman also. so evn whn if raman gets attackd …. ishu will not be present thr …. but adhoj k doesnt know this … i thnk raman will sonehow escape the attack nd reach bhala house .. nd whn tjehe family eill see raman alive they will b shockd … Along with the khabri .. nd dn i thnk simmj aviskh nd prateek will tell raman nd the whole family evrythng .. nd they will b in utter shock … but now ashok khanna will get to know abt the actual truth nd he has been trappd .. so now he will send his khabri to kill ishita but raman along with abhiskh nd simmi will go nd save ishita . frm death nd along with that the khabri wll get caught … …
    well guys this is not a spoiler but my prediction … this may happen … cz this track will create suspense also nd ishra’s relationship will get stronger . both ashok khanna nd khabri will go to jail . nd a happy ending to this track .not exctly happy .but atleast i dnt thnk ishra seperation will happn ..
    if this will nt happn ..i dnt know wt else can .. without bringing seperation nd lots lots of dragging .. i thnk this is the shortest way to get ride of this revenge drama with a happy ending ..
    but still it will take another 2 weeks to settle down evrytng wid thiz plot ….
    i just ishra doesnt seperates nd ashok goes to jail.

    do ny one of u agree with my prediction?

    1. ya i agree with your prediction yaar .i think even this may happen in the show .

    2. Nice yar

  24. Pls end dis track soooooon.fed up with it.

  25. hey guys jhanvi ramchin nimrit diya siddhi darshika misty and yhm friends good morning.

    1. Gm rithu…. Nd I m fine how r u ??? Actually exams r near ……

  26. Nothing to comment , totally rubbish ….

  27. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    gm ritushree and all…….
    This time ashok will trap his own plan as ishita had trapped…..!!! Ya, I also think, there’s no place to separation.
    Ishita will aware that ashok knows about raman is in kolkata. Then they’ll start fake death drama with raman. I hope so…… Exited about upcoming epis….

  28. ekta madam you know the meaning of YHM. if you kill raman that is the meaning of YHM. pl stop this serial

  29. hi telly up date admin avoid ff on original written up date page there is so many ff so many confusion and even the original written up date also only 2 in a page there are nearly 6 or 7
    ff in a page this is so inconvince to read us so keep a seperate page for ff and seperate page for original up date

  30. Hi guys….. How r u all…??

    Nice epi… Awsm ishra scene… That spoon fight.. Really cute.. Nd how Raman said I m going to Kolkata, not moon.. Really sweet..!!!
    So now again fack death drama…, hope this time at least d family member helping Ashok will be trapped Nd Ashok too..!!! But I think ishu shld tell this to Raman first Nd involve him in d plan….

    How family Nd kids will react on Raman’s death… I don’t want to see again ronadhona….????

  31. hey upcoming scene hai…fb pe pics dekhoooo……ishita raman both r hanging to the tree………hoooorrrrriiible…….koi bada wala action scene hoga definitely….may be iss week sab kuchh real hoke sort out ho jayega….

  32. hey guys good news . .
    ishita tries to do the murder scene with a fake raman cz knew ashok will cm to the spot to witness nd acp was informd bfr hand .so that ashk gets caught .but in the main moment real raman replaces fake raman to save ishita . yet again ishita riskd hrr own life to save ramqn ..both of falls frmthe cliff nd hangz with the hlp of a brank. like i said ashok cms thr nd takes a big stone nd just whn he was going to thoew it … acp cms nd stops ashk nd rescuses ishra … nd thn they arrst ashk …. nd thn ishra pasdiontly hugs each other .

  33. so no seperation …
    no death ….
    love wins nd evil looses …
    wt track will they introduce after this ,?
    i thnk the bala wala track

  34. Hi rithu , diya , diya , jhanvi , ramchin , misty , darsika ,nimrit n all yhmians how r u guys ishra scene was suppeeerrbbb as usual bala vandu scene was also nice n now death drama hope no ishrarudi separation

  35. Revathi Anandh

    I think that servant lady is the spy

  36. Yeah guys I too read this , wow ishra will be saved Nd that Ashok will be caught red handed by abhishek.. Wowwwww. But wt about d family member…????? Anyways after this ishu will tell Raman everything .oh god… I really want to see Raman’s reaction when he will learn that their baby ( Raman’s dream) is safe in shagun’s womb…. Omg he will b so happy… Really exited..!!!!

  37. Star PlusYeh Hai Mohabbateinis not leaving a single stone unturned to attract the audience with it’s never ending twists and turns.Recently,We have seen soe Romantic moments between Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita(Divyanka Tripathi). Ashok finds the Bhoot Drama of ishita and shagun.He threatens her Ishita to kill Raman else he will harm Shagun,Adiand Ruhi.Ishita will make a plan which will leave the viewers shocked.In order to save Shagun’s life, Ishita will make a plan to throw Raman’s fake idol from the cliff.But end up put her life in danger and just when Raman will try to rescue her,and they bothwill fall from the cliff.Somehow Raman manages to hold a branch along with ishita.Ashok who reaches there to see Raman’s dead body.He finds the couple hanging and tries to throw a big rock on them sothat they fall from the cliff.However,Abhishek reaches the place with his team and stops Ashok and rescues Raman and Ishita.On the other hand,Suraj is on fire to destroy Vandu. He traps Bala in his plan.Soon the informer will be revealed as Sarika and her hidden truth will be known to Bhalla family.Will Bhalla Family forgive ishita? Will Raman understand that ishita did everything to save hislife?

  38. Oh What we expected didn’t happen Thank God… Ashok is out of this show for good I think.. that is why now Suraj is starting the same drama & Will go Down just like the Brother… Thank Goodness it showed that Evil can’t win what goes around comes back two fold. I feel Mihir r Romi will be the informant .. Cos Sarika can’t drive… Raman has to forgive Ishitha after all she risked her life for him many times. For all the love she has for him.. Anyway our stress & Tension all gone for the moment.. Don’t know what else will pop up.. So will wait Patiently. good luck to all who are writing to this Page.. so very interesting each ones views are. love.

  39. I’m missing u … 😉
    ♡ Jhanvi ♡

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