Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Romi talking to that girl and thanking her for coming in his life. Mihika comes and gives him sweets, saying Shagun and Mani’s marriage is tomorrow. He says what shall I do, I have my work, I will come in marriage. She asks with whom does he have meeting today. He says I don’t like anyone questioning me, why are you behaving like cheap doubtful wives, have you lost it. He goes. She says I m not interested to do this, but you made me helpless. Raman hugs Mani and says we did not get that letter, you concentrate on marriage. He gets call and goes. Mrs. Bhalla talks to Mani about Pihu. Mani says I assure you I will take care of Pihu and Pihu won’t have any problem. She blesses him.

Ishita shows jewelry to Shagun. Shagun says I need to talk to you and Raman.

They go to Raman. Raman calls Abhishek and asks if he found anything about letter. Shagun tells Raman that she is worried for Pihu, I m sure she will get disturbed, I was thinking to take Pihu along at Mani’s house, if she goes in depression, I want to handle Pihu my way, just for few days, can Pihu go with me. Ruhi comes and says no way, you can’t take Pihu like this. Shagun says Pihu needs me. Ruhi says you said Pihu should get habitual to stay without you. Shagun says she is sensitive and emotional, how can we give her shock. Ruhi says I think we should tell her truth, that Ishi Maa is her real mum, last time Ishi Maa stopped me, I will explain her. Shagun says how can you explain her, Pihu needs her mum, I m her mum. Ruhi says you are not her mum, you are like her mum, Ishi Maa is her real mum. Shagun cries. Ishita says Shagun is Pihu’s real mum. Raman says enough Ruhi and takes her along. Ishita consoles Shagun and gives tissue from drawer. She does not see the confidential letter. She asks her not to feel bad of Ruhi’s words, you are Pihu’s mum, don’t cry.

Pihu plays and collides with a man. Bangles fall and Pihu gets to know its bridal bangles. She asks whose bangle is it. He tells about marriage at her home. She asks whose. He says I have name of groom and bride, Shagun and…. She says what, Papa and mumma are marrying, my Papa’s name is Raman. She runs. He says but groom’s name is Mani. Pihu goes to Adi and says I got to know mumma’s surprise, mumma is marrying Papa. Adi says what is Pihu saying.

Pihu hugs Shagun and says I got to know your marriage surprise, I m so happy. Everyone look on. Mani greets Pihu and asks will you become my friend. Pihu shakes hand. The man deliver bangles to Shagun, and congratulates Shagun and Mani. Pihu says my Papa’s name is Raman, why are you saying Mani’s name. The man says I was telling you downstairs, your mumma is marrying Mani. Adi asks him to leave. Pihu asks Shagun why did she do this, she is Raman’s wife, how can she marry Mani. She says I hate you and goes. Mani goes after them.

Pihu asks Raman why is he making Shagun marry Mani, this is wrong, he can’t do this with mumma. Ishita says we all are with your mumma. Pihu says you are lying, I know Papa is not marrying mumma because of this aunty, everything is getting bad since this aunty came, why is this aunty staying in your room, mumma should stay here, this aunty came to make you away from mumma. He says listen to me. Pihu says go aunty, I hate you. Ishita cries and leaves. Pihu asks Raman why did he do this. Shagun looks for Pihu. Mani says maybe Pihu went to Raman. She says I was afraid of this, Pihu will hate me. He says we will explain Pihu. She says she is my life, I m staying here for her, I know Ishita is her real mum, but I had her in my womb for nine months, why should Pihu suffer, I can’t hurt her, how can I leave her, I can’t do this. Mani says I understand, calm down. She says I can’t come to your house without my daughter, Pihu needs me, you have to convince Raman and Ishita, Pihu can stay with us till she understand, I can’t abandon her suddenly. He says I will talk to Raman, they will understand as its matter of few days, don’t worry, there is a solution. She says please go right away and talk to Raman. He says I m going, stop crying now. He leaves.

Mrs. Bhalla consoles Ishita and says we will explain Pihu, I m sure she will understand she is your daughter, how will she hate you, Ruhi has told her Yashoda and Devki’s story. Ishita says Shagun is Yashoda and I m Devki, Pihu will never come to me, Pihu should go with Shagun. Ruhi looks on. Ishita says I want Pihu’s happiness, she will be happy with Shagun. Ruhi asks what are you saying, how can you give Pihu to Shagun, she is your daughter, she is angry, you have to tell her truth, I don’t want her to take wrong decisions in life for which she regrets later, you have to say truth, Pihu has to stay with you, explain her, don’t give up. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, Ruhi is right.

Raman says I m confused Mani. Mani says I think Pihu should come with Shagun, I have seen her reaction. Raman says Pihu is in shock, she wants me to marry Shagun, she will not accept you. Mani says we will explain her, till her mental block gets away, she can stay with Shagun, even Ishita explained me that Shagun is Pihu’s mum. Raman says give me some time, I will think.

Shagun cries and says I was afraid for this. Mani says I spoke to Raman, calm down. Ishita comes and says Raman tried to explain me a lot, he said Pihu should go with Shagun and Mani, after marriage, I m sorry, Pihu won’t go from here, she will stay here. Shagun cries. Mani says but Ishu… Ishita says Pihu is my daughter too, if she goes now, complications will increase, her life will get spoiled, we have to tell truth to her. Shagun says this is not fair and cries. Ishita says sorry. Shagun leaves. Ruhi stops Ishita and says leave Shagun alone for some time.

Shagun smiles and says its happening as I thought, its going as per my plan game, Ishita thinks she is smart, you have no idea what I m. She recalls sending that man to deliver the bangles and tell Pihu about Mani and Shagun’s marriage. She gives Pihu’s pic and money.

She says Ishita and Ruhi can’t outsmart me, my plan was Pihu will stay with me and Mani, this will happen. She smiles. Ruhi tells Ishita that she took right decision, don’t change this, I m with you, be strong for Pihu’s sake. Ishita says I m feeling so sorry for Shagun.

Shagun asks Pihu to run away after marriage. Ishita asks Shagun to get ready. Shagun says you guys enjoy, you don’t know what will happen after marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Swara

    Someone kill me what’s happening how can they make such a lovers how turn into gabbage I can’t believe but this show doesn’t have any moral values how can a mother who claims her daughter is her life tell make her life such a living hell dats the difference between ishu and shamans for Raman am loss of words that’s he has no sense he just goes left or right all he knows is show his arrogance and ego on his charming wife ishu sometime I feel
    Like they should just kill his character and concentrate on Ishru they are an adorable mother daughter bond see how they support each other I just hope ruhi helps ishu in exposing that vamp Shagun just for tot why can’t Raman has an accident and die cause he is just useless in the show they are not showing us what the show is all about what’s wrong with cvs where is the yen hai mohabbatein????? It’s all about hatred and revenge I tot this is one love stout hat would kill
    All other love stop le I regret voting for best couple cause they are becoming the worst sorry if I hurt anyone it’s just my point of view guys

    • Mino

      No Ur Right Swara. Not Wrong At all. They are showing bad vibes. Even i regret in voting for best Couple. The Cv’s Are really crazy using a small girl to do all wicked things & talk bad to adults, what has happened to this show. it is Garbage. why don’t they end this. Where is ‘ THIS IS LOVE” The IS Hatred t=right along . Look at how Raman talks to IShu He is the cause of every Problem. He acts as if he is a saint & Ishu the devil. How on earth he sided Shagun I can’t even Fathom it. he is a selfish egoist & a cruel man. just when anything happens to IShu he cries & worries & says without her i will die etc. now What??? The Whole Bhalla family IS timeservers They don’t IShu at all. So many have started hating this show from comments in Twitter etc. But they just don’t care Or get it. Why so much For Shagun. Isn’t IShu the main lead. & What about that horrible Raman. i hate him for what he is doing to IShu. Without any questions or Answers IShu should walk out from this house packing her bag & move into another place. so that Let Raman ,Shagun & Pihu start killing each other. they all deserve unhappiness. even Pihu’s acting is not as good as she was Ruhi when she did her part.utter nonsense & Rubbish. & they are playing with our Emotions to end the show i think as they are stuck.even DT & KP Have lost interest the way they are acting. poor guys must be sick too. Sorry i had to write. i decided not to write as i have stopped watching only updates. but i could not help my self. sorry guys.. Luv

    • siddhi

      swara n mino I completely agree with u sometimes I also think that Raman should die I can’t believe this that he is favouring shagun ishru relation is far better than ishra ishru always support each other ishra relation is only one sided

    • Khushi

      Well said swara – mino.. The title itself is of no meaning nw. It shld be changd to raman shaguns mohabatein or yeh hai nafratein
      I hav nvr seen such a to be precise characterless man lyk raman. He juz want to stay with his children for that he can take anyone as his wife.
      He juz dnt care of ishus feelngs
      What was he doing all the while ishuthas own daughter yellng at her.
      The reaction if evryone while ishu said she cant leave pihu was un believable. Evrybody except ruhi was supporting ishu. Mani’s reaction made me speechless. Lyk dnt do this to my dear shagun. I thnk in these few days he forgot all her luv nd friendship to ishu.
      Y the hell these people nt revealing the truth to pihu
      All dear ones of ishu are against her
      As u said mino i feel lyk ishu shld right away leave bhalla hse along with ruhi
      This show is making me mad nw.. Its better to nt watch this crap
      Dnt knw hw they get such gud trp by showing such craps
      Who will watch this

  2. princes

    Shagun jaise orat ka koi character hi nhi hai ,she is charterkess Jo apne mtlb k lye apne bachoo tk ko nhi chodti aisi orat maa or orat k nam par kalank hai ,I wish ki iska ashli chehra sabke samne aye or isko bhar fake de.

    • maya ross

      actually nidhi is murdered by shagun as she can’t take the risk of her identity behind ishita’s kidnapping

  3. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus most successfully running show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some major twist and turns.
    It was earlier seen that Ishita ( Divyanka Tripathi) will come to know that Shagun ( Anita Hassanandani ) was the real culprit behind her kidnapping.
    She will soon realise her mistake of planning to get Mani married to Shagun, hence she will try her level best to stop the union of Mani and Shagun.
    If rumours are to be believed Ishita will fail to stop the alliance of Mani and Shagun and therefore she will feel guilty of spoiling the life of her best friend Mani.
    Though Ishita will try to convince Raman ( Karan Patel) that Shagun was behind the kidnapping but Raman will believe her.
    Keep watching this site for more updates.

  4. Kimberly

    Hw can ruhi say that shagun isnt mom of pihu? she raised pihu for 7 years. Ruhi herself is daughter of nidhi nd not ishu

    • Ruksy


      |Registered Member

      actually shagun is the mum of ruhi and ishita is the mum of pihu. surrogacy means shagun was paid so that pihu can be in her womb but that also means she has no relation with pihu and if ishita wants she can file a case against shagun for trying to seperate her from pihu.

  5. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ daily popular show
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some high intensity drama.
    It seems that Pihu will soon turn negative as Shagun ( Anita Hassanandani ) instigates her against Ishita ( Divyanka Tripathi ).
    Pihu will start troubling Ishita as she feels that Ishita is not a good lady and has separated Shagun from Raman ( Karan Patel ).
    However Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) will notice Pihu’s strange behaviour and plans to keep an eye on her.
    Shockingly soon she will realise that Shagun is behind the weird behaviour of Pihu and will confront her.
    Ruhi will not want Pihu to hate her own mother and hence will try to talk and make her understand that Ishita is a good lady.
    Let’s wait and watch what happens next in the show.

  6. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Ishita doubt’s Shagun behind her kidnapping.
    Ishita tries to find Shagun’s truth and spies on her, Ishita also shares this doubt with Raman but he refuses to believe Ishita.
    Shagun was pretending to be too good before Raman and Bhalla family and using her innocence to trap them.
    Shagun also agrees to marry Raman showcasing her sacrificing attitude to Raman, but Ishita knows Shagun’s all truth.
    Shagun’s evil avatar
    Ishita knows that Shagun is doing all this under her evil plan, confronts Shagun and she warns Ishita against it.
    Shagun challenges Ishita to snatch away her daughter Pihu from her, as she did by snatching away Adi and Ruhi.
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  7. Kimberly

    If Ishita is mother of someone then its aliya and noone else. She took care of aliya for 7 years nd she deserves aliya.

    • Ruksy


      |Registered Member

      aliya’s parents are dead and mani is her uncle so if ishita married mani that would make her aliya’s aunty not mother.

  8. Aliya

    Hi whats is this?this is not the yhm that l am watched before leap.after the leap its change a lot bad episode

  9. rithushree

    hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha parvathi anakha nimrit ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz Natasha sindhu siddhi jaz Shona aditya jeni super girl unique angel priyaroli aparna Sarita sara prisha simran Monique d bhagya bhagi az and all yhm friends.
    yhm is becoming a disaster.soo horrible episodes and this shagun is doing soo much and after ishitha tells Raman about shagun ‘s truth then also he is believing that shagun. the one who kidnapped ishitha on shagun’s sayings and died and wrote letter and the one who was kidnapped and the police if they are telling then also Raman is not believing.he soo dumb and horrible.

  10. devi

    What the hell….. Without raman yhm is incomplete and no one can take his place nor justify this character….. Sab ko sirf uska gussa dikthi Kyun yaaar….. Agar yhm mein Kp nahi hai tho mein yhm ki promo bhi nahi dekungi….
    And about ishitha her character is boring and she lost her charm….. You just remember during ruhi custody… Raman has put all the efforts…… Ruhi ghar mein hai tho sirf Raman ki vajah se hai so don’t ever think of blaming Raman /kp

  11. VP

    Swara … totally agree with you … now Ishu will be left with Ruhi only once the truth of the letter comes ..They stopped Ishra scene … how come they did not show Raman convincing the same to Ishitha .. Having spent for 7 years … with Shaghun … even if its defficult Ishitha can agree to send Pihu … but I think she knows going to Shaghun Pihu is not safe … Mani will turn negative … Adi may … Mihir may … very bad the way it is moving … how bad it is for the public to show black mailing kids .. She did the same with Adi now Pihu … boring … why should she marry Mani ? How can cvs pair them ? Ishitha been appreciated by millions before leap now its not the same with viewers .. cvs ruinedboth the lead roles .. please stop this serial … appreciate the same

  12. Juhi

    O shagun ka plane kewal pihu thi raman nhi . 😠😠 in today’s episode very well done ruhi and also ishita. In precap shagun ne pihu se kya kaha nooooo precap is worst

  13. Aastha

    Wot s thisssss…. totally bakwaas drama.. i can’t even think how she can do this vth ishu… so unfaithful woman. Slabl kehathe hei shagun is balla family par bahuth bada yehsan kiya… i don’t think so.. balla family keliye kuch kiya tho wo sirf ishu hei.. me ye sab isliye nahi keharahi hooo kyoo ki me ishra fan hoomm… socho guys jab ishu pehali bar ruhi ko mili dhi thab usne apni jaan ko gathare me daalkar ruhi ko save kiya… phir jab usse patha chala ruhi ki prblms thab se paraayi hone ki baavajood bhi ruhi keliye ladthi dhi… kithni baar ruhi ki life bachayi… aadhi tho ishu ki kithna hurt kiyaa phir bhi uskeliye bhi bahuth kuch kiya jaan thak dhene ko ready dhi… aadhi aur ruhi zindha hei tho wo sirf aur sirf ishu ki wajah se… ishu nahi tho aaj aadhi is family me nahi hoga aysseaa good boy bhi nahi hogaa… aur mihir aur shagun ko bachane keliyeaa family ka hizzath bachane keliyeaa… family ki har member ki khushi keliye sabko ek saath jodke rakhne keliyeaaa ishu kithna kuch kiya yeh baath hum sab jaanthe heii…
    Ab shagun ko dheko… uski ooper ishu ki kithna yehsan hei isliye wo jukana hi padengi… ishu ki prmssn ki bina raman uski betti ko srgate ma banadiya shagun ko… phir ishu ko pihu se door karna bhi raman ka hi galthi dhi… so pihu ko shagun ne care kiya ye tho achi baath hei lekin uskeliye ye sirf ek mokha dhi apni galthiyo kko sudharne keliye aur pachthane keliye bhi… isliye ye koi yehsan nahi… aadhi uskki bhi beya hei care kiya uska bhi lekin aaj bhi uskka ishima nahi ban paya ishu ki jaga nahi le payaa… sirf aadhi ki nahii sabka dil mein kuch saalo mein ishu ne kithna bada jaga apne liye bani wo shagun ko nahi hopayaa .. aur family mein kithna kuch huaa… iski beech mein kuch nahi karpaya..raman ka gussa cntrl karna romi raman ka rishtha sampalna mihir ki gham ko door karna ye sab abhi bhi saath sal ki pehle ishu kaysseaa chod ki chali gayi dhi vayssea hi sab shagun ki bas ki baath nahi heii.. phir kon sa yehsan hei ussi ka is bh me… aur manoj ka ghone ka gham bhi nahi aaj thak shagun ye bhi koy yehsan nahiii he… wo hamesha sirf raman ko chahthi he… is mein koy yahsan nahi he..n wapas kuch expect karkar hum jo bhi kare isse yehsan nahi bolthe…

  14. Juhi

    I can’t believe that in coming story kya dikha rahe ho yar I hope ruhi helps ishita. (Vese ishita ko jarurat nhi kisi ki help ki)

  15. Aastha

    I made a mistake*shagun aur mihir ka rishtha bachane keliye… (my cmmnt was too long..sorry guys any get bored…)

  16. bhagya( ishveer,ishra)

    ishu u did right pihu is your daughter iam so happy ruhi is there for her ishima i think adi also supports her ishima only .there is a huge difference between shagun’s upbringing and ishitha’s upbringing ishu only teaches how to love and care for others but this shagun she never teacher any good things to pihu.sry guys very long comment

  17. bhagya( ishveer,ishra)

    i felt very bad in the upcoming episodes even mani also supports can mani do this he is such a nice person and gud frd of ishu i think ishu losts her best frd also

  18. Kimberly

    loved d episode ,Pihu insulted Ishita and showed Ishita her place. but pihu should have also given a tight slap 2 ishu.

    • Debajit

      Ha ha ha…..u go on barking… is replying you…..ha ha ha 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 its too funny…….i feel pity…….😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    • Ruksy


      |Registered Member

      how would you feel if u gave ur mum a slap. when pihu knows the truth she will hate shagun and love ishita because shagun lied to her and ishita tolerated her nonsense. you should thank everyone for tolerating ur nonsense.

  19. siddhi

    worst episode ever of yhm worst me nay 10 min ka episode dekha n I changed the channel coz I thought I will become mad i will continue watching yhm today YHM theme got RUINED that ishita is not ruhis mom she is like her mom I know that ruhi was saying this to dhagun about pihu but same is about her I know that shogun don’t reserve to be mom but today what ruhi said made me feel that really very very dissapointed first of they so shogun soooooo much negative then sooooooo much positive for 7 yrs n then suddenly sooooo much negative ishita is like a dumb to agree shogun blindly n Raman he is the weakest man its all coz of this stupid man first surrogracy n now he don’t told pihu about her real mom I know shsgun is bad but what is the main theme of yhm maim theme is that maa sirf janam denay say niii bantay Max banay Kay liye mamta honi cahiye n now yhm is all like blood relations its become so irritating to watch raman all the times shouts I thinks that makers have forgotten that this show name is YEH HAI MOHABBATEIN after watching yhm after leap its seems like YEH HAI NAFRATEIN
    ab to asa lagta hai k yhm may koi hero aur heroine hi niii hai there r very less ISHRA scenes
    aur Jo hotay bhi hain us may Raman shout krrr raha hota hai

  20. siddhi

    ruhi continues to say hamay pihu ko saachii bata deniii cahiye now a days she is the only sensible person but I think she stop stopping asking other to go n tell pihu the truth I think she should go n tell pihu the truth n I don’t know how these makers can think to pair adi n aliya is tarha ki harkatein karay gay to trp kasay niii giray gi RIP YHM soory guys I forgot to say HI to everyone

  21. dushmano ka dushman

    Yeh Kamini Kimberly jst shut up and get lost u bastard . If u comment again I will giv u tight slap after wards u cant even comment .jst f**k off

  22. Akiatta

    Being a hue fan of the show in all the languages, I lost hope on the show ever since the Surrogacy track began! Since then, the show has ended in my opinion. Now, this is some regular soap opera. And frankly, Ishita and Adi have the best chemistry. Right now, I only watch the Adi parts. And I feel so bad that they are misusing Raman’s character. Even before he used to be arrogant and angry, but it used to look good. But now, it is just painful.

    • siddhi

      I agree with I even in my opinion yhm ended since surrogracy track but I continued watching yhm k may Bhi aaj ka episode better ho may Bhi kal ka but WO kal kabhi atiii hi niii

  23. disha

    worst episode only one thing is good in episode ruhi supporting ishita sooo good ishita’s sweet and lovely ruhi is back

  24. Shivani .D

    Haha…Kimberly u will get tired by trying again n again to instigate and pick up fights for funn..but no one is bothered to reply u 😂😂😂😂.
    – Silent viewer.

  25. Aastha

    Pihu slap ishu… wotzz wrong vth u kimberly… i think u r a phsyco… just shut up and get lost… we all hate ur cmmnts…..

  26. siddhi

    guys protest against YHM present track n try to avoid YHM nowadays so that trip falls I have our comment through link on one of ekta kapoor post

  27. Sindhu

    Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani, Shona, Mino, Jaz, Az, Prisha, Saritha, Aditya, Raisa, Naaz, Monique, Aastha, Bhagya and many more YHM fans. Rithu and Shivani thanks for you updates. Today’s episode is the worst episode. AT least I am glad that Ishita made a stand by making sure Pihu stays here with them. Shagun is becoming a real vampire. She is worst. I feel like shooting her and Pihu has become a spoilt brat. She does not look cute anymore. Why are there no Ishra moments? This is so unfair. I don’t mind if they have other plots but for goodness sake, haev some romantic moments, hugs and kisses between them. Where is their nok jhok? I am fed up and tired. In fact I did not watch the recent episodes and just read the updates. I am fed up. The stupid cvs are turning the story topsy turvy

  28. disha

    darshika vp jhanvi nivedha parvathi anakha nimrit ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz Natasha sindhusiddhi jaz Shona aditya jeni super girl unique angel priyaroli aparna Sarita sara prisha simranMonique d bhagya bhagi az and all yhm fans “HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY” in advance

  29. disha

    darshika vp jhanvi nivedha parvathi anakha nimrit ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz Natasha sindhusiddhi jaz Shona aditya jeni super girl unique angel priyaroli aparna Sarita sara prisha rithu simranMonique d bhagya bhagi az and all yhm fans “HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY” in advance

  30. Manju

    The Show was so boring I did not want to watch the last part of it nor the recap. Coming episodes are going to be worst according to the spoilers. I was wondering why did I watch this show for a such a long time.
    Raman had no business to blame Ishita and whole surrogacy thing was started by Raman and everyone expected that there will be problems when Shagun was selected as the surrogate mother. Raman did not have guts to tell Pihu yet that Ishita is her mother. What a bakwas show. I myself have to blamed for watching it.

  31. Khushi

    Worst episode i had evr seen… Cant tolerate this crap anymore
    Actually i lost intrst nd nw reading only updates as am keen to read ur comments
    The show had started as the luv story bet two diff persons united fir the sake of a kid
    Nw what they r showing there is no more any mohabatein bet raman nd ishu
    What a man he is nvr trusting or supporting his wife.
    The entire bhalla family r big fools always trust each nd evryone. Any ine can win their trust nd plotnagainst them evn under their nose.
    Nd raman is unbelievable. Do he hav any brains.
    He is talking high abt the 7 yrs sacrifice of shagun. I thnk he is suffeing frm memory loss cant remember the bomb incident, crocodile incident nd all those several sacrifices frm ishu
    Shagun is gettng the sympathy if one nd all evn mani is siding her
    Nd raman is nt trusting ishu
    Itz bettr he marry shagun nd make hell of his lyf

  32. Khushi

    They shld hav told the truth to pihu long tym before itself. Instead they t expecting a child ruhi to tell the truth to pihu. Dnt get the point of such haste marriages. Lyk ishitha told mani mani agreed nd nxt week mrg. Is its gud to take such haste steps abt such imp decesions of lyf.
    Today i didnt feel the way ruhi talkd to shagun. Bhalla family kids hav no manners at all. Ruhi lyks ishitha bt shagun too is her mother. She can support ishitha bt cant say shagun is nt pihus mother.

  33. susan

    Hi all YHM buddies. Somebody please call 📞 me when or should I day IF ISHRA ever returns. Till then RIP YHM ! Maybe Ekta wants to wrap up YHM to spend some more time on her new serial (read about her new serial somewhere). Now if she can end the serial due to bad TRP ratings she could act like Raman. Everything is somebody else’s fault not his. Hahaha. It’s like YHM is taking 1 step forward and then 5 steps back.

  34. Aastha

    Lekin khushi ruhi keliye kabhi shagun uski ma hei nahi… jo aurat apni ghudki bachi se selfless and unconditional pyaar nahi dhe sakthi wo dhoosre ki bachi ko kya dhenga… aur manthi hooo pihu keliye ishu bhi ma nahi he par us bichari ko tho pyaar karne ki mokha thak nahi lekin shagunnki pas hazaron mokha dhi ruhi ko pyaar dhene keliye… lekin wo kabhi wo mokhe ko misuse karne ka alava use nahi kiya… so apni jage ruhi sahi he wo shagun ko ek ma ki roop me kabhi nahi dhekh sakthi… aam reallee sorry drar if i heart ur feelings… its only my view☺

    • Khushi

      Nt at all dear aastha… Thank you for giving your opinion. I completly agree with ur perspective. Ruhi was only supporting her ishimaa. I lyk the way she supported ishutha as a gud daughtet bt she could hav told shagun calmly instead of shouting at her. That was my point that bhalla hse children dnt respect elders

  35. Nish

    Hi my dearest YHM friends, I agree with all of you. I have also stopped watching. I only read the updates now. I can’t bear to watch the nonsense. It is now about Ekta making money. Not about entertainment at all. There is no regard for viewers. Poor morals, family ties relationships. Even the worst of the worst families have better values. A very very poor example for Indian value system. Quite embarrassing actually.


    JAZ Monique Kushi Shona Shreya Sindhu Siddhi Rithu VP SARITHA Lekha Nish Radhika Super GIRL Sakshi Mino Disha AZ Naaz Ahliya SHIVANI Susan Aastha Bhagya And ALL The Members of The GROUP
    Enjoy This Friendship DAY With GREAT PLEASURE.
    GOD Bless You ALL.


    There Are Many
    But Today I Remember few
    SCENE 93 continuation 93b 93c
    125 Continued 125b 125c Scene 271(SUJAL SLAPS blo*dy KASHISH) NICE SCENE)
    238 238b continued
    Just Type SUJAL KASHISH SAD SONG,Then You WILL Find SUJAL’S Crying Scene On RAANDI KASHISH’s Marriage
    I Don’t Know The Number.

    Kushi You Just Watch These SCENES And COMMENT in YouTube.
    I WILL Write And Then Post.
    STAR CLASSICS Bastards Removed ALL The EPISODES.

    • Khushi

      Ya adi watchd it..
      Its vry realistic nd his acting is superb
      Actually this was my fav serial at that tym
      Eventhough i am nt fond of kashish bt rajeev is my fav

  38. Amoula

    I’m not indian but I agree with all of you. I used to watch this serial in Tunisia and here in France but I can bear it anymore. What’s this relation between Raman and Ishita? They used to love each other but now there is nothing. And Shagun? What kind of woman is she? Teaching such bad things to her seven years old child. I love indian serials but I m very disappointed

  39. Juhi

    Happy friendship day to all yhm friends. Kimberly ha ha ha ha ha ha.😯
    Ye kya in coming episodes mani shagun ko kyo support kar raha ishita ko nhi what rubbish. Again happy friendship day to all yhm fans

  40. rithushree

    As per the current track of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein, Ishita gets failed to stop Shagun and Mani’s marriage.
    However, Ishita tries to prove Shagun is real culprit in her kidnapping case but both Raman, and Mihir believes that Shagun is innocence.
    Shagun takes advantages of the situation when Romi tells as letter’s hand writing is similar Ashok’s and Shagun puts all blame on Ashok of Ishita’s kidnapping.
    Apart from this, Ishita makes up mind to expose Shagun at any cost and Shagun herself comes in front of her having an evil smile on her face.
    Ishita does not want Pihu’s custody case.
    Shagun tells Ishita that Raman got married with Ishita getting Ruhi’s custody and now she will use Mani getting Pihu’s custody.
    Ishita is completely taken a back with Shagun’s challenges as she does not want to make Pihu feel the same pain which Ruhi suffered.
    Will Ishita fight Pihu’s custody case against Shagun?
    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  41. rithushree

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman ( Karan Patel) and Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi ) life.
    Soon in the upcoming series, Ishita will witness foul play amid Shagun and will inform Raman that Shagun was behind her kidnapping.
    Raman will distrust Ishita as Shagun took care of Bhalla family in Ishita’s absence.
    However Ishita will not have any evidence to prove Shagun is the real culprit.
    Therefore Ishita will take Abhishek’s help to expose Shagun and find evidence against her.
    Will Abhishek and Ishita succeed in exposing Shagun before her wedding with Mani?
    Let’s stay tuned for the upcoming twist in Ishita and Raman’s life due to Shagun.

  42. rithushree

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman ( Karan Patel) and Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi ) life.
    Soon in the upcoming series, Ishita will learn that Shagun has again turned negative and is trying to harm Bhalla family.
    Ishita will try to inform Raman but Raman will disbelieve Ishita’s words.
    Upset Ishita will go to Abhishek where Abhishek will inform Ishita to find out Anil’s confession letter.
    On the other hand Ishita will also feel sorry for ruining Mani’s life.
    Both Abhishek and Ishita find out Anil’s letter and they run to stop Mani and Shagun’s marriage exposing Shagun.
    Is Shagun’s game over or new twist inviting more trouble for Ishita? Let’s wait and watch.

  43. rithushree

    Star Plus’ most successful show riding high on success Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman ( Karan Patel ) and Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi ) life.
    Soon in the upcoming series, Ishita will come to know that Shagun was the one who had kidnapped her for her personal gain.
    As Raman will disbelieve Ishita, Ishita will take Abhishek’s help to get evidence against Shagun.
    Ishita will find Anil’s letter and expose Shagun but Shagun will deny the fact and will deceive Ashok for trying to trap Shagun.
    Will Shagun and Mani’s marriage come to halt post this exposure?
    Will Ishita fall for Shagun’s fake drama?
    It would be interesting to wait and watch for new twist in the upcoming episodes.

  44. rithushree

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman ( Karan Patel) and Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi ) life.
    Soon in the upcoming series, Shagun will expose her evil face in front of Ishita.
    Shagun will confess her crime but will warn Ishita to stay out of her life and move back to Australia.
    Shagun will also warn Ishita to not snatch away her Pihu.
    However Ishita will stand still and get shocked to witness Shagun’s negative side and will explain her not spoil poor Pihu’s life.
    Shagun warns Ishita that she will file Pihu’s custody case.
    Upset Ishita accepts Shagun’s challenge and even she warns her to win Pihu’s custody as she won Ruhi’s.

  45. pihu

    hey i m back…actually i was busy with exams and after that this site was not opening,so i could not comment .

  46. disha

    Nice To RememberSome friends are remembered because of their smile. Some friends are remembered because of their style. But u are remembered because u r so nice to remember.
    all of you

  47. VP

    Hi Rithu .. Shivani .. Sindhu .. Mino .. Jaz ..Az..Aditya … Khushi … Susan .. Ninsh .. Disha and all yhm fans … Totally disgusting and damaged yhm fully .. coming episodes seem to be rubbish .. shaghun threatens black mailing Mani and Pihu … How easily Shaghun do all nonsense things .. Ishitha is a fool … how can the lead roles are portraited like this .. Pihu .. understandable but this Shaghun only brain washed her . Ruhi is with Ishitha .. its true quite unbelievable for every one that Shaghun is cuprit becoz of her long 7 years stay with them . Feeling v v v upset ..

  48. Juhi

    In this site who belongs to Delhi? You know there is a good news for ishita fans. Ishita is on Delhi. I m big fan of divyanka but I am not live in Delhi

  49. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans. I agree with u all.serial becoming crap.plz end this track .no love like old yhm.other serials are better now adays.

  50. devi

    Oh hello don’t blame Raman…… It is all because of manoj he sujested shagun….. Don’t blame Raman.ishita left pihu shagun left ruhi what’s the difference between them….. If Raman trusted ishitha before during ruhi custody, what’s wrong if he trusts shagun…… Shagun gave her 7 years for bhalla family and they were selfish about ishitha… Anyone else will also become negative….. Once again don’t blame Raman….. Yhm rocks it will always rock’s….. I love kp I always love kp

    • VP

      yes Devi … KP is confused …. but he knows Ishitha very well and Shaghun too …Simply to hurt anyone Ishitha will not say any thing but Shaghun knowing how she treated each and every one though spent seven years cant trust . If she is good will she brain wash Pihu …Raman doesnt know the truth … surrogancy nd Losing Ruhi all his mistakes . He doesnt deserve Ishitha … simple as that ….Happy friendship day to all yhm fans from this old lady ….Friends and Medicines both play the same role in our lives . Both take care of us in pain … but only one defference friendship has no expiry date …Always value your good friends

      • Rajat

        Do you think Raman has understood ishita till now… No … He will never understand her or even try to understand… Don’t know why CVS are always trying to make Ishu wrong in front of Raman … As they showed that Ishu came to know that real culprit is Shagun… They could have shown that Raman came to know the culprit but no CVS always want to make Ishu wrong first in front of everyone then they show that Ishu is determined to open the secret like this they can easily progress to 2-4 months….

      • Mino

        well said VP. All Because of Raman’s Pigheaded ways. he does the wrong & blames IShu. Hi who said we don’t love KP. this is not real this is reel so when Raman is wrong we have to say wrong. the problem is He is Praising Shagun who dumped him for Ashok when IShu Has gone to Hell & Back for Raman. No one values Ishu. She should just leave everyone & Ruhi should also follow to open their eyes wide to see who is at fault. Anyway why are we arguing for what we have not done. We are one Family. it is only different opinions.

    • Khushi

      Devi pls dnt compare ishitha nd shagun
      Ishitha will mvr manipulate her children instead her all time priority raman his family nd kids more than herself. Shagun is always a selfish women manipulating her children. Evnthough she changd for gud that slefish women hidden inside her came out in course of tym
      Nd abt raman do u thnk he evr luvd ishitha. He always thnk abt hus kids nd family nd nvr abt ishitha. Nvr stands with her while she needs support bt as she sincerly kuvs him she always supports him whwn evr he needs a shoulder to lean.
      Shagun left ruhi for ashok his money nd fame. Bt in ishithas case it was raman whi madr her leave with all thise insulting words evn though tge while plan of exchange was his nd nt ishus fault.
      What he thinks of ishitha that she shld suffer all the insults he bestows on her nd still remain with him withiut any self respect
      Nd what parvarish he nd shagun gave to pihu. Made her addictd to serials.
      He nvr luvd ishitha only thought abt hus kids. She is lyk a nanny for his kids.

  51. Khushi

    Hi dear adi, vp, jaz, shivani, rithu, parvathy, monique,supergirl, mino, lekha, sally, susan, sreeranjini,baazigar, sarita, sowmy,preethy, swara, pihu, aditi,bhagya, hp, niveditha, shabana, payal, radhika,simzain, ishitha bhalla, mustafa, vidhi, abhishek, raj, bhaavi,sindhu, aliya, niyathi, kutty, ro, jeni, sara, deepa, disha, awesome, sana, evani, katrina,smithy, aastha, vaishnavi,maahi,ajay,juhi,akshu, pari, hana, uaha, farhat, krishna, chakor, bhagya, parichari, rajat
    Wish u a wonderful day nd a happy life ahead…


    Thank JAZ Az Monique Kushi SHIVANI And ALL The Members
    Actually I Didn’t READ Full Comments
    PLEASE GUYS Don’t Mind


    Kushi Did You Watch Those Scenes of ‘KAHIIN to HOGA’?

    JAZ Where Were You These DAYS?

  54. shreya shetty

    Kimberly is a doggy.hahahahahahhahaha and u will be barking throughout ur life for doing so KIMBERLY.KIMBUUUU DOGGY

  55. Hiral

    Agree dat saghun is not doing right. I chose a wrong path. Bt if ishita marry with raman for her luv towards ruhi. Den y nt shagun. Aftr all shagun ne 7 sal tak bina kisi personal swarth k pihu ke liye apna sabkuch chhod diya. Ishita aur ruhi ka relation to kuch hi waqt ka tha jab usne raman se shadi ki. If saghun demand for pihu’s custdy den its nt wrng at all. Jst bcoz shagun is a nagativ character dat dosnt mean dat shagun ‘s luv fr pihu is nt true n ishita’s luv is true bcoz she is a protagonist.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.