Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita crying at the corner. Yeh hai mohabbatein……….plays…….. Ashok sees her and spikes the drink. He bribes the waiter and asks him to come when he calls her. He goes to Ishita and she asks him to get lost. He calls the waiter and asks him to give cold drink to her. He asks her to have it, and leaves. The waiter gives her the drink and goes. She drinks it and starts getting dizzy. Ashok looks on and smiles. He says sorry, this had to happen, poor Ishita, your dad in law came to me and asked me not to see his home and their respect, now I will see Bhalla family, how will they react when they know what I did with their respect, hold on Ishita I m coming.

Raman asks Shweta about Mr Tandon, are they together or not? She says Mr. Tandon has big loss in business,

he is a loser, and resting at home. Raman asks is man loser if money ends. She says yes, a man’s work is to give comfortable life to his wife. Raman asks will wife leaves him if he does not earn. She says he does not have right to make me suffer, I deserve the best, why are we discussing this, I have seen Jhakad’s guest room, lets go there. He asks is she mad, sorry. She says come on. He asks does she know what is she doing. She drags him. Ashok says I think Shweta did her work.

Ashok asks Jhakad for his bedroom’s keys, he has to use bathroom. Jhakad gives the keys. Raman’s old employee looks on. Ashok holds Ishita and she is lost in her total senses. She says leave me, and calls out Raman. He says I will take you, you will feel better and takes her. The guy sees this. Ashok brings Ishita to the room and makes her rest on the bed. He shuts the door and says leave Raman, Ashok is here. He sees her and smiles disgustingly. He says maybe you don’t know Ashok does not lose ever. He says Shweta will keep Raman busy there, and I will keep you busy here.

He messages Shweta. Raman asks Shweta did he not get Ashok. She reads Ashok’s message and acts cozy. Raman asks is she mad and moves her away. She says I can see you and Ishita are not together. He says your said I love you to Tandon on this day, he told me, he was talking just about you, how much he misses you, he loves you a lot. He says Tandon is a fool to love you, he does not know his wife left him, and makes her ashamed saying how much Tandon loves her and she is cheating such a good husband.

He says will you leave him if he don’t earn well, just to spend a night for me, what you want to prove, he madly loves you, think about him, I went through this, Shagun did not value our marriage. She cries and says she does not wish to hurt Tandon’s heart. He asks her to think what she was doing, he is lucky to get Ishita, think about Tandon, you are his life, and you call him a loser. I care for him, I will warn him about what his wife is doing. She stops him and cries.

Ashok removes his jacket and says Bhallas used to talk a lot about respect, what respect now, and applies perfume. He takes selfie with her and thinks to upload it later. He says he does not any disturbance, poor Raman his both wives’ names will be linked to me. Shagun comes there and slaps him. He asks what is she doing here. She slaps him many times. She starts scolding him and says you are worse than an animal, what were you doing, and deletes the pics. She kicks him out and shuts the door. Raman says I will call Tandon, you tell him that he got the job, you love him, I know you love him. He calls Tandon and makes her talk to Tandon.

Tandon takes the call and asks Shweta is she with Raman, maybe he came in party, how is he, is she getting bored. She says no. He says sorry to send you alone, I m jobless and no business, I did not wish to meet anyone. She says yes, Raman and Ishita are here, I spoke to Raman and told everything about our business in London, and about his job. He asks what did he say. She says you got the job by Raman. He says I can’t believe you did this for me, I love you. She says I love you too.

He asks him to make him talk to Raman, I told him that you love me, he would have seen this today. Raman signs her. She says Raman is not here. He says I m happy, I love you, thanks. She cries ending the call and thanks Raman, apologizing too for what she did. He says its okay and gives her kerchief. He asks her not to break trust, there are many lives linked with one marriage, you are lucky to get such lovely husband, don’t do such mistake again, I will arrange cab and drop you home.

Shagun slaps Ashok and scolds him. She says she will not let Ishita’s name ruin, how can he do this, I know Raman did good work, good people are related to him, and tells how that guy has informed her, after seeing Raman’s phone busy. She says Vivek has told me this, he was your employee and loyal to Raman, Raman respects everything. Ashok asks how did she come to room. She says you duffer, I took keys from Vivek, after he took it from Jhakad. She asks him not to be around Ishita again, just get lost. She slaps him again. Ashok fumes.

Ishita asks Raman where are they. Raman says thank Lord you know who is Raman, we are in hotel, see your state. She says I want to go home. He says you are not in state to go home. She stumbles and he holds her. They have an eyelock.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Waaah……Waaah………

    Kya thappad pade hai Ashok ko……
    Majaa aa gaya…….

    Ab kal Raman ki baari……
    Beta tum bhi taiyar ho jao……JKR ke thappad khane ke liye………

    • Ya prayosha u r right… Kal k epi. Me jyada maja ayega…kal ravankumar ki bari hai….Nd Raman has done a great job ..he makes shweta ti realize her mistake… Nd saved a mrg…

  2. Raman…….Shweta ko to samjaya…..ab khud bhi samjo……aise kaise soch sakte ho Ishita ke bare me…….ab jald hi mano apni JKR ko…….

  3. Yaar kamine ashok par. ..thappado ki barsaat hoga yi. ……thode jote bhi padhne chahiye the. ….jab shagun ashok ko maar rahi thi. ….dil khush hogaya. …

  4. Aaj ka bahuttt hi mast tha. ..raman ne Mrs. tondon koi unki galti ka Ehsaas dilaya……Mr. tondon ko job bhi offer ki hai. ……ye sirf hamara raman hi karsakta hai. …..

  5. Shagun ne jab ashok ko last thappad mara. .ashok k gaal par stamp padh gaya ki woh kitna ghatya aadmi hai. ……..meri hasi rukh nahin rahi thi ashok maar khate dekh. …. …

  6. Muje laga…..yeh…..laha Vivek Mumbai ka hao to wo Ruhi Arora ko janta hoga….iss liye Shagun ko bulaya…par wo to Shagun ko janta tha iss liye bulaya….sahi kaha Shagun ne….Raman ne bahot achche kaam kiye hai…iss liye use help karne ke liye koi na koi aa hi jata hai…mai bhi wo hi soch rahi thi….

  7. so badly written yaar
    it would have been better if it was written in hindi
    at least i would have to read countless times to understand a line!!!!
    @tellyupdates please solve this. tjose who don’t understand hindi will have big problems yaar!

    btw awesome episode
    waiting eagerly for consu tomorrow 🙂

  8. Consummation’ track in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (Star Plus and Balaji Telefilms) between Raman

    (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) has created quite a lot of buzz among fans. With the two finally taking their relationship forward, gear up to see a high dose of emotion, drama and romance in the coming episode.

    As seen so far, Ishita had been quite upset over the fact that Raman ignored her and danced with Mrs Tandon. Ashok (Sangram Singh) will spike her drink, and take her to a room, to irk Raman. But the man would come in time and stop Ashok from fulfilling his evil deeds. With Ishita being in an inebriated state, Raman would decide to take a room in the hotel, to avoid the family seeing her in that condition. And there and then, the entire drama will begun (thundering

    Shared a source, “When Ishita will come back to her senses she will confront Raman on flirting around with other women and not even finding her attractive. The two will have a hugeshowdown, wherein Raman would also tell her that he hated the fact that she changed herself to a modern woman from the simple soul.”

    And to tease her further, he would say that he danced with the other lady as she was hot (he he!). Furious with her husband openly flaunting his choice, Ishita would plant a tight slap on his cheeks. He would then further say that he really enjoyed the hot company, when Ishita would slap him twice.

    Furious by her actions, Raman would go ahead to kiss her passionately and that is how the entire consummation will begin.

    Superrr cool…isn’t it???

    Raman-Ishita will then romance to Kalyug ‘s popular track Tujhe dekh dekh and sparkle up your TV screens with their sensual romance.

  9. Shagun ne ashok ko shayad 10 bar thappad mara hoga pat ashok ki iss ghatya harkat k liye aur mar padhni chahiye thi. …

  10. New On-location Video with W.U. ( 6th August ) ***
    –> Raman traps Ashok n sent him jail.
    In the first scene they show Raman getting a call. And when he picks it up no one talks, but he hears his father praise him about how he was sure Raman would win the contract and how proud he is. Raman is emotional and happy hearing his father.
    In the next scene, Raman has laid a trap with the help of a woman and the police where an unknown lady blames Ashok for raping him. She is insistent and he confronts her saying he doesn’t know her. When she continues to blame him ans says she can present proofs, Ashok ends up confessing he was with Ishita after he spiked her drink. The police hears this and he gets arrested. Raman tells him, how did you think I’d shut up after you tried doing something like this with my wife.

  11. aaj ka episode masth tha……….maaza aaya ashok ko tappad kaathe huye dhek kar bahuth kush thi par us ashok ke liye iss se bhi jyada tappad hona chahiye he deserves it…..,any way mr.raman kumar bhalla the great c.e.o aab tho company ki maalik bhi ho tayyar ho jaavo biwi ki haath se maar khane ka…,…

  12. haaaa mizun we all will wait for 2mrws episode it will be awesome……….any way how r u all mizun rithu priya prayu angel……

  13. tarun

    very nice episode yr…thnk god shagun has changed …..waiting 4 tomm.. episode. bt raman ko ashok ki yeh gandi harkat kab pta chalegi…

  14. darshika

    FANTASTIC…….. ! ! ! Wow……… !Well done shagun. You have done a great job for first time in your life. This ashok….. ! How did you dare to get cozy with ishita…?Oh,I forgot this.This is a ashok’s habitual action…. First shagun next mihika now ishita and so many more girls…… Son of the b*t*h…… ! I hate you. And I’m waiting for tomorrow episode…… I’m soooooooo exited to see it. Lovely precap…..From sri lanka.

  15. darshika

    Shagun has turned good person now. It means, is there a leap……? Is this surrogate mother concept true….? From sri lanka.

  16. Aaye haaye……aaj jaa kar makers ko thodi akkal aayi….aaj ka ep dekhkar pure din ki thakan dur ho gai…..majaa aa gaya yaar……….

  17. nimrit

    upcoming ishra convr. : Raman: Kisne kaha tha change hone tumhe
    yaar.. tum jaisi ho vaisi pasand ho mujhe.. mat
    badal madrasan please…
    Ishita: tabhi to mujhe chhod ke us Mrs. Tandon
    ke sath dance kar rahe the..
    Raman ( in a playful way ): hot thi yaar Mrs.
    Ishita slaps him n says: Main uske sath aapko
    dekh bhi nahi sakti.. to uski batein sunna..
    and she tries to leave
    Raman: Maine to chhua bhi tha.. bahot hot thi..
    Ishita slaps him again..
    Raman: dimag tera kharab ho gaya hai.. kya kar
    rahi hai..
    Ishita: kya karoge.. Mujhe maroge.. Maro maro..
    N Raman pulls her n kiss her on her lips and
    after kiss Ishita look at him surprisingly..
    Raman: ab jitni baar tu maregi naa.. Main aise hi
    maruga.. maar.. ab main bhi to dekhu ki
    madrasan mein marne ki kitni himmat hai..
    Ishita smiles and feel shy and consummation
    scene begins..

    Raman ne liya apni biwi ka badla!
    Raman traps ashok and sent him to jail for harrasing his wife!
    P.S: Thank God RKB is not like usual hubbys! Well a very strong msg is transfered by CVs that Rape doesn’t mean its Girl’s fault! Hats Off to CVs! Every Girl deserves a Husband like RKB (except his angry state

  19. Jhanvi

    Wow yar superb epi….. Very Good shagun …us Ashok ki to halat kharab kar Di….well done….

  20. siddhi

    Yrrr its good k shagun ne ishita ko bachaya but yrr still I hate shagun why the makers r showing shagun so good Raman ko ishita ko bachana cahiyi tha I don’t want to shagun whether WO change ho gai hai ya nahi asa lag raha that jas heroin shagun hai

  21. tahira

    woww thanks nimrit for sharing there conversion is it true mera matlab h ki aisa hi hone wala h na pakka aapko kaise pata chala ye

  22. jhanvi

    Ya prayosha u r right ….kal ka epi..aur bhi jyada majedar hoga….ab ravankumar ki bari…. Get ready raman Kumar bhalla….

  23. Jhanvi

    Superb…..superb…… Superb…. Superb… Epi..yr sooooo happy……thank god shagun sahi vakt PR a gai…..Nd yaaa shagun am pehli bar achhi lag rahi thi…..aj pehli bar shagun ko dekhkar muje itni jyada khusu hui hai…she has done a great job…finally dear se hi sahi use galat aur sahi k bech ka farak pata chala…superb shagun…

  24. jhanvi

    Wow ….it’s a great news….thanx prayosha… Yaaa right param chain se nahi hi sakta uski bhi halat to Ashok jaisi hi honi chahiye…

  25. jhanvi

    Awaiting for next epi…BT actually guys can’t wait for tomorrow….. Kal kab ayega.. Just can’t wait…

  26. no leap no surrogate mother
    no leap no surrogate mother
    It’s a humble request
    we want ishita to hav own baby

    kal bahut bahut bahut bahut
    maza ayega
    waiting 4 tmr episode

  27. jhanvi

    Today Raman has done a great job…. He makes shweta to realize her mistake…. Nd saved a mrg….Nd also gave a job offer to Mr. Tondon…

  28. jhanvi

    Hiii darshika…. We are also want to know that is d news is Right….??? Don’t know about dis… BT we don’t want surrogacy track….. Don’t want a leap… Don’t want any separation of ishra Nd ruhi..

  29. Leap & Sorrogacy …..jaisa kuch nahi hoga….sab rumours hai…..aisi badi badi news ke saath chhote chhote Rumours aate rehte hai……kuch nahi hoga……aisa ho hi nahi sakta….Ishita ko baby chahiye kyonki wo use apni womb me mehsoos kar sake janm de sake agar Sarrogacy karni ho to Ishita ko kya milega….wo hi Yashoda Maiya ka naam…..aisa ho hi nahi sakta….phir to wo hi baat hui… Ishita baby carry nahi kar sakti….

  30. Leap & Sorrogacy …..jaisa kuch nahi hoga….sab rumours hai…..aisi badi badi news ke saath chhote chhote Rumours aate rehte hai……kuch nahi hoga……aisa ho hi nahi sakta….Ishita ko baby chahiye kyonki wo use apni womb me mehsoos kar sake janm de sake agar Sarrogacy karni ho to Ishita ko kya milega….wo hi Yashoda Maiya ka naam…..aisa ho hi nahi sakta….phir to wo hi baat hui… Ishita baby carry nahi kar sakti…….

  31. Kal ki date wese bhi speciial hogi…

    Humesha yaad rahegi…..1.5 years se intjar kar rahe hai iss din ka….hai na …mere jaise crazy IshRa fans?????

  32. really upset with yhm that they are showing intimate scenes with is not appropeiate to show as it is a family show .we are just kids and we are yet grown up to see such scenes .as far as i know this show is specially watched by many kids around 6-15 years and its really bad for us to watch.atleast the makers could have kept this in mind about the ages of all the veiwers about that is all the age groups watches yhm and it is show where there there is great prominence to the child actors as they play a major role.if it was with other serial then it might work.

      • vidhya

        great prayosha… at last there was somebody sensible enough to realize that the show is going beyond limits to be watched inthe company of family. i used to watch the show with my 5 year old daughter because of ishita and ruhis bond. but now i turn of the tv at 7.30 sharp. too many obscene scenes. this is not a family show.

  33. bhagi

    yar kal kab hoga aur kal ka episode kab aayega vise bhi telly chakkar ne poori video leak kar diya guys…….

    • Kya ho gaya Rithushree…..sab romantic track ki baat kar rahe the….& ab jab Makers dikha rahe hai…to kya problem hai…& rahi baat kids ki to unke parents ke haath me hai…ki unhe .kis show ka kaunsa ep apne child ko dekhne dena hai yaa nahi….

      • bhagi

        prayu i dnt think it was rithu yar kyom ki vo khabi esi baath nahi karthi aur yahi baath consumation ki tho vo bhi bahuth dinom se hum sab iska intazaar kar rahe hai aur ur correct abt children…..

  34. V P

    Thanks a lot creators . As expected the twist is taken into a good change . All good . We don’t want to see Shagun more , excellent actress she is . No doubt about it. But surrogacy please avoid , the beauty lies when Ishitha enjoys the pregnancy and motherhood . She deserves to be a happy mother of three kids and the audience will learn a lot from this . Thanks again for making us happy .

    • But we are not more children……we are audlts…….& its not that type of vulger or 18+…..why Am I fighting with you…..if you want to watch ….wathch it….if not then leave it……

  35. jhanvi

    Yaaa prayosha u r right kal ka intezar ……oh god…..kitne time se intezar tha is din ka…..just dyyying to see tmr epi….

  36. look guys i am not against yhm but particularly this track .i am a great fan of yhm and even i dont like surrogacy part but this and is not good i said.if anybody is hurt then i am sorry.

  37. jhanvi

    Ys ritushree agree with prayosha…. All d youngsters viewers are awaiting for dis….. Aur rahi bat bachho ki ya I agree unhe nahi dekhna chahiye.. BT unke parents is bat ka dhyan jarur rakhenge….

    • Romi

      Previously your id was used by your sister for so many days so that’s why they are doubtful!
      I agree with you ?? children should not watch this track and its their parents responsibility to not allow them to watch it ?

  38. anyways i dont want to comment more on it . but may yhm come first in trp for satisfying many fans. atleast from this no body calls ishitha bhaanch.

  39. ammu karithik

    hi guys today episode was very nice… and shagun was great act. we r wait tomorrow episode…. love u ishitha and ramam . keep rocking guys….

  40. Actually Ishita western was not suiting her..she was luking fat..but in saree she luks too gud…nd this western was not comfortable for her…

  41. i am rithushree’ s sis only who uses this site always not rithushree.she wont even use it.but prevention is better than cure so it would if children like me wont watch yhm today.

  42. YHM SHOW kuch hade par ki hai aaj ke episode me….

    But yeh to unke fans ki mang thi soo makers’ n director ne full fill kiya….

    Hot scene thoda kam hona chahiye….

    Because tv show hai watching all family together….

    Waise scene me thoda rain scene hona chahiye fir….

    Like Aashiqui 2 movie….

    But ishra hai to just amazing……

    Always impressed by IshRa fans….

  43. darshika

    hi jhanvi, I’m afraid of that hateful news. If it will happen………? Anyway we hope, it will not happen ever….. ! And guys, you all are correct about ishra’s romantic scene. But guys, we all have a brain to think……. Raman and ishita,they are not children. They are husband and every huby-wife do this. But parents should avoid this scene from children.If someone get it for erotic/vulgar catogary, yes that’s true. And if someone get it for aesthetic/so beautiful catogary, that’s also true….. It is change, according to our mind….. And I definitely happy with this scene…… From sri lanka.

  44. jhanvi

    Rithu I think achha hua video leak hua taki parents pehle se dhyan rakh sake k bachhe ye na dekhe….

  45. darshika

    And I don’t agree with this scene, If they are boyfriend and girlfriend. But guys, they are husband and wife…. ! And touching, kissing, romance…they all belong to husband and wife…..not for kids and at least not for bf and Gf. We have to understand this. I know, this is not real story. But if it is real, think about ishita. Think about married woman. If she haven’t any physical relationship with her husband, how can she tolerate it…….. ? But I totally agree with this, children should not watch this scene. But guys,not only children but also lots of adults are watching yhm. So makers can’t please every person in same time. Anyway, I’m very very happy with this scene…. From sri lanka.

  46. bhagi

    guys sorry agar kisi ko bhi bura laga ho tho par jaha tak muje patha hai bahuth sari tv shows hai jisme consumation scence iss se bhi vulgarly dhikaya par jaha tak baath yhm ki tho jin pic’s ya videos aab tak maine dheki muje tho laga tha ki there is no volgure in that yar…,,,,, par yaha kuch log jyada hi react kar rahe hai patha nahi kyom………i think its just romantic nd nice nd nt at all vulgur nd they did nt cross any of their limits……by bounding in their limits they made the scene very romantic hot nd neatly…….am sry agar kisi ko bhi bura laga tho

  47. darshika

    I compleatly agree with you bhagi,I didn’t understand everything. Actually it is not erotic…. ! It’s very nice and beautiful. From sri lanka.

  48. vidhya

    ritushree i m glad u initiated this discussion. u dont have to be sorry for what u said. u were absolutely right that such scenes should not be shown on shows that are watched by the whole family. IT IS MAKERS’ RESPONSIBILITY TO SATISFY VIEWERS’ OF ALL AGE GROUP… THAT IS WHAT SHOULD BE CALLED AS A FAMILY MELODRAMA…..

    such obscenity can be watched in theatres in any ‘A’ certified movies. y do u guys want ishita and raman to do that IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY… sounds disgusting….

    makers should have had enough brains to take the story in such a way that viewers understand that finally ishra have taken their relationship ahead… y show all this nonsense.

    • exactly vidya .i agree with you.yhm is exceptional where there is an equal prominence to the child actors.and obviously because of it many children watch but the should have been quite responsible to show in such a way that all should be satisfied .all age groups should be satisfied.

  49. Yeah right bhagi. .mujhe bhi aaisa kuch galat nahib laga n .dusre shows mein toh isse bhi zyada vulgurly dikhate hai..par yhm mein aaisa nahin dikhaya. …….makers ne and divan ne iss scene ko limited rakha hai …jahan tak mujhe lagta hai ye scene yhm mein aata hi nahin kyun k makers aaisa scene dikhana hi nahin chahate the issi liye toh. ..1.5 year lagaye ye scene toh aane mein. . woh bhi fans ki wajhe se.unki demand thi iss liye ye scene aaya..pata nahin aaisa scene kab aata. ..

  50. Sbs fatafat express. .. Main dikhaya ki. sce hai meeting chalrahi hai ashok param ne raman k against kuch plan kiya hai. ………kp ne kaha ki..unlog ne kuch plan kiya hai par main bhi aaise Jane nahin donga. ….
    Raman ne wahi red shirt mein hai. .means iss meeting k baad. .ashok jail jaye ga. …

  51. Channels (in GRPs)
    Star Plus 240
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    Life OK 144
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    Saath Nibhana Saathiya stands tall
    with 3.6 TRPs followed closely by
    Kumkum Bhagya with 3.5 TRPs. Meri
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    Interestingly there seems to be a very
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    Badii Devrani 0.3 (0.3)
    Begusarai 0.3 (0.3)
    Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls 0.2 (0.5)
    (As per data provided by BARC

  52. rithu nd prayu don’t fight
    we are big fans of this show
    we shd nt fight like this
    everyone vil hav their own
    4 children it is nt gd
    4 adults they can watch
    bt parents vil avoid
    u guys don’t worry
    compare to other serial
    yhm is best
    no vulgar scenes

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.