Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman asking Ishita where are you taking me, are you really taking me to satsang. She asks him to open eyes. He gets surprised seeing the decorations. She asks how did you like satsang. He says I did not think satsang can be so colorful, you made this honeymoon suite. She says yes, its honeymoon after many days, its a new start for us. He says last time you did this and family came. Someone knocks door. She says yes, how to be without family. He opens door and room service guy gets champagne. Raman says I fell in love with you again. He opens the bottle and thanks her for thinking this for him. He says cheers for our honeymoon and our new young days. They drink. She says cheers to our kids.

Ruhi meets Vaibhav and asks how are you here today, we have no partner meeting,

I have some work. He says its okay, we decided, Adi is not here, so Shweta will help you, she is your assistant. Ruhi asks why, can’t I do my own, I don’t need any assistant. He says Shweta is just your helping hand, I will meet later. She asks him to be ready for meeting. He says sure and goes. Ruhi gets seated in her cabin. Shweta says I have seen your meeting details. She gives project file and says I have done pointers, just check. Ruhi asks when did you do this. Shweta says I came one hour ago and did everything, else your time would have wasted. Ruhi says wow, fine we have to prepare for preparation before Romi and Raman comes.

Romi is on the way and talks to Mr. Bakshi. He says its much jam here, I will reach and call you. Ashok’s car gets in between. Romi asks are you blind. Ashok gets down the car and smiles. Romi sees him. Ashok asks how are you, my friend. Romi says just you can do this. Ashok hugs him. He says I know you joined Raman back, how did you forget me. Romi says you were hitting my car. Ashok says fate made us meet, leave it, how is Raman, I heard his children are fighting, slapping each other, anyways they are Raman’s children so its okay. Romi says I will tell you real news, Raman’s children have grown up, Adi is managing Mani’s work well, Ruhi is managing international projects on her own, Raman’s company has become big empire. He taunts him and asks constable to check his license. He leaves.

Adi says its locked. Aaliya asks him to check. Adi calls out and asks is anyone there. The man asks who is it. Adi sees him sleeping and asks him to get up. The man says go, boss did not come. Adi says you will see boss when you get up, open the door, its too hot out here. The man opens the house. Aaliya likes the house. Adi says its beautiful. She asks will you have coffee. The man asks shall I get milk, tell me market gets shut soon. Adi says we don’t want anything. Aaliya says I got tetra pack, I will make it. The man says she got cow and buffalo from the city. Adi says we did not get married yet. The man asks is she roaming without marriage. Adi asks him to mind his own work.

The man says this does not work here, such people are beheaded, guy and girl together before marriage. Adi asks him to do what’s said to do, who is sarpanch to raise finger on us, will you have coffee made by her. The man says no, understand what I m saying. Adi asks him to go. The man goes. Adi shuts the door and sings Zamane se…… He hugs Aaliya and says if sarpanch punishes us death, we should so something before it. She says no, it will be problem. He says even they will have heart. She asks him to help and get coffee items, no need to think. He says she is Ishita’s copy and smiles.

Raman says such weekends should be often. She says wait and dims lights. He asks is there another surprise, do you want to loot me. She plays a song. Sun mere humsafar…..plays…….. They dance and hug. Adi hugs Aaliya by excuse. She laughs. Raman and Ishita romance. Aaliya runs. Adi runs after her.

Ishita stops music. Raman asks what happened. She says you danced so gracefully today, you could dance like Gulabo. He asks what. She says what shall I call you, Gulabo or Raman, you looked so cute, so I liked Gulabo. He says I did this for you and children. She says you did for us, I m really proud of you. He asks are you not annoyed. She says no. He says lets continue with romance. She says I m hungry, order some food.

Mani praises the food. He says if you cook this way, I will be your fan. Shagun says if you praise me this way, I have to cook every day for you. He says no, lets go for dinner tonight. She says sounds nice, italian. He says as you wish. Shagun’s friend Riya comes. Shagun hugs her, and introduces Riya Bajaj, she is best designer, I was thinking to get Aaliya’s clothes from her. Mani says there is one month time. Shagun says its just one month. Riya says it takes much time to design clothes. She shows the dresses. Shagun likes one and shows Mani.

Mani asks Shagun to come and talk. He asks are you mad, did you see the cost of clothes, 15 lakhs outfit, I would have to sell the house and business. She says then sell it, I know I don’t have to overspend, but this designer will make us clothes in one fourth cost, she replicates the designs, come, I have changed, we will ask discount too. He gets relieved.

Ruhi calls Raman and asks where are you, come fast, we have presentation. Raman says I m in traffic, you manage it. He ends call. Ruhi says how can I manage alone. Romi comes and asks for Raman. Ruhi says he is not coming, how to do this. Romi says we are getting late, come fast. Ishita gets Adi’s call. She asks him to see how to talk without lying. She asks Adi did he reach. Adi says yes, everything settled, how to make tea, Aaliya is just giving coffee. Aaliya says no more complains. Adi says I will make tea, just tell me. Someone knocks door. Ishita asks did anyone come. Adi says don’t know, talk to Aaliya. Ishita hears them. The men get inside the house and catch Adi and Aaliya. Ishita gets worried.

Raman and Ishita come to the village. She says Adi and Aaliya are not answering. Raman asks someone about the old factory and Adi. The man says that city guy who came with a girl, he is taken by panchayat. They get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. kya hai,cvs kavivi ishra ka romance pura nehi dikhate,what a fiasco,Adi Alu ke wajase phirse ek new syapa ho gaya,hate this two character,always ready to spoil ishra romance,pichli bar hotel me vi ishra romance spoil kia tha,aur ishra ke life me ekhi kam bacha hai baccho ka prob solve krna,aur Ishita ko gulbo ke wareme kaise pata chala?chalo jo vi ho ishra romance ka jo vi hissa dikhaya accha laga,ashok is come back,sayed avi kuch interesting hoga.waiting for this track I hope is reason se Adiau marriage postpone ho jae.aur cvs sirf ishra pehi focus kare,asha to lagahi sakte hai

  2. Now why ruhi want raman help when she think that she can do her work alone n without any help

    1. Agree with you Sona!!!

      That is why Ruhi ask Raman for help but Raman make excused so that Ruhi need to work alone because Ishra want to see Ruhi and Adi to challenage so that they must do it by themselves. I think it is about meeting with clients so that Raman had to be present because he is the CEO of Pihu’s Company. Ruhi did not know what happen over there where villiage try to do harm Adi. Ishra rush to the place to save Adi and Aylia before villiage will behead them. Villiager did not know that Adi and Aylia are engaged couple and is about to get married but it will take 1 month when the challenge between Adi and Ruhi are over. Adi will win the challenge which break Ruhi confidence and lost her presentation for the business. Ishra are proud of children for working hard and want their children to patch up so sibling did it for parents (Ishra).

  3. kya yaar yeh kaya hogaya,it is the common thing that ishra romance kavi pura nehi hota,what a fiasco,pahle accha chal rahatha akhirme pura kharap kr dia,mujhe samajh nehi ata ki cvs always ishra ke life problem ke upar prob q dete hai,thora gap to hona chahie na,unke life sirf eki chees baki rah gai hai baccho prob solve krna,as a papernts,as a couple unhe kitnahi dikhate hai?&Adiau always ready to spoil ishra romance,pichlivar hotel me vi same kia tha,and Ashok is back,I hope kuch to interesting track ae,aur Adiau shadi postpone ho jae,nehi to shadi ke pahle hi eye log ishra romance spoil krte hai,after marriage pata nehi kaya hoga,I hope cvs sirf ishra pehi focus kare

  4. I think niddhi is still behind all this

    1. Leila…

      Nidhi is now in jail forever and will not get her escape that is how cv is ending Nidhi chapter. It is Ashok who is now back to the show. Ashok will create misunderstanding between Adi and Ruhi but will go in vain when Ruhi missed Adi and will patch up with them. Ishra romance will be back since Ashok returned. Ashok will try to rift amid Ishra but goes in vain because Ishu is the most strongest shield in Bhalla family as Ishu is the only one who protect the family. But Raman protect his ladylove Ishu and will rest his life with her. As Raman will not want to leave Ishu. She is everything to him.

  5. Hi All

    Sindhu, VP, Abishesk and all , so long since we all wrote up…scenes were not worth
    writing about. Todays episode was good but again whether to be happy or not is something altogether. Whenver they are this happy we know a big storm is cumn.

    But so good to see such chemistry between DT and KP, they really nail it.
    The show would be flat without these 2 talented actors.

    Lets hope the CVs give us more good episodes.

  6. For all ishra lovers who hate adi and aliya, I tell u one thing. Yhm story is based on love and relationships. U cannot always blame adi and aliya for ishras distance. And u cannot always expect ishra scenes. There might be some scenes that cvs do not want to show. Why blame other characters…. adi and aliya are not villians to spoil ishra romance. Haters bark. I am a die hard fan of ishra and adi and aliya. So don’t complain about yhm cast. I know because of ishra this serial rocks and at the same time adi and aliya romance is also cute to watch. Fans don’t differentiatebetween them……

    1. True! I agree with you.

  7. The episode was nice. ..

  8. Thm your kindly information yhm story based on only ishraru…bt now yhm cvs forget it…yes blaming adi aliya is not a solution we must blame yhm cvs team for ruining a such a beautiful and unique love story…

  9. ishra only to cover up episodes…they r continously focusing side characters so much…

  10. Guys now ishra are not too young to romance leaving their responsiblity behind
    and guys we shouldn’t forget now the show is not only based on ishra love story now the show is based on ishra children life journey and adi and aliya love story now there are second leads for the serial after ishra and its adi and aliya pair which is nice to see on screen so stop blaming adi and aliya

  11. because of this lot of unwanted screen space yhm loosing their trps..this week it’s 2.2 and it’s dropped 0.2 points compare to last week…abhishek plz tell me ishra should do parents duties only what they don’t have their own life…since last year till today they continously doing parents duties….audience must be boring…they should introduce something new and exciting….

  12. Raman, ishita, adi, aliya are at mistake…. why did ishra send aliya with adi alone? And why adi told the man that he is staying with a girl before marriage?

  13. Guys…Relax

    Do you know why TRP are dropping:
    1. People don’t like Nidhi involvement and her revenge on Ishra
    2. people like Ashok to returned back to this show.
    3. People want Ashok to do something bad to Ishra which bring Ishra romance back on track and so is their children to be protect by Ishra.

    As per the show that Ashok will create misunderstanding between Adi and Aylia and to destroy Ishra relationship. Ashok will plan to break the Bhalla family and sibling bonds. Ishu will not let anyone come to break the family. Ishra will be relieved that Ruhi and Adi will patch up and will bring family bond strong as before.

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