Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aaliya meeting Ishita. She says she is chosen to be backstage crew members, that’s why she has come here. Ishita asks her always to be truthful, and tell her anything even if she has to go out with any guy. Aaliya asks her not to worry, hugs her and goes. Niddhi prepares for Ruhaan’s entry on stage. Shagun talks to Raman on phone and says Pihu is fine, you can talk to her on videochat. Pihu thanks Shagun for getting Ruhaan’s CD, I will ask Raman to take me in Ruhaan’s live concert, I love Ruhaan. Shagun says you know Papa loves you, talk to him on videocall. Pihu says I will talk to Raman later, I don’t want to miss Ruhaan’s entry.

Ruhaan’s entry is shown. Everyone clap for Ruhaan. Ruhaan sits there for the interview. Aaliya asks reporters to ask

questions to Ruhaan, he is here for just 15mins. The people ask questions to Ruhaan. Ruhaan says I owe everything to someone, my mom. Niddhi comes there and hugs. The man asks him to say about his family, tell us about your father. Ruhaan gets sad and cries. Niddhi says Ruhaan has to get ready for his concert, please excuse us. She takes Ruhaan. Aaliya looks at Ruhaan getting sad.

Niddhi pushes Ruhaan on sofa and scolds for not answering the reporter. She says don’t forget I did a lot for your career, I made you a superstar, if anyone asks about your family, tell what I told you, else you know what I can do. Ruhaan says I promise this won’t happen again. Niddhi says concert will start in 5mins, finish touchup and come out. She goes. Ruhaan cries. Niddhi comes and says you are still sitting here, move now. Ruhaan prepares for concert and goes. Something is shown on the table.

Simmi asks Mrs. Bhalla not to take tension and drink water. Mrs. Bhalla says I was uneasy, I will go for a walk. Adi hears them and thinks Mrs. Bhalla is missing Amma. Mrs. Bhalla says I will just come, and asks Simmi not to worry. Amma is also going for walk, and tells Appa that she is feeling uneasy at home. She goes out and sees Mrs. Bhalla.

Mrs. Bhalla and Amma recall the past friendship, and get away. Adi look on and says they love each other, why don’t they end this distance, if Ishita was here, she would have united them. Ishita gets a call and says Aaliya did not reach home, fine. She says she got careless and will get my scoldings. She calls Aaliya and says she is not taking my call, I will go and get her. She asks nurse to attend Abhimanyu, and goes to get Aaliya.

Pihu likes the concert and says I love Ruhaan. She goes to shut window and sees Amma and Mrs. Bhalla walking and not talking. She says why does Dadi stay away from Amma, I have to do anything, Dadi said she will lock me and Adi in room to solve fights, if I do this with them, yes I will do this. She tells Neelu that she is going for walk. Neelu says I should go after her.

Ruhaan is leaving and fans get crazy seeing Ruhaan. Ishita comes there and calls out Aaliya. People take selfies with Aaliya. Ishita sees Ruhaan.

The man says Ruhaan Sir throws heart chits and whoever gets the chits get free entry in his next concert, that’s why fans are asking for hearts. Ruhaan throws the hearts. Aaliya tries to talk to him. Ruhaan leaves in his car. Aaliya thinks who will be that lucky person to get Ruhaan’s hearts. She sees Ishita and goes to her. She asks did you see Ruhaan, you got Ruhaan’s heart, you are so lucky. Ishita sees R written on the heart and smiles.

Ishita says R for Ruhi, its R’s heart. She recalls Ruhi. Dil kahin rukta nahi…..plays…. Aaliya says Amma, R for Ruhaan, not Ruhi, he throws chits for his fans and lucky fans get this hears, you are so lucky. Ishita says for me, this is R for Ruhi. Aaliya says I love you and hugs her.

Simmi scolds Pihu and raises hand on her. Shagun stops Simmi and asks her not to do mistake to raise hand on her daughter. Mani tells Ishita that you are the best mother anyone can have.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. hy guys wot xactly wrng wth Ruhaan?!!!!

  2. maimuna aliyu

    Hi guys, bravo to Amena for being an amazing fast updater, more thumbs up. I hope shagun married manoj and pls don’t give her a negative role.
    I really love u shagun mama.

  3. Wher is mihir n mihika? Did they married r not??wht abt shagun…whom she get married?

  4. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Too confused lol….only like shagun shes too pretty! Ishi very pretty.. nindhi still so manly ugly n devil nails lol…I call it now yeh hai parishaniyah….lol…

  5. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Wat the flip is happening wit this serial.writers. ????? Too much nonsensical story lines.
    I like Ruhi Ishi Raman. Shagun Acp n families now tis nonsense story going too?…starplus y dny ul reply? ???? I left zee n sony I go back grrrrr

  6. according to YHM wiki…it’s said that shagun married Raman for sake of Pihu…so o think this is the truth shagun n Raman are now married….any news when will Karan Patel return? the series is incomplete without him

  7. unknowingly… Raman now(if married shagun) have 2 wives…

  8. Why did they show a packet of sanitary pads??…..

  9. now I m sure ruhaan is our ruhi….n she not at all loves nidhi….I hope when ishita n ruhi will unite….after that ruhi as ruhaan should trouble bhala’s n ayer’s n unite them n specially trouble Raman….

  10. hey ishita aur ruhi ka shrad banaya toh pihu ka birthday bhi hona chahiye tha na qki jab ishita aurruhi mari thi uske ek din phele yaa phir ussi din puhi paida hoi thi

  11. I think ruhi wil hate ishita…she cried in front of the media wen they asked about her father…and its true that ruhi loves raman…according to ruhi it was ishita’s plan to exchange ruhi for her new born baby…ruhi heard only ishita’s words when raman and ishita talked about it..she is unaware of the fact that it was all raman’s decision and ishita wasn’t ready to give ruhi…so for ruhi, she is away from her father nd family becos of ishita…

    1. if shagun is married to raman, i swear i wil kill this ekta…

    2. I doubt she will hate her Ishima …..she is able to recognize her Ishima but Ishitha is under impression Ruhi is dead and here Ruhis identity is as a boy … but Ishithas will feel that bond with Ruhaan …. dont know now Aalia being very close to Ishima , Ruhaan will hate her Ishima . if the cvs are anle to bring her not to hate Ishima and very soon Ishima will find out the truth of Ruhi and save her …. If Raman is married Shaghun , beauty will go … I assume …. Ishitha in her memories … scared to take a move to go to Bhallas …. Raman too repending , thinking both Ruhi and Ishitha dief …. Ruhi / Ruhan with memories of her parents … Adi / Alia all positive only …. cvs dont make Mani to prepose to Ishitha …. there is a lot of things in that true friendship …,also let Shaghun marry Manoj and live happily … please not inbetween Ishra

  12. Thank God that raman doesn’t hate Pihu.. Seems like Ruhi too doesn’t hate ishimaa.. The way Nidhi shouted on her seems like Ruhi is doing all this under pressure.. She is not a spoilt brat like i thoguht her to be and hating Ishu

  13. No not at all shagun nd raman are not married… She is just doing drama of being raman’s wife becoz anyone in the bhalla family want to make pihu know whu is ishita nd all d past story

  14. I dnt like this new ruhi ekta should have brought nice looking girl than this ruhi… She is chubby like her Ishi maa
    pihu I like her

    1. Yes, grownup Ruhi should have been a bit taller! This Ruhi is not bad but after all she’s the main lead so should be immensely beautiful!!!

  15. I like grown up Aditya he is ABHISHEKH VERMA he is the best actor he was last seen before in very popular and comedy serial total nadaniyaan which was aired on big magic in 2015 and also in badi door se aae hai on sab tv .

  16. Cv writers(busy writing script of the show with interesting twists and turns)

    Show head(comes in)?
    Everyone gets up hurriedly?. One says to the other. Aaj koi na koi marega. Ye toh pakka hai. Pata nahi Kiska patta cutnewala hai

    The show head nods the head.

    Cv writers tense up more.?

    Leap kardo.

    Everyone pales as white as a paper.?

    But but we just started writing….one says panicked.

    The show head looks around the room full of four writers.

    Kill Ruhi…

    One of the them was having a glass of water. He spits it out in shock.?

    What the…

    The room goes silent.

    But she is the star of the show and she is a kid.

    One of them whispers to the other. At least she should have left the kid. I was thinking of killing off Nidhi’s character.

    The show head nods head again.

    The story must move on.

    Here comes the start of the leaps.

    One says….But the kid brings the trps.

    The show head…….she wil be there but playing a different role. You guys decide how ur going to write it.

    Great pull up a magic wand from somewhere and whisper expecto parchoda……whoosh……kill the character and bring the kid back as the new humshakal of the same age and the original is somewhere in the world. And the world is round. Round and round the thing would drag forever to no end until another leap. Ishita Ki humshakal ruhi. Ruhi Ki humshakal shagun and another leap…Raman Ata pata lapata…wil cm back as bhatakti atma since supernatural tracks are going great guns(he wil be a actual ghost seeing happily that he isn’t alive)…and Raman usually plays the bhatakti aatma as confused bewildered shocked role handsomely….then another leap and he wil take a rebirth again. Everyone wil be 1000 years old when he comes back but still all have only a line of grey hair on their heads…together they’ll go to ssk and asks help from simar. About raaz 1000 Sal purana as how he died and who killed him. Enter CID. Acp pradyuman looks on at all of them and after a lot of thinking and while shaking his hand like the ever popular movement…..Daya ye Baath kuch samajhme nahi ayi….Daya confused…kya Baath, sir? Acp pradyuman…ke hum chai peene wale the ya coffee..

    Audience? hum pagal nahin hain bhaiyya hamara dimag kharab hai….

    One talented new bie writer comes back from all this plot thinking. He is about have a heart attack thinking about the track. Was the audience really this gullible to fall for it? He didn’t plan on writing like this. He looks around the other writers. They all seem to be used to it. Heck seems like the audiences are all birdbrains (See..cvs thinks that audiences are fools and audiences think CVs are idiots. Its all vice versa isn’t it. Ironic)

    What about the lead pair?

    The show head- looks on carelessly.

    Separate kardo. Audience will like the track.

    Audience- Huh?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!?!?!?!?!!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!??????

  17. rithu where r u

  18. Plz dodnt do this to ruhi nidhi

  19. where is Romi and mihika???

  20. where is romi and mihika??

  21. in sbs they showed raman’s entry……wt a killer look hai yar kp ka leap ke baad..with clean shave…superbbbbbbb……but unhone kaha ki raman aur shagun sahdi ho chuki hai to dusri taraf mani ishita ko prupose karta hai but ishita doesnt accept his proposal….may be she is still loving raman…….

  22. i think romi & mihika ki shadi hui hogi…mihir ki bhi entry dikhai unhone but wo ab se jyada pehle handsome tha…mihir is not really look gud….but romi koi bada buisenessman hua hoga with her wife mihika….really waiting for romi mihika vandu shravan ananya’s entry….

    1. shravan ki entry ho gayi hai

  23. soooo sad missing Ritus updates …..

  24. Upcoming Mani proposes ishu but ishu refuses

  25. Yeh hai mohabbatein has now replaced saath nibhana saathiya as my favourite show. This is the best show for me now!

  26. Don’t know what’s happening in our yhm
    Pls show something good otherwise noone will watch yhm….

  27. That something ws girl thing. It proves ruhan is roohi

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