Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman convincing Ruhi. Raman asks Ruhi is she annoyed with Ishita. She says yes. He asks did Muttu get annoyed with you. Ruhi says no, I love him, good boys don’t get annoyed with mum. Raman says Ishi Maa loves you a lot. Ruhi says I did not leave Muttu, but Ishi Maa left me as she does not love me, she is not good. Ishita cries. Raman explains Ruhi and asks her to be a good girl and change her dress. Ruhi agrees and goes with Rinki. She comes wearing the dress and everyone smile. Ruhi refuses for the puja. Mrs. Bhalla says all girls are here, come. Shravan asks Ruhi to come. Simmi asks Shravan to convince Ruhi and they say he does not have any value.

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Shravan asks Ruhi to please come. Ruhi agrees. Ishita asks Simmi to make her wear bangles and some jewelry. Simmi makes Ruhi wear it. Dil se dil ka rishta jo hai…………..plays………….. Ishita smiles seeing Ruhi. Raman washes Ruhi’s feet and smiles. Ishita happily does the puja. She holds Ruhi’s face and Ruhi moves back. She sees Ruhi and smiles.

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Shagun brings Ruhi back home and says you are not tired after shooting all day. Ruhi says she is very happy to spend time with Muttu, he has grown up, Ishi Maa got new dress for her, she wore it and it was fun, she has halwa puri for me, I did not had food by her hands, I learnt baby should not be angry with parents, Papa taught me, as Muttu did not get angry with me. Shagun thinks she won’t let Raman bring Ruhi close to Ishita.

Ashok talks to Mihika and Pathak and defends himself. He says touching own wife is not rape. Pathak says touching her without her permission is rape, what will you call if you beat her. He asks her to read any love book. Pathak scolds him and calls him a bad man to touch a woman without her wish, its not called love. Ashok holds Mihika and she asks him to leave her. He says I m your husband, this is my right. Pathak says leave her. Ashok says I can get any lawyer. A lady comes and slaps Ashok.

She asks did he not hear, she said no, she is your wife, not your maid, understand her no, else I will get such punishment that you won’t be able to say yes. She asks Mihika what settlement will she get, punish him, don’t be afraid of such devil. She asks the lawyer to do his homework well as she will support this case now. She leaves. Mihika scolds Ashok and pities him. She leaves. Ashok fumes.

Mihika asks a lady about the lady she left. The lady says she is Sujatha, she is social worker and has done much work for woman, police and lawyers are afraid of her, she got justice for many women, she is strict and does not support wrong people. Mihika says she will meet her, she can teach Ashok a lesson and can manage Shagun too, I will make Ishita meet her.

Ishita asks Raman is he afraid that no one is at home expect them. He says its victory ahead of fear and whats her intentions. She says its good and thanks him for bringing Ruhi. She says she has something special for him today. She asks him to sit and Navratri ended, so special drink time for him. He says I thought I got a new wife. She serves him wine and he puts the ice. She shows chicken tikka. She says she ordered it. He asks how did she order chicken, and asks her to eat. She says I can just see, not eat. He gets a call from Shagun. She asks her to take call, it can be Ruhi too.

Shagun says sorry if I disturbed you, I was thinking if we can go for dinner with Ruhi. He gets glad. She says Ruhi is missing you a lot. He agrees and she asks him to pick her and not get Ishita, Ruhi is annoyed. He says fine and sees Ishita went to get ready. Ishita asks Raman about her saree and Ruhi’s choice. He says Ruhi is annoyed with you, so… Ruhi want just me to come. She says its fine, you take her, she will be happy. She asks him to relax, she will be fine. He asks shall I get anything for you. She says my daughter’s smile. He says Ruhi will smile till her Ishi Maa smiles, I will
come back soon.

Mihika comes back him. She sees Bhalla family coming. Mrs. Bhalla sees Mihika and recalls her and Mihir. She says she will talk to her. Mihika greets her. Mrs. Bhalla asks where did she go. Mihika says she went to meet laywer. Mrs. Bhalla says nothing will happen, Ashok won’t change. Mihika says Ashok needs to learn a lesson, I want him to get punished. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to go back to Ashok, else he will leave her, girls look good with husband, else they eye other’s husband. Mihika cries and goes. Mrs. Bhalla says what did I say. She comes to Mihika and apologizes for hurting her. Mihika says its okay. Mrs. Bhalla says I should have thought, even Simmi is staying with me, I forgot, sorry. Mihika says I understand. Mrs. Bhalla thanks her and says they all are with her, they will make Ashok learn a lesson. She asks her to rest. Mihika goes. Amma looks on and stops Mrs. Bhalla. She gets angry.

Raman gets sad and says he forgot the keys. Ishita sees Ruhi’s video. Raman comes to her and asks her to come. She says no, Ruhi will be annoyed. He says if you reach there between me, I can’t help. She smiles. He says it can be planned accident. She says yes and he asks her to reach there, he will come.

Ishita says why did they not come till now. Shagun takes the call and talks to Raman, making Ishita hear their conversation.

Update Credit to: Amena

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