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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita consoling Aaliya. Doctor comes and tells them that Mihir’s surgery is done, but he is critical. Aaliya starts shouting on him calling him inefficient and asks him to call his senior. He says we have to monitor Mihir. Aaliya asks him does he not know his work, if anything happens to Mihir, I will sue you. He says you can’t threaten me. Ishita apologizes to doctor and asks Aaliya to stop it. Raman asks Ruhi why is she busy on calls, whats the matter. Ruhi tells Raman that Ishita left as Aaliya was in problem, she did not want Pihu’s mood to get spoiled, it was some emergency, I feel its some accident. Raman says tell Pihu that I went to attend office meeting and leaves.

Ishita asks Aaliya whats wrong with you, behave yourself, sit here. Adi comes

and Aaliya hugs him. She cries and says Mihir had much bleeding, there was no one to help us. She holds his hand and tells everything. He looks at her and says nothing will happen to Mihir, we all are with him. Ishita looks on and thinks I hope Aaliya did not tell Adi what she feels about Mihir. Adi asks about Mihir and goes to get medicines. Vandu calls Ishita and asks her not to worry about Mihir, he will get fine. Vandu prays for Mihir and thinks I should tell Mihika.

Mihika is crying in her room. Vandu knocks the door. Mihika acts to be sleeping. Vandu sees Mihika’s tears and leaves from her room. Mihika cries and thinks I can’t trouble you all. Vandy wonders why is Mihika so worried, don’t know how to ask her, I have to find out. She goes out and sees Romi with Sanchi. Sanchi asks Romi to tell Mihika. He says she won’t understand, you leave. She says she left you, I will tell her if you don’t say. Vandu says it means this is Mihika’s problem, not of he friend.

Mihir lights the candles. Aaliya comes and asks whats the occasion. He says dinner, just you and me. She asks did you do all this for me. He says yes, should I have not done this. She says I mean…. He holds her and asks her to say what she wants to say. He says I know you love me, I want to hear it from you. She says Mihir I love you. They smile. He says I love you Aaliya, why did you not tell me before, I love you a lot. He holds her. She turns shy. Someone stabs him. She sees the knife in his stomach and shouts. Her imagination ends. Aaliya shouts Mihir…

Ishita says Mihir is inside, he is fine, relax, whats the problem, he is not conscious. Shagun comes and hears them. Aaliya says I will confess my love to him, I can’t live without him, let me go. Ishita slaps her and asks are you mad, you love Mihir, what do you know about him, do you know his age, how will mentalities match, leave all that, this is hospital, is this place to confess love, doctor said he is under observation, pray for him, be sensible, else I will slap again, you act maturely, you won’t tell anyone that you love Mihir. Shagun goes. Mani comes and stops Shagun.

He asks about Mihir. Shagun says his surgery is done, doctor kept him under observation. He says thank god, we will meet Ishita and Aaliya. She says not now, its so awkward. He asks what is it. She says you know Aaliya is like your daughter, I know Ishita should not cross this line, I have seen Ishita slapping Aaliya, I know she is like Aaliya’s mum. Mani says she loves Aaliya a lot, she never slapped Aaliya, I m sure Aaliya did wrong, Ishita is not like her mum, but her mum, she will never do wrong, I completely trust her. She says I know, I just felt so. He says its fine, I understand your concern, come.

Ishita asks Aaliya to go out and have food, you have to take care, how will you meet Mihir. She asks Adi to take Aaliya out, and make her have something. Adi says I know Aaliya is worried for Mihir, we will go and have coffee. Ishita asks Aaliya not to get mad. Aaliya nods and leaves with Adi. Mani comes and asks for Aaliya. Ishita says I have sent Aaliya with Adi to have some fresh air. She thinks I should not tell Mani about Aaliya and Mihir now. She says sorry to slap Aaliya. He says relax, I trust you, you are like mum. She thanks him. Shagun thinks so much trust, Aaliya will help me in breaking this trust.

Adi and Aaliya reach the café. He asks Aaliya to sit, will you have coffee or tea, I know you went through big trauma, you will like hot soup, I will order it. She asks why don’t you understand, I don’t feel like eating. He says I know you are tired, Mihir will get fine. She asks how will he get fine. He says relax, doctors are treating him, sit we have just come, you will feel good after having food, atleast have water. She throws glass and starts shouting, saying you want me to have food and water, I told Ishita that I can’t live without Mihir, I love Mihir, she has send me with you here, I love Mihir a lot, why don’t anyone understand. Adi gets shocked. She hugs him and cries. Adi holds her away and gets tearful eyes. He leaves.

Adi goes to washroom and cries recalling Aaliya’s words. He slaps himself angrily. The gift falls from his pocket. He picks it and cries seeing the gift for Aaliya.

Adi tells Ishita that you knew about Aaliya’s feelings, why did you not know Aaliya loves Mihir, you knew I love her, why did you not tell me. She says I got to know in hospital. He says you should have told me that time.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What a fate ishitha … all problems finally comes top of your head. I think Ektha is moron.. and please ishitha don’t be too honest and don’t hide ..

    1. Hi manuji? of course ishu is bombarded with problems… But she will be as she is lead bahu of serial you see????

      But she is indeed very kind. She didn’t want her daughter pihu or raman to be stressed of the accident. She also gives slaps to who deserves them… And today it was alia…

  2. Ann Mary Mathew

    Hi everyone… Can someone clear clear my doubt??? Who is real murderer of Rinki and that lawyer Mr. Chadda??? Have they revealed it already???

    1. Not yet revealedAnn Mary … there are many things unrevealed ……. before closing one problem cvs focus on something …. not revealed .. how Mihika was fooled by Ashok on the day of him getting married to Shaghun and how he black mailed to marry him … Balas love …Rinkys murder … Sarika … fooled Bhalla family telling Rohit is her and Romys child ..Cheddas murder .. Where is Pallavi …lately when they got Ruhi the property got misplaced … Nidhi kidnapped Ruhi .., still out … Ishitha to be blamed for every silly thing …Cvs are making a masal story

    2. Nivedha

      Mihika killed Rinky by mistake.. I guess

    3. Sharika overheard Rinki talking to Suraj and Param to stop Ishita do Raman business. Rinki had affair with Australia friend when Mihir is off to US. The guy who is in love with Rinki exchange toy gun to real gun. Ishita meet with the boy while Rinki is behind the fair game to watch Ishita and the boy who is Rinki affair. Mihika pick the gun (did not know the weight of fake and real gun). Mihika shoot the balloon to win the prize that shot Rinki on same day of Ganesh prayer where Ashok send goons to attack Ishita but mistaken to attack on Simmi. After Bhalla family know that it was Sharika who want to kill Rinki but Ishita then blamed herself that they should kill her instead of Raman family and Raman get annoyed. Mihir came home and did not informed family.

      Mr Chadda was abusive man who beat his wife Pallavi. Pallavi call Ishita for help. Ishita defend Mr Chadda for wanting to attack on Pallavi and Ishita. Mr Chadda grab Ishita hand with knife and got stabbed. Mr Chadda died. Pallavi lied to court that Ishita killed Mr Chadda because she want to take baby Rohit away and Nidhi with other lawyer Mr Chadda’s other brother take revenge on Ishita. Nidhi hide the real chips and give fake chips to Raman. Ishita was given death penlty which shocked Bhalla family and Raman. Ishita death penlty is to be hanged. Raman save Ishita that the rope had broke off which Ishita fell. Ishita get stunning that she is alive and fled. Raman found Ishita and take her to the cliff to kill her. Raman then threw Ishita from the cliff to save her. Ishita came out alive with 2 divers men and Raman gave Ishita the secret place to hide. Raman get hurt by family hated toward him and Ruhi divorced him for Ishita. Raman then goes to cliff and jumped down and swim. Raman then goes to hideout place where he give Ishita safety house. Ishita get shocked to see Raman at the door and get angry on Raman for wanting to kill her. Raman then explained why he did this because he can’t live without her and he loves her so much. Ishita then understand why Raman did this and accepted Raman loves for him. Raman then tell Ishita about Nidhi and his past and Nidhi want to revenge on Raman to hurt his family. Raman want her back so Ishita then change her identify to Shanya.

      Pallavi left to other country with her son Rohit (Sharika faked baby) to start new life because Pallavi lied to court that she burn Mr Chadda. Ishita want to tell court and police the truth but Pallavi stop Ishita to tell truth.

  3. Thank god missed the episode. ek dam bakwas.

  4. Hi YHM Fans, I hope you fans don’t mind me joining you guys in the discussions?
    I am actually hoping this track would be a changing pint to the story. Seeing the way Adi behaves reminds me of Raman from the beginning when Shagun left him. And seeing Adi show up drunk just made it more clear. I am impressed with the way Ishita dealt with Aliya. But, to be honest, the creators are making Aliya look very bad to the viewer. I mean, she is not behaving professionally, she is shouting at Hospital staff as if they were her own servants.
    Coming back to Adi, I think he will probably be having this moment, starts focusing on the job and doing great. And maybe, they can bring in a new love interest for him. But, if they tried, they could also bring in Vinnie as his love interest. It would be a nice thing to see. I mean, she was Adi’s first crush.

    1. Hi akiatta you are really very true… But when was Adi drunk??

      1. He will be coming home drunk in an upcoming episode. Probably some time this week. It was in the spoiler videos.

    2. True Akiatta very impressed the way Ishitha dealt with Alia … Manis trust on Ishitha is superb … If Romi has no affair why hiding something .. this is just for Mihika to take a divorce from him and join Mihir … my assumption ..Shaghun … like a show piece not leaving a chance to destry Ishitha … Adi .. I thought sensible , he can be angry with Ishitha but should try to understand the situation …Cvs has no other scenes to extend the episodes .. Mihir Alia quite boring .. totally dragging

      1. Adi will probably not stay angry at Ishita for long. Maybe just until he starts to see Shagun trying to bring them together. Also, there was news that Ishita will not support Aliya’s decision and will be standing by Adi in the future episodes.
        I think Romi is just hiding the fact about him doing correspondence MBA. That’s what they are actually planning. They did show that Sachi was a lecturer to Ishita. Maybe they might be dealing with the Romi’s child thing too.
        Yes VP, it is pretty dragging. Although, they are adding in nice scenes in between. In fact, Ishra scenes are getting better everyday. But that Aliya dream scene was totally unnecessary. Could have been avoided. I just wish Mihir, Mani and Pihu learn the true nature of Shagun.

    3. Actually I too like that idea. His first crush Vinnie comes back. Anyways in real life none gets their first love or whatever. In real life only very few people marry their first love. So it’s better if they show a new girl for Adi.

    4. This is true Akiatta!!!!

      Aylia behaviour are unacceptable. It is good that Ishita slap Aylia for Adi.
      I felt bad when Adi findout about it and goes away and slapped himself because of Aylia.
      Vinnie is not good girl as before because Vinnie loves parties like her father and her father is not Raman truth friends and her father became Ashok friends since her father want to slap Adi and Ishita stop Vinnie father for slapping Adi and Ishita warn Vinnie father not to raise his hand on Adi and Adi get scared. Ishita then tell Raman about Vinnie father and Raman get angry.

      There is other girl who will meet Adi (event planner) for party plan and the girl fell in love with Adi but Adi don’t want love again because he might get hurt again. The new girl will enter Adi life and will also changed Raman and Ishita lives also. Adi will realised that the girl who is much mature than Aylia and will take her out and having a dating.

      Mihir will reject Aylia proposed for Adi and will marry someone else. Aylia will be lost and will ask Shagun for help to impress Mihir. Mihir will ignore Aylia impress and will get close to Ishita. Ishita will do the business which are in deep trouble and Romi will help Raman and Ishita to save the business and Raman and Romi will united as brother.

  5. Hi guys…I see new members are here (or old? ?) Anyway Hi new and old friends!!??

    So sad seeing Adi cry….????????finally he gets to know his love doesn’t love him back… So sad?

    Anyway that ALIA FOOL IDIOT DESERVED a slap

  6. Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani, MIno, Shona, Jaz, Aditya, Az, Prisha, Saritha, Raisa, Naaz, Aastha, Monique, Khushi, Siddhi, Bhagya, Shreya, Supergirl and many many YHM fans. I hope everyone is doing fine.

    What an episode!! I felt like slapping Aliya. She is such a pain.. She thinks she owns Mihir. What a shameless girl Aliya!!! Poor Adi!!!. If cvs want to bring twist, they can do it some other way. Not through Mihir and Aliya. It is disgusting, Poor Ishita!! She is always getting entangled with this mess and no one understands her. Not only Adi but even Raman will doubt her for a brief moment. Raman should have trusted Ishita regardless of whether Adi trusts her or not. Shagun needs to be burned down alongside with NIddhi

  7. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    nice slap ishu realy aliya deserves that why she is shouting at hospital and adi u r so cool person why dont understand your ishima adi pls trust your ishima

  8. I am so glad that Ishita slapped Aliya and brought her insanity to sane. Aliya is just having an infatuation and she thinks it is true love. Shagun always has to pop up at the right time when Ishita and Aliya having conversation of Aliya liking Mihir. The bad guys always listen to conversations they are not suppose to hear.

  9. I will be so happy when Mihir marries a nice girl and Adi gets a nice girl. Then Aliya can sit down and cry more as she will lose Adi. She needs to lose Adi so she will appreciate him later.

  10. I don’t know why I love mihir and aliya pair. They look great together. Love has no age limit.

  11. Yeah I feel bad for Adi too.

  12. Hi VP, Shivani, Sindhu.Rithu, Arditya, AZ, Monique, Jaz, Bagya & all the YHM Fans.
    Hope & Pray U Guys Are doing Great & Have Recovered from the Being sick.. Oh reading from the up dates & ur comments I don’t like Arliya. From the time she went against Ardi I didn’t like her. & Poor Ardi deserves a better girl. Not a girl who is a westerner .. he was brought up differently by Ishu with Good Values. Arliya though Mani was a Good Father Figure she was brought up in Auz. Here the life is different. they don’t care about age etc.. if they fall even the parents say that is there wish etc. so Ardi is better off alone or with another girl than Arliya. As in Auz she has no respect for elders. In Auz other than ur own family they call even the elders by name. When i went first i asked my sister why they call every one by name even the elderly. she Said only Blood relations are called Aunty or Uncle etc. It was so weird. Anyway with time we had to get used to it.. We were brought up with respect to the older people but these cultures are soo bad.
    Why is IShu Suffering all the time is the writer angry with the Ishu character.??? looks like it. & favours Shagun, Nidhi, & Ashok. May be he or she has the same mentality to think of so much negative ways.
    I sometimes read ur comments. But glad i am not watching as i can’t stand Shagun’s wicked ways. Sorry to hurt Shagun Fans. Missed all My Family YHM.. Luv, Hugs & God Bless all.

    1. Mino……

      Aylia is not Ishita and Mani daughter. Aylia is Mani’s sister daughter. Mani’s sister died in an accident when Aylia and her brother Vivaan were younger. Ishita raised Raman children first when Pihu were not born. When Pihu were born and she is 2 days old Ishita did comitted sucide because Ruhi had died (fake death and kidnapped by Nidhi) and Raman harshed words. Ishita then stay with Mani to take care of Mani (truck knock him down when saving Ishita and his hips functured) Ishita took care of Aylia and Viviaan for 7 years. Don’t know why Aylia call Ishita amma and Mani Appa. If Aylia have disrespected Ishita because of Shagun. Shagun does not care about children. Shagun kidnapped Ruhi and ask Ishita for Pihu. Ruhi had tell Pihu everything. Pihu and Ishita bond becomes much stronger and Shagun can’t break them. Ishita had to stay away from children because of Shagun and want Raman to be close to his children. Raman accepted Ishita order and goes to be with Children instead of Ishita. Adi will see why Ishita will not be with them because of his anger and blamed.

      1. Thx Sweetie

      2. Welcome Mino

  13. The reason behind the serial’s low trp is this stupid love triangle!! Nd everyone blaming ishita for everything.. i always felt pair between adi n alia would have been good nd would only raise trp.. but by showing everything upside down will only give low trp nd no loyal audience..

  14. Episode was worst and precap was also worst.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha aditya jaz jeni super girl Shona disha juhi Luna shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna unique angel bhagi Sarita sara sachie shreya Khushi and all yhm friends.

  15. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Nidhi returns in Ruhi’s life and beats her like she used to do with her.

    However, this time Ruhi does not let Nidhi beat her more because Ruhi also beat Nidhi and get escaped from her clutches.

    Pihu applies ointment on ruhi’s wound while Raman hugs Ruhi and consoles her for bearing pain.

    Ishita does not come as she wants to let Raman keep closer with his kids as daughter is beloved of fathers.

    Adi turns negative getting ditched by Aaliya

    One side, Pihu’s relationship get stronger with Raman and Ishita but other side Adi is going away from their after break up.

    Adi goe sin depression and starts drinking which makes Raman and Ishita shattered.

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  16. Hey guys I have exams .so I may not be able to comment properly till 13th is September. I will miss this site very much.

    1. Monique_D

      All the best for the exams Rithu

    2. Hi Rithu All The Best for Ur Exams ..{;s Concentrate on ur studies .. they are more important Dear.. God Give You Wisdom To Do Well & Pass With Flying Colours.. Luv

    3. Hi rithu..wish you all the best dear….

    4. Hey guys thank you for your best wishes.

  17. I think sanchi is new love interest of Adi. Remember actress swathi kapoor is being introduced opposite Abhishek verma (adi). Swathi kapoor is Sanchi.

  18. Rithu … we too will miss you … but focus on exams and all the best to do the exams well … Praying for you ..

  19. I just wish that shagun gets her comeuppance soon. Always using someone to bring ishita down. Mihir marrying someone else will be the best truth for Aliya and hopefully shagun’s plan fail too. Hoping nidhi also gets her comeuppance.

  20. I am going to suffer hearing loss due to Alia. Crazy lunatic shouting all the time. Irritating. If I deleted all her shouting and that stupid dream I will end up with about 10 minutes that was somewhat worth watching. Loved the slap. Bakwas indeed.

  21. Hi all yhm fans.aliya deserved that slap.this track is really boring. As for aliya and mihir it’s just sickening. Cvs please get a proper track and stop blaming ishu.

  22. Why should everyone blame ishu.never expected from adi.

  23. Why too many negative Charecters, wheres the fun, maybe a wedding or something


    1. Ruhi and Pihu are not getting negative. They have grown much strongly love with Ishita.
      Romi did not turn negative because he loves Ishita alot.
      Suraj failed everything and leave Ashok on his own to revenge on Raman. I thnk that Suraj lives have changed from bad to good because of Vandita (Ishita sister) and Suraj realised that he was wrong to hurt Ishita when he saw Ishita comitted sucide and Suraj life changed.
      Shagun and Ashok still negatives.
      Sharika will changed her life to become good person.

  25. Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) reveals Mihir (Raj Singh Arora) about Aaliya’s love for him and Adi’s (Abhishek Verma) heartbroken condition in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Ishita come to meet Mihir at office.

    Ishita informs Mihir aboit Aaliya loves him which makes Mihir shocked and he tells Ishita that he likes Aaliya as she is good but does not love her.

    Mihir feels bad thinking that he came between Adi and Aaliya then he asks Ishita about why she sent him to Shagun’s house after knowing it.

    Ishita then reveals to him that it is all happening just because of his sister Shagun who wants to use Pihu and Aaliya against them.

    Mihir is angry on Shagun for destroying both Adi and Ruhi’s lives earlier and now once again she started playing games.

    Mihir and Ishita join hand against Shagun for Adi and Aaliya’s lives

    Mihir makes Ishita believe about not to worry as now he will handle the matter own way.

    Mihir requests Ishita to take care of Adi only because he can go wrong way.

    1. Aaaaaahhhh! Am loving Mihir.

      Mihir always love Ishita alot because he know that Ishita is not bad person.

      Mihir hate Shagun from the start when shagun want money. shagun is a gold diggers like Nidhi.

      Raman is lucky to have Ishita in his life because Ishita does not want Raman money and she loves kids. Raman accepted her as his wife and children”s mother.

      Mihir start to like Ishita when he was in relationship with Mihika and know that Ishita is right that he should follow his heart not to listen to other people.

      Mihir and Mihika should have been married after Shagun stopped Mihir and Mihika marriage in court and gave the court the objection. Ishita get upset and Raman and Mihir get angry on Shagun. Ishita did not know that Shagun is Mihir sister but want to united them together.

      Shagun then start revenge on Ishita because Ashok dumped her for Mihika. Ashok blackmail Mihika to marry him to save Mihir. Mihir then marry to Rinki with Ishita help and explained and Shagun want to stop them. Romi then tell what Shagun did to him and she is breaking all family tied. Raman then threw Shagun out and Mihir did not support Shagun and he goes against her and support Ishita. Mihir then married to Rinki to keep Bhalla family happy.

      When Ishita lefted them Mihir still missed Ishita and upset that Ishita died and Raman blamed himself. Mihir support Raman through difficult times. Ishita return to India alive and want to leave again. Ishita get shocked when Aylia report to Ishita that the guy had molested her and Ishita then goes to police station. Ishita scoldd on a molester (Ishita and Raman son Adi) which she did not know. Raman then findout that Adi is in jail and he rush to prison to get Adi. Raman then heard a woman scold Adi then Raman defend Adi that Adi had learn all the good value from his loving mother and his mother left him. Ishita get shocked by hearing Raman voice and realised that she is scolding the wrong man and she turn to see Raman face to face. Raman get shocked to see Ishita alive and leave confusing. Raman start to smile and get happy but get thinking. Bala (Ishita brother in law) come and see Raman in the parking area and ask what happen. Raman then drag Bala in the prison to meet Ishita. Bala ask Adi are you okay then turn to see lady and get shocked to see Ishita alive. Ishita then get confused and see the boy. Ishita then goes to the boy and say youare AB and it mean that you are Adi Bhalla and cried. Ishita want to hug Adi but Mani slapped Adi. Ishita shout at Mani that Adi did not do that and he is my Adi. Mani stop slap and turn to see who is with Ishita. Mani then argue with Raman and take Aylia away. Ishita then leave Adi with Raman and Bala.

      Raman was in hurry to marry Shagun to hurt Ishita and Mihir get suspense why Raman want to marry in hurry. Mihir then comes to know that Ishita is back alive and missed her. Mihir get happy to see Ishita and want to spend time with her. Raman and Ishita got their love back on track because Ruhi is now with them. Raman then decided that Ishita will work on his business with Mihir that Mihir get happy to work. Raman will be at home as housewife to take care of children.

  26. Ruhi. Ishitha is not goddesses. She is prone to make mistakes. According to Adi POV his mom isthia knows how much he loves aliya. He also knows aliya shares a similar relationship to Ishitha. So according to adi his mom could have handles the situation better. That’s why he blames His ishimaa

    1. Raghu!!!!!

      You are wrong.

      Ishita is a really godess. Ishita did not make mistakes and she know what is correct.
      Shagun is behind it to make trouble in Ishita’s life. Shagun want children to be against Ishita. Ruhi will never let Shagun win her victory to destory Ishita happiness. Ruhi loves Ishita so much in her life since Ishita raised Ruhi. Pihu will take Ishita over Shagun.

      Shagun is using Raman’s children. Adi had misunderstanding Ishita. Ishita know that Adi is in love with Aylia but did not know that Aylia is in love with Mihir. Shagun planned to get Aylia to eloped with Mihir not Adi. Shagun knows that Adi is in love with Aylia and are not happy. Shagunis gaking revenge to break the relationship between Adi and Ishita.

      Adi will realised his mistake and will returned to Ishita and ask for forgiven and get happy that Mihir rejected Aylia and married to someone else.

  27. Hey guys a very good morning to all .

  28. Hey guys a very good afternoon to all .

  29. The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ most successfully running show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some major twist and turns.

    It was earlier seen that Adi (Abhishek Verma) is heartbroken after he comes to know that Aaliya is in love with Mihir (Raj Singh Arora) not him.

    He will soon turn into a negative character and will join hands with Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) to create havoc in Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.

    He will hold Ishita responsible for his failed love and hence will try to seek revenge from her with the help of Shagun.

    Will Ishita be able to save Adi from Shagun’s clutches or not?

    Keep watching this space for more exciting news and updates on your favourite show.

  30. Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.

    Adi is shattered post Aliya’s love rejection and quite disturbed losing his first love Aliya.

    Furthermore Adi feels betrayed by his Ishimaa and fumes in ager seeing her and hiding Aliya’s love for Mihir.

    Shagun takes advantage of this situation and instigates Adi against his favourite Ishimaa.

    Adi gets drunk and returns home sloshed, both Raman and Ishita gets worried seeing Adi’s state and decides to deal with the matter in a sensitive manner.

    Let’s see what Raman and Ishita will do to get Adi out of this trauma.

  31. Hi Guys Good afternoon.. Hope & Pray ur Day Started good… What’s Wrong with this writer He r She Is really gone nuts.. How can one person ( Ishu) Go through so much not in real life for sure But in Reel life too.. Is this Person a negative person. ?? & What sort of a mother who will go against her own kids. ok some do But to suck low level i doubt it. putting their own kids at risk to such length. Goodness me why are we even bothering to watch this stupid show.. thank God i am not watching so much negativity.. but reading the up dates alone is making people crazy. i love my YHM Family & KP & DT. that is why i read them. To see when they will have a proper family life exp a happy one. every time they are happy the CV’s Spoil it by some drama. Pls can’t u at least write & give them some . Why Make Ardi against Ishu?? They made Ruhi, & Pihu Now Ardi who loves his Ishimaa so much against her is really going tooo far.
    Let Ardi Have a nice girl & For heaven sake don’t put Ardi against Ishu. ok He is heart broken but put the blame on poor IShu??? who knew nothing abt all this. always Shagun , Nidhi & Ashok Winning. disgusting. In this world no room for good people that means. really weird.. Sorry Luvs for upsetting who ever is for it.. luv u all .. God bless

    1. Calm down mino…i knw fans are getting hyper with the current track ..but what can we do..cvs are very adamant..always brings so much troubles in ishras life….first they made ruhi against ishita..then adi too….adi was the only person whom everyone loved, post leap…cvs spoiled him too….i think adi is just annoyed with ishita…not hating her…..i don’t think shagun can manipulate adi against ishita…

      1. Thz Shivani I am soo mad.. that is why i only read the up dates.. don’t watch the show. .Too much stress. Sorry to upset u all. Luv

    2. Mino…

      Ruhi is not negative against Ishita.
      Ruhi was negative because of Nidhi. Ruhi then realised that Ishita loves only her and never want to let her go.
      Ishita Bp fell down and her condition get danger and got weak then worry Raman called for her to come but Ruhi ignore. Pihu goes to Ruhi with Mani to give Ruhi the reason and bring Ruhi to go to Iyer house to see Ishita condition. Ruhi felt bad when Ishita called for Ruhi and mumbling Ruhi name. Ruhi then call Ishu name but Ishu didn’t responsed so family tell Ruhi to call her as youused to called her before. Ruhi then call Ishita Ishma then Ishita respond and Ishita is out of danger. Ruhi failed to hate Ishita but can’t faked her anger and hate on Ishita.

      Ruhi want Raman and Ishita to get married then Ruhi will stay with them and Ruhi know that Ishita is her life. That is why Ruhi and Ishita loves are much strongest. Pihu will also changed from negative to positive. Pihu and Ishita bonded get stronger. Pihu will love Ishita and will bring Ishita back to Bhalla house. Ishita is the only person who always send Raman to be with children but Raman want to be with Ishita. Children then understand father’s love for Ishita so that they will not get separated.

      Adi will probably get surprised that Mihir will get married to someone for his sake. Mihir will support Ishita to revenge on Shagun. Adi will realised his mistake that Ishita did not know about Aylia love for Mihir. Shagun is behind this. Why did Adi not see Shagun plan to separate him and Aylia and bring Mihir and Aylia close. Ishita don’t want Adi to get hurt. Ishita loves Adi so badly and she get hurt by Adi ignorance and put all the blames on Ishita. Adi will need a therapy to understand Ishita loves for him and Ishita should speak to Raman and Raman should explain to Adi of what Ishita had told him.

      Mihir loves Adi and Ishita more than Aylia and Shagun. It is good that Ishita tell Mihir about Shagun evil plan and Aylia love and Adi pain. Mihir feel his pain and Ishita consol Mihir. Mihir the get angry on Shagun for doing this and Mihir then tell Ishita his decision to get someone else to get marry for Adi sake. Ishita remain silent and Raman will support Ishita and Mihir. shagun will lose. Aylia will feel lost and down. Adi will revow to destory Aylia future. Well done, Adi! Ishita is on Adi side. Shagun will help Aylia but will lose everything. Mani will feel disappointed with Aylia for disrespect Ishita.

  32. Ayushi Sharma

    I think y shagun ka drama jayada ho rha h jb serial m kch nhi hota h dikhane ko bss tb shagun ka track chalu ho jata h nd frankly y bhaut purana ho gya h so plsss i req u ki writter thoda to inovation lao……. totally’BORING’.

  33. Good very good observation and comment sharma i mean ayushi

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