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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman coming home. Mrs. Bhalla tells her that Sarika does not need to study. He says Sarika and Romi can work together for Rohit’s future. She explains him that she can’t manage things at home alone, who will see Ishita, Rohit and household. He says he will see and sits to have food. She wishes Raman stops Sarika from taking admission. Adi talks to his school friends. Vinni talks to Adi, and a girl tells Adi that when new baby came my mum did not treat me well. Adi cries and says my Ishi Maa will also change.

Sarika thanks Ishita after taking admission. Ishita says you don’t need to thank me for anything, we will go to Adi’s school and make him have chaat. Raman calls Ishita. Ishita says you came home, fine we will come. She asks Sarika not to tell

anyone about Ashok. Sarika says fine, but you did right today.

Adi gets bullied by his friends. They say he would need to clean baby’s potty to get pocket money and tease Adi more. Vinni supports Adi. Adi gets angry on the kids and Ishita stops him from raising hand. The teacher comes and asks what was going on here. Adi says it was small fight. The teacher asks them to pack bags and leave. Ishita says we will go home now, Sarika has come along. Adi asks them to go, he will come home himself. He goes. Ishita says whats his problem. Sarika says maybe he got embarrassed, we should give him some time, we shall leave.

Raman waits for Ishita at home. Manoj calls Raman and asks for Ishita. He asks can I talk to her. Raman says she went out. Manoj says limit her travel. Raman asks Manoj to come for dinner and talk to Amma and Mrs. Bhalla to make them take better care of Ishita. Manoj agrees. Shagun comes to thank Manoj. Manoj says its okay, I told you can share anything, we are flat mates, if not friends. She says to our friendship… and gives him a bouquet. She asks how is Ishita. He says she is fine, and asks her whats her relation with Ishita. Shagun says I m indebted to her. She gets a call and goes.

Raman asks Ishita why is she upset. Sarika is about to say. Ishita says I will say, its good news, Sarika got admission. Raman asks Sarika to study well. Sarika tells Mrs. Bhalla that she will manage Rohit and work and go to study. Raman says we will manage Rohit. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to take rest. Sarika says Adi will come after football classes, Ruhi is at Iyer house. She takes Rohit and goes. Mrs. Bhalla thinks Ishita is matured, but Sarika … if she studies more than Romi, things can get worse, I have to be careful about this.

Adi and Vinni have a talk after school. She asks him not to be angry for football class. He says he won’t go. He sits there and says he loves Ishi Maa a lot, the family loves him a lot, he likes to stay with them, but when new baby comes, will she love and care for me as now, if she does not have time for me, then…. Vinni’s driver comes. Vinni asks Adi shall I drop you home. He says I will go myself. She asks him to promise he will go home on time and leaves.

Bala and Romi bring their children out in park. The ladies like the babies and ask Bala is it his baby. Bala says no, I m unmarried, its my neighbor’s child. The girl gets impressed by him. Romi asks Bala about this lie, is Shitija not his baby, is he single…. You are really great. Bala says what are you saying, I did not see any other girl. Romi says every man has a monkey in himself who wants to jump, he stops by some stone of fear. Bala says nothing like that. Romi asks why did he lie. Bala says I just said, we will go, else wives will beat us. He asks Romi not to tell this to Raman and Ishita. Romi agrees and they leave.

Ishita talks to her staff and worries for the work. She tells Raman that something is wrong with Mr Batra, there is no appointment. Raman says thanks Dr Batra, maybe he came to know you are fake dentist, you don’t know anything. She says she will see him after baby comes. She goes to have food.

Shagun comes to a café and orders her regular stuff. The man says sorry, that was last cupcake which that boy took. She turns and sees Adi there. Shagun meets Adi and asks what is he doing here alone. Adi says when new baby comes, everyone loves him right… She asks why is he asking this. He says Ishi Maa is going to have baby. She says wow, everyone would be happy, and you? She is your Ishi Maa, her love for you will not increase, love gets high on sharing, a mum’s heart has equal place for every child, I promise Ishita will love you more after the baby comes. She says I will tell Ishita to give you attention, else she can’t have baby. Adi asks did I ask you to tell this, Ishi Maa is happy. She says fine, let new baby come. He says yes. She says finish this cupcake, everyone will be worried at home, I will drop you.

Abhishek tells Sarika about raksha bandhan and asks what gifts she want. She asks for books, as her classes are starting. Mrs Bhalla invites Abhishek for lunch tomorrow and asks Sarika how will she go. Ishita says let her go, I will manage with Neelu. Mrs. Bhalla agrees. Raman asks Abhishek to have food and go. Abhishek says I have work and goes. Mrs. Bhalla says Mr. Bhalla will be glad knowing Ishita’s news, when will Manoj come. Raman says he will come. They talk about Adi. Raman worries that Adi did not come and calls driver. He says its not reachable, I will go and see. Mrs. Bhalla says Adi will come. Ishita thinks Adi was worried, and hopes he is fine. Shagun drops Adi home and asks him to take care. Raman comes there and gets annoyed seeing Shagun.

Raman scolds Shagun for not being able to see her kids’s happiness. She turns and sees Manoj. At raksha bandhan event, Adi sees mirror in some stick and asks Ishita to see. He sees a speeding car coming to hit Ishita, in the mirror and worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nice episode shagun ne ache se adi ko samjaaya nd i hope aab ishu adi ko poori tarah se assurance dhilayegi nd ha i hope aab ishraruadi sab log kush rahe nd i hope makers ke dhimaak me aab koi ghand naa aaye………….

  2. Episode was OK not gud sab Vinni ki vaja se hova aur WO bad me achi ban GI aur shagun aur ye Mrs bhalla kyo problem create karne k koshish kar rahe hai

  3. Aur adi last time to us ne hospital me shagun ki itne insult ki thi aur ab normally bat kar raha hai

  4. Aur Bhi apne bap ki tarha hi hai kuse me ache se bat nahi karta aur bad me pyar show karta hai

  5. thanks 4 soo fast update precap is thrilling

  6. guys meri ek wish hai ki pregnancy ki stage me raman ishu ko pamper kare………….ishu raman ko midnight uthake icecream khane ka ya phir kuch bhi laane ka jidh karni chahiye ishu kithni cute lagegi na aur phir raman ki pareshaani tho badne vaali hai i hope esa kuch achhe achhe vala scence dhikaye………..

  7. Episode was very nice.

  8. Ha bhagi sach me meri bhi yahi wish hai

    1. haaa yar esa ho tho kithna acha lagega na i just hope par guys i think bahuth saara intresting/twists laane ki chakkar me show me bahuth saare light moments miss kar rahe hai jo saari audience dhekne ko tharaas rahe hai…………

  9. Epi was nice… Raman ne hi Dr batra ko mana kiya ishu nahi ayegi aur ishu ko btaya bhi nahi….. Thnk god at least Adi ko ishu aur new baby ko lekar aur koi pro nahi hai….aur jab ishu use samjayegi to WO bhi bilkul befikar ho jayega

  10. good episode and very nice precap….. I want raman to pamper ishita……
    Anyway, tomorrow adi will save ishita…. Happy for that…..
    From sri lanka.

  11. I m scared after seeing precap…. Ishu ko to Adi bacha lega hope baby ko kuchh na ho..

  12. Ya precap interesting hai because nothing is going to happen with ishra baby ye sab rumour h is show ki trp kam karne k liye pls dont believe in them mujhe lagta h sare problems k baad finally ishita hi apne bache ko janam degi aur aisa hi hona chahiye

  13. Mrs bhalla show karte hain k un k bohat modern soch par phir bhi sarika ko age parhne nahi dena cahte

  14. are tum longo ko yaad h wo movie shadi k side effect jisme vidya balan aur farhan akhtar h wo long baby ko leke kaise ladte h baby ko towel k galat side se mat pocho towel ka galat side Albert Einstein ko bhi nai pata hoga… ramen ishita bhi apne baby ko lekar aise hi ladenge toh kitna maza ayega na unka nok jhok dekhne me bas ab jaldi se baby aa jaye

  15. i missed the episode.anyways good episode.patha nahi yeh mrs .bhalla sarika ki padai ki itnee kyu peeche padi hai .bala romi part was good. precap accha nahi tha.

  16. i hope ki ishitha ki miscarriage na ho.

  17. why you are showing vinni like this a child always be a child not like this

  18. Hai Mohabbatein is going to bring some new twista and turns in the upcoming track where ishita’s life will be in danger.

    In the coming episode’s ,we will see Ishita supporting Sarika for her studies and assures Toshiji that she will handle the household chores.Abhishek comes to meet Sarika and Rohit. We will also see that,Adi’s classmates taunt him that his parents don’t care about him which makes him feel bad.

    Soon ishita discover Adi’s fear and assures him that she will love him even after the baby is born.Ishita decides to cheer Adi and takes hi out for shopping. But there is a danger awaiting for ishita and her unborn baby. A car rushes towards ishita but in a fraction of second,Adi pulls her and saves her from meeting Accident.Ishita gets tensed.

    As per sources,A new entry to be seen in the show and it will be played by Akashdeep Saigal,who is known for his negative portrayals in shows like “Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi” and “Kahaani Hamaaray Mahaabhaarat Ki” .

    “There is a special track coming in, and we have approached Akashdeep for it. It will be only for two to three weeks, but it will be a very strong role as the negative actor is supposed to get some disturbance between the protagonists,” the source said. Ashok will try his best to harm ishita to spoil their happiness.Now we have to watch how raman and ishita’s life changes with these problems?

    Keep reading for more updates.

  19. Plzzz avoid dis miscarriage track…let der b so much of complications ththrough out ishitaishita s pregnancy…bt plzzz no miscarriage

  20. TV actor Akashdeep Saigal has been approached by t
    show makers to play a negative character on the sho
    Akashdeep’s character will be introduced in a special
    track, where he will be seen creating trouble in Ishita
    and Raman’s paradise. However, his stint will only la
    for a few weeks.
    “There is a special track coming in, and we have
    approached Akashdeep for it. It will be only for two to
    three weeks, but it will be a very strong role as the
    negative actor is supposed to get some disturbance
    between the protagonists,” IANS quoted a source as
    In the past, Akashdeep had been a part of shows like
    “Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi” and “Kahaani
    Hamaaray Mahaabhaarat Ki”, where he played negativ
    Further, a report in Bollywood Life states that Ishita wi
    suffer miscarriage in the upcoming episode.
    Now it remains to be seen if the miscarriage is a
    natural one or being plotted by someone.
    Will Akashdeep’s character have any hand in it? Only
    time will tell.
    Article Published:

  21. Shared by
    shireenmirza/ – Our Life Saviour ..humari
    Sherni ..Jagat maata…

  22. VIDEO: # Divyanka # Ruhaanika and
    # Gautam celebrate Janmashtami on the
    sets of # YHM – Saas Bahu Aur Suspense

  23. episode was nice and i hope raman & ishita will realise that shagun has become good and toshiji will not create anyserious problem which would create strain in relationship
    and i hope the teasing natureof ishita and raman will return

  24. Episode is good☺…
    Thank god tmr adi vil save ishu…
    Ohhh god there are more characters in the show….
    Nd more negative characters also…
    Yyy they are bringing new character
    Pata nai woo kya karegha ishuko
    Hopeki ishu aur babyko kuch nahi hona chahiye..
    But kalka episode jyada hogaya
    Simply they showed ishu vil slap Ashok…
    Ab ye pagal Ashok kya karegha..?
    Hope so new characterki vajese
    New babyko kuch nahi hoga
    Aur miscarriagebhi please makers don’t
    Want surrogate track
    We want ishu shd delivery the baby
    Tmr I hav xamzz…
    I vil nt cme for 3days c u all…
    Miss u ishuramruu….?
    Lov u ishuramruu…?????
    YEH HAI MOHABBATEIN is best forever..??

  25. Where is simmi. Nobody s there for talking about her.. anybody pls tell me where s simmi

  26. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein will show Dr Manoj
    advices Bhalla family to keep Ishita
    happy during her pregnancy and they
    decides to go on the picnic.
    Raman arranges a bus for the whole
    family to go to a farm house.
    Raman and Ishita have a great time
    with kids and family on the picnic
    watching beautiful places.
    Their happiness turns in to a tragedy
    when Ruhi, Ishita and Sarika with her
    baby come back in the bus taking
    Suddenly, bus loses break and go
    down a slope.
    Raman tries stopping the bus but is
    failed to catch it.
    Raman asks Ishita trying to stop the
    bus and Ishita sits on driver seat to
    stop the bus.
    Will IShita get successful to save
    Ruhi and Sarika’s life by putting her
    and her unborn baby life in danger?
    » YHM: Ashok-Shagun to destroy
    Raman-Ishita’s happiness again
    » YHM: Pregnancy, surrogacy drama
    for Raman and Ishita
    » YHM: Shagun turns evil becoming
    surrogate mom of Ishita’s child
    » YHM: Phone call to make Ishita
    tensed in Romi’s marriage
    YHM: Ishita to put
    her life in risk
    saving Sarika and
    Ruhi Upcoming Episode
    Raman and Ishita enjoy on
    picnic alongwith family
    members in Yeh Hai
    Ishita sits on driver seat saving
    Ruhi, Sarika and Rohit’s life

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