Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Ruhi confronts Raman

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Romi asking Mihika what did she wear. She says I just came to give breakfast for you, I was thinking I should spice up your life, you were advising this to Aaliya, did you not like these clothes, I will wear more hot clothes next time. He says no, understand, this is not club, its office. Mrs. Bhalla comes and says what will wives do when you guys want tadka from them. He says I gave this advice to Aaliya. She asks why, when your wife is hot, she should look hot. He says so this is your bad idea. She says we have to go club for brunch. Romi says no, not in such clothes. Mrs. Bhalla says if you want your wife to look hot, then change thinking. Mihika says yes, we will go. Mihika asks him to control his staff, they were asking his number. Mrs. Bhalla jokes. Romi asks Mihika

not to be with mummy, she will spoil you.

Kiran says its good Simmi you have come, I didn’t wish to have tea alone. She tells about Mihika wearing a short dress, she has maintained well, if she went like this with her husband… Simmi asks what’s the big deal, what’s your problem. Kiran says I was just giving my point of view. Simmi asks her to mind her own business. Kiran stops her. She says you didn’t forget Parmeet’s matter, we are relatives.

Simmi says I know relations keeping better than you, I got this for Shitija, Parmeet got it from his money. Kiran says I don’t want this. Simmi says keep it or throw it. Kiran throws it and argues. Simmi leaves.

Raman says I hope Ruhi doesn’t know anything. Ruhi talks on call about work, and asks what Raman told this to you. She goes to Raman to ask why he changed the order. She asks Raman why did he do this. Raman gets worried. She says you feel I m a fool, I have no sense, you always do this with me, how many times shall I tell you, please tell me why did you do this. Raman says I m sorry, it was Shagun’s plan, I just told her to keep Nikhil away from you, I don’t know when Shagun has sent Karuna. Ruhi gets shocked. He says I was quiet as it was happening as I wanted. Ishita comes. Ruhi asks what, you did this. He says you came to ask this right, I told Ishita not to tell you, but she told you. Ishita says I didn’t say anything to Ruhi. Ruhi asks did you know all this. Raman signs. Ishita nods.

Raman says sorry. Ruhi cries. She says you did all this, Nikhil didn’t do anything, he was telling truth to me, it was your plan, you chose such a bad way to make him away from me, you ruined his respect, how can you, you didn’t think you made fun of him, Riya was crying so much that day, how can you do this. He says I did this for your betterment. She asks what betterment, how can you do this. He says you don’t know what a father goes through. She says he is also a father, what wrong did he do, he has saved your daughters’ lives, Pooja dumped him, its not his mistake, he helped Pooja’s sister, he truly loved me and Riya, why did you do this, tell me. Raman shouts because he is a divorcee. Ruhi and Ishita look at him. Raman says I don’t want my daughter’s relation to link with a divorcee. Ruhi says I don’t believe this, you have done so much, what, you ruined his life, because he is a divorcee, you are saying this, look at yourself in mirror once, now I hate you. She goes. Raman gets sad. Ishita looks at him and leaves. Ishita consoles Ruhi.

Ruhi asks do you think this was true. Ishita asks her to calm down, Raman didn’t plan this, Shagun planned this, he is feeling guilty. Ruhi says he would have told this to Shagun, I never thought he will do this, you knew this, Nikhil’s life is destroyed, Riya is going to boarding school as her dad is a bad man.

Ishita says so sorry, Raman loves you a lot. Ruhi says I don’t want such love, don’t come to me, don’t interfere in my life, go from here. Ishita goes. Raman asks is Ruhi fine, I will apologize to her. Ishita says she won’t listen to anyone, I don’t know what are you doing, you don’t like Nikhil as he is a divorcee, you were also a divorcee and had two children, are we not happy now. He reminds how much she tolerated as their marriage was a compromise, he made her life worse than hell, does she want to see same thing happening with Ruhi.

She says its not imp that same thing happens, we are happy. He says Ruhi can’t manage this, you were strong enough to handle it, Ruhi can’t, she is a 20 year old girl, she can’t ruin her life, I m doing this for her happiness, Ruhi can’t bear Nikhil’s broken relation burden, she has long life, her career, I can’t lose her. She says I understand your concern, Ruhi is young, but you did very wrong, do you realize this. He says no, I just wanted to save her life. He cries and says I have lost her, she will never forgive me, I know her. She says we will explain her. She holds him. Yeh hai mohabbatein…plays… Neelu comes to call them. Raman refuses to have food. Ishita asks him to have food, come downstairs, they have to make things normal again. She goes to see Ruhi. Raman cries. She thinks where did Ruhi go and calls her. She sees Ruhi’s phone left in room.

Ruhi says I got Nikhil here, as he got homeless because of Raman, now he will stay here. Raman says I can’t do anything, Ruhi has all rights to ashame me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. oh please ruhi is just 19 years and she is telling them not to interfere in her life and she started taking idiotic decisions by own.anyone’s parents think about what is good for their child,now did nikhil become more important to her that her parents who cared for her since childhood.i seriously dint want all this nonsence to happend and ishita is comparing herself with ruhi.does she mean ruhi has to become a mother to a 10 year old kid.ishita was old enough that time to be a mother.nikhil cant even take a stand for himself his face is so sad half of the time.i am not gonna watch this shit anymore.

  2. azuka nkwonta

    Ruhi has to bring Nikhil home to live with the bhallas, wonderful! She is even biting more than she could chew. Nikhil is now in that house and parmeet is there also, I think Raman is finished. I just pray that they will remain some money for him when they finish duping him. I thought ishita said that ruhi is matured but she brought Nikhil home by herself is that what been matured is?

  3. What a shit dis is….like how can they compare Ruhi with Ishita ….i think Ishita ko pta h relationships kesse handle krte h whereas Ruhi ko bs rokr relations todhne aate h like what she did with her father….n I think Raman is right from a point of view of a caring father…..ruhi is so small why don’t she focus on her career she is not ready for being a mother..what a crap this is…srysly heights of showing such nonsense…..

  4. Ruhi ke character ko barbaad kar diya .Raman point of view is right

  5. Oh man! This serial is getting worst and worst! I mean wht kind of a family is this? Nw Ruhi’s character is completely disgusting 4 me. I mean…. alryt! She is completely a two faced girl! First she goes to Nikhil n tell him dt I love u nikhil, I cnt live without u n so on! And then she sees him with another girl n goes to him n says I
    HATE U! DNT WANNA SEE U AGAIN!!! n then slaps him! BANG!!!! After dt she learns dt she has been tricked n again goes to nikhil and apologizes! Then again slaps him! I mean whts this? U
    call this love? I mean if she is so
    confident abt her love den she must say smthng lyk no nikhil cnt do dt! There must be sm misunderstandings! Bt no! Clearly she doesnt hv da guts to talk lyk dt! Whenever she finds out dt
    nikhil is right n hes innocent, instead
    of explaining her parents she goes on fighting with them cursing them n saying to their face dt hw much she hayes them! Dats completely disgusting!
    I ddnt comment 4 a long tym thinking dt anytym these producers will cm back to their senses bt no! Whenever I pick my phone n visites this site I ll think dt today atleast I ll say hello to my friends n loved ones! Then I read
    da update n my mood gets vanished in
    a split second!
    Even lk at this simmi. At times shes really gd, a caring mother n aunt to da children, helps ishu in her work n consoles her whenever shes worried,
    respects her elder brother, really
    protective towards her younger brother n so on! Bt lk nw! They hv completely blacklisted her character!
    Raman also ddnt do the right thing with nikhil, just bcz of nikhil is a
    divorcee he cnt just frame him lyk dt!
    Its his fault dt he cnt control her daughter! Just bcz of Raman wants nikhil to be out of ruhis life he cnt do smthng so disgusting lyk dt! N ishus reactions r nt worthy at all! If she so
    wanted her daughter to knw da thruth
    she shud hv told dt at once! As we all knw the thruth cn never be hidden! Bt accordng to this serial seems lyk dt is also on doubt!
    Anyways guys, a very big hello to all my fellow YHM fans!! Hoping u all r doing well!! ??

  6. sid bhai where are you and the rest of the sunshiners

  7. This time raman is absolutely right and ruhi is too acted right, whereas in the precap shown, it is totally bakwas, she needs a tight slap, who is she to take such decisions, and look at nikhil, kuthe ke jaisa dum halakar ruhike peeche aaya hai bhalla house me entry maarneke liye, stupid guy

  8. For everybodys information, raman mentioned ruhi is twenty years old, bachi hai woh

  9. I don’t like such things happens.if shaman is still well ax rohita is as sewwan.stop these nonsense and make happy moments with romantic is hitha and family.still we like affection of romance and ishitha

  10. Raman is such a egoistic man.

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