Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Romi saying we will sit and talk, people are seeing. Singhal says come, table is booked. Mrs. Bhalla calls Ishita and asks about vegetable painting. She says Ruhi used to be happy when I taught her about veg painting. Ishita says fine, do it if you like it. She hears waiter saying about Adi and Aaliya’s table. She asks what happened, I m Adi’s mum. The waiter says his credit card is left here, he came with a girl. She says I m his mum Ishita Bhalla, I know Aaliya too and takes the card. She says thank God, Raman and Mani did not see this.

Pihu tells Shagun that she does not want to chat. Shagun asks why. Aaliya tells Adi that she reached and talks. Shagun sees Aaliya and asks what happened. Aaliya says nothing and goes. Shagun tells Pihu that she will make

sandwich for him. Ashok calls Shagun and says why don’t you tell me, Singhal has become mediator between Raman and Mani. Shagun says we don’t talk about business, even Adi and Aaliya were in that same restaurant. He asks what, were they there. She says yes, she would have come running, she looked upset. He says great, leave everything on me now.

Singhal asks Raman and Mani to think for their business and not make a joke of themselves, shake hands, don’t waste time. Ishita looks on. Raman and Mani get up to shake hands, and forward hands…. Ishita smiles. Just then Ashok comes. Ashok says wow….. Raman and Mani stop and see Ashok. Ashok says what a pleasant surprise, Raman and Mani are together, I mist congratulate you, you both are becoming Samdhi soon. Raman asks are you drunk, don’t say nonsense. Ashok says I have seen Adi and Aaliya in this hotel. Raman says Adi is in office. Mani says Aaliya is at home. Ashok says call them here and verify, as I have seen them.

Romi asks Raman not to care for Ashok’s words. Raman calls Adi and asks where are you. Mani calls Aaliya and asks where are you. Raman says Adi is in office. Mani says Aaliya is at home. Raman and Mani say they will call Adi and Aaliya here. Ishita says whats the need. Raman says its needed, I will call them. Adi and Aaliya come there. Aaliya says I m scared Adi. Adi says I will tell them we will meet and not be scared of anyone. She says its not right time. He says you told me till when will we hide and meet, we will have to tell everyone, I can’t stay away from you.

They go to Raman and everyone. Raman asks Adi did you come here some time back. Waiter asks Adi and Aaliya did you two came back, you forgot your credit card, I have it to your mummy. Raman and Mani get angry. Mani warns Adi to not be around Aaliya. Adi says its not possible, Aaliya is imp for me. Mani gets angry and Raman stops Mani from touching Adi.

Aaliya says Appa, I went to meet Adi by my wish, I love him. She holds Adi’s hand, shocking them. Ashok smiles. Mani asks Aaliya to come, and drags her, while Raman stops Adi. Ishita cries.

Mani brings Aaliya home. She says stop it, I love Adi. He asks whats wrong with you, Raman is making plans to ruin me, you love his son, how did you love him suddenly, forget it. She says I can’t forget him, Adi supported me a lot, I love Adi. Mani says I don’t care, I don’t believe this, you will listen to me, is that clear. She says sorry, but no. He gets angry. Shagun asks Mani not to shout on Aaliya, she will retaliate. He says you are saying right, I have to think something else to make Adi away from Aaliya.

Raman gets Adi home. Raman says sorry Adi, you proved you are my son, you held Aaliya’s hand, the man I hate, you have held his daughter’s hand, I m happy, come, what happened to you. Everyone get surprised. Adi asks don’t you have any problem. Raman says no, I understand heart matters late. Adi hugs him and gets glad. He says I m glad that you understood my love, you are the best. Raman says but you are the worst son. Adi cries and gets shocked. Raman says the man who snatched my daughter, you have held his daughter’s hand, how did you become a good son, the man who is using your sister against your dad, I know its heart matter, but how could you be a good son, I told your mum that I don’t accept this relation, I wished to slap you, but Mani will do my work, he will never accept Adi and Aaliya’s relation, you maybe a good boyfriend, but you are a very bad son. Raman goes. Adi and everyone cry. Ishita cries and goes after Raman. Mrs. Bhalla asks what happened to Raman. Romi asks Adi are you fine, we all are with you.

Ishita asks Raman whats wrong with you, why are you getting out anger on Adi, he is a kid. He says you are not kid, you knew Adi and Aaliya met is restaurant, you had his card. She says it was coincidence. He asks how can coincidence happen with you always. She asks him not to jump on conclusions. He argues with her. She asks him why is he blaming her. He asks why can’t I blame you, the man who snatched my daughter, you apologized to him. She says she is my daughter too, I did not apologize. He asks what did you do for her till now, you left her when she was 3 day old, whats difference between you and Shagun.

Shagun is better, she left 6 month old Ruhi and you left 3 day old Pihu, you are world’s worst mum. She asks him to stop it. He says that’s why your children are not attached to you. She says just shut up and slaps him. He looks at her. She says I m sorry, I should have not slapped you, I got angry. He says don’t even touch me, the truth will be same, Pihu is my daughter, she has your Ansh, you are worst mother. He goes. She cries and says you deserved this slap Raman….that’s not done, how can you hurt anyone. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein…..plays………..

Mihika tells Romi that wrong is happening with Adi, we have to do something, poor Adi, don’t know what is he going through. He says I understand, but we should not interfere. She says Aaliya is his first love, we should support him, why should he suffer, if problem is regarding Pihu. She goes to Adi and asks him to have food. Adi reacts angrily and cries. Mihika signs Romi to talk to Adi. Romi says Adi, I know you are angry now, Raman is also not happy, this is disturbing us. Adi asks am I doing wrong, I love Aaliya, and Papa is making it an issue, even Mani is stretching this, why shall we suffer in their fight, if its mistake, beat and scold us, but tell me, is there any mistake. Aaliya is a nice girl and took stand for me, she supported me, I can’t break her trust, you are seeing how Papa is reacting, I love Aaliya, is loving someone wrong. Romi cries seeing Adi, and says we will find some way, we are with you. Adi hugs Romi.

Simmi asks Mrs. Bhalla not to worry, she has to manage Pihu and kids. Mrs. Bhalla says I get scared when they talk to me. Simmi says Pihu will help you, don’t worry. Raman comes. Adi sees him and leaves food. Mihika asks him to finish breakfast. Adi says no, I m not hungry. Ishita asks Neela to give tea to Raman. Simmi asks Raman to have breakfast. He says no, I m getting late and goes. Ishita looks on.

Mr. Bhalla asks Ishita why did she not talk to Raman. She says he is doubting on me, that I m not loyal, he called me bad mum, and by mistake I raised hand on him.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. TUFFY

    What the hell is wrong with Raman? Did he forget that he asked ishita to leave after the ruhi incident? Why is every episode a confrontation nowadays. When will we get to see a normal episode, I know a serial had to have twists but this much! When will the writers show Raman using his brain and not blaming everyone and realising its shagun and Ashoks plotting?

  2. Ananthi

    I don’t know what is wrong with Raman??? When Pihu insulted ishu and Raman slapped her, he says Ishu is world’s best mum. But now?? Isn’t he ashamed of his foolish acts? Raman U can’t say that Ishu is world’s worst. She united u and Ruhi, she stood up for U in every problems, she loves U so much and inspite of it U r insulting her like hell? Why did you drag Shagun in this matter? And Shagun is better than Ishu? Shagun doesn’t deserve ishus friendship. I will and I must say that Ishu is world’s best woman and mum!!!
    CVS are dragging too much! I saw in the video that Mani slaps Aliya for Ramans false allegations!! Mani said that he respects women but I don’t think so he does that. Slapping his sister s daughter!! I hate Mani and Raman from the bottom of my heart!! Poor Aliya is always being hurt and adi also… our tigress Ishu will sort out problems. Ishita,ishima and Ishu forever!!!!

    • shreya shetty

      exactly ananthi our ishu is like a strong minded tigress who can give a knack in each and every problem that comes in her and ramans way.she much better than raman because I admit that raman is a mad and mental minded person everytime changing colours like a chameleon in each and every different opinion of whatsoever happening.i consider him to be a colour chaning chameleon for behacing like dare that stupid mani slap aaliya!! he should be sent to prison immediately at once.i want to see mani beaten badly in jail and shaggy to be hanged for being a evil criminal and bad mother along with ashok.

  3. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans.cvs u crack pots.u making raman just like brains.ishu thanks for slapping I think shagun and Ashow both should be hanged. Such a sick episode and even worst serial.

  4. jassi

    whats hell
    hi everyone
    this drama is going from last 2 to 3 weeks
    bored seeing this
    u know that in the end ishita will win shagun will fail
    i saw on you tube but i have doubt
    plz search on youtube ;-next story of yeh hai mohabbatein
    i am not sure
    u guys plzzzzzzzzzzzz search

  5. zee

    What ishita should do is making raman’s everything perfect . But shouldn’t live with him anymore because he keeps calling him a bad mom .

  6. Prithvi

    Raman is the brainless guy I have ever seen in my life….sometimes he blames Ishita or sometimes blames Shagun….. One thing I would conclude that Raman only knows one thing.. That is blaming others for his mistakes and he is the worst person I had ever seen…he only has ego….only ego…nothing else…I wish I could kill him with a gun

    • magic

      Good comment now this is too much raman is the most daft person in this show ishita should leave him for his big mistake (ishita is not a good mother) and he is behaving like a ruffian towards adi and i think we fans are not doing good still watching this garbage!

  7. cham

    For sure he deserves a tight slap!😞I got the message that Raman is planning to apologize ishitha from a romanncing act…why?what’s the need of doing such things??is there any other bad thing to hear?he said all the things and those are the thoughts inside him about ishitha…I think ishitha to should not respond for him until an the problems get solved…then she go any from him for ever and then he will memorize what he said to her… rude words were they?I got teary eyes and he deserves more and more right slaps…when I got the feeling that he should get a tight slap….at that very moment ishitha gave it….

  8. magic

    Hu raman has gone mad ishita should admit him at NIMHANS (national institute of mental health and neuro science) bangluru

  9. cham

    What is this????? Im very angry about his behaviour. could he??? somebody must definitely remind him how he asked her to leave that day…please I hope sooo

  10. Prithvi

    And one difference between Ishita and Shagun is that Shagun left a 6 month old Ruhi for money and status while Ishita left a 3day old Pihu as Raman badly taunted her which provoked her to commit suicide which was got out of his stupid decision of sending Ruhi for exchange of Pihu….in my view , Ishita is the best mum for her kids and not shagun cos she just knows to spoil kids as we have seen in yesterdays episode as she gave a mobile to Pihu and if Ishita were in place of Shagun…she would entertain Pihu by spending quality time with her and read her a story or play with her

    • shreya shetty

      prithivi dear u r right and I completely agree with u in this u ve mentioned that ishita loves children so much by playing with her or reading a wonderful story for that pihu she would’ve given more attention towards her ishimaa and leave that shagun forever.shagun is just blessed to have kids but never learnt how to take care of them with proper care and love at all.she doesn’t deserve to be a good mother in fact the worst mother ever to spoil her own kids by purchasing expensive stuff that will spoil the kids like how a soft sweet apply baby pihu has turned out to taste bitter and rotten all because of shaguns poison.ishita is just like a sweetner who can turn a bad apple into a sweet and good one wheras shaggy only knows how to make it spoil just like she did with pihu.I know that its all because of that ramans stupidity he shouldn’t have taunted her by provoking her to take such a drastic step of death.poor ishu I feel very sorry for her on hearing this dreadful nightmare which kept haunting her about ruhis fake death past,she might have probably felt hurt on thinking about it for a very long time and how would she know that she has left her own 3 day daughter pihu???she never knew anything about it and thought of it because ruhis nightmare past was troubling her so bad that made her weak at first

      • Prithvi

        And one thing I forgot to mention is that this Shagun is a blo*dy blackmailing opportunist… She uses any chance to hurt any1

  11. shahabana

    I loved today’s episode raman deserves that slap by ishitha but im feeling bad for ishra and adiya its complicated someone plss kill askok and shagun

  12. shivani

    Hi EVERYONE…..
    VP Rithu Mino Sindhu Siddhi Khushi Aditya Jaz Az Monique Saritha Supergirl parichari pradishma shreya Nish Susan Ruhi Magic bhagya and all YHM fans……hope everyone is doing fine…..

    I loved today’s episode…..ishita did right…Raman deserved one slap..he crossed all the limits today…he did the same with ishita 7 years ago, because of that ishita tried to commit suicide….all mistakes was raman’s,but he blames ishita….his opinions changes with time ….spineless man…after mani shagun marriage, he was praising ishita that she is world’s best mom and shagun cannot become a good mother like her and so on….and Now……
    I don’t understand why ishita still trying to solve his problems….let him handle everything alone….then only he will realize her value….every time ishita forgives him so easily…thats why raman behaves like this….actually i was blaming ishita for what she did 7 years ago…but ishita was right….none can tolerate this egoist raman…

  13. Tvfan1


    |Registered Member

    I love adiya’s moment. But this raman!!!!!! Omg raman is taking sides. Ex: when ruhis case he was only concerned about ruhi but not pihu, now he only cares about pihu where is ruhi????

    What will happen for the TRP ratings this Week?

  14. crazygirl

    Raman does not deserve Ishitha. This serial and the lead character cannot get any worse,,How can people remain emotionally immature throughout their life inspite of many experiences. Ekta kapoor is the worst

  15. Tanvi


    |Registered Member

    Hello I’m new here I can I join u all….I want to share my opinion…… It was too much today did raman not realise that bcoz of this bad mother dialogue ishita left him …I want ishita should not say sorry also raman deserved that slap actually in the news they said raman will get back his akal after the slap but no he didnt still he blamed ishita ….if ishita is too pleased to say sorry she should just say sorry for the slap and just ignore him then only raman would realise i want that ishita should always say that shagun is better than her while talking to raman why always ishita is hurt why not raman nd today’s dialogue was too much….nd now after this rain dance im just excited about rain dance but in rain dance how easily ishita forgave him…but the cvs r just spoiling it they r just trying to drag they dont care about the trp of the show

  16. murugan

    Today Raman’s speaking was right … Shagun left ly 6month baby but Ishita left Pihu while she was born …. Till now Ishita did nothing for Pihu …

      • murugan

        So if he ask her to leave means she will leave her baby and go away va … So she don’t love her baby …

    • shreya shetty

      ohhh please murugan just stop ur negative talk.enough with u and that tehreem why don’t u try to understand that ishita didn’t know anything about leaving her baby pihu since raman insulted her for loosing ruhi and bringing back the baby instead of ruhi along.he thought that she had intentionally killed ruhi and called her a step mother forever.raman is jus useless and is behaving like an unworthy animal.i think the tight slap given by ishu is just great he deserves so because he has no right to speak harsh words of his wife like that even if she hasn’t done anything wrong at all

  17. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    what the hell is going on!realy raman deserves the slap.what he think about himself? how can he compare shagun and ishu?how can he say that ishu is bad mother?ishu is the best mom in the world.she loves her children selflessly but raman always blamed ishu. ishu left pihu only because of raman.and mani always remembers adi is raman’s son thatswhy he didn’t accept the adi aliya relation but how can he forget adi is ishu’s son also

  18. shreya shetty

    what the hell is happening here.firstly raman told ishu that shes worlds best mother for children better than shaggy and now hes gone too far I tell u dare he insults ishita by calling her worlds worst mother huh???doesn’t he realize that its all because of that evil shaggy he has complteley become drunk and mad.yuck raman is indeed the worst character more intolerable than shaggy in this show atleast shaggy and ashok are evil enough but this irritating raman is becoming more negative than them and now hes going against ishita even If she hadn’t done anything wrong???disgusting behavior shown by him !!the nice tight slap given by ishtia was really good he deserves it because for whatever he said about her and also thinking that whatever shagun called her with that bad word was right this raman thinks isn’t it.well instead ishita should maintain her self respect and how many times she tried explaining him about the actual real happenings that ve occurred to him but this drunkard raman is not ready to listen even a word.the time he loses her as she leaves only then this man will understand thr true value and importance of ishitas love and care towards him and his family.ishu shouldn’t be blamed like this for no reason at all also she should just leave him alone so that he ll understand how it feels without her

    • Ananthi

      Ur right… Raman is becoming mad…. He is a mixed man…. Good thing that Ishu gave a tight slap to him!!poor Ishu she is always being blamed!!!! I am always with you Shreya didi!!

  19. Nandu

    Raman character is once my fav …n nw m jst hating it…to the core CVS👏… congratulations successfully completely destroyed …YHM…Raman doesn’t deserve ishita ….he deserves woman lyk shagun…hw dare he compared ishu n shagun…oh commonraman n ruhi bond bcz of Ishima..adi n Raman bonded bcz of Ishima….n pihu dat crap gal…he z the one who made ishita lyf hell by bringing shagun as surrogate mother…..whr was love in this whole…n dn say me everyone reacts the same way in anger…never ever…anyone does dat…Raman nt nly deserve ishita slap..but I literally want ishita to show…her self respect…even she z the mother of pihu…hw cme CVS frgt to shw a mother’s pain.😠

    • shreya shetty

      get lost from here tehreem and who told u to come and say bad here.we don’t want any bad commenters to be available in this site like u tehreem go away and never return

      • ganja

        Hey shreya shetty what you doing you seems mature but your comment is not good at all so plz stay away from any fans because everyone has right to show their feeling about character and you are taking all this serious oh god

    • ganja

      Good tehreem you should comment but in full limit you can comment against ishita but can’t aginst fans ok

      • shreya shetty

        aaagh fine u r wish and ur decision.i didn’t intentionally attack u with my words but to tell u this show isn’t real and possible at all

  20. Sushmita

    In ektas serial no body can find the real culprit, who is making planning and no laws also work for the culprit, any how they come back to create problem in balls family. Kuch to acha dikhayo, villains ki dhulai kab hogi….

  21. rithushree

    Worst episode of all. I hate that character of Raman now .cvs have ruined it soo much .he and Mani both are dog’s tail which is never straight .so these can’t be proper only . Ishitha should have slapped him even more . Both Mani and Raman are those patients who ran from mental hospital and who both are only fighting troubling all around them.

  22. sharmi

    Did Raman forget how he insulted Ishita and said she should have die instead of Ruhi. Which woman would want to hear that from the man who is suppose to be your support, comfort in the time of need. I don’t think these people know the meaning of true love. It’s mostly love when convenient for them. Especially Raman, his character is the worst person to be in a love story/family story. He doesn’t know how to bring a family together, just from his actions, he is making the entire family drift apart, He did it when he basically told Ishita to kill herself several years ago and now blaming her for leaving and now making them drift apart again with his high voltage anger. They should introduce anger management classes in this show…he could use a few sessions.

  23. rithushree

    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna unique angel jaz jeni super girl Shona aditya disha juhi Luna Aisha siddhi magic ankitha Saba and all yhm friends.
    It’s too much .twist ke naam pe ghatia episodes dikhaa rahe hai . Woh dono Raman aur Mani dono kutton ki tarah ladthe rehthe hai toh sabhi episodes bilkul ghatia . Serial ka toh satyaanash kiya hi tha ki ab usse jalaakar hi chodenge aur ek din sab makers khud hi ladenge .

  24. rithushree

    Aaliya says I will go out and meet Adi. Raman comes and scolds Aaliya for troubling Adi. Raman asks Mani and Aaliya not to plan anything to ruin their family. He asks Mani not to use Aaliya against their personal rivalry. Adi and Ishita try to calm down Raman. Raman taunts Mani and leaves. Mani angrily slaps Aaliya many times. Shagun stops Mani. Aaliya tells Mani that he can’t stop her from meeting Adi. Shagun gets a chance to provoke Mani against Ishita. She says Ishita is influencing Adi and Aaliya, whatever happening is wrong, its totally going out of hands. Shagun plans to secure Pihu by making Mani against Ishita.

  25. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Adi gets shattered when Aaliya informs him about bher marriage gets fixed and bridegroom family accept her.

    Mihika and Romi are upset knowing about it and Mihika tells him that they should make Aliya drink so boy will refuse for marriage.

    But Mihika’s plan gets flop and boy agree to marry with Aaliya and Romi angry on Mihika for her plan.

    Ishita tells Adi to inform Aaliya for not taking any wrong step as they will not her marriage at any cost.
    Raman unaware Ishita plans getteing Adi and Aaliya’s marriage secretly

    Apart from this, Raman is completely against with Adi and Aaliya’s relationship as he does not like Aaliya so Ishita, Romi and Mihika plan to help Adi and Aaliya hiding it from Raman.

    What will Ishita do to get her son Adi’s marriage with Aaliya?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  26. rithushree

    Twists are meant for curiosity.but here there is not curiosity.they are just dragging and in each episode there is a fight .
    It’s like hell over hell over hell.
    Stop this crap .
    Stop this crap.
    Stop this crap.
    Stop this crap.
    Stop this crap.
    Cvs it’s high time that these crap drama and track should come to an end .it’s just irritating and ias becoming the worst episodes of yhm.

  27. F. s. niza

    Nowadays yhm stretching for long life but its not good for health we all are tired 😫 every day problem problem oh enough this shagun is too much no this need limit to give happiness for ishus life.Mani he is not a great friend he also same with others ….yhm pls make happy 😊 watch for us.

  28. Sunita

    Ishita did a very good thing by slapping raman…..she should have done that long time back….how many times she has been blamed by raman and how many times he calked her baanch….i feel ishita should go away from raman and tgen only he will realise her value….he should beg her to come back in his life….i m waiting for that moment.He is such an egoistic fellow….he csn blame others but never accepts his mistake….writers are totally spoiling raman’s character

  29. magic

    Hello shreya how are you my friend i missing you (funny comments) very much because i think you have gone serious after today epi. Hahaha

    • shreya shetty

      no no its nothing like that dear magic in fact shaggy and ashok should be hanged soon after pihu reutrns to her ishimaa and mani should be bashed badly in jail and that raman let him lose ishu only then he ll come back to his very good common sense at all in this man always behaving like a crying baby who screams for drinking milk all the time I mean raman crying for spilling the milk of ishu!!!hahahahahha raman is a newborn immature crying baby crying because ishimaa had slapped the little baby raman.I would call him rammie

  30. Leeann

    Hi all.
    my name is leeann and I’m from sa. hope you guys would let me join in your chats.
    Firstly I need to thank Amena for the updates, although we do get star plus in sa it’s at an extra cost so I really rely on the written updates for my info.
    I really feel for Ishu, she is an amazing person and certainly better than me if I was in this position but she is always taken for granted and even if the sun doesn’t come out it end up being her fault. hopefully the cvs will look at the direction of the story. what made yhm so great was even in the mix of all the drama there were sweet loving moments, this seems to be getting fewer with time. Hopefully they will add some fun and love in these 2 family cos even the best family will find it hard to be kept together with all this.

  31. ganja

    Who is magic it seems he/she is a immature child he/she says ishita should leave raman oh god magic raman should leave ishita because she seperate him from his pihu get it

  32. Ganja

    And you all fans are dont know anything raman is a very good chracter ok so plz enjoy the show dont comment bakwaas about raman ok

    • shreya shetty

      ganja please hes just a character after all.why cant we talk bad about him in fact hes worse than any other character more than shagun.who r u to stop us fro commenting huh??its better for u to keep quiet rather than telling us whats right to do get please its none of ur business and leave it or lose it.this show isn t real and I am not blaming any actor here but the role and attitude shown by them

  33. shreya shetty

    raman is indeed behaving like a loser and useless can he ever fall so low all of the sudddne by calling ishita like that In fact he should be left alone without her only then he ll be having brains or else always dependent on ishita whos trying to solve out his problems easily and forgiving him easily.ishu would ve given him even more tight slaps that for calling her a bad mother and who don’t have children!!and see how the way he behaved with innocent adi didn’t even understand theat his very own son is in deep love with aaliya and wants to marry her but thismad guy raman is not ready to accept that.darn if he really supports shagun then why cant he go with her but jump in hell.he s the one who said that shagun is better than her then let him go and eat all that shit shagun is giving and leave ishu!!!she should just return back to Australia because only then he ll realize that whos the best wife and mother

  34. magic

    Hello guy’s (all the fans of yhm) shreya, rithushree, appy, vp, bhagya, sindhu, parichari, danny, shivani, kiran good morning to all of you, you all are very nice and wonderfull persons and you all are my best friends beyond my friends circle at university(where i am studying) and thank you all for allow me to join you if i hurt anyone than plz forgive me and now i am leaving this site because i am going to Raj. University for attend a seminar about my RP PROGRAMME for two day’s than i will be back and shreya be happy because i think you are my best friend at this site god bless you and all yhm fans

    • shreya shetty

      all the best magic dearie and may u pass the seminar with good hopes and wishes from all of us yhm fans to u dear.god bless u and show u to a correct path in future

  35. Khushi

    Its tym fir ishitha to leave that arrogant fool raman nd go to her ammas house. She can support bhalla family by staying there. Only afterbthis he will realise her value. Doesnt she have any self respect. Always forgiving him fir her insults. Show sime courage dnt be blind in the name of luv.. That love doesnt matter much if there is no repect.hiw can someone live with such a person.
    He us a selfish man nd always uses her for hus motives. He did the same with shagun too. Let him rot in hell. Juz leave him
    Actually its ishhthas mistake she easily forgives everyone. Too much gudness is also nt appreciable. If she hld hav made him properly apologise for his former mistake this couldnt have happend. She is the one who is encouraging such a rude behaviour by firgiving evrytime without proper apologies. Comeon you arwna steong women. Show some self respect

  36. Siddhi

    Hi everyone commenting after many days but abhi bhi kuch change nahi howa serial aur bhi bura ho gaya hai I just hate Raman Kumar bhalla he is most irritating person pihu pihu pihu I think us ki surf ek betii hai pihu what about adi WO hamesha apnay bacho may partiality karta hai pehlay jab adi us say dor tha to adi k liye mar raha tha aur ab pihu Kay liye asa lagta hai jasay adi us ka step son hai I hate him is nay word maa ko mazak bana rakha hai kabhi achi maa to kabhi buriii maa kabhi ishu ko sab say burii maa kehta phir kehta ishu say achi maa ho hi niii saktiii bhi kehta niii tum buri maa ho Mr Raman bhalla u r a bad father Raman hamesha Mani ko blame karta hai OK I know Mani ki fault hai but aliya par acid kis nay dala niddhi nay kyo ruhi say badla lenay k liye aur ruhi Raman ki betii hai aliya aur niddhi ka to koi link hi niii I have read some where that yhm may 1 yr leap a raha hai I want that leap wasay bhi leap aye ya na aye ekta aur us k cvs wohi hai ghum phir Kay story buri maa prr hi a jae gi

  37. Ruhi

    TRue siddhi pehle adi fir adi mil gaya ab pihu ke peeche ro raha hai.adi milne ke baad kabhi nahi dikhaya adi aur raman ke beech pyaar disgusting .didn’t watch the serial only reading updates. ek dam bakwaas.

  38. Saba

    Hi yhm fans,i hope all of u is episode is very good because Raman is be very negative,i tink after slap he realise how hi is negative and i hope evry tink back to mormal.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.