Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman asking Abhishek can Shagun leave. Abhishek says ya, and asks Shagun to be in control, he understood Mihika has fired the gun, but he has to be sure till fingerprint report comes. Raman asks Shagun to take care. She leaves. Ishita cries. She asks Abhishek to understand Mihika has helped Rinki, she has no motive to murder Rinki, she sacrificed her love. Abhishek says I want to know the motive.

Ashok comes and says who will have motive to kill Rinki. Raman holds his collar and scolds him. Abhishek says I have called him. Raman asks why. Abhishek says he is like Rinki’s brother and Mihika’s ex husband. Ashok says the motive is Mihir, Mihika married me to save Mihir, she did not let me touch her, she killed Rinki for Mihir. Mihir asks Ashok to shut up. Ashok

says see how he is getting angry, he still loves Mihika, Mihika has killed Rinki to get Mihir. He asks Raman to understand. Abhishek asks Ashok to leave. Ashok says I m here to help. Ishita asks Abhishek to kick out Ashok, he can’t insult Mihika. Ashok says there is something fishy here and leaves. Ishita hugs Mihika and consoles her. Mihika says I did not kill Rinki…

Raman wonders how can Mihika do this. Ishita asks hoiw can he think so, and argues with him. Raman says I don’t know, Mihika accepted she has shot. Ishita says it does not mean that bullet has killed Rinki, you left family and stood with Shagun. He asks her not to bring Shagun in between, he can’t believe all this, but has to believe, Abhishek will come with reports, we will know. He goes. She says Abhishek will bring result and Mihika will be proved innocent.

Bala asks Mihika not to take tension, the fingerprints will not match. Appa asks Amma to be strong. The man gets the results. Abhishek checks it. Raman asks what happened, none of the women’s fingerprints will match. Ishita asks Abhishek to say. Abhishek says the fingerprints on gun’s trigger matched with Mihika’s. They all get shocked.

Appa says this can’t happen. Abhishek says I have report, there is no confusion, I m arresting Mihika for the crime of Rinki’s murder. Ishita says no, you know Mihika well, she has no motive. Amma says Mihika did not do anything. Mihika gets handcuffed. Mrs. Bhalla looks at Mihika. The police takes Mihika. Ishita asks Raman whats all this, do something, Mihika is not wrong. Raman asks Mihir to come along. Ishita says I will come. Raman asks her to stay at home and see mummy, as she got to know this. Ishita cries and then accumulates strength to meet Amma.

Amma prays for Mihika. Ishita comes to Amma and consoles her. Amma asks what does Raman feel, I know Raman will not believe this. Amma says I know who will help me and rushes to Mrs. Bhalla. She asks Mrs. Bhalla to help her, Mihika did not do anything. Mrs. Bhalla says my mind is not working, I don’t know Mihika, I have lost my daughter and trust. Abhishek brings Mihika back, and says we have done our investigations, we spoke to her and got to know what happened, Mihika is innocent and did not intentionally kill Rinki.

He says Kumar has hidden the gun in shop as there were metal detectors in fair, Rinki came there to see Kumar, Mihir saw her and left, Ishita met Kumar and sent message to Rinki, Mihika came there and shot at balloon, which shot Rinki, she fell down and that shopkeeper has thrown the fun as well. Ishita thanks Abhishek. Abhishek says Raman has bailed out Mihika by calling Pathak. Amma thanks Raman.

Abhishek says Raman gave statement that Mihika is innocent, it was just an accident. Mihika thanks Raman. Raman says its fine, no one will blame you now. They all go to Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman and Ishita to leave her alone. Raman says Mihika did not do this intentionally. Mrs. Bhalla says I trusted Mihika, Mihika broke my trust and killed Rinki, you did not think of Rinki, and gave statement that Mihika is innocent, Mihika has shot at my heart. Mihika is not innocent. Amma and Mihika look on and cry.

Kumar meets some lady and asks her to give the pics, he will leave country and go, she has blackmailed him to do this work, he is not related to murder, he wants to go to his family in Australia. The lady gives the pics. He leaves. Ishita goes to Mihika. Mihika says I did not kill Rinki and cries. Ishita says I know, don’t give any explanation.

Raman comes and says I know Mihika did not do this intentionally, Mihika loved Rinki, Mihika is like my sistser, don’t blame yourself Mihika, its all over, I know your heart is so clean, mum lost her daughter, she will forgive you soon, don’t keep burden on yourself. Ishita hugs Mihika.

Raman wants to tell Ishita about Shagun. Ishita says she does not want to hear anything, she will not force him, he can tell her when he feels its right time.

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  1. Avi

    I find it sumwat strange…agar ek person ke upar murder charge hai thn hw could she b left so easily on d basis of some statements…isnt it court’s work to find out d truth..a policeman should arrest..his duty ends thr…who is he to decide..tat is court’s work to convict her guilty or not..i mean though v knw mihika is innocent but still..nt able to digest d fact ki she got releasd so soon as if uske upr murder ka nahi robbery ka charge tha..

  2. kajal

    Finally mihika is out of this. They finally showed raman a sensible and understanding man. Please writers now finish the crap with shagun, dont create mess between ishra bcoz of shagun, let shagun and dr. Manoj be together happily ever married and say goodbye to shaguns character in the show pleeeeeeeeeeeeease

  3. whatever

    I don’t understand what these bunch of morons are talking about and dragging this nonsense. Lets say Mihika fired that gun that killed Rinki but isn’t it clear for everybody that she did not even see Rinki, she was firing at the balloons??? Where is the confusion? Just assuming that the audience are idiots (which many of us are) and just taking advantage of the stupidity.

  4. bhagvaan aaj ek baar mujhe raman hero laga bahuth dinom ke baadh mujhe tho dar laga kahi raman shagun ke saath na de par mujhe ek baath achi nahi lagi jab raman batha na chahtha tha tho ishu ko sun na chahiye tha par phir usne koi mahaan gnaan dhe ksr baath ko taal diya yar mujhe hamesha lagtha tha raman ithna over emotional aur hamesha galath decisions kyom letha hai par phir aab mujhe samaj aaya ki raman jab bhi koi ghalath decision letha hai tho phir hamesha uske peeche mrs.bhalla ka emotional drama hoga jaise pehle baar sarikha ke saath nainsaafi aur phir usko abortion karwaane ke baare me ya tho phir sarikha ko vaapas laana sab kuch mrs.bhalla ki emotional black mail hi tho hai

  5. yar mrs.bhalla ne pehle bhi ek baar ashok ki baathom me aakar ishu par inzaam lagaya aur ek baar shagun ki baathom par aakar tho aab mujhe koi surprise nahi hai ki vo ashok ki story sun ke mihika par doubt kar rahi hai……yar plz aab mujhe story me ek positivity ki jhalak nazar aayi hai tho plz use vaise hi chalne dena plz story ko old yhm ki tarah bana dijiye na aur aaj mai oldyhm ko jyada miss kar rahi hu kyom ki aaj mai vo poorani scene jaha shagun ko ruhi shoping pe le jakhar tang karegi na vo scene dheka tho mujhe aaj oldyhm ki bahuth yaadh aa rahi hai

  6. Jenika

    Rinky (Reshma Konkar) found out Sarika’s (Sarika Dhillon) secret in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    Rinky’s murder mystery is going to bring lots of twists and turns in Bhalla family’s life.

    Earlier Mhir was accused for killing his wife Rinky but later he proved innocence.

    After finger print result, Mihika becomes victim in Rinky’s murder case.

    Ishita is not ready to believe as Mihika killed Rinky but this truth bring tension between Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.

    Abhishek gets shocked knowing Sarika’s truth

    Later a big secret will reveal that neither Mihir nor Mihika but Rinky’s real killer is her own sister in law Sarika.

    Rinky found out the truth that Rahul is not Romi and Sarika’s baby but Sarika adopted it to be a part of Romi’s life..

    To hide this secret, Sarika killed Rinky.

    Will ACP Abhiskek put his own sister Sarika behind bar or cover her crime?

  7. Sapna

    Shadow is Rinky herself, she did this to trap Mikha. Rinky is not changed. Rinky was in-secure with Mikha b.coz of Mihr-Mikha relationship..

  8. ria

    that lady is sarika who planned to kill rinki as rinki got to know that rohit is not romis and sarikas baby but she adopted him to be close to romi

  9. jhanvi

    Ya its sarika….

    Why makers are ruining such a lovely family by ruining sarika’s character now….dis is too much….no need of dis crap

  10. jhanvi

    Hiiii bhagi ritu Darshika… How are u guys ?? Baki sabne to ye site chhod hi diya hai aur shayad YHM bhi.!!!!!
    Really missing u guys mizum prayosha tahira …..especially mizum….

  11. jhanvi

    Ya bhagi I m also missing old YHM….ishra cute fights , light moments, ishruh scenes nd IshRaRuh scenes, specially their bedroom scenes at night nd to sleep together…..

    I m still watching YHM only for I IshuAdiRuhi..

    Ishu shld lishn once Raman… Hope everything will be fine nd misunderstanding will be cleared very soon..nd v can see our old YHM …finger crossed..!!!!!

  12. how can bhalla family is a lovily family they are always selfish except Raman
    Romi spoiled many girld and spoiled mihika’s name also if he does not met with an
    accident Romi and the whole family does not accept sarika as their daughter in law
    now also Mrs Bhalla thinks about Rinki only She did not felt ashamed on Rinky misbehaviour what a selfish family

  13. In the upcoming episodes of yhm Raman n ishita again argues bcz of shagun as a prize distribution ceremony will be held at ruhi ‘s school as shagun is pregnant n missing Adi n ruhi so Raman also invited her after many problems ishita somehow managed n reached school there he saw Raman starring shagun

  14. Darshika

    hiiii jhanvi….I’m fine and hope that you also fine…..
    I’m waiting for better epis….. I didn’t watch.only reading updates.
    I don’t have anything to tell. Because fed up with blaming.
    By the way,Really waiting to see beautiful,lovely ishra and ishrudi scenes.
    From SL

  15. diya

    ufff…abhi yeh log ye sarika wala drama bandh kar de … i thnk aagar khud mihika jake toshi ji se baat karein dil se toh sab thik ho jayega . iss sharika wala case ko lana k zaruraat hai. accha khasa chrctr ko bigadh na . faltu ka twist . agar eh log firse raman ishita k track k upr concentrate karein to behtar hoga . precape was nice. divz expressions. ***____*** !!
    i hope sab thik ho jay nd yay want romi back to the show.

  16. Cham

    Feels like the upcoming episodes will be with Ishra scens and we are already fed up,blaming everything . Though we are blaming everyday, those people are shameless and just stands doing nothing to hear a single praise.So please do something which you can gain good comments!

  17. sonal

    What nonsense is this ….on the screen sarika is shown as a pregnant lady then y she had a need to adopt a baby

  18. hey jhanvi darshika and all.jab tak aap log sab ho i will not leave the site.really missing mizun prayosha priyaroli unique angel ramchin thachu and all in this site .

  19. Balaji Telelflims Popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s leading couple Raman and Ishita are going to witness some ups and downs in their Life.

    As we have seen, that the family is already shocked with the allegation of Rinky’s murder on Mihika.Raman gives Statement as Mihika is innocent and brings her home.

    Now the rift between Raman and Ishita will create more tension. Raman is behaving awkwardly with Ishita regarding Shagun’s pregnancy and his extra care of Shaugun is hurting ishita.

    Well Raman is doing right on his part as Shagun is the surrogate mother of his and Ishita’s child. But as Ishita is unaware of the things she gets upset from her husband.

    Soon we will see Raman will bring red roses to persuade and woo his wife.While the husband-wife was spending peace time, a call from doctor Manoj disturbs the environment.

    Raman had to leave immediately as the doctor had to talk something urgent regarding Shagun’s pregnancy and Ishita is upset with Raman once again.

    In the coming episodes,Ruhi’s School will have a poetry competition and in spite of her Busy schedule,She reaches the function.She gets shocked seeing Raman and shagun together. Ishita gets hurt and Taunts shagun to be away from her husband.Shagun leaves with teary eyes with her words.After that Raman and ishita will have an argument regarding shagun.

    On the other hand, Simmi dons the role of a detective to reveal the secret of Raman and Shagun. She senses wrong between the duo and starts searching for proof to unveil the truth. Keep reading for more updates.

  20. V P

    As darshikabsays I am also fed blaming and commenting creators are not respecting our views . But this time Ishitha should leave Raman knowing the truth and the kids should follow her . At least for sometime . He has to learn a lesson . And Shaghun will need his presence always as she is pampered by Raman though his intention is only the child . Bhalla family is very selfish except me Bhalla. They want happiness always but Iters are more understanding and simple . But losing her daughter is so sad for mrs Bhalla , we have to give her time .the beautiful story very badly framed already . I mean surrogacy … Coming out of it is not that easy . This is just to entertain Shaghun. … Very obvious. .. But at the cost of damaging Ramans character …so sad

  21. Priyq

    Mrs bhalla have no rights to talk about Mihika as she s responsible for subbu’s wife death. They have forgotten it seems

  22. parthy

    Precap was excellent and fantastic. Ishu, Raman ko achha javaab di ya. Ishu face impression was too good while raman and abhishek being back Mikiha. Superb performance by Ishita in this episode with maa, saas, mikiha and raman.

  23. Soniya

    Ishita should not put up with Shagun or Raman any more… she should leave from Raman at least with Ruhi, Ruhi must accompany her Ishimaa till the end.

    Bhalla’s family is very selfish, they care about only themselves and their own happiness and nothing else.

    As soon as Bhalla’s specially Mrs. Bhalla get to know that Shagun is bearing a child FOR Ishita, then like that Stupid Raman, Mrs. Bhalla also will definitely dance according to Shagun.

    I hate to see Shagun, I don’t like her at all whether she is negative or positive. Ekta wanted to show Raman and Shagun together, wonder why Divyanka agreed to do Ishita’s character in the first place

  24. jhanvi

    Ya agree how can Mrs. Bhalla forget that she is also rspnsbl for Laxmi’s suside….. Nd subbu has lost his wife nd child bcoz of her… She wants subbu to forgive her. Then y she can’t do this for mihika….

  25. ifra

    DTB Shows Rankings (27th September 2015 to 3rd October 2015) (Top 40)RankShow TitleViews PointsMax. ReachDateLast Week RankChange1Kumkum Bhagya252713.92nd Oct1–2Swaragini245812.428th Sep2–3Yeh Hai Mohabbatein242813.028th Sep4+14Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi237911.728th Sep3-15Saath Nibhana Saathiya20719.228th Sep5–6Diya Aur Baati Hum18005.72nd Oct11+57Balika Vadhu16933.829th Sep8+18Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar16704.21st Oct9+19Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani16555.130th Sep10+110Suhani Si Ek Ladki16534.21st Oct6-4

  26. V P

    How can Raman go to school with Shaghun ? Totally sad with surrogancy , feeling sick watching this serial , I can’t see Ishitha is suffering like this , she doesn’t deserve it .

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