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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita and Mihika meeting Kunal in the cafe. Ishita asks why did you call us here instead lonely place. He says it will look like client meeting here. She calls him clever. He says you are no less. She asks for CD, only then he will get his things back. Inspector comes and asks Ishita to stop blackmailing Kunal, I arrest you both for this crime. Ishita and Mihika get shocked. Kunal smiles.

Ishita says you are mistaken, Kunal was blackmailing us. Kunal asks inspector to see, they have stolen my files and laptop, they will say I called them to blackmail. Ishita says Kunal is big fraud, believe me. Inspector says stop it, I heard everything, its bad you do all this. Kunal says I m busy man and told her that I will help her later, she has done fake IT raid and stolen

the things. Inspector asks Ishita did she do this. She says yes, it had a reason, he is lying, we did not blackmail him for any case, we wanted a CD back from him. Inspector asks which CD, what is in it. She sees everyone around and says Kunal knew we can’t tell about CD, so he called us here, very intelligent. He asks her not to make a call. She asks how can you stop me. He says you have to come to police station with us. Kunal smiles. Police takes Ishita and Mihika.

Shagun looks on and informs Ashok that they left, did you inform media, make sure they reach police station on time, perfect, thanks. She ends call and says Raman can’t snatch Pihu from me, Ishita will help me in this. Mihir worries as Ishita does not answer and thinks to go coffee shop. Raman comes and asks him to manage meetings. He says I want to meet Kunal once, I don’t want work till 3 days. Mihir asks why Kunal.

Raman says Kunal will fight Pihu’s custody case for me I can get Pihu, he won such cases before, you manage everything. Raman goes. Mihir thinks shall I tell Kunal’s truth to Raman, I think I should wait, we will catch Kunal red handed, then I will get peace.

Media questions Ishita for blackmailing lawyer, despite being a doctor, why did she get after Kunal, what is in that CD, answer us. Ishita says Mihika come, you guys move away. Kunal looks on and calls Ashok. He says you played such a masterstroke, great.

Adi holds Aaliya’s hand. She says leave my hand, we are in office, check this file. He refuses and says I just have to see you, I got mad. She sees Raman coming and says your Papa…. He says don’t lie, Papa had meeting and went out. Raman sees them and says yes, I was going for imp meeting, and thought to brief you, do work if you are free, Adi you have to manage meeting, Mihir will be with you, Romi went to factory, learn to be independent, learn work, come to my cabin and get briefing. Raman goes. Aaliya laughs. Adi asks her to stop laughing and work.

Mihika apologizes to Ishita and says this blame got on you because of you, I should have told Romi about this. Ishita says no, I m thinking how to handle this matter. Ishita is called by inspector. Kunal smiles. Ishita tells everything to inspector and tells CD truth. Inspector says so this is the matter, I understand, but this fake It raid….. I know your family well, I know the reason, but such a big risk, you went against Kunal, he has big contacts, you should have told us. She says I tried to contact Abhishek, he went Bhopal, we could not tell Raman and Romi about this. He asks did you get that CD. She says no. He says this matter will get complicated.

Ashok and Shagun smile seeing the news of Ishita and Mihika’s arrest. Shagun asks where is that Cd, was it not in Kunal’s office. Ashok shows CD and says I had this with me, I knew Ishita will do this. She smiles. Raman asks Mihir to be with Adi and Aaliya, and manage everything. Office staff lady asks Raman to see news fast. Raman, Mihir, Adi and Aaliya get shocked seeing Ishita’s arrest news, and blame of Ishita blackmailing Kunal. Mihir says no, this can’t happen.

Simmi asks Amma to calm down. Amma says no, Ishita can’t do this, I will talk to Ishita and find out. Simmi says I will come along, don’t worry. Amma says they are lying, come, we will go and see Ishu. Raman comes to police station and sees Kunal. Kunal says so you also came here to talk about Pihu’s case. Shagun sees Pihu and acts to show care. She says I was worried that you saw news channel. Pihu asks what news. Shagun says nothing, forget it. Pihu says tell me, what is it.

Shagun says Ishita, forget it. Pihu says I have to see news and checks news on tv. Shagun smiles and says sorry Pihu. She thinks Pihu will hate Raman and not wish to go back, even Kunal will not fight the case. Raman says my wife will not do this. Kunal says your wife is blackmailing me, I m shocked too, I will not take the case and not let anyone take this case, its good Pihu is with other woman, your wife is disgusting. He leaves. Raman gets angry.

Ishita comes home with Raman. Ruhi hugs her and says I was so afraid. Ishita says Mihika and I are fine, relax. Romi looks at Mihika. Ishita asks Mihika to tell everything. Mr. Bhalla says we will talk in morning, go and sleep. Raman says Ishita, we need to talk.

Romi looks at Mihika. She cries and says Romi. He says enough, I don’t want to listen anything. He holds her and says I love you a lot, I trust you completely. He hugs her. She apologizes. He calms her down and says I trust you, no need to give me any explanation, Ishita would have taken this step thinking something, forget this. She says I have to tell you everything. He says no need. She says no please, let me say. He says okay, sit, tell me.

She tells him everything what happened in resort and then Kunal blackmailing her, Ishita coming to helo and getting arrested. Romi asks what, fake raid and this plan was so good, I wish I was with you to help. She says sorry, I will never hide anything next time. He says yes, next time I won’t get convinced so soon. He hugs her.

Raman asks Ishita did I die, you could have involved me, I would have helped, you knew Kunal is imp to get Pihu back. She says trust me, it was about Mihika’s dignity, you would have taken rash step. He says what shall I think, did you save her respect, you got trapped, Mihika’s old case also came in news, you go to help others and trouble me, you can’t see that we get Pihu easily, why did you do this, why am I talking to you. He leaves. She cries.

Ishita asks Raman how will matter solve, you always get annoyed and ignore me, Kunal is cheating us, he has Mihika’s CD. He says fine, I will talk to him, if there is no solution then…..She says we have to try.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hello to shivani rithu bhagya vp magic and all yhm friends First shivani thank you for helping me and episode is very bad now raman didn’t understand ishita so, disgusting and i have two best friend (in student) shivani and rithushree i want to know from shivani rithu magic and bhagya who are your two best friend(students) in this site i know we all are good friends but in studnet i want to know plz

    1. Are you a student?

  2. Tis story is gng too badly and boring…………..y raman is always blaming ishita,,,,such a chepo…

    1. Are yar pyarme to ye chalega barna story intresting kese hoga

  3. thank you soo much

  4. I honestly feel Iyer sisters deserved this … they did a mistake …one thing If cd is not available , photos were sent to Mihikas phone …track the number to know who did this … fake raid and all very bad to do And we cant blame Raman here …He is right from his point of view … its high time wife or husband lying to save some one …back again evil win over good … as if Ashok can assume whats the next step or thinking of Bhalla family members ..I expected Romi to be like this only … he can understand all these situations as he himself gone thru all these and he understands Mihika …atleast here a request to cvs … please find out the truth from Kunal Sethi … atleast for viewers satsfaction … Ishitha looks stunning …we have so many problems in our life … watching tv for relaxation … cvs twist the story positively

  5. I second u Madhu..YHM is going backwards..Raman always looses his cool…wats da use of being a handsome business tycoon when he is always blaming n shouting…Romi is much more better dan him…put som reality into dis…isnt it stupid…we see Ashok n kunal togeda n stil mihika/mihir trust kunal..daaa

  6. this is complete bakwaas. old YHM ishita always looked so lovely with sindoor and mangalsutra.
    now she married for abt 3 days dot no sindoor. very poor many errors.
    I am watching old YHM for the 4th time because the story line is so entertaining.
    Maybe CV’s should read a few of the OS and SS to get some creativity. Please Ekta mam
    change the storyline before the show completely flops.

  7. Hi all yhm I said in the week we should rather be the writers. And they take 1 step forward and 6 steps back.A better story would be just to drown the villains and run away coz the cops do nothing, ashok, shagun and kunal just get away with murder.Any body coming with me to the sets of yhm and drown the villains. Lol.

  8. Hahaha but befor that we have to prepare our bail paper because ashok is a mp

  9. Hi Rithu, Shivani, VP, Mino, Jaz, Az, Kiran, Khushi, Siddhi, Bhagya, Monique, Padma,Magic, supergirl and many many YHM fans.

    Raman asked a very good question to Ishita towards the end. It is true Ishita has proven stupid in this episode. Simmi already offered to come with her but Ishita does not want any backup as she is the matadevi. She thinks she can easily come out of this. She has actually underestimated Kunal. He is smarter than her. Raman did say correctly. What did Ishita do? She tried to save Mihika’s dignity but in the end what happened Ishita made it worse as the media got involved. Without Kunal embarrasing Mihika, Ishita herself became responsible in losing MIhika’s dignity. It is true she should have involved Raman. He could have given some suggestions. If they have married and trust each other, both Raman and Ishta jointly could have helped Mihika but no Ishita wants to prove that she can single handedly resolve this only to find herself going deeper into the hollow pit and no thanks to Ashok and Shagun. In the end after going thru all the media embarrassment they did not get the CD. Raman’s anger here is justified. On the contrary, Romi is more soft so he forgiving but Raman is not. I hope I have to upset anyone by saying about Ishita but I just am commenting on today’s episode. Sometimes I do get upset with Ishita for doing rash things. She always says Raman gets angry easily and he may take a rash action but why should Raman? He would probably calmly handle MIhika’s case knowing it involves woman’s dignity so Ishita does not fully trust Raman to do a good job. I guess the Iyer women always do not think their husbands are capable in handling delicate situations.

    In totality, I can’t blame Ishita as the biggest culprit are the CVS and their ridiculous plot. I hope the spoilers will be wrong and this time they will show Ishra together obtaining the CD. How did Ashok get the CD from Kunal? Does anyone know?

    1. Very solid comment sindhu raman is right somehow in today epi because ishita thinks she has superpower and can resolve any matter without help of anybody ishita should have told someone about that problem but in the last story is going on according to writer’s and writer’s wants ishita to handle everything alone and we all know what is going to happen so, enjoy

      1. Hey magic stop your imagination ishu dont think superwoman and mata herself and sindhu and magic plz try to undrstand why ishita didnt tell raman and magic how raman is right are you out of your mind

      2. You should learn from my best friends shivani and rithu how to comment here and shivani is better than you

      3. Shivani plz tell me am i right or not in this matter because magic don’t know how to comment against ishu magic support sindhu i think wrong comment and vp and rithu i also want to both of you because i am new here

      4. Hu thats the problem again someone hurts and i feeling very sad. Shivani, rithu are better than me i admit but how many times i have to admit that truth. As you said shivani is your best friend but same time she is also my good friend if not best actually not only mine but to everyone at this site and plz be as good as your best friend she is very nice girl and before vp, rithu and shivani will tell you i admit i am wrong and you are right happy now and sorry, have a nice day and good bye

      5. OH god Magic and Madhu!!!!!

  10. Such me iss baar mei raman ka saath hun…kyun ki ishitha galath thi…ishitha raman ko such kyu nahi bathaya…..

  11. Actually I got a doubt why marriages in yhm are made only in tamilian style but not in Punjabi even Punjabis have customs right why do always Mrs. Iyyer says that rituals are very imp . Don’t take it in negative even I am a south Indian I’m from Andhra Pradesh. I think I got the right point

  12. I mean I hope I have not upset anyone saying about Ishita. Don’t mean to criticise her as I like Ishita but I just think she always thinks she is smarter and can resolve anything on her without anyone help especially Raman thinking he only act rash when most of the times he will not. When Mihika was embarrassed by Ashok in the old YHM, Raman was the one very calmly helped Mihika to see to get back to life so he is sensitive. Ishita does not trust her own husband.

    1. No Sindhu totally agree with you and Raman handled Mihikas with Ashok so well …. how beautiful those episodes were

    2. No sindhu…you said absolutely right…and i completely agree with u… this episode raman is right…whatever he said is right…ishita always go to help others and troubles raman….did anyone remember chaddas murder case…raman had strictly warned ishita not to interfere in pallavis life…but she did interfere and finally reached jail..and raman was trying his best to get her out of jail….even m not criticizing ishita..but..

      1. No shivani you are wrong how raman is right suddenly you, magic, sindhu, vp are out of your mind

      2. …i didn’t mean that raman is right…i said in this episode he is right..

      3. No madhu you should’t say anything like out of mind to vp because she is old lady and we respect her very much she won’t say something to you but she will get upset and same to shivani and sindhu they both are very nice and right in their point of view i reckon your comment is not good as i know you are showing your view

  13. Poor Raman, cv’s are hell bent on portraying him as a volatile character. Always hot tempered, scolding Ishitha for every little problem etc etc. There are times when he is shown to be loving, kind and considerate, why is that side of him not shown more often???? This side of him shows the positive impact Ishitha has on his life. Shagun’ the one he should be mad at!!!

    Come now Balagi Telefilms, writers and directors, let us see more love, happiness and good times and less negativity, scheming and all round ill will.

    The world needs peace not war. So let there be more love and less (Shagun and Ashok).

  14. hi alllll. hi magic kesi ho?
    yar koi ye serial band karao.ab to ye ek
    maza nhi saza ban gya h. same story
    round round ghuma k chala the h.
    superrrrrr boring.

  15. Romi such a sweet husband I think Raman ko kuch sikhna chaahia hamesha blame ishita ko karte hai

  16. These are boring episodes. please focus on the main theme.

  17. I actually thought that tonight Raman’s anger was justified. And there was a change in his approach. He did not blast Ishita in front of everyone. Did not make her out to be bad mother etc etc. Was just arguing and explaining to her the results of her wrong move and not coming to him for help.

    1. Very true …. Susan …. he made her understood and unlike before precap too they are trying to solve together the problems ….it was a defferent approach … but they should bring Ashoks intention using Kunal out

  18. I hate Kunal,his on shange side, he a blackmailed and he’s Romis friend. What kind of a friend is he, going anastist his friend’s family.

  19. Wait for the custody case where he loses pihu and blames ishita and says he regrets marrying her and calls her sinster, then you will see his anger.

  20. I think Raman should slap Ishita for hiding thinks from him, n she must be behind bars for fake rade . Ishita must inform police as respectable citizen. I cant understand why Ekta Kapoor’s heroines always hide thinks from their husbands.

  21. Hello and Good morning to vp, shivani, appy, rithu, bhagya, sindhu, mino, parichari, shareya, susan supergirl, raghu and all the yhm fans have a nice sunday

  22. I don’t think ishu did all this as she thinks she is a super woman…she might’ve thought that raman is already tensed in pihus matter,so she would handle this…and raman too have a habit of hiding truths…both are equal in this matter…
    i heard ishra fight is their plan to trap shagun…!!…is that so…??…oh gosh how much i worried knowing about their fight….i could have died because of anger and frustration…what Ekta think of us…she doesn’t know how much it affects a mad viewer like me….

  23. I think in this case Raman is absolutely right and I can’t understand that mihir has kunal number and mihika too had his no so y can’t they found who is blackmailer and raman is a foolish man why he told shagun that kunal is fighting custody case of pihu from his side and why kunal is helping Ashok…why don’t ishita tell the secret information of kunal which they found from his laptop to police it will spread through media

  24. I think in this case Raman is absolutely right and I can’t understand that mihir has kunal number and mihika too had his no so y can’t they found who is blackmailer and raman is a foolish man why he told shagun that kunal is fighting custody case of pihu from his side and why kunal is helping Ashok…why don’t ishita tell the secret information of kunal which they found from his laptop to police it will spread through media and mihika why don’t trust romi

  25. Thank you shivani i think indirectly you are supporting me against magic as you said you don’t think ishu did all this because she is a superwoman and sorry magic don’t say good bye to me you are very nice and humble person i want to read your comment and your help on study because your comment are provide good feeling as you are highly edu. And sorry to vp and siindhu as well

    1. Dont be silly Madhu … Nothing I felt … you are expressing your likeness … nothing wrong in that … Noticed Rithu and Shivani is not touchy …you too please …. Magic … you please dont take things seriously …your support to each and every one here is v nice … study well … which university you are … I will come and see you … not simply saying … 2017 .. I am planning my trips …. if you allow me to meet you … I will come …

  26. A leap of one year: Raman’s love, Ishita’s hate and Shagun’s masterstroke on YHM.

    The couple to separate, Ekta Kapoor is back with a one year leap and the repeating of the same thing is going to be seen in Star Plus’s YHM. The show has been officially confirmed as “Poorani Soch” by Star Plus as they athe channel didn’t announce YHM part of its Naya Soch in advertisedments.

    In the coming episode of YHM, Raman will move out off Bhalla house leaving Ishita forever. He will go to Australia, Ishita will take care of Bhalla family and she is an obviously owner of their business. Rama will blame Ishita for keeping Pihu away and he also claims Ishita behind the accident of Shagun and Pihu. Somehow Shagun will make Raman against Ishita. Ishita would be crying in pain because of Raman accuses.

    The drama has no end. Raman says he hates Ishita and he leaves the Bhalla house with Shagun-Pihu and get settled in Australia. Ishita would be seen hating Raman and managing the company after the leap. Whereas Raman would be still loving Ishita. Pihu would be under Shagun’s control and Shagun will be seen controlling Raman using Pihu as weapon.

  27. Raman (Karan Patel), Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi), Shagun and Pihu’s dramatic confrontaion in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    Latest buzz is that Ishita and Raman get separated after having very bitter fight over Pihu and Shagun’s accident.

    Raman breaks his all relationship with Ishita and leaves him for going to Pihu.

    Raman, Shagun and Pihu go to Austria where no one can interfere in their life.

    Shagun tries to talk about Ishita with Raman in front of Pihu but Raman warns Shagun not take Ishita’s name as she is out from his life forever.

    Pihu gets mission choosing Shagun or Ishita for Raman

    Apart from this, Ishita is shattered getting separated from Raman and decides going to Australia.

    Ishita gets some work in Australia and family asks her to go there.

    Raman, Ishita, Shagun and Pihu‘s confrontation in Australia bring high voltage drama where Pihu will have to choose one between Ishita and Shagun for Raman.

    1. Disgusting…..once again raman chose shagun over ishita…then why he married ishita and made false promises…..i hate you raman…..

      1. How can raman shagun stay together….where is mani….??….better ishita divorce raman and marry someone else who loves her respect her…and be happy with adi ruhi and whole bhalla family…Ekta completely spoiled ramans character…..made him really character less

      2. NO, Raman will not choosing Shagun because Raman still love Ishita very deeply. Pihu will realised her father pain and depression to be with Ishita.

      3. Sorry shivani pls forgive me i did talk in the wrong way to you pls ans me that you forgiven me or not i won’t do again this pls shivani forgive me i know magic will never forgive me but if you won’t forgive me than i will not comment here and vp sory magic said right you are respected here so forgive me and i want forgive from magic pls vp and shivani help me say to magic

      4. Magic, VP and Shivani!!!!

        Please accept Madhu apologised.

        Madhu… never show your bad attitude towards my friends and this site. I mean family site.

      5. Pls madhu dont make comparison…everyone have their own writing style/skills and their own opinion…you can agree or disagree with them…dont compare……and definitely magic will forgive you…he is a nice person…..

      6. Yes parichari said right….madhu….

  28. YHM Upated

    WHAT!? Ishita and Raman separation and fight is FAKE in YHM?!

    Well… the couple aren’t separating again in YHM? Ishita and Raman’s new plan revealed! The couple would be seen fighting and Raman leaves Bhalla house, he left Ishita and his family behind. He moves on and he will stay with Shagun and Pihu, that’s what we learned so far, no? The fans were upset and had decided to stop watching YHM but calm down viewers… there is a twist in the tale!

    We aren’t sure, but it seems the whole fight between Ishita and Raman is fake. The couple will plan this drama by hiding the truth from family. The drama is to get Pihu back again. Apparently, it make sense as repeating the same separation track make no sense, right? It would be interesting to watch how Ishita and Raman win back Pihu.

    The big question remained unanswered: What will happen after Ishita and Raman win Pihu’s custody? Will the show end? Well, we don’t have the answer either, and neither the makers have. They could come back with another drama, and Ishita solving the problems like they do always? No? Are you excited to watch the upcoming track in YHM

    1. Shreya shetty

      hiii parichary haven’t seen u for such a long time dear.u ve said that when I come any time u want to tell me something is it??

      1. I did came on 28 October but saw your problem with mother on mother’s birthday.

        Have you sort your problem with your mother and did you apologised to your mother?
        If you need any help and I am here.

    2. Yes, we are excited to watch next yhm track because the big question still unanswered as you said maker’s also don’t know what is going to happen next then how would show go ahead haha so, lets see

      1. yes can’t wait. YHM will be losing the fans because of Ishra separation again.

    3. Frankly, m not at all excited….and m sure all the loyal fan’s reaction would be the same…
      and if this is the plan of ishra to win pihu,as usual at the end they will caught red handed..and pihu will hate them forever…it won’t be a happy ending drama…better stop watching this show…else this will shoot up my bp…

      1. No, Shivani. Pihu will not hate Ishra. Pihu will realised that Shagun is wretch woman and want to hurt her father. Raman take care of Pihu without Shagun knowledge and Pihu will slowly get more love from Raman then will bring Pihu back to Ishita closely. But as you see my before update about Raman’s love and Ishita’s hate. Pihu will realsied that Ishita love is the best than Shagun. Pihu will get to know about Shagun is using and will hate Shagun. Pihu will demand Raman to take her back to India to be with Bhalla family but concerned about Ishita. Ishita will be seen welcoing Raman and OPihu so that Raman and Pihu will be seen sleeping in guest room and Ishita will be sleeping alone so Ruhi and Adi want to sleep with Ishita. Pihu will see Ruhi and Adi love Ishita blossom and happy and Pihu will be alone and Raman feel bad. Ishita will be noticed Pihu sadden and will talk to Pihu and will understand Pihu previous bad behaviour. Pihu will see Ishita loves for her will grow strong.

      2. True Shivani … Thanks Parichay for updating

      3. Parichary is this gonna happen?? It would be awesome!!

      4. Hi Meghnaa

        It is gonna happening.

        Raman and Ishita still contact secretly and Ruhi suspension on Ishita affair. Ruhi will be trying to find out who Ishita had be chatting and find the gifts and love letter. Ruhi will be worry and want to know who is the new man in Ishita life.

  29. Dont spoil the title Yeh hai mohabbatein. Deep in their hearts Ishra love each other, so please, please don’t separate them. Inspite of separation, they should love and respect each other, that is the instituition of marriage.Raman loves pihu more becoz she s is ishu s daughter.

  30. What ever tge leap or drama YHB will not get tge fomer glory and romance in it. I doubt it evenafter the leape the Iit will be stupid as it is now. Thats why monique also not writting her FF. I have given up the hope of the series will become the show which I loved and became addicted.

  31. So much drama. The Cv’s have lost the plot and have spoilt a beautiful story.
    YHM wont attain so many awards in the next Star Parivaar awards.
    So Ekta mam please bring back the jovial and sometimes sad YHm like in the old YHM.
    After these leaps the story get worse.

    Parichay I hope your review that the fight is a plan is true. I get sad when Ishra fight or split.

    1. HI Jay

      Raman and Ishu were in their room and discuss and plan to get Pihu back secretly without family knowledge and prank on their fight infront of family and Raman tears. Raman want to throw Ishita out of Bhalla house but Mr Bhalla (Raman’s father) and Adi stop Raman for throwing Ishu out of the house and Mr Bhalla tell Raman he can leave the house. Raman give house and his business to Ishita to take care in his absent. Adi and Ruhi love Ishita very deeply and are happy to live with her more than Raman and Shagun. Pihu will be confused to decided who she want to stay with Ishita or Shagun for Raman. Shagun will not know that Raman and Ishita relationship did not break. Shagun will be using Pihu as weapon to control Raman but Raman will keep eyes on Pihu.

  32. Hi yhm family Ho I love,Vp,Shivani,Parichary,Deepa c,Magic,shreya shetty ,Madhu,Ritu,Tuffy,Appy and all yhm fans,today episode is ok I hop Pihu love Ishita and they llive happy ever.

    1. Hi Saba.

      Pihu will slowly change from brat child to lovable child.

      Pihu will see Raman love for her like Ishita does for her. Raman will bring Pihu closer to Ishu and they will live happily but not completely because of Ashok, Parameet, Sharika, Suraj and some of Ishra emity will be returning to work together.

      Ishra family are angry on them for keeping secret and Pihu will feel bad and will plan to reunited whole family like Ruhi does since Ruhi was little child. Bhalla and Iyer families will realised that Ishra want to bring Pihu back to them so Raman has to take care of Pihu and will not make Pihu get lonely without love from Shagun.

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