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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Vandu talking to Amma on phone. She says she is buying crackers for kids and is on the way. She talks to her colleague and says she has forgot her wallet in college. The woman says she does not have money to give now. Vandu says she will get the things tomorrow. Suraj comes and says I will pay the bill. Vandu refuses to take his help. Suraj says I m not so bad, you can return me money later. Vandu says no, I can’t take money from you. Suraj checks the bill, and says its big amount, you can buy crackers from some other shop, where you will get discount, its my friend’s shop. He says he will get car. Vandu and her friend go with him.

The man brings the gun owner’s details and gives Abhishek. He says he will come whenever Abhishek calls him. Abhishek meets Raman

and Bhallas. Raman asks Abhishek to say, whose gun is it, is it anyone from his family. Abhishek says the owner is Maddy. Raman says we don’t know any Maddy. Abhishek says it maybe someone’s nick name, its more tough to find now.

Ishita comes and says what to do, I feel to help you all, but some people don’t deserve to get help, I don’t wish to say, I know who is Maddy. Raman requests her to say. She says curiosity to know, I m liking it, Shagun got important suddenly. He says we will do what you say, please tell us. She refuses. Raman insists. She says fine, but I have a condition. He says fine. She says my kids, Adi will come to me and say I love you to me, he will say how much he misses his mum.

Raman asks Sarika to get Adi. Sarika gets Adi. Adi says Sarika told him everything. Ishita says my baby. Adi says Shagun mumma, I miss you a, I love you a lot. She says love you too, I missed you too. Raman asks who is Maddy. Ishita says even Ruhi has to tell how much she loves Shagun. Raman sends Sarika. Ama thinks what does Shagun want. Sarika gets Ruhi there. Ruhi says I love you Shagun mumma, I miss you. Ishita says I love you, I miss you too, tell me what was your question. Raman sends Ruhi inside the room.

Ishita says she will tell them, Maddy is actually nickname of Dr. Manoj Paul. They get shocked. Raman asks Dr. Manoj? She says yes, its his petname, I have stayed with him for much time, if you don’t believe, ask Manoj, no need to say thanks. She goes. Raman says I don’t believe this, I know Manoj, he is nice guy, if he had gun, how can gun come in my house. Abhishek says yes, but maybe someone used his name to buy gun, it can be anything, did you not feel weird that gun came suddenly and disappeared, if Ishita did not get that attack, we would have not know the gun is here, we will ask Manoj. Raman says he is respected doctor, what are you saying. Mr. Bhalla asks him to call Manoj.

Suraj drops Vandu. Vandu thanks him and asks him to wait, she will return the money. He says no, its enough that you trusted me, I wanted to say, I m fed up of the fights between Ashok and your family, I have supported Ashok always, but I don’t have anything against your family, I explained this to Ashok too. She says I don’t want to get into it, you are my student, I m your teacher, I will get your money, wait.

Ishita sees Suraj and Vandu together. Vandu takes crackers and goes. Ishita wonders whats happening. Shravan tells Ruhi that Vandu got rockets too. Ruhi says she will light Anaar. Vandu tells Bala about Suraj’s help, she got discount too. She asks Bala what is he thinking. Bala says sorry, I was thinking about Raman’s problems, don’t know how to make Ishita fine, Raman and I went to Ashok, Prateek suggested if Ashok talk to Shagun-Ishita, but Ashok insulted Raman and refused to come. Vandu says what can we expect, Suraj was saying Ashok is bad, he was apologizing to me, I don’t trust him, but I felt Suraj is trying to become a good man genuinely. She asks shall I talk to Suraj to request Ashok to meet Ishita. He says great idea, but why will Ashok agree. She says we can try. He says call Suraj.
Vandu calls Suraj and asks can we meet now, I have some urgent work. Suraj is on the way and says I m in your area, I can come your home. She says no, we will meet near coffee shop. Abhishek questions Manoj. Manoj says this is not my gun, why will I buy this gun. Abhishek says I m asking you, maybe someone asked you to buy this gun. Manoj denies. Abhishek says its strange, how did gun come here.

Vandu talks to Suraj. Suraj says I don’t think Ashok will agree. She says I m really hoping you will help, Ashok insulted Raman, its about Ishita and kids’ life. Suraj says I can’t promise, but I will try.

Suraj asks Ashok to meet Ishita. Ashok asks what is he saying, shall I help Raman and Ishita, why. Suraj says I m your brother, I will think about your good, make Raman your friend, Raman will be under your favor, take advantage of this situation. Ashok goes. Suraj asks him to say did he understand or not.

Romi asks who can it be, who will kill us. Amma says I think its some black magic, Prateek can we do some puja. Prateek asks her not to worry. He asks Raman what did Ashok say, is he coming. Ashok comes there. Raman asks will he help. Ashok says I came to meet Ishita, tell me what to tell her.

Prateek gives the black thread for Ishita and says you have to convince Shagun to leave Ishita, she will not do anything to you. Shagun trusts you, and this is for your protection, don’t remove it. Raman sends Ashok to Ishita.

Ishita tells Ashok that she has to do complete things, and reminds their last dinner death. He says just Shagun and I knew this. She says I m Shagun, I want to complete that thing. Ashok says Raman you are gone now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I m feeling very sad before some months there were 500 cmnts nd now not even 50…!!!!!

    So many frnds have left this site… Really missing u guys prayosha mizum tahira nd all…..

    1. Ishita who is possessed by Shagun’s spirit will
      ask Raman to complete their plan. Have they
      planned to kill Raman? Find out!
      In the last episode, we saw Vandu buying crackers
      for the kids, for the occasion of Diwali.She panicked
      when she couldn’t find her wallet as she had left it
      in her college. Suraj appeared out of nowhere and
      offered to help er out. He suggested that he pay for
      the expenses. Vandu was hesitant at first, but later
      gave in. Meanwhile, Abhishek learnt that the person
      who had ordered for the gun was Manoj aka Maddy.
      The nickname was revealed by Shagun’s spirit via
      Ishita’s body. Abhishek questioned Manoj about the
      gun but the latter denied knowing anything about it
      and said that he had not purchased the gun.
      Meanwhile, Vandu had a word with Bala and told him
      that Suraj offered to help her out and was being
      supportive. Bala asked Vandu to have word with
      Suraj and ask him to get Ashok (Sangram Singh) to
      talk to Ishita(Divyanka Tripathi). He suggested that
      she could bring Ashok home and make him talk to
      Shagun(Anita Hassanandani) and convince her to
      leave Ishita’s body. Vandu agreed and asked Suraj
      the same. Suraj spoke to Ashok and convinced him
      to speak to Ishita and pretend to be supportive, in
      order to gain Raman’s trust. The episode ended with
      Ashok coming to the Bhalla house and speaking to
      In the upcoming episode, we will see Ashok talking
      to Ishita. The latter will talk to him about their last
      dinner date. Ashok will be shocked as he will state
      that only and Shagun knew about the dinner and
      plan. Ishita will tell Ashok that she’s Shagun and
      will ask him to complete their plan. Ashok will be
      determined and state that this is the end for Raman
      (Karan Patel).
      OMG! What is Ashok going to do to Raman? Has
      Shagun asked Ashok to kill Raman? Or is it
      something else altogether? Stay tuned to find out!

    2. ya even too was thinking the same .before there used to be many comments but now all left .prayosha priyaroli thachu angel ramchin tahira nimrit etc.sab chod ke chale gaye lekin ab toh kaafi naaye log bhi aa gaye hai.

  2. When i started watching this show, i really liked it. It was different. But now this ghost track is getting on my nerves.Y introduce this ghost track?Even if it was to expose Sarika, there were many other ways.I mean its not realistic.Nobody would actually become a ghost to expose a criminal.

  3. Lots of drama is stored
    for Raman and Bhalla
    family in the upcoming
    episode of Yeh Hai
    Bhalla family is happy
    seeing Ishita normal and
    they celebrate Diwali by
    enjoying the cracker but
    they are unaware about
    the reality.
    Possessed Ishita is just
    behaving normal because
    she is planning
    something dangerous
    from Bhalla family and
    especially for Raman.
    Apart from this,
    possessed Ishita tells
    Ashok that she will
    complete his mission of
    ending Raman’s life.
    Ashok is happy thinking
    his mission will be
    completed and all blame
    will get put on Ishita.
    During the Diwali
    celebration, possessed
    Ishita tried to harm Rama
    by a stone but he gets
    escaped in nick time but
    Ishita will not accept
    defeat so easily.
    Possessed Ishita mixes
    poison in ladoos and
    gives it Raman while ACP
    Abhishek doubts on
    Ishita’s intension.
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  4. Star Plus Yeh hai mohabbatein is going
    to show a lot of Drama during Diwali
    In the last episode,Raman was seen
    having a word with Prateek and telling
    him that something needed to be done
    for Shagun’s spirit to be ousted from
    Ishita’s body. He even had a word
    with Abhishek who told him that the
    gun was found inside Ruhi’s bag and
    that someone was conspiring against
    the Bhallas.
    Raman decided to meet Ashok,
    thinking that he was the only one who
    could talk to Shagun’ spirit and ask
    her to leave Ishita’s body. Raman was
    insulted by Ashok and asked to leave.
    The episode ended with Ashok
    claiming that the game has just begun
    and there’s a lot that the Bhallas are
    yet to see.
    In the coming episodes,we will see
    Ashok will be seen talking about a
    plan which he had schemed with
    Shagun and will state that it is
    incomplete. Ashok will say that the
    plan will be finally be complete and
    all the blame will be put on Ishita.
    During the Diwali celebration, Ishita
    behaves normal and everyone start
    enjoying the crackers,but a big stone
    is about to fall and Raman but he
    escapes in a nick of time.
    Not only this ishita will mix something
    in Ladoos.Abhishek doubts ishita who
    tried to kill Raman.
    Seems like Possessed Ishita and
    shagun are trying to harm Raman.
    Will Raman able to find out the truth?
    Keep reading for more updates.

  5. Some lady comes & says Ishita brought
    her laddoo and ACP is doubting Ishita and
    Raman is saying why would Ishita try to
    kill him? Ishita over hears & says how can
    u think i wil try to kill Raman she sheds
    fake tears she said she started feeling
    suffocated being locked in the house and
    tries to leave Raman stops her but she
    pushes away his hand smiles & leaves.

  6. this week trp
    7)dabh and balika vadhu

    1. YHM is on 3rd !!!! ….

  7. hiii janhavi…….plz anyone tell me wt they showed in todays sbs sbb sss….plzzzz

  8. agar ishita natak kar rahi hai to wo raman ko kyu harm karne ki koshish karegi……after all she loves a lot raman…..agar such me wo shagun se possesed nahi hai to itni bhi pagal nai hai ki sarika ke liye raman ki jann ko khatre me dale………but but but….i hope ki ye natak nahi hai…..

    1. Ya right… Nd I saw that when family nd Raman were thinking that she is OK nd enjoying diwali…. Then ishu will try to kill Raman ..he throws hand grinder from terrese BT Raman will be saved.. Thank God…

      I will also pray …..d same yar….

      All d things r so confusing ….so can’t say anything….!!

  9. Ya, now I also hope and pray that this is not a drama…… Either ishita is passed by shagun’s sprit or she has a mental sick. Otherwise someone gives drugs to ishita.
    Don’t know what’s really going on….?!?!
    And how long do they drag this….?

  10. Oops, possessed* not passed

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