Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita asking Roshni how did she get Guru ji. Roshni says I heard of traffic jam, and went with hotel guard to get him. Ishita smiles and thanks her. Romi goes to Roshni and asks what game is she playing, I don’t trust you, I have seen that man talking to you, he gave you some packet, you forced Adi to marry, he can trust you by your lies, I can’t trust you, tell me what’s in that packet. She shows him marriage photos.

He gets shocked. She says fine you don’t trust me. Adi and I spoke, I have no interest in marriage but if Gagan showed the pics to Ishita, Adi and Aaliya’s marriage would have not happened. Romi scolds her and burns pic. He asks her to stay away from Adi. He goes. Ishita talks to Mrs. Bhalla about arrangements. Mrs. Bhalla says nothing wrong

should happen. Mr. Bhalla says everything is fine, Shagun had bad friends, Romi we will go to Mani, and help in work. Ishita thanks Roshni for managing everything. Roshni says no, I just wish you all to stay happy. Ishita asks her to go and sleep. Roshni goes. Ishita says Gagan did not get pics, why.

Gagan slaps the man and asks who asked you to give envelop to Roshni, I told you to give it to Ishita. The man says Roshni was threatening me. Gagan says she has long tongue, she is talking a lot, we will see her, go and sit in car, just one man can help me in this, that’s Ashok, I think I have to take his help to teach lesson to Adi and Roshni.

Roshni sits crying. Raman sees her and asks did you not sleep till now, sleep now, you can tell me if you need anything. He goes to make tea. Roshni sees him in kitchen and goes to help. Raman says I m making coffee. She asks shall I make, Mihika taught me everything. He says fine, make it. She makes coffee. He says you learnt everything well, you are very smart. She says yes, even my mum says this. He asks why did you get sad. She tells about girls having no respect in Khandpur, they have no dreams and hope, they do what’s told to them. He says our country got freedom, but not country women, I don’t know why women don’t get respect in such areas, you are in city now, none will stop you from fulfilling dreams, what do you want to do. She says I want to get independent and qualified. He says its great, I think you should do this, who stopped you, I m with you. She says I want to become IAS officer. He says done, I promise after Adi’s marriage, I will get your admission done in academy, you will become IAS officer. She thanks him. He says maybe Khandpur’s thinking changes by your success, sleep now, there is much work tomorrow. He goes.

Its morning, Shagun asks Aaliya to wake up, see your mehendi lahenga. Aaliya says wow, its pretty. Shagun says yes, I selected this, check the mehendi designs. Aaliya gets glad. Shagun says I hope that replica lahenga comes on time. Aaliya says Ishita will get lahenga. Ishita calls the lady and asks for lahenga. She says thanks, I will come and pick it. She tells Raman about replica lahenga. Raman says I just hope everything is fine, Shagun will not agree easily. She asks him to come for breakfast.

Shagun talks to her friend. She asks her not to make it a big issue, try to understand. Mani hears her. Shagun says we will meet in coffee world. She complains to Mani about Amma. Mani asks her to forget this, Aaliya’s happiness is imp for us, just think about her, not all this. She says you are right, Aaliya’s happiness is most imp, I will not be quiet if anyone tells anything today, I have to handle my friends. She goes. Mani says Ishu and Shagun’s relation is strange, they fight when everything is happening right.

Romi says I felt mum and dad’s performance is best. Mihika takes Ishita to show something. Roshni has made mehendi by her hands. Ishita asks what, wow, so much efforts, I can’t imagine someone will grind mehendi and make this, we made readymade cones also. Roshni says it has chemical, we have fresh mehendi in Khandpur. Mihika says we will apply organic mehendi to Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla likes the mehendi. Ishita says Gagan did not come with your marriage pics, how will I get it. She asks Adi for Gagan’s number, I want to know her husband by seeing marriage pics. Adi worries and thinks Ishimaa will know everything by seeing pics. She says I m talking to you Adi, its a serious matter, I told Gagan, he did not get pics, once I get pics, I will find Roshni’s husband, I will teach him a lesson. Mihika says you said right. Roshni is a nice girl, bad should not happen with good people, she should get justice. Romi tells Adi that he has formatted his phone. He says contacts got deleted. Adi says yes, phone is running fine, but contacts are deleted. Ishita says you should have said it. Mrs. Bhalla says prepare for mehendi, why is Gagan’s number imp. Raman comes and says I have Gagan’s number. Ishita asks him to call Gagan. Adi and Roshni worry.

Raman says when she does not want to keep relation with that man, why are we doing this, we should help her move on. Ishita says we will always support her, that man should mentally free her from this marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. HI Rithu, VP, Shivani, Parichary, Khushi…….. It is so sad that Ishita will not be acting anymore in YHM. Don’t cvs understand that without Raman and Ishita there is no YHM. Even if you bring new generation, it will just flop. It might survive for awhile but eventually it will drop in the rating. Raman and Ishita are the pillars of this show. To think that they are going to be gone is devastating. Unless both KP and DT have other projects lined up and they want to take up other projects. I guess actors also get sick and tired of doing the same role. We viewers are so used to seeing Ishra and to think no more Ishita is devastating. I only am watching for Ishra and to me the rest of the actors are just fillers. I guess Pihu may have quitted already and so is Mihir and Simmi. No sign of Simmi even in Adi’s wedding. Simmi is his aunt and very important person to be there but she is not there.

    Instead of killing Ishita they could have just finished the serial with a good ending. Both of them are not voted for the jodi award as well for SPA. That is so sad. I just feel this SPA will not be anything to look forward to at all. Oh I hope it will not be true that Ishita dies. If they want to bring in new generation then I hope they finished in a good note with Raman and Ishita. I will not feel so bad. Now I am only left with the old episodes of YHM to watch. At least they have that.

    1. very true Sindhu . Today Dt looked gorgeous . I watch only to see Dt … and def Ishra … without Ishra no yhm . Its better to stop with a good ending .

      1. Hey VP .how are you ?
        I totally agree with you.its better to end the show on a good note.

    2. Hi Sindhu. Very sad news indeed. But yes for me it will be the end of YHM. No IshRa no YHM. And I keep having this nagging feeling that they might be thinking of getting Shagun And Raman back together. It makes me nauseous just thinking about it. If they want to end IshRa’s characters then they should at least make it a happy ending and if not at least make them die together. Oh I can’t be at peace with this news. Totally devastated.

    3. Divyanka is quitting the show? what??? Where did u read this news and any ideas on how they r going to end her character??

    4. Hey are you?

      if DT is leaving the show then it’s an end for me to see yhm.

  2. azuka nkwinta

    Some people are saying that ishita will die but I was saying to them to bring real evidence that ishita died in the show. In every drama whether it’s a novel or a soap opera the protagonist don’t die just like that. This serial is centered on ishita and Raman and their life story. Yhm is all about ishita and her journey in life. If you kill her then the story has come to an end and you cannot continue with only Raman because it’s about their two lives.
    protagonist always dies at the end of a drama or at the beginning in which case if it’s at the beginning then everything that will follow after their death will be shown as flash back. If ishita dies in yhm that means yhm is coming to an end. Any good writer understands the role of a protagonist..

  3. a lot of people might not agree with me but ishita is too self righteous

  4. What is the need to put ishra to death. To days episode was so boring. This show is nothing without ishra. All the other characters are dumb.

  5. Let it be a happy ending, We will also have good memories of YHM.

  6. No that Ekta made a joke of it… She herself knows without Ishita no yhm… Today’s episode was good .. sure new generation roles are similar to old yhm.. roshni as Ishita .. ADI as Raman .. Aliya as Shagun… The truth gets exposed on marriage day … Both Ishita and Raman stand by roshni.. initially Raman may reject but Ishita will make him accept… Aliya tries to create problems between ADI and roshni but ishra will try to fill love… Good twist by CVS … And still ishra will be in lead roles… If ADI and Aliya marriage happen then there was no importance for ishra.. now story is interesting.. but no pihu.. don’t no wat happened..

    1. I hope hp what u state before is real,,we want ishra,,yhm without them is nothing,,,in my country yhm is the most loving hindi serial,,then if ishra aren’t exist anymore in that show we don’t need to watch yhm anymore,,,

  7. Agree vth sindhu… if thy end ths show it vll be better.i am not a daily viewer of yrkkh . Phir bhi show ab kitni bor hei akshara ki bina. Agar yhm mein same situation aagayi tho i cnt blv tht.. also raman n ishu ki nok jok ki bina show boring he.. ishu left kiya tho kya bachengi…. feel so sorrow…. thy shld end show vth a small leap… leap ki baath
    1. Happy bhalla n iyer family
    2.adi aliya reunion
    3. Happy pihu ruhi
    4. Roshni as a ias officer [chaahe tho aaliya ki baay vivaan ko laavo ek nayi track shurooo karo ]

    5. Mihir keliye ek jodi….
    Ek episode is enough… but khushi khushi vidhayi karna hei yhm ka… ayssea bor hokkar stp nahi karni he..
    Plz cvs make it possible

  8. azuka nkwonta

    Shagun will influence aaliyah I am saying this but I don’t like it. . Ishita raised aaliyah well but lets hope she doesn’t listen to shagun. Even if aaliyah and adi’s marriage did not happen I won’t feel bad but that does not mean that I like roshni but where will mani be when the truth will happen on whose side will he be.

  9. Report Quote
    Roshni character boring to hell .
    So the differences start even ofter truth of marriage revealed.
    Hope this truth come out soon the name of adi /Aliya marriage showing how much roshni is perfect is simply disgusting .
    So much boring epis .
    Wait to see what happens ofter marriage truth open .
    This roshni mahanta is unbearable.

  10. I am sorry to say that Ekta mam has lost her vision for this show so is copying idea from other shows – ishbaaz and YRKKH
    As in Ishbaaz a big businessman married a noneducated girl through force.
    As in YRKKH, when the lead pair left the show their kids took the show forward which resulted in high ratings and attracted a younger generation. One of the lead was killed off and it resulted in high ratings as they investigate the matter.
    I agree with some of you, if they were to end the show it would be nice to end it in a happy note.
    It’s a shame for a show that started with great promise and showed us another kind/way of thinking

  11. High Voltage drama will soon unfold din Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Hai Mohababtein in which Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi)) life take a bitter turn after Adi (Abhishek Verma) and Roshni’s (Vidisha Srivastava) marriage.
    As per the track, the entire family members are busy preparing about Adi and Aaliya’s marriage unaware about Adi is married to Roshni.
    However, Roshni also hide this truth from everyone as she does not want to go back to Khandpur and request Adi let her stay in his house and he can get married with Aaliya.
    Roshni’s presence on directly creates problem in Adi and Aaliya’s marriage but everyone ignores thinking Roshni is just a guest.
    But, Gagan takes Ashok help to expose Adi and Roshni’s marriage to Bhalla family taking revenge from Adi as he assumes his brother got killed by Adi.
    The entire family is shocked knowing Adi and Roshni’s marriage but they do not support when Adi reveals about how Gagan made him forcibly married with Roshni.
    Ishita notices pain in Roshni’s eyes and decides that they should give a chance to let Adi and Roshni’s about their relationship which makes everyone angry.

    Aliya tries to harm roshni to get Adi back.

    Shagun provokes Aaliya badly against Ishita and Aaliya tries to harm Rohsni so that Adi would get free from her.
    In process of saving Roshni, Ishita meets with a accident and takes her last breath.
    Will Ishita die in real or something unexpected twist is coming?
    Stay tuned for further exciting update.

  12. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  13. The upcoming episodes of Star Plus’ most successfully running daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some high intensity drama.
    If rumours are to be believed soon the show will start its second season and hence the next generation will get all the lime light.
    It is heard that the makers are planning a huge twist where they are planning to kill Ishita aka Divyanka Tripathi’s character.
    Apparently this is a huge risk for the makers of the show as the show has a lot of fan following just because of Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s story.
    Producer Ekta Kapoor has given a hint of it in her social media account.
    Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates on your favourite show.

  14. Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman ( Karan Patel ) and Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi ) life.
    After learning about Adi and Roshni’s forceful marriage, Ishita will ultimately decide to support Roshni.
    Ishita will accept Roshni and will come to a conclusion to get Adi and Roshni married instead of Adi and Aliya.
    Raman, Aliya, Shagun, Mani and entire family members will revolt against this decision of Ishita.
    Adi will also revolt Ishita as he loves Aliya and not Roshni.
    Will Ishita be able to convince everyone?
    Will Ishita be proven wrong once again?
    It would be really interesting to see what happens next on the show.
    Stay tuned for more updates.

  15. I don’t know why do they want to copy other serials .
    season 2 and all.
    they are showing a big crap .and if DT leaves the show the show will be a huge crap .
    because many will stop watching the show .

  16. The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will shock major shocking twist.
    Yes here we mean really shocked your favorite character Ishita is doing to die in the show, are you shocked read on to know more.
    The story will develop as, Ishita will accept Roshni as her daughter-in-law and sidelines Aliya.
    Aliya is worried seeing this and Shagun adds fuel to the fire instigating Aliya against Ishita and her decision.
    Ishita to get killed
    Aliya will thus plan to kill Roshni to get back Adi and will plan and accident, while instead of Roshni Ishita will become victim of the accident.
    Ishita’s character will die or not is a wait and watch, we can expect coma state track as Ishita aka Divyanka is busy with her Nach Baliye 8.
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  17. The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is going to take major twist.
    Adi and Aliya’s marriage day will be full of drama and action packed revealitions, Gagan joins hand with Ashok Khanna.
    Ashok Khanna is in full swing to utilize this opportunity against Bhalla family and to spoil them, Ashok thus breaks through in Adi’s marriage.
    Gagan and Ashok very smartly presents Adi and Roshni’s marriage image in marriage ceremony which comes as shock for Ishita and Raman.
    Aliya and Shagun irked with Ishita’s decision
    Aliya, Shagun, Ishita, Mani all are shocked and whole truth comes forth, Ishita is numbed with this truth.
    Ishita finally takes a tough decision and calls off Adi and Aliya’s marriage, accepts Adi and Roshni’s marriage to everybody’s astonishment.
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  18. now only they are not showing good story with almost 99.%of many DT and KP and pihu fans .then how can people like yhm without DT .
    why are they making the show crap and horrible .
    why can’t CVS realise from past three years yhm got maximum awards in any awards function .
    yhm got trip .even in this worst story
    yhm is still in trip at top 4 .
    then also they want to ruin yhm more and more .

    1. not trip .it’s trp . typing mistake

    2. Ishitha will not die . I read Ektas write up . She wanted to see how the fandom react .
      Being fair to Roshini and all ok but if knowing the truth of this forced marriage , if Ishitha ana Raman together stands to get the marriage divorced and get Adi ana Alia to join will be a wiser decision than Ishitha alone takes a decision against all family members . Ishitha may be right or wrong … but give time . Ishitha will be in coma after the accident . My assumption .

    3. But the truth is that people are happy to see the glimpse of Ishra/Divan .its not thei mistake story line is going theu the worst … whatever they are delivering , they do the best .

  19. Phyarra Phoenix

    If Ishita forces Adi to accept Roshni as wife, it will be unfair for Adi and Aaliya who are deeply in love with one another. Ishita’s decision to force Adi to accept Roshni shows that Ishita is selfish and a self-centered. She has no rights to destroy Adi and Aaliya’s life and happiness for Roshni’s sake. She is doing grave injustice to them.

    I won’t blame Aaliya for turning negative. She has been betrayed by someone she trust. Hope Adi will be smart and choose his love Aaliya over Roshni. Maybe both Adi and Ruhi should also turn against Ishita. Maybe, then she will stop trying to
    control people’s life and emotions. Ishita should stop being so stupid and outdated. Rishni has no rights on Adi whatsoever. Only Aaliya has. Even if Roshni is accepted as Adi’s wife, he should continue his relationship with Aaliya and never give Roshi any important.

    Hopefully Adi will ridicule Ishita and refuse her stupid order and marries Aaliya.

  20. Dude what’s wrong with ull? In Yeh rishta aksharas couple died and naira came up.same with diyur bati. .sandhaya and sura died and now their daughter same with yhm???no way please

  21. rama RAGHAVAN

    Ishita will not die, that was only a prank.

  22. Enf of YHM-Superb

    I agree with nethushi..
    Just like yeh rishta…New pair will be best in YHM..

  23. Kaun maa apne beteka shaadi aur mehendi in sab choozon ko chodkar kisi aur ki pathi ko thoondne me lagegi…. atleast aadi ki shaadi tho hone do yaar ishita, in sabke beechme ye jagath maatha ban-na hazam nahi hota aur han ishitha aur raman ke bina YHM khatam hi samjo

  24. azuka nkwonta

    Well guys I was asking people who were saying that ishita will die in yhm to bring out evidence to prove it well no need anymore I have investigated it and I have heard ekta kapoor saying that ishita will not die in yhm that the rumour of her death was a joke. She also said that ishita is the soul of yhm and the show cannot do without a soul. She also did say that ishita will not leave yhm, she will be there till the end. So lets believe her for now.

  25. azuka nkwonta

    Sometimes I know that ishita can be over righteous but I also want her to sometimes understand with others.
    I thought that ishita’s relationship with adi is good and she loves him alot but then why would she not support adi’s choice.

  26. azuka nkwonta

    If this roshni was introduced at the time when aaliyah and adi’s love triangle started I would have been happy and also will support roshni and adi’s pair because I never loved aaliyah and adi’s love story before but CVs have succeeded in making me love them and now they want to separate them and bring in roshni this is not good for us.
    Aaliyah becoming a bad person I never imagined that but with shagun there anything is possible. And I asked where will mani be what will he be saying to aaliyah when she will be turning bad

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