Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla, Bala, Simmi and Shagun talking about Niddhi. Mrs. Bhalla says I don’t remember Niddhi, Raman changed so much, how could he say he killed Ishita. Simmi says we have to find it out, Raman’s sangeet is today evening, we have to do something to bring Niddhi’s truth out. Shagun says I have a plan. Raman cares for this baby, he will not wish to see baby in pain, he knows this is Ishita’s baby, we will go in sangeet and show that this baby is in risk, I will drink and act like old Shagun. Simmi asks how will we do, Papa asked us not to go. Mrs. Bhalla says we will surely go, see what I do. Sarika hears them and says I will see how will they spoil sangeet.

Abhishek asks inspector about Govind. Inspector says we are not getting Govind, his family

is also gone. Abhishek says we had one witness and he is gone too, check his background, go find him, I need him. He says I have to find out what happened that day.

Simmi asks Mrs. Bhalla to start crying. She consoles him. Mrs. Bhalla says our family is not together because of you, I want to go in Raman’s sangeet. Mr. Bhalla asks do you want to go in Raman’s marriage. She says yes, Raman is our son, I will be part of his happiness, I will attend the marriage. Raman looks on. He asks whats problem if mum and Simmi want to come, I will send car. Mrs. Bhalla hugs him. Raman says Niddhi will manage this home soon. He goes out and gets doubtful seeing Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi acting. He says they think I m fool, now they want to come in sangeet, whatever you are planning, I will be one step ahead.

Ashok tells Suraj that I m ready to have internet chat/online marriage with Shanaya. Suraj asks him to meet her once. Ashok says I don’t care if she is blind, deaf, mute or handicapped, she will get all the property, think how will she be, if she is beautiful, its bonus for me, I will get a hot wife.

Abhishek comes to Bhalla house. He sees the decorations and asks Simmi whats this. Raman comes and says so sorry, I forgot to invite you, I m marrying Niddhi, its sangeet today. He gives clothes to Simmi. Abhishek asks are you out of your mind, Ishita’s body is not found yet. Raman says I have kids, they need a mum, I m busy, we will meet in evening. Abhishek says I did not come to time pass, I have to ask questions. Niddhi interferes and asks him to ask questions in police station in lawyer’s presence. Raman asks Niddhi to come, and they leave. Mrs. Bhalla asks Abhishek to come with her.

Sangeet function starts. Simmi asks Mrs. Bhalla not to get angry and be careful of their plan. Raman asks where is mummy. Simmi says mumma was excited and her bp got low, but we all are here, where are Niddhi’s parents and relatives. Raman says Niddhi’s parents are no more, and relatives did not come. He smiles seeing Ruhi. Ruhi goes away. Niddhi gets ready. Sarika comes and says I m on your side, today you are looking stunning. She says entire family is planning something. Niddhi says look Sarika, I know how to handle them. Raman and I are uniting after so many years. Sarika says but you met Raman just few weeks before right. Niddhi says I mean I got true love after many years. Sarika says Shagun is going to drink and get Raman’s attention, just to prove Raman cares for her baby and family. Niddhi asks Sarika to do her work. Ruhi sees Sarika bribing a waiter. Sarika adds something in the juice. Ruhi looks on.

Ashok gets ready as groom. Suraj asks Ashok are you mad, why are you so excited. Ashok says stop it, I have sent my pic to her in groom’s getup, she has come online. Shanaya chats. He asks her to come on video chat. She writes are you mad, I don’t want to marry online, I m coming Delhi, see me that time. He still insists. She writes don’t be desperate, I m coming. She gets offline. Suraj says this girl is not showing her face and voice, something is fishy. Ashok says she is coming to meet me. He goes.

Sarika signs the waiter. Waiter gives drink to Shagun. Ruhi goes and stops Shagun from drinking the juice. She throws the glass and falls on the glass pieces. She gets hurt. They all get shocked.

Raman and Niddhi come home late after the function ends. Mr. Bhalla slaps Raman and asks him are you not ashamed, you did not come to see Ruhi. Raman asks why, what happened. Mr. Bhalla says Ruhi was crying a lot, she was hurt by glass. Raman says Ruhi was hurt because of Shagun, don’t curse Niddhi. Mr. Bhalla blames Niddhi and asks her to get lost. He asks Simmi to kick her out. Raman says no one will touch her and you Papa, don’t make me do anything I don’t want. Niddhi cries and says let me go, I want to stay with you, not others. Raman says listen, this is your house. He says I m warning everybody, I m marrying her, she will stay here, Ruhi is responsible for her state. Mr. Bhalla asks now your children do not matter to you. Raman argues and asks is father like this, you are asking me to leave house.

Raman says Niddhi will be becoming Niddhi Raman Bhalla soon, I will also leave with her. Niddhi says no Raman, they are your loved ones. Raman says what loved ones, its better to be orphan. Mr. Bhalla says parents can’t support children when children are wrong. Raman says I can’t bear them now and goes. Niddhi asks him to stop. She goes to her room. Simmi says where did Raman go. Mr. Bhalla says let him go, maybe he will get sense.

Ishita cries. Raman comes to meet her and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. can any one tell if there is 8 year leap in yhm or not?

  2. Yeh Hai Mohabbtein : Finally
    Ishita’s Death Mystry Is Solved
    Here Is Evrything You Need To

  3. hi guys pls read tz spoiler…..

    After pushing Ishita down the cliff, Raman also jumps down the cliff to save Ishita. Ishita falls in the lake, and Raman rescues her out of the water. Ishita then finds an envelope which carries the address of the warehouse, where she is supposed to stay. The flashback will be followed by the much awaited Ishita and Raman’s re-union, to the viewers pleasure.Yes, you heard it right! Raman and Ishita will finally meet after a long time. Raman, who wants the chip from Niddhi, which can prove Ishita’s innocence, will then confess to Ishita about Niddhi and his past. He will disclose how Mrs. Bhalla had proposed Raman’s match for Niddhi 12 years ago, which Raman had rejected because of Shagun. Niddhi, who used to be a very simple looking, non glamorous middle class demure that time was shaken up with this rejection, that lead to her father committing suicide! She has been ever since waiting to seek revengefrom Raman.

  4. Nice episode nice serial ishita bhabhi and raman are back looking stunning in precap no show will be again reach top 10 .

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