Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th March 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ishita and Raman being shocked to see each other. Ishita says you here. Raman says I heard everything what you were talking with your friend. She asks whats all this. He says I don’t want you to treat me. She says you won’t get anyone else, let me do my job. Dil kahin rukta nahi…………… yeh hai mohabbatein………….. plays…………. Ishita treats him. Her bangles hurt him and he asks her to remove them. She removes the bangles. She says your wound is deep, so I have to give stitches, I have to give you anesthesia. She has to give him the injection. Ishita thinks that Mrs. Bhalla told once that Raman is afraid of injections. She takes a fat injection and says you refused to give blood to Ruhi, now you take this.

He says whats this.

She laughs and says I scared you. She gives him the injection. Raman loses his senses and a tear rolls down his cheeks. Ishita says Raman, why are you crying, is it paining. He says Adi, don’t leave Papa, I know I did not become a good father but Ruhi is also not my daughter. Ashok said that Ruhi is his daughter. Ruhi is Ashok’s daughter. Ishita is shocked and says so this happened in the party, which changed Raman’s behavior. She brings Raman home and makes him sleep. She looks at him and says he looks so innocent in sleep. She says but what he said about Ruhi, did he really meant it, why would he feel Ruhi is not his daughter. She says Ruhi is Ashok’s daughter, why would he feel that.

She thinks I don’t know Shagun and Raman’s history, but shall I ask him what did Ashok say. He won’t tell me and his parents. I have to find it out. Its morning, Raman wakes up by the alarm and shuts it off. Raman still has tooth pain. Ishita says Ayyo, now he will make others heads ache. He asks for medicines. She says I can’t give. He says help me you are a doctor. She says be quiet. Ishita says I wil give a big injection if you say. Mrs. Bhalla sees Raman and asks what happened. He says I got hurt yesterday.

Raman asks Rumi to bring ice. Mrs. Bhalla sees Ishita not wearing the bangles and reacts. She says I told you not to remove them till one month, see he got hurt as you have removed the shagun. Ishita says its nothing like that. Ishita says I removed it for him. She gives explanations. Mrs. Bhalla is angry and says its so big bad sign. Raman says stop it. Ishita says I m sorry, I will wear it. Mr. Bhalla calms his wife and asks Ishita to wear the bangles. Mihir and Mihika meet at the staircase. Mihika says I don’t believe Raman is working in this state.

Mihir comes with so many office files. Mihika says lets plan something for them. Mihir says I thought there is one way, why not we organize something in our society. Mihika says Ishita was carrom champion in college. Mihir says Raman too. Mihika says carrom match. Mihir says thats sounds perfect. Mihika says I will talk to Amma. Mihika and Mihir talks to Amma and everyone like the idea. Appa says lets keep it day after tomorrow as its holiday. Mihika says help me in making poster. Amma tells Appa to see Mihir. Appa signs its fine.

Ishita takes care of Ruhi. Raman comes getting ready for work. He sits for breakfast. Ruhi greets him good morning. Simmi calls home and Mrs. Bhalla picks her call. Simmi asks about Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla says Ruhi is fine. Ruhi says hello to Simmi. Ruhi and Raman’s likes are same. Ishita says Ruhi and Raman;s every habit match, I can see they are father and daughter, is Raman blind. Raman asks Ishita not to talk to herself else he will send her to mental hospital. Ruhi says Papa get well soon. Raman leaves. Ishita smiles.

Mihika and Mihir make the posters. Mihika praises Ishita and Mihir praises Raman. Mihika says Ishita married Raman for Ruhi’s sake. She says Ishita can die for the one she loves. Mihir says they are so similar, there should be love between them, they are perfect for each other. Mihir and Mihika get closer and Amma comes. Amma says coffee is ready. Mihir says the poster is also ready and shows her. Amma leaves. Mihika smiles.

Ishita comes home and greets Mrs. and Mr Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla hears Ishita talking to Mr. Bhalla. Ishita says Ruhi and Raman’s many habits are same. Mr. Bhalla says Ruhi is his carbon copy. He says Raman only thinks of earning more than Raman. Ishita changes the topic and says I will leave for clinic. Mrs. Bhalla thinks Ishita has full control over Mr. Bhalla. She is annoyed. Ishita sees the bathroom with water on floor. Raman asks her to go and bath in her Appa’s house. Ishita cleans the floor. She says how can Raman think Ruhi is not his daughter, totally stupid, he misbehaves with my Ruhi. She says I have to do something. She says idea, DNA test.

Ishita talks to a doctor and says I want a DNA test to be done of Mr. Raman Kumar Bhalla. The doctor tells Ishita that Raman came for the test but did not do it..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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  1. Really,raman looks so innocent in sleep

  2. Ishita’s mother-in-law is not doing good with her because she knows that how much love ishita do with ruhi then why she is overreacting?

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