Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Niddhi thinking to run away soon, as Ruhaan would be coming here too. Raman looks for Niddhi. She gets shocked seeing Raman. Raman notices the burqa clad women. He sees Niddhi’s bracelet and realizes its Niddhi. He shouts stop. All the burqa clad women stop. Niddhi gets tensed. The other women leave. Niddhi turns to Raman. Raman goes to her and holds her hand. Romi, Mihika, Ishita come there. Raman gets angry and lifts the veil. They all get shocked and angry seeing Niddhi.

Raman calls the inspector and says she is the one….. Niddhi gets arrested. Aaliya calls Ishita and says why is Amma not receiving call, she did not talk since last night, I hope Amma is fine. Adi comes and argues with her. She says I came to meet my Amma. He asks don’t you know what happened,

Ishi Maa went for imp work, my Papa left his marriage incomplete and went to find my sister Ruhi. She says that’s why Amma did not answer my call, don’t get angry, can I come with you, please. He asks her to sit fast.

Ishita asks Niddhi about Ruhi. Niddhi says I m Australian citizen, I want to talk to my lawyer. Raman scolds her and asks inspector to ask about Ruhi. Inspector says control yourself. Ishita says she booked two tickets, find out who is the other one. The man gets Niddhi’g bags and the tickets. Raman checks the tickets. He reads Nimrit Chopra and Ruhaan…… Raman and Ishita get shocked………..

Raman says it means you are Ruhaan’s manager, so you did not come infront of me, tell me where is Ruhi. Ishita says it means Ruhi was there in Australia. Inspector asks the staff to check her bag. He says we can know something from Ruhaan. Ruhaan calls Niddhi. Ishita says call Ruhaan here, we will ask him. inspector says no need to alert Ruhaan, we should know what Ruhaan knows about her. They get some wig. Ishita says this hair looks like of Ruhaan. Raman says Ruhaan is a guy, why will he come here. Ishita says exactly. Niddhi hopes Ruhaan reaches airport directly and does not come here.

Ruhi tries calling Niddhi and says is she angry with me. Ruhi asks receptionist about Nimrit. The lady says police has come and they are with Nimrit. Ruhi thinks maybe its for money laundering, I should leave, but my passport is with Niddhi, I think I should go there and see. Inspector asks Niddhi to speak up. She says you can’t put pressure on me, I can make a call by law, let me call my lawyer. She thinks to call Ashok, just he can help me now. She calls Ashok. Ashok gets to know that Niddhi is arrested. He says its good travel agent informed me. He gets Niddhi’s call and thinks to not get in this matter, she is a criminal. He answers her call. She asks him for his help, and says Raman and Ishita are also here, use any political influence, save me. He asks her to give phone to inspector.

Ashok asks inspector not to leave this lady, she met me on event, she said she is Ruhaan’s manager, I m respectable politician, take any action, don’t call me. Inspector says fine Sir. He tells Niddhi what Ashok said. She gets shocked and asks how is this possible. She says I will not say anything. Ruhi walks to her room, and sees Niddhi with police, Ishita, Raman and others. She thinks Papa and Ishita have caught Niddhi, they maybe asking about me, I don’t want to go to them, I want something else. Inspector says I think just Ruhaan can say truth about her. Ruhi worries and thinks what will they ask me. Niddhi sees Ruhi. Inspector says I will call Ruhaan. Niddhi signs Ruhi.

Inspector says Ruhaan is not answering. Niddhi thinks Ruhi is fighting with her parents for me, great. Adi and Aaliya talk to receptionist. They ask for Raman and Ishita. They go towards Niddhi’s room, and collide with Ruhaan. Aaliya asks are you fine Ruhaan. Ruhi goes. Adi asks Aaliya to come fast. Aaliya says why is Ruhaan behaving weird, is someone following him.


Ashok says I don’t want to get in this matter, I have enjoyed well, but what about Raman and Shagun’s marriage. Simmi and Mihir ask Shagun to open the door. Mihir tries to break the door. Shagun opens the door. Mihir goes to talk to her. Shagun asks Mihir not to switch on the lights, darkness does not get fear and truth. He says Niddhi is alive, it means maybe Ruhi is also alive, Raman and everyone went to ask Niddhi, you should be happy, think about it. She says I m not happy. He holds her and asks whats wrong with you, Ruhi is your daughter, you should be happy. she says Ruhi always chose Ishita, I can’t break that bond, Ruhi is Raman and Ishita’s bond.

Shagun says I did mistakes, but I m trying, Ishita left Pihu 7 years ago, Raman came to me, I raised Pihu, she is my daughter, but now her real mum is back, she will take Pihu from me, Ishita wants to have relation with Raman again, Ishita, Raman, Ruhi and Pihu perfect family, what about my life, my family. He says I m seeing old Shagun in you, your fear and insecurity is coming out, I beg you, don’t let this happen, I know whatever happened is wrong, but Ruhi is your daughter, you should pray to Lord. She asks why should I, Ishita and everyone will pray, I will think about myself, just leave. He goes. She sits crying.

Raman says Niddhi is Ruhaan’s mom. Aaliya says yes. Raman says Ruhaan can help us. Aaliya says I have seen Ruhaan. Shagun comes and sees Raman hugging Ishita and consoling her that he will find Ruhi.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. shivani

    Raman (Karan Patel) turns angry man and beat Ashok (Sangam Singh) for harming Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Raman and Ishita find about Ruhaan is their daughter Ruhi.

    They find Ashok kidnaps Ruhi and plan to kill her.Raman catches ashok and Ishita consoles Ruhi seeing her in fear.

    Raman turns angry man as he was want to a time to teach a good lesson to Ashok.

    Raman finally gets the time and beat Ashok badly for trying to harm his daughter and wife.Ishita asks Raman to beat Ashok as they suffered lot of due to him.

    Raman, Ishita and Ruhi finally unite and return home where Ruhi is completely confused getting so much love after bearing lots of pain.

  2. Siddhi

    Hi everyone shagun again back to her real avatar shameless women she can never become ruhis mom how can she say like this she is the worst mom in this world she is not happy to hear that ruhi can be alive omg. I think now when ishu will return in bhalla house she will use pihu Raman again accepts ishu when he finds out ruhi I saw a video Raman hugging both ishu n ruhi what kind of man he is he has three children so now will he get married to three wives each wife for one child of the child’s choice stupid man no one can like love ruhi more then ishita now pllzzz its time for ruhi to realize ishimaa love pllzz CVS now don’t make the serial dirty by showing ruhi plooting against ishita I am missing ishru a looooottttt n want to see some happy ishu moments I just wish shagun to die

  3. Anju

    Now shagun will say that ishitha came here again to snatch my happiness & then raman says dont cross ur limits

    • pooja

      Really ekta kapoors show YHM is wonderfull I am very excited for the upcoming episodes…I luv this show forever.

  4. Sanju

    Superb precap…episode was also nyc..i hope ishrarudipihu sab ek hojayenge jaldi..sooooo happy.ashok did gud he didnt help niddhi thank god…niddhi shd b killed r arrested…i think ishu raman will find there ruhi sooooon…shagun kabhi nai selfish women..hate u shagun…..waiting for nxt episode.

  5. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans!what an episode still in shock but at least the wedding stopped en they caught niddhi for so long.shagun u witch u deserve it.sorry guys I can’t stand shugun or ashok or niddhi.adi en aliyah do ishra too adorable.

  6. Meghana

    Wow wow wow wow realy very much excited to watsh scene whr raman hugs ishu nd ruhi superbbbb nd good news yhm is in 1st place.yeahhhhhhhhh bt i dnt understand 1thing if raman nd ishu know abt ruhi then i think story id getting cmpleted jst pihus part is remaining.i think it may end soon

  7. lisa

    Yeah!!!!!!!!!!just waiting for tomorrow episode these are the only best episodes after leap luv yhm and luv the new twist

  8. shivani

    Shagun once again proved that she is a selfish woman…she only wants a family with raman…her love for pihu is fake and its clear….In yesterday’s episode wen romi told nidhi is alive,everyone was in an utter shock and excitement because that news brought a hope that Ruhi may be alive…raman left from mandap with a hope….but shagun….she was very sad…because only raman and this marriage matters for her….ruhi is her biological daughter….if she doesn’t cares for ruhi, how can she love pihu….??..but ishita,rushed to the hotel for ruhi….shagun can never be a selfless women like ishita..

  9. lisa

    I hate this shagun ….she is again turning negative….. How she was saying that why should I pray…….she is not happy that her daughter is alive……hate u shagun luv u Raman ishita ruhi adi

  10. Siddhi

    Raman is shameless WO pihu ko shagun k BA’s me kar gaya Kay lo mere bachi ko bara karo shagun left ruhi when she was 3 months at that time bhalla family raised her so at pihus time can’t bhalla family raised her

  11. this episode clearly shows that shagun will be a vamp once again
    maybe she will take pihu with her as pihu loves her a lot and doesnt know about ishita or
    she might be wid ruhi as ruhi hates ishitha
    shagun may go back to ashok

  12. Kruti

    Shagun such a shameless women…she left Manoj for Bhalla family…because she knew that Ishita vl never come back again..she was secure…she is so selfish…

  13. mannat

    On one side Ruhi is upset with ishu coz she thinks her childhood got spoiled bcoz of her than why she wanna protect nidhi..she had given her lot of pain in her childhood ? stupid girl ?

  14. mannat

    Just like ishu had given love to ruhi,same way shagun had given love to pihu..but she is so selfish. ?

  15. meghana

    How can a husband do this….. Does every man marries for children, and leave his wife if the children are no more.. Agar ruhi hein toh ishita se pyaar hein.. Agar ruhi toh ishita se pyaar nahi. What a crap the writers are showing raman as

  16. Meghana

    Ha siddhi wat u were asking wad right bt raman loves oly ishu nt shagun even she knows raman stating his marj vth shagun is absolutely false. Oly jst bcoz ruhi left him he started hating ishu then whr is his love to ishu. Thats not right always ishraruhiadi are 1. Dnt know who will pihu choose…?

  17. Shagun is really abshagun Just lyk hr character as cvs has portrayed… I mean, Seriously??? How 1 Can be this shameless??? Blackspot on Motherhood she is..!, @ utmost greedy, wt kind of a woman shagun is??Her own daughter ruhi is alive, She should b happy for it, but no she is caring for her own happiness, #I have Just failed measuring her selfishness… 🙁 #no#evil#can#beat#her#creep# hating her more 🙁

  18. disha

    Shagun is so selfish she not happy listen ruhi alive. Please soon ishita and ruhi unite

  19. shivani

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ most successfully running show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some major twist.

    It seems that Raman (Karan Patel) will come to know that Nidhi (Pavitra Punia) is still alive and will get her arrested.

    On the other hand Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) will disclose her true identity to the family and will start staying with the Bhalla’s.

    However the show will witness a major twist when Ashok will help Nidhi to come out of the jail.

    Apparently angry and frustrated Nidhi will once again hatch a plan to kidnap Ruhi and run away with her.

  20. Naaz

    I dont understand why raman asked shagun to raise pihu. Mrs bhalla, simmi, neelu etc were there to look after pihu.

  21. pooja

    Really ekta kapoors show YHM is wonderfull I am very excited for the upcoming episodes…I luv this show forever.

  22. Shintoo

    I’m sry to interfere on ur personal opinion guys…BT think abt Shagun…she raised pihu like ishita did fa Ruhi…she turned as a family member fa 7 years in bhalla family .I think her emotions r also justified.

    • shivani

      Her emotions for pihu can be justified…..but for raman and ruhi, is unfair….she doesn’t want ruhi to return…because she wont get raman then…shagun knows that raman only loves ishita…its true that shagun raised pihu as ishita did with ruhi… ishita never tried to separate ruhi and shagun by playing dirty games…but shagun did it….using pihu she asked ishita to go away from their lives….is this a selfish behavior…??…

    • Kruti

      Shagun is not happy to hear that Ruhi can be alive..she left Raman for money..this is her punishment.ruhi hides herself for 7 years..because of this ishu lost her everything..but she will never blame Ruhi because she loves her…and more than Shagun Mrs.bhalla took care of Pihu..sry if I hurt ur feeling..

    • DT Fan

      Hello frnds… but no one is denying her for a mother daugther bond… but she shud not marry raman even after knowing he loves ishita a lot.. she know well that ishita will never deny shagun as a mother of pihu.. even she cqn now raise her love to ruhi also and unite with all the three children happily..but want she want raman whom she herself left long ago that too knowing he doesnot love her…

    • vp

      yes Shintoo … emotions are justified … can understand her disappointment and insecurity … but not happy that Ruhi is alive …cant imagine a mother like that for her happiness and greeny life ..I am a mother and grand mother too …

  23. Rafida

    Because Ruhi is angry with Ishita. So out of kher anger towards Ishita she is doing this because she is very much angry with Ishita and she isn’t bad at heart guys nor she is selfish.

  24. Amna

    Can you stop posting this video it’s all over in the updates of serials and there’s nothing special about that video it’s all just 10 people on a motorcycle and I’m sorry if you felt hurt Pri

  25. Hi VP Shivani Sindhu Rithu & All The YHM Lovers who Are in this Page.

    Gosh How Can Shagun Behave so Bad & So Selfish,,Very Good For Mihir Didn’t he know his siter only thinks of herself. serves him right for helping in the marriage. the Bro whom he loves so much Raman with his Stupidity nearly messed his life again. why did he go against Ishu? Whom she loved like a brother. he never even listened to her side of the story. just judged & Condemned her Like Raman. What kind of a mother is she? A mother who is not happy when she gets to know her daughter is alive after seven years. Raman should have been given another dose of her attitude .. he deserves it. I am the happiest today Raman gives Ashok the works he should have got this beating when Shagun was with him. He would have helped Nidhi to go to Auz. How on earth did he become an MP. such an evil man.
    Why do i get the feeling that this show is going to end. Is it Cos DT is getting married.? As they caught Ashok too. Pls don’t end this abruptly. let Ruhi not be negative towards Ishu. It will not be good for kids to watch children against their mother. let Shagun Marry Ashok again as they are two peas in a pod. they suit each other. & don’t make her negative too. Let Pihu be told the truth that Ishu is her mum I hope everyone will be happy after that. no more Revenge & Hatred. Hope i did not upset Shagun lovers sorry, Good Luck to all .. Luv.

  26. abhishek

    Felling bad for shagun but is is her own mistake which caused this much pain for her she knew raman didnt love her adi and mihir also warned shagun to think about her marriage decesion and shagun thinking that ishitha will take pihu away because shagun is thinking ishitha will take revenge from her because shagun took revenge by taking ruhi custody from ishita

  27. the story line is changing for the better… CVs are doing great…after all I think its because they want votes for the lead actors for upcoming Awards ceremony

  28. in today’s episode I think shagun is at fault because she should have not said like that too ruhi .she is showing her true colours .before leap she used to like ruhi too much that she lived as ruhi in mumbai after the earthquake drama and changed for a good cause .and now she is unhappy with the fact that her own daughter is alive .if ruhi loves ishitha then there was no fault because shagun left ruhi when she was six months old ishitha took care of her .but if ishitha snatches pihu from shagun then ishitha would be fault because she left pihu for ruhi and shagun took care of her for seven years .I can’t understand why ishitha reunited with raman after getting insulted many time by him and what about aliya and mani and how can she forgive that raman for what all he did .Raman had not even insulted shagun before than he insulted ishitha .and shagun has more rigjys on pihu than ishitha . but whatever it is this reunion is not all good because of ishraruhadipihu reunion shagun mani aliya’s life may get spoiled and ishitha should leave pihu to shagun only .but today shagun did nit speak well about ruhi .

  29. vp

    Hi all … I dont like Shaghun from the begining … but today cvs really made her a bad mother ..,however unhappy with children , no mother will tell the way she said .. she is not happy to find Ruhi is alive and dont want to pray for Ruhi … too much … how can she tell she did not have a family … She had Raman so loving husband , his family and two kids … what was she ? she left her loving husband , Ruhi and family for more luxury … I really dont understand how Raman can tell Shaghun to take care of Pihu … First mistake of him … knowing she had not taken care of her Adi and Ruhi …how did he tell her to raise Pihu ? Her sacrifice for 7 years … was she was sure Ishitha is no more … new entry in Ramans life .very self centred … Raman s character is made so cheap in order to bring Shaghun negative .Dt you are amazing .. waiting to watch tomorrow to see her happiness seeing Ruhi …Ruhi doesnt want to go back to her parents …cvs dont drag her negativeness .. so much being tortured Ruhi wants to be with Nidhi ? very bad … Aliya .. I always liked her genuinely loved her amma … she has got Ishithas sweetness … Adi like his pappa and Ishima … both of their charcters derived on him …he knows the genuinty of his papas and Ishimas love … adorable …but till DT is going on leave there wont be any ishra unity …i feel …cant wait for tomorrow … I am sure after bringing Ruhi to Bhallas … Ishitha will leave to her flat … that will b very sad ..Pihu will start liking her … here we may see blood bondness unlike shaghun and kids commented if negativeness is there positiveness will b there

  30. shivani

    Ishita raman brings ruhi back to the house .but ruhi came to the bhalla house to create more troubles amid ishita-raman.ruhi have hidden intentions.she blames ishita for exchanging her for she wants to take revenge from ishita.ishita falls sick.

  31. Uaha

    I still cannot understand why Ruhi still angry eith Ishita only..will domeone please tell her that it was her dad’s decision …and please don’t create more misunderstanding between Ruhi and Ishita..Raman now needs to explain alot to Ruhi…more positive action required.Ishita needs to heal too especially from all the nastiness Raman rolled out..he needs to beg forgiveness..Shagun past has caught with reap what you sow..go back to Ashok…nog Manoj..cos he deserves better.

  32. kitty

    hey guys pls shagun is not selfish its that RAMAN the most selfish person OK theek hai he’s the father and all that when he could raise ruhi with the help of his family he could have done the same with pihu he went to shagun for help if she was really selfish she wld have gt married to manoj and seven yrs of her life she has given not to be left alone I just wish Raman stays with his kids no ishita and no shagun

  33. Anshita

    I don’t understand why everyone is blaming Shagun. I understand before she was very bad, and it’s not that she’s not happy Ruhi is alive, Ruhi is her daughter she is happy, but can you imagine how she must have felt when first Ruhi went away from her because of Ishita and then same with Adi and now she is scared Pihu will get away from her even though she was the one who actaully gave birth to her and she was the one who raised her as her own daughter. When Ishita left, it was Shagun who took care of the family and she was the one who raised pihu. For 8 years she is raising her and suddenly now Ishita comes back because she realizes she loves her family and can’t stay away from them, she’s scared she will lose her family again. That’s why she is scared. Don’t make assumptions about someone. And they haven’t even shown Shagun as evil again, so maybe she doesn’t become evil.

    • Khyati

      was it shown in the show that raman went to shagun to ask for help to help him in raising pihu. It can be maybe shagun volunteered to raise pihu.


    Hi to All The Fans of Ye Hai MOHABBATEIN SERIAL.
    Hi JAZ Super GIRL.
    Super GIRL I told You Na Yesterday or Day Before Yesterday
    That The Marriage WILL NOT Be Done.
    Now it Would Be interesting With Ruhi.
    Ruhi Should Forgive Her Family.
    And Mingle With Them.
    NIDHI toh JAIL ki Hawa khayegi
    HAPPY Monday
    And Happy RAMZAN SEASON.
    STARTING FROM 7th June 2016.

  35. fefe

    1) ruhi did not leave shagun, shagun left ruhi
    2) shagun did not look after adi and he also left her eventually, not that she cared
    3) shagun endangered her children for her own selfish motives

    shagun is a bad mother, point blank period and she can never change. she is calculated and never does anything without weighing the benefits she will get. always an ulterior motive. people hardly ever change, they might temporarily to fit a certain situation but if push comes to shove a selfish person will forever be a selfish person

  36. JJ

    Damn sucks that shaguns character has been turned negative again after all Ishita did for her, including saving her life from crocodile, and keeping her guarded from ashok. Really didn’t think Ekta would screw up her characters emotions and mentality like this. Thought shagun would have learnt her lesson after all experiences she went through in that Ishita supported her, but it comes down to the selfish ego again-____-

  37. arshi

    Ruhi didn’t go away from shagun… shagun left Ruhi when she was 6 months old… she left raman coz she wanted money & luxury… till ishita didn’t come in raman ruhi’s life,she didn’t even care about her daughter..but when ishita & Ruhi started 2 have a bond,she felt she is a mother & wanted Ruhi…
    The same thing is happening now…. she raised pihu coz she was sure that ishita is dead & now someday raman ‘all surely accept her… & now she wants raman coz raman is rich & can give her everything she wants…for d last 7 yes,she didn’t ask raman 2 marry her, & now when ishita came back & raman proposed her, she at once accepted it coz she was waiting for this even after knowing dato what raman didn’t do for so long,he did it in rage after seeing ishita alive…& shagun has clearly used pihu for her selfish motives…it’s clear…
    Moral is she knows she can’t be as good a mother as ishita so she’s always in secured… she thinks she loves everyone but it’s only her selfishness… no girl wud hv married a man who loves some one else even if it was for a child… ishita didn’t do this…she cud hv claimed her r8s…but she never…

  38. r


    Waiting for tomorrow episode

    Ramishu Rocks

    Shagun shocked??

    I saw the new that shagun will tell ishita,you came to snatch my happiness

    Raman says shagun know you’re limits don’t cross

    Ha ha ha shagun

    Tum iskeliye layak hoo

    She is not happy of ruhi is alive
    Such bad mother….

    She should out of bhalla house .

    Mihir said correctly that I can See old shagun in new shagun

    Please don’t bring that
    Wahi insecurity and selfishness

  39. DT Fan

    In d upcoming episode, ruhi will tell raman-ishita that she hate them and doesnot want to be wiht thm, this will totally shatter ishita she will be vry heart broken and in shock will fall ill and will unconsiously call ruhi… raman will too be in shock.. later on by seeing her condition ruhi will be convinced to sit with ishita by pihu.. will call her ishita but will again leave the room…

  40. DT Fan

    It seems like happiness is not ready to stay back in Raman andIshita cries badly while Raman is also sad seeing Ishita’s condition.

    Ishita blames herself for Ruhi’s bitterness and gets unconscious.

    Ishita goes in trauma thinking only about Ruhi.

    Ishita’s life in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein.

    Bhalla and Iyyer family decorate the house welcome Ruhi and they fight over Ruhi will come in to their house.

    Raman and Ishita enter along with Adi and Aaliya.

    Ishita gets broken down by telling that Ruhu refuses to come back to home as she refuses to accept her as Ishima.

    Ishita is completely broken down seeing Ruhi who is her world and identity now she breaks daughter and mother relationship.

    Raman (Karan Patel) gets worried seeing Ishita unconcious

    o remarriage of Ishra, Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) breaks mother and daughter relationship with Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    HM: Ishita goes in trauma over Ruhi’s refusal to return home Upcoming Twist

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