Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman bringing Adi for the science class. Adi refuses to attend classes. He sees a girl and likes her instantly. He agrees to attend the classes and Raman finds it strange, as Adi does not say the real reason of his joining. He fills the form and sees the girl’s form. He smiles seeing her name Vinni and says such a cute name. Raman signs the form. Adi thanks him for getting him here and hugs him, saying he is excited to come for the class tomorrow. Raman asks him to come. Adi looks for Vinni. Raman says first he was not coming here and now not leaving from here.

Ishita talks to Neelu about food menu. She reads an appointment letter and recalls Laxmi’s words. She says Subbu said Laxmi was depressed and she wrote that diary, did I notice the entry date. Mihika

comes and says she went to take the report, the doctor did not give her and said she has to do more tests. Ishita says sorry, I m thinking about Subbu. Mihika says even I was wondering, why did he lie. Ishita says I feel he is still lying, and tells her the details. She says I want him to be right, Simmi is very happy, she has the feeling of being wanted, I don’t want to break her dreams, everyone is showing sympathy to Subbu, I want to know the reason of Laxmi’s suicide, was it depression or something else, once we know the reason, maybe the problem maybe solved. Mihika says your instincts are always right, I can help you with this and calls ACP Abhishek.

They both meet Abhishek and Mihika says you found out so soon. Abhishek says he has his friend in London and he will send all the details soon, he said Laxmi did suicide as her husband was having an affair, and there is no record of her miscarriage, she did suicide with her 1 year old child, and Subbu was at home at that time. They get shocked. Ishita comes home and sees Subbu bonding with Ananya. Simmi says Subbu and she decided that they will not do marriage grand, they will do court marriage, just a small family lunch and registrar’s sign, we went to court today and we are marrying tomorrow in the court. Ishita says tomorrow? Raman smiles and says its great thing. Raman says congrats and hugs Simmi.

Subbu asks Ishita to have sweets. She says congrats and gets thinking. Raman comes to drop Adi while Adi gives a stare to Vinni. Raman says I will drop you to class. Adi says bye, I m big boy now and goes. Raman says he is very excited. Bala talks to Subbu and Sujata about Laxmi. Sujata lies again. Bala says I know we got differences, but we could share pain. He says mum made me stranger, and did not say about you and Laxmi, did you tell her. Subbu says how could I say her. Bala hugs him. Subbu signs Sujata.

Bala says I m sorry, you faced so much. Sujata says its good, he can start a new life with Simmi and Ananya. Subbu asks will he become witness in court tomorrow. Bala says sure, Vandu and I will always support you and leaves. Subbu says Bhalla’s bad time will start tomorrow, I will settle the scores. She says I won’t let them be happy after snatching my daughter and grandchild, promise me, we will take revenge. He promises her and says Laxmi did suicide being helpless, I regard it a murder, done by Bhalla family.

Adi spots Vinni and bonds with her. She is in class 8 and he says he is also from class 8. She says you look younger, and his brother was cute. He says he is my dad. She says so young and cute, handsome. Raman comes and says thanks, I m his dad and look his elder brother. Adi asks why did he come here. Raman says he forgot the tiffin. Adi asks him to go. He says make your friend meet Ishi maa so that she can know how cool I m. Adi sends him. Vinni asks is he his only child. Adi says Ruhi is child, I have grown up. He smiles seeing her.

Ishita tells Vandu that Subbu did not change, he is still hiding something. Bala comes and says she is mistaken, he knows she is shocked by Laxmi’s suicide, she has wrong image in her kind, but he has changed by a big jerk in his life, give him one chance. He says when I met him, I realized he has bear all this alone, I should have not left him alone. Vandu says stop blaming yourself. Ishita says I felt he changed, but he did not. Vandu says help him in starting a new life, he did not do right with you, its past now, Subbu will be happy with Simmi.

Bala defends Subbu and says would Sujata support Subbu if Laxmi did suicide because of him, she is with Subbu, it means she does not blame him. Vandu asks her to be happy for them, and forget everything. Ishita thinks.

Mr. Bhalla says he wants the best for Simmi. Simmi says I don’t need anything, Subbu’s home is set. Ishita sees the emotional scene and gets teary eyed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. sbb mein subbu yaani amit tandon ne kaha aap wwe dekhthe hai toh aisa hi hoga aur subbu dawayi naa lene se aur gussa ho jaatha aur uncontrollable ho jaatha hai.toh dt ke fb mein jo photo hai ki subbu ishitha ka gala dhaba raha hai yeh sab such hoga.

  2. me too fine 🙂

  3. ya….naima….i also wnt see raman’s reaction…. whn subbu attacks on ishu….raman to chhodega hi nahi uss subbu ko……

  4. chee …..ab subbu aurath pe hathapai suru karega.lagtha hai lakshmi ke saath bhi usne wahi kiya hoga.

  5. hey I saw in fb that lakshmi is alive

  6. Tab Raman subbo ko collar s hold karega aur kahi ha “mai vo haath and eyes Thor phord doonga jo mere ishita ki taraf uthy I won’t spare you ????????????????????????????????????????????????”

  7. they told to c tonight epi

  8. I saw her pic too

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    1. Trueee rithu… Satyanaash hojayegi after leap… Den Dey ll realize and pack up

  10. did u get this news

  11. raman toh uss subbu toh maar maarke uske haath ki haddi tod dega taki woh kabhi ishitha ya kisi pe haath uthane ki kabil naa rahe.

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  13. Kamina subbu how dare he .. Ishu par haath vutaya… ??… Dekhle beta Raman Teri band bajadega

  14. lakshmi will be alive.koi aurath itnii bewakoof kaise ho sakthi hai ki apne saath apne bacche ko maar de.that too aaj ke zamaane mein.shayad woh subbu ko sabak sikhana chahthi ho.

  15. u r ri8 rithu

  16. leap agar hua toh ek hi mahine ke andar show wind up hoga.

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    1. Are u a malayali?

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    ruhi ishitha ke paas aayi tab trp
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    naa ho lekin ruhi ke aane ya na
    aane se trp mein fark pada.jab
    confession hua tab bhi trp sscond
    hi tha.

  19. itnaa bada major drama hone ke baad bhi yhm trp second hi raha.agar ruhi gayi toh yhm top ten mein hi nahi rahega.

    1. You are right….

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